Mac? PC? You don’t have to choose..

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Howard Lam
Howard Lam - 48 minutes ago
Like anyone here cares about final cut pro. I personally only care about running matlab, mathematica, and lyx. edit:I forgot onenote too.
Muhammad Mohsin
Muhammad Mohsin - 2 hours ago
Anthony is a cool n humble dude.
nagualdesign - 20 hours ago
Can you copy something on one machine and paste on the other?
Craig Russell
Craig Russell - Day ago
Is it still the case that certain games do not work when virtualized? Re: VAC bans
jacob 626
jacob 626 - Day ago
i am watching on a hackintosh
Leg3nd Assass1n
Leg3nd Assass1n - 2 days ago
Why not use a thread ripper? More cores per “machine”
NotPython - 2 days ago
I'm a new Hackintosh user, MacOS dual booted with Windows normally instead of how it is done here. I came to this video slightly hoping you found some crazy, janky, but functional solution for the problem of Nvidia drivers not existing for the newest version of MacOS
Alexandro Neves
Alexandro Neves - 2 days ago
Epic video.
Skully - 2 days ago
this is really cool i would love to have a setup like this
Stanley Jean
Stanley Jean - 2 days ago
Microsoft is the spy
Stanley Jean
Stanley Jean - 2 days ago
I'm back in Unix however I don't use homebrew
Shadow Luke
Shadow Luke - 2 days ago
Do you use Windows or MacOS on your computers?
Linus: *YES*
GeoStreber - 3 days ago
Wouldn't a 14- or 18-core setup be better than 16 cores (or 12 for that matter)? That way you would get 6 or 8 dedicated cores for the VMs, and 2 for the hypervisor.
Oscar Kerkenaar
Oscar Kerkenaar - 3 days ago
It's really great to see you guys tackling a problem everybody has and needs a solution for :)
Vorlost Zurab
Vorlost Zurab - 3 days ago
Could you make the same with linux and windows?
And could you link a video or tutorial if it eould work out.
张雨桐 - 3 days ago
new way to cheat in games.😏
Moon Shaker
Moon Shaker - 4 days ago
That is freaking cool!!! The closest I ever got to this was running “parallels” on Mac. Man if there was a stream lined way to set this up man I’d be for it!! 👍
Julien Dal Col
Julien Dal Col - 5 days ago
So, when you say you split the CPU and RAM between windows and macOS, do you mean the Linux host doesn't have any ressources?
Julien Dal Col
Julien Dal Col - 2 days ago
Or is it that this kvm is a type-1 hypervisor (doesn't require a host OS)?
Julien Dal Col
Julien Dal Col - 5 days ago
What about USB on this machine?
What happens when you plug in a USB device?
James Rogers
James Rogers - 5 days ago
I have to say I love Anthony!
It took a few vids but I love the little side comments we all think, he just says it outloud.
kyle dewee
kyle dewee - 5 days ago
Anthony>The other guy
likearc - 5 days ago
Anthony has the face of pragmaticism
danelectr - 5 days ago
Can you guys please create a usb installer that installs everything and we just need to mount the iso for the os and boots perfectly after assuming you have the hardware. xD
Bmwmotorsportguy - 5 days ago
More like the Schrodinger computer.
Umut Olcay
Umut Olcay - 6 days ago
This is the best setup for ones who make android and ios apps!
slik T.
slik T. - 7 days ago
i bet apple hates your guts, bro. lol
Crystal Meth Man
Crystal Meth Man - 7 days ago
Petition to put Anthony on a diet
chazz00999 - 7 days ago
I don't see the point in this.
I love 2 learn
I love 2 learn - 8 days ago
VA Panel ❤❤❤
Brian Vincent
Brian Vincent - 9 days ago
Hope they do a mac virtualization video that meticulously walks through the process. The old videos had too many skipped steps and were hard to follow.
Fahad J. ishrat
Fahad J. ishrat - 9 days ago
Those dislikes are due to virtual machine+synergy softwares.
Rishi Rajan
Rishi Rajan - 10 days ago
Anthony is an amazing find Linus....
Erika - 10 days ago
Pls make a sound package of Anthony for things like Navigation devices or game announcer
Martin Cabrera
Martin Cabrera - 10 days ago
$30 for a water bottle are you kidding?
Mr. White Hat
Mr. White Hat - 11 days ago
why would you want final cut on a windows device smh
Hal J Smokes
Hal J Smokes - 11 days ago
When Anthony says card I just hear “Barb”
Trillykins - 12 days ago
You forgot link to your mac virtualisation videos as you said you would, guys...
Mr Off Topic
Mr Off Topic - 12 days ago
Fire and brimstone! Rivers and seas boiling! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, Mac and windows running in the same machine, Mass histeria!
Jonathan Höppner
Jonathan Höppner - 13 days ago
what is the easiest way to install macOS on a non-apple machine right now? (CPU: Ryzen 5 2500U)
SwingFish - 13 days ago
Sharemouse is by far better than synergy, plus they also provide support and not just ignore you ;)
i use sharemouse to use 1 Mouse/Keyboard connected to my iMac, serving 2 more windows computers spanning 7 screens.
(however, you need to keep having the "local" HID's arround as well, it's software and when it does fail, it fails big ;)
so i keep a dusty keyboars somewhere arround connected to each computer. to avoid some black-swan events :P
My Views On Tech
My Views On Tech - 14 days ago
Do a proxmox setup with MacOS X , Windows and Linux (Manjaro KDE)
alflurin - 14 days ago
Long live Linux! :D
Abdullah Arif
Abdullah Arif - 14 days ago
So it is proved that every big youtube creator uses windows ... bcz its much open source than others
Tivoughn Smart
Tivoughn Smart - 14 days ago
I saw what you did there with Linux 👀
Bobby Brady
Bobby Brady - 14 days ago
Just get two separate computers. 🤣🤣🤣
Josh Hayes
Josh Hayes - 14 days ago
Great, how do you set it up??? Last I checked MacOS didn't play too nicely with AMD CPUs.
Bobby Brady
Bobby Brady - 14 days ago
Anthony lose all that weight while you are still young! You are loved by many! They want you around for a very long life!
I'm in my 50s and life long thin, and all you need to do is just eat much less. You don’t need to eliminate entirely your favorite foods.
One last thing, and something Linus will not like. You need to go off on your own and start your own channel. You would have so many subscribers. You're very knowledgeable and very well spoken. You’re also a natural in your presentation, with a great voice.
Abhijit Mehta
Abhijit Mehta - 15 days ago
DanT - 15 days ago
i need a siri version of antony´s voice
Adam Howard
Adam Howard - 16 days ago
Grade A nerds at LMG. Good work guys
That Won Dude
That Won Dude - 16 days ago
I'm a filn student who actually does need to use Mac OS. What would be a possible "budget" version of this build, so I can play games on the windows machine while I'm rending videos on the Mac machine.
RC DAR REN - 16 days ago
He sounds like a top 5 guy
SAUNDIX - 17 days ago
Great, now make it so you can drag your Logic Pro window from macOS into Windows and all problems are solved!
I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS - 17 days ago
I think I like Anthony the best. Idk what it is about him but I always watch him.
Abhinav Mahananda
Abhinav Mahananda - 19 days ago
Anthony has a voice like a typical tech person on internet
alkafrazin - 19 days ago
Anthony has been your best hire since like... luke. no stage presence, but damn these crazy videos are fantastic.
Bobby Brady
Bobby Brady - 14 days ago
alkafrazin Anthony needs to start his own channel.
My Favourite Songs
My Favourite Songs - 19 days ago
tutorial video? for newbie
Hernani Silva
Hernani Silva - 19 days ago
That's sick.
Lightshockie - 19 days ago
where's linux tho
Lightshockie - 19 days ago
also based anthony
Trace Smith
Trace Smith - 19 days ago
Hmm, a janky virtualized setup running near native, with driver issues? How about this, XP, 7, Ubuntu, and OSX Mavericks, ALL running natively, at full speed, no driver issues, ALL booting from 1 SSD drive, AND selectable from the Windows bootloader. I spent 30 hours on the internet reading why this was impossible. I solved it in 6 hours. Beat that baby!
Really Messed Up People
Really Messed Up People - 10 days ago
Prove it
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