CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 4 | Ep. 5: “Cancelled”

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Brat - 4 months ago
Listen to "Over It" (featured in today's episode!):
Ashly Sanchez
Ashly Sanchez - 20 days ago
Hello Ashley in when I saw you guys when this are you guys song by so high we fly together I started liking all of you guys like shows like I really like really really really really really surprised because the shows are more better than the other shows that has thanks just saying Fairy Tail Feather yeah so and rhyme I don't know is TK's to boyfriend but it is your boyfriend I'm so happy for you and I wish you was my boyfriend yeah but I'm so glad I seduce your boyfriend I'm happens not and I'm kind of disappointed it was it was my boyfriend is too she's too big for me so I mean I live in is Angeles and I'm so happy for you guys yeah yeah so nice to talk with you guys and I'm proud of that was and they like what you're reading it right get up and I'm still watching that part right now I'm like really like people like like that yeah you so funny right to say it like your hair I like your hair like that color I wish my hair was like yours - blonde so yeah gki like Tik Tok so you guys yeah and when you do that lady bug Toby to take to take the trash out but I couldn't fight her that you like me and then there's other when they're like I try to do that but there is that they couldn't get the I'm sorry if I rode too much cuz by TK we fly so high we fly together fly
Sharon Mathews
Sharon Mathews - Month ago
It was such a good song and I loved the dance 💃
Little Greens
Little Greens - Month ago
I love 💕 brat
Johnny Church
Johnny Church - 2 months ago
It's so good
Kenny Juarez
Kenny Juarez - 2 months ago
Maryssa Lazo
Maryssa Lazo - 14 hours ago
Them:we don’t need boys
Me being a lesbian: what are boys
lucie Duhhh
lucie Duhhh - 20 hours ago
I just wanna be friends with indiana😂❤️❤️❤️
Samara Sharif
Samara Sharif - Day ago
Why does Ezra look like the kid in liv land Maddie but have a British accent
Julie Breckenridge
Julie Breckenridge - Day ago
short night is literally a cheap version of fortnite
Jazmyne Burdett
Jazmyne Burdett - 3 days ago
“You don’t need him to be proud honey” LOL
Zytoon Shah
Zytoon Shah - 5 days ago
"You don't need him to be proud honey"
XxLuna MoonxX
XxLuna MoonxX - 5 days ago
If Robby and Ellie break up I swear ima die😫
Alex Andria
Alex Andria - 7 days ago
Honestly they should r ly cut out the smooching
Bowba Mohamed
Bowba Mohamed - 7 days ago
Harmony’s famous line:” you don’t need him to be proud honey” 😂
Amawii Khawlhring
Amawii Khawlhring - 7 days ago
Over it is almost same to come through
Usha Patgiri
Usha Patgiri - 8 days ago
If she letters him then does Tk replies her
Usha Patgiri
Usha Patgiri - 8 days ago
Rooney look little like BTS
Sophia Fonseca
Sophia Fonseca - 8 days ago

Lol i live for hayley
Khristine Gemilga
Khristine Gemilga - 8 days ago
Omggg drake and I have the same backpack!!!
Zeina Am
Zeina Am - 9 days ago
omg the crown lake girl😂
SMALL_ POTATO - 9 days ago
Danielle Wild
Danielle Wild - 9 days ago
It's so clear Rooney is already into Stefanie and doesn't even think about any guys until they suggest it
Harlee Davidson
Harlee Davidson - 9 days ago
Hey boy brain dead vans on the hill
Ryllee Russell
Ryllee Russell - 9 days ago
Drake always sounds like he’s having a mental break down or can’t breath😂
Cesar Tinoco
Cesar Tinoco - 9 days ago
I know im super late but get it girls
Kassandra Gonzalez
Kassandra Gonzalez - 9 days ago
I love chicken girls
Emily's Show
Emily's Show - 10 days ago
Im so happy that quinn is so happy like she found a great guy and she doesnt have as much drama as everyone else
Holli Vlogs
Holli Vlogs - 11 days ago
I miss tk
Cle_Howard 8
Cle_Howard 8 - 11 days ago
You don't need him to be proud of you honey. - love you sm harmony/Hayley ❤️❤️
Hair Style
Hair Style - 12 days ago
I want tk
Yesha Santos
Yesha Santos - 12 days ago
I miss TK when will he be back☹️
Ivan Franse
Ivan Franse - 12 days ago
Ohk how many people are going to disappear Harmony , Kayla and TK are all gone who's next ???!!!???

Wait I spoke too soon she's baa - aack !!! ( Harmony of cause )
CurlyheadKayla Pty
CurlyheadKayla Pty - 13 days ago
they should bring asher in
Dalia Argueta
Dalia Argueta - 13 days ago
Your sister at the end is so funny 😂
Katie Awesomeshirt
Katie Awesomeshirt - 14 days ago
Short nite lol omg
Genesis Kaztroh
Genesis Kaztroh - 14 days ago
Love Ryhmes new look finally looks growned up
Genesis Kaztroh
Genesis Kaztroh - 14 days ago
Ellie is always playing with her hair 🤦🏽‍♀️
nikki G
nikki G - 15 days ago
:Can I get an Amen?

Kimree Brown
Kimree Brown - 15 days ago
Just realized shortnite =fortnite
Harmony Pepper
Harmony Pepper - 16 days ago
Love, Soulean
Love, Soulean - 16 days ago
bring back TK, Kayla, Carson
Kayden’s Life
Kayden’s Life - 16 days ago
Why would Rhyme be mad if she broke up with Drake herself like just let her date Drake like why do you care if your not even with him?!?!
Dinah VH
Dinah VH - 16 days ago
Annie is soooooo pretty. ♥
Stacy Angel
Stacy Angel - 17 days ago
Rhyme's boy history:

Carolyn Veasley
Carolyn Veasley - 16 days ago
Forever After Crafter
Forever After Crafter - 17 days ago
Anyone seriously shipping Rhyme and Tim? I know their relationship was rocky in season one, but I really like them together since Rhyme and Ezra don’t seem to be going anywhere.
Jessika Martinez
Jessika Martinez - 18 days ago
"YOU DON'T NEED HIM TO BE PROUD, HONEY" I started bursting out laughing 😂😂😂 anyone else???
Beshie Goals
Beshie Goals - 18 days ago
T.K. is the one and the only one for rhyme
Diya Patel
Diya Patel - 18 days ago
where is blesiv?
Shaya Lachman
Shaya Lachman - 18 days ago
Pubg anyone?
Michelle Yang
Michelle Yang - 20 days ago
I freakin love this episode click the like button if you are a fellow feminist
Sanya Gurung
Sanya Gurung - 20 days ago
Where is TK I want tk back to rhyme!!!!
brenna gibson
brenna gibson - 20 days ago
This is brenna. Bring TK back pls
Aaima Quimma
Aaima Quimma - 21 day ago
its fortnite
Jafar Jey
Jafar Jey - 22 days ago
The scene is mind blowing. ..o love chicken girls 😍
marissa angelo
marissa angelo - 24 days ago
miss the old casts love the girls there pretty and growing up so fast
btw indiana is grown I'm a big of the video
Abby Tan _ _ xoxo
Abby Tan _ _ xoxo - 25 days ago
This when Tk isn’t in this show because he broke up with Annie
Good days Every day
Good days Every day - 25 days ago
Bring Tk back also hairspray definitely for a play
wolfray3 - 27 days ago
wolfray3 - 27 days ago
we need TK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s name in real life tho is SIKE I not tell he’s name for
Lama Nabhan
Lama Nabhan - 27 days ago
The best season ever
K.A.T NoOne
K.A.T NoOne - 28 days ago
Where's tk??
Since season 1 up until now still waiting for their comeback with rhyme
Michelle Berly
Michelle Berly - 28 days ago
The song is sooo ggooodddd
descendant lover fan boy crazy
Effie a queen 💕😍😍 i literally love her im so glad they added her to brats
descendant lover fan boy crazy
Effie needs her own show 😍😍💕💕 or they need to make her a main character on here
Gabriela Prieto
Gabriela Prieto - 29 days ago
I’m just the one who loves Ezra?!!!!
Syd Micaela
Syd Micaela - Month ago
Effie is the guy Flash is cheating with
Smith Kids
Smith Kids - Month ago
Smith Kids
Smith Kids - Month ago
Over it is awesome
Jilianet Berg
Jilianet Berg - Month ago
I need TK herrr☹☹😭
Delsia Plays
Delsia Plays - Month ago
Rhyme u need to get that every boy in the show cant be urs
Lily Gibson
Lily Gibson - Month ago
I wish Tk would right a love letter back or just did something in Chicken girls he was my favourite character
Jess Lavin
Jess Lavin - Month ago
Omg it’s Flash
1000 subs with one nonsense video chalenge
Who wants season 5 *and with Asher and TK*
Annie is so pretty
Atronsemariam Tsegaye
Atronsemariam Tsegaye - Month ago
I miss tk He's cute and hot rhyme get back together with TK if I could see u guys I would fant i love you guys your the best is tk coming back I miss him so much
Love nevaeh Robinson
Love nevaeh Robinson - Month ago
Drake looks ugly in season 4
Glittergirlangie - Month ago
wen robby sows rhyme ow to play dose anyone else notice it's by jitterbug in mani?
Angelica Chicas
Angelica Chicas - Month ago
I love you
RAMONA SHAW - Month ago
I love Chicken Girls 😍🤗😋
Sophie Garcia
Sophie Garcia - Month ago
Im confused about Ezra
The dancing is kinda awkward
Cha Mah
Cha Mah - Month ago
Tk dont want hyu 🤣
Patience Walmsley
Patience Walmsley - Month ago
I forgot Indie (roony) was on the dance team
Doris Cerino
Doris Cerino - Month ago
You know I wish there was a season 6
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