Richard Schoenemann
Richard Schoenemann - Month ago
So no Melisandre at Winterfell in ep 2. What are the chances she’s there in ep 3?
Weirdly Handsome
Weirdly Handsome - 24 days ago
Oh the irony...
RADAS Productions
RADAS Productions - 25 days ago
I hope she shows up at the end with the fiery hand
Khadijah S Anthony
Khadijah S Anthony - 26 days ago
+ken handy that's exactly what I was thinking that the little girl is disguised As Her Or Someone Else
Predrag Jo
Predrag Jo - 26 days ago
Melisandre will come riding Dragon as well youll see.
Frank Ventrella
Frank Ventrella - 26 days ago
What if she was disguised as the little girl who got a bowl of food. But she said she wanted to fight, so I don't know if she ends up in the crypt. And does she bring an army?
Hasan celgan
Hasan celgan - 3 days ago
You see so many White walkers.but in the episode they are all useless like David and db weiss writer. My god they can at least let them fight some caracters kill or get killed. The most potential show in the world has become the most dissapointing show in the world.
bluebirdrage - 17 days ago
Abby Potes
Abby Potes - 23 days ago
Amazing how you got every death right (except Greyworm). And here I thought I was smart in deducing the characters survivals and death. Like I thought Lyanna would survive!
gargi sharma
gargi sharma - 23 days ago
NO YouTube channel(including yours) could predict Ep03 which is incredible.
Fei Li
Fei Li - 23 days ago
It would have been if they went for some great and true-to-the-story-twist. What they have done instead is complete nonsense. Imagine Thanos suddenly died of a heart attack in Endgame. That would be hard to predict too.
Thomas Barron
Thomas Barron - 24 days ago
Hide all of the people who can't defend themselves in a crypt without guards when you are under attack by necromancers. Genius.
Aktunoma - 24 days ago
Eva Reisl
Eva Reisl - 24 days ago
they fucked my beloved nk - they raped him they murderd him they disrespect him - freeze them all
Vodka Vohn
Vodka Vohn - 23 days ago
He disrespected himself...when he didn't fight Jon.
Eva Reisl
Eva Reisl - 24 days ago
your thoughts and breakdowns have so much more tension then the ep 3 was - so sorry
Anunnaki Menagerie
Anunnaki Menagerie - 25 days ago
S8E3 had so much potential, but instead ruined an otherwise amazing show. It didn't even feel like I was watching the same GoT from a few seasons ago. Horrible writing. The great storyline, dialogue, twists, and even scenery was replaced by world war z
Eva Reisl
Eva Reisl - 24 days ago
so sad - ep 3 was without a doubt the worst ep in got history
XAVIERCUERVO - 25 days ago
The Dothraki were like
why do we have to go first is not even our war!!!!!
raemon targaryen
raemon targaryen - 25 days ago
it's like watching endgame over again. awesome!
wordrioter - 25 days ago
Good grief, episode 3 lived up to the hype for me. I'm exhausted after watching it and here I am watching it again.
Tung Nguyen
Tung Nguyen - 25 days ago
He’s directing the battle north vs south
Tyler Charlton
Tyler Charlton - 25 days ago
Safe Stryfe
Safe Stryfe - 25 days ago
man im so hyped
Kevin Nijstad
Kevin Nijstad - 25 days ago
Damn, you got somee very strong theories! most of them are theories i've had aswell, though i doubt a bit about the dragons. My guess is that we lose Jaime, Grey Worm, Jorah and a few bannermen
munozali1 - 25 days ago
As long as the Night King makes it, I'm ok with some of the main characters dying. Let's hope Ghost makes it too.
Mohamad Amin
Mohamad Amin - 25 days ago
All they need is thanos!!!
Famous Wolf
Famous Wolf - 25 days ago
That is Pod next to Jaimie.
Famous Wolf
Famous Wolf - 25 days ago
Hey does anyone else think that the mountain will be able to be controlled by night king? What if he's more dead than alive? Which I think he is.
Logistisx - 25 days ago
I foresee, undead rising from the crypts and everyone we love down there dying.
iamplay - 25 days ago
the red woman shows up with stannis and 20k golden company mercs to save winterfell thats the big plot twist
i called it )
channon j
channon j - 25 days ago
The Knight King will make Cersi his Knight Queen and turn her new born baby into his heir to the Throne.
Rivand Rizki
Rivand Rizki - 25 days ago
can i watch on?
Sab Volpi
Sab Volpi - 25 days ago
Just wanted to let you know how much I like your videos!
I’m Italian, but no issues to follow you as you speak so clearly!
Your videos are my favourite about GOT.
Thank you very much for your time.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 25 days ago
I don’t want tormund, the hound, Lyanna, Jaime and Tyrion to die but I’m Afriad they will
Leah Frost
Leah Frost - 25 days ago
Melissandra will gave birth to lightbringer.. The sword that will kill the night king
Daniel Lance
Daniel Lance - 25 days ago
pause on jamies face...... that can only mean sir tarth has fallen in battle
Virginian Vulture
Virginian Vulture - 26 days ago
How are the crypts the safest place? If the Night King can raise the dead, wouldn't he be able to raise the dead Starks in the crypts as well?
Joy M
Joy M - 26 days ago
I think Drogon will die. Dany lost her brother and Khal Drogo. She never knew Rhaeghar. But, since Jon/Aegon is his son, it would be fortuitous that the last dragon standing is his namesake and one ridden by (technically) "the last dragon".
Emanuele Di dio
Emanuele Di dio - 26 days ago
Mannnnn they are not safe in the crypts, it’s full of dead body.... I think the night king Will wake them up, and that’s why in the promo daenerys says to jon “the dead are already here”
Lotfi Ould Adda
Lotfi Ould Adda - 26 days ago
What watch dude the wall is broken
Neil - 26 days ago
davos was told his a very important character
Mitch NL
Mitch NL - 26 days ago
I dont care if lady mormont dies,i find her super annoying
Pallavi Mahato
Pallavi Mahato - 26 days ago
Jaime shall live.
Alin Ardelean
Alin Ardelean - 26 days ago
Arya runs from a white Gendry !!!
Dave Oplinger
Dave Oplinger - 26 days ago
What about Bronn? When and where will he show up? I think he'll get to Winterfell as the fight is going on and he'll help kill whitewalkers. He will pick up dragonglass arrows that have been shot and use them in his crossbow. He may even be the one to take down the Night King's dragon.
Ayush Anand
Ayush Anand - 26 days ago
Jaime will kill cercie as per the prophecy
Sabrina Ross
Sabrina Ross - 26 days ago
I think Jamie loves brianne and he will die protecting her I think. And arya will take his identity and kill arya
panggop jio
panggop jio - 26 days ago
and that may be why the night king wants him dead.
Carl orado
Carl orado - 26 days ago
They could sure use a few hundred thousand barrels of Wildfire about now!
William Wright
William Wright - 26 days ago
You know what I think they are going to prepare for the battle of their lives and the night king gose around and heads to Kings landing leaving some walkers to fight winterfel
Jaffer Ameer
Jaffer Ameer - 26 days ago
Maybe Arya uses the face of the Night King after he died to scare other people 😂
Tracy Lynn
Tracy Lynn - 26 days ago
As much as I'm looking forward to this season, I'm also dreading the deaths.
Sushant Khanal
Sushant Khanal - 26 days ago
Episode 3 twist: Jon Snow dies. We all get mad.
Ts0usermax - 26 days ago
What did Viserion's breath actually do to the wall, melt it or... is it just that he breathes blue fire now and will it hurt his army if he accidentally breathes on some of them trying to destroy Winterfell...
Diane Gregory
Diane Gregory - 26 days ago
Arya dying no that can not be, I want her to be the one to kill Cerci,
now if the night king can raise the dead and there are dead Starks down there does that mean Ned is going to come back as a white and have his head under his armpit? that won't be a good look.
Suzanne Tobin
Suzanne Tobin - 26 days ago
All those people predicting Gendry will be with Sansa, or Gendry will be with Arya now think he won't survive the battle.
Swag Horse
Swag Horse - 26 days ago
Maybe Arya will kill Cersei, with Jamie’s face
Siddharth Jha
Siddharth Jha - 26 days ago
Jamie will not die, this I can guarantee you.
MARTIN KAIJAGE - 27 days ago
They will be successful,the place is called winter fell,winter will fall n the humans will succeed
Cee Deecee
Cee Deecee - 27 days ago
I wonder why Sam hasn’t been mixing up a batch of wildfire?
steven grenier
steven grenier - 27 days ago
Beric Donderrion Battle
Arya Stark Battle
Jaime After Battle
Greyworm Battle
Ed Battle
Ghost Battle
Most of Dothraki Battle
Cersei After Battle
Mountain After Battle
Night King After Battle
Qyburn After Battle
Lord Royce Battle
Jorah Mormont Battle
Lyanna Mormont Battle
Rhaegal Battle
Daenerys After Battle
Melisandre Battle

Bran Stark
Jon Snow
The Hound
Sansa Stark
Tyrion Lannister
Ser Davos
Brieanne Of Tarth
steven grenier
steven grenier - 27 days ago
Gilly Sam Lil Sam all survive as well
Dibyangshu Baruah
Dibyangshu Baruah - 27 days ago
So according to him this battle will be the end of the living.. Come on you have killed everyone and a dragon. You know nothing..
purplealize - 27 days ago
I hope the name ofthe 3rd episode is "not today" ;(
Ben Wagner
Ben Wagner - 27 days ago
It is redundant to start a phrase with “also” and end it with “as well”.
Talking Thrones
Talking Thrones - 27 days ago
Well excuse me, Mr. Perfect.
Mani Lakonia
Mani Lakonia - 27 days ago
My wife asked me who would win in a battle between the Ringwraiths of LOTR and the Knight King and his his commanders. What do you think? Not sure how to size them up. Thanks.
king 2
king 2 - 27 days ago
guys game of thrones is not ending at episode 3. so some characters should survive in order for the story to continue
Vanessa Realrose
Vanessa Realrose - 27 days ago
Anyone notice how Bran looks at everyone when they arrive at winterfell, its like he is reading them. Maybe when the night king is in front of him. He will read his weaknesses and that may be why the night king wants him dead.
Léo de GTI Quadrado
Léo de GTI Quadrado - 27 days ago
i think little theon greyjoy will make it out alive and will hook up with sansa because how lovely they look 👀 each other
Léo de GTI Quadrado
Léo de GTI Quadrado - 27 days ago
i think aria will kill the night king dragon 🐉 with her spear and Samuel tarly will eventually kill the night king
Léo de GTI Quadrado
Léo de GTI Quadrado - 27 days ago
i think lady briane will die saving her beloved jamie lanister who will make it alive along with his brother tyron
Dane Anderson
Dane Anderson - 27 days ago
Is that the interstellar piano theme faintly in the background?
Léo de GTI Quadrado
Léo de GTI Quadrado - 27 days ago
i think dani may die and worm and only one dragon 🐉 will make it alive_drogo
Léo de GTI Quadrado
Léo de GTI Quadrado - 27 days ago
well i think that jon sansa and arya will not die.
Nasar Ullah Khan
Nasar Ullah Khan - 27 days ago
it would be nice to see Qyburns device being used on all 'white' dragons with dragon glass
Karuzo Izaya
Karuzo Izaya - 27 days ago
For me i think the people who have their things show on the "aftermath" trailer of game of thrones, will be the ones whom are left alive, if not more. Like jaime's hand, tyrion's pin, arya's needle and many more
nura sani
nura sani - 27 days ago
please can some one help me with S8E2? am yet to get it
George Lazenby
George Lazenby - 27 days ago
If a character has to die at the start of the battle, it might be the Dothraki commander. They're preparing an ambush by hiding themselves in the forest to launch a flanking attack. The Night King ambushes them instead and wipes them out. We haven't seen any Dothraki in the trailers. It doesn't make any sense to not have a cavalry element to surprise the opposition or deal with unexpected breakthrough in the main battle line. This might be the first huge mistake they make in the defence, leaving them scrambling to defend the hill where Brienne and Jaime are. If they've lost their 'surprise' flanking force, their own flank is vulnerable and they're cut off and isolated, leading to a huge retreat towards the walls. And that would not only be a bloodbath but would leave a lot of 'meat' for the Night King to raise before the main assault on the walls.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche - 27 days ago
Am I the only one who noticed the interstellar theme in the background?
Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche - 27 days ago
Am I the only one who noticed the interstellar theme in the background?
Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche - 27 days ago
Sansa is going to die

Oh yh yh
newland50 - 27 days ago
No one seems to have considered this, but I believe there's a real possibility Jon Snow or Daenerys may be killed. My theory is their love for each other can't be allowed to continue because it's incestuous so this is the most plausible and tidy way of killing off that story line. Also, I think the show ending up with the pair of them squabbling over the throne would be a pretty wretched finale.

I may be well off the mark, though, because I don't watch the show. My son's a fan and gave me a run-through and I also watched a "GoT in 15 minutes" clip. Bit sorry I didn't watch all the series now tbh, it sounds good.
Margaret Choffel
Margaret Choffel - 27 days ago
The horror on Jon's face, it could be the Night King, but what if it is Uncle Bengen that was sent first...
lilo manner
lilo manner - 27 days ago
My death predictions: Jorah, Ser Brienne, Greyworm, Theon and Tormund (maybe also Davos and Lyanna Mormont)
Helm Hammerhand
Helm Hammerhand - 28 days ago
Too much death and loss, could you even fathom victory after that? No. There will be death but not danys last two dragons, i believe there will be impact of two dragons for the next gen after the war. Plus cersei is a threat which i believe will be plainly executed by one protagonist. More of that, i believe winterfell will stand to its name. Like my helm's deep of the lord of the rings. There is hope in winterfell
AdmiralDankBar - 28 days ago
Everyone will die, just a few characters will remain.
Thats how cercy will die by the hand of her own undead brother.
Bruno Ferreira
Bruno Ferreira - 28 days ago
I believe that in the ep 3 released photos, particularly that of Sansa, which everyone talks about, is taken in the crypt and you really see a face, the face of Lady Stoneheart, those silhouettes. With this theory I also believe that when we see Arya running inside Winterfell in the trailer, she will be running away from her, Or is that to much crazy? By the way, what happened to the swim'ole by Winterfell Weirwood tree?
Stacey Long
Stacey Long - 28 days ago
This episode is not going to be 80 mins. Per HBO it's 60 mins. A whole 2 minutes longer than the last one. Please stop telling people it's going to be one of the longest in history; it's not. This was the same type of hype that made the rounds the previous season, leaving many dissapointed in run times. On another note, I love your videos.
Dracarys Chill
Dracarys Chill - 28 days ago
There is a Dragon flying in the top left in the first clip of the unsullied in the trailer for episode 3... which Dragon is this?
Lord Commander 998
Lord Commander 998 - 28 days ago
I think that Tyrion taking time to have a sit down with Bran is going to pay off in a BIG way. Most people are weirded out by Bran and have no desire to converse with him. I can even see Tyrion becoming the next three eyed raven should something happen to Bran
MadjaX - 28 days ago
I think everyone dies except for Pod, who has sex with the Night King and the Night King is so impressed that he kills himself and Westeros is saved and Pod kills Cersei to become king.
Oscar Rguez Tiburcio
Oscar Rguez Tiburcio - 28 days ago
I loved that you used Interstellar song!
A R E Z R A - 28 days ago
My three predictions about the battle
1. The army of the dead will rush in through the secret tunnels of winter fell.
2. Melisandre will come with some kind of help.
3. Or they will just loose lots of troops and fall back to the one castle that's never been overtaking.
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson - 28 days ago
Why is vayrs in the crypts? Even the peasants are fighting but he can’t?
Shar - 28 days ago
I have read/heard/seen so many theories that anything is possible. All I know is I have become emotionally invested in these characters and ! 😭😭😭
LB Collection
LB Collection - 28 days ago
Euron Greyjoy will die also
Jan  Jaley
Jan Jaley - 28 days ago
I really don't think we'll see that many sacrifices; Beric, Jamie, Melisandre, Brienne or Pod, Jon sacrificing the throne? That's just not how the game works.
Eko G
Eko G - 28 days ago
If lyanna mormont turns into a white they r all doomed
SchwarzwolfGaming - 28 days ago
Hmm, since the dead don't have stamina and don't have to eat, why do they allways walk thath slow? They could literally just run over all of Westeros or at least could have reached Winterfell quicker.
Adrian Pounds
Adrian Pounds - 28 days ago
Greyworm dammmmnnnnnn that is the only black male character on the show really put him on the fryer
Brad Poursartip
Brad Poursartip - 28 days ago
Tormund has to atleast take out an undead giant before he dies and Clegane has to kill his brother before he dies, if these things don't happen i am gonna be disappointed
Khylian Edwards
Khylian Edwards - 28 days ago
1:58 whoopsie?
nhoodjazz - 28 days ago
episode 3 confirmed (I saw the episode)Ghost will save Sam from death Sam lives Beric will die Theon dies pod dies edd dies wight hodor with a wight direwolf Gendry is saved by Nymeria and her buddies Jorah will die defending Lyanna skeletal starks in crypts ... night king In KL
Dany finds out she is pregnant ....
Greg Martinez
Greg Martinez - 28 days ago
What about Bronn? will Jamie live and Bronn kill him or Tyrion??
Sunny Singh
Sunny Singh - 28 days ago
I dont think any dragon will die in 3rd episode
Jose Enriquez
Jose Enriquez - 28 days ago
Where is ghost !?
Awesimo - 28 days ago
Tormund is one of the best fighters there, and he has more experience fighting the Dead than basically everyone there. I don't think he will die.
I'm of the opinion that people are severely overestimating the number of main character deaths for this episode. If you have too many then it dilutes the impact, so I don't think the writers will want to do more than a few. Mind you, it's a pretty long episode.
Spetznaz Specter
Spetznaz Specter - 28 days ago
There are a lot of white walkers, why do I feel like there will be 1 white walker for most of our main characters, I feel like because there’s a large amount of them I think they’re going to kill some of our most beloved characters
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