Film Theory: Who WON'T Survive Avengers Endgame! (Spoiler Free Predictions)

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JAYIN singla
JAYIN singla - 58 minutes ago
I told you iron Man and black widow would die and cap would retire
Edit-i didn't edit this
Delta Mezzo
Delta Mezzo - Hour ago
0:55 so true
huy vo
huy vo - 2 hours ago
black widow death so sad
Nate Carrasco
Nate Carrasco - 2 hours ago
Marvel: Yes...but actually no
He was right about one hero and had he switched the roles of 2 of them he would have been right
HOWEVER this is the closest he’s gotten to being right about a marvel:Disney prediction
Xenon VH2
Xenon VH2 - 3 hours ago
Since the Series finale of Game of Thrones is out, can you make a theory about how hot is Drogon's fire breath? Since he can melt that Iron Throne with 2 puffs that really must be hot... Daenerys is hot... but not as hot a Sansa tho... and Bran... Bran is tight!... ohwait
Myrin - 3 hours ago
matpat: iron man will live and retire to be with his loved ones. captain america will die.
marvel: **uncomfortably clears throat**
The Bixw
The Bixw - 4 hours ago
Mat:Tony’s has a family
Marvel: yea but no
The Bixw
The Bixw - 4 hours ago
Ha! This is true lol
Britt LaGalbo
Britt LaGalbo - 5 hours ago
Don't spoil the movie I haven't seen yet
Racoon Guy
Racoon Guy - 5 hours ago
The telletubies kill Batman in endgame
Teek - 5 hours ago
Welp. Oof
ToxicGamer 105080
ToxicGamer 105080 - 5 hours ago
Spoiler Batman Dies
Localisap - 5 hours ago
I’m looking back at this after endgame and you got the majority of this right 😂
Tank - 7 hours ago
I wanna see Fact Boi 2
HØØDIE KING - 7 hours ago
Rip tony 😭😭😭
Ian Yun Lee
Ian Yun Lee - 7 hours ago
Well...No I watched endgame and tony dies
KERNSX117 - 8 hours ago
Matpat: "Will I be right? Will I be wrong?
MCU: "Yes."
Sumehra khan Khan
Sumehra khan Khan - 8 hours ago
matpats guess: cap and black widow
Endgame:black widow and tony stark
Rayhan Ebrahim
Rayhan Ebrahim - 8 hours ago
Cap thanos iron man and black widow
The King
The King - 9 hours ago
Tony is dead 💔😭😭😭😭😭
The Last Knight
The Last Knight - 9 hours ago
Jayden Graves
Jayden Graves - 10 hours ago
ironman will die
Nathan Bacall
Nathan Bacall - 10 hours ago
Iron man and black girl I think will die
cheesesteakphilly - 10 hours ago
Downy gets 2.5% of movie if the film made over 1B so far, he has received 25M just on profits....
Legend360 Plays!
Legend360 Plays! - 10 hours ago
MAT PAT u were wrong HA
Katira 22
Katira 22 - 10 hours ago
Congratulations MattPatt!
You were right with Black Windows
But wrong with Tony

clayden nielson
clayden nielson - 11 hours ago
Vision and Loki should not be there
jrjasonayden05 the gamer
jrjasonayden05 the gamer - 11 hours ago
Matpat:iron man will become a father and live after saving the mcu
MCU:well yes but actually no
I love donut
I love donut - 12 hours ago
Iron Man dies
Black widow dies
Cap lives
Gameplay City
Gameplay City - 13 hours ago
Captain america admits he is a Canadian and then becomes a pie in endgame
MAlACHI BABES - 13 hours ago
I think iron Man
vincentgraymore - 14 hours ago
Well the big thing most people weren't expecting was the jumpcut 5 years into the future. That was also the main reason the movie was not as good as infinity war as it seemed to be used as a force device to learn about time travel as well as giving people new motivation without actually showing any change.
Jacob Games
Jacob Games - 14 hours ago
I think at the end of the black widow movie we’ll see her on vormir *Spoiler for anyone who hasn’t seen endgame*

Cap returned the soul stone so technically speaking, Natasha romanoff would come back to life because they returned the soul stone, therefor, Her soul would be returned.
Sarah MooreM
Sarah MooreM - 15 hours ago
You got black widow right but iron man did die
Human Name
Human Name - 15 hours ago
I love YouTube 3000😭😭
Death Pixel
Death Pixel - 16 hours ago
ME:well but...
Jehovah Shekin
Jehovah Shekin - 16 hours ago
At least he was right about Natasha
Jehovah Shekin
Jehovah Shekin - 16 hours ago
How does it feel to be WRONG MATPAT
Abbas Rahman
Abbas Rahman - 17 hours ago
How the f did you know before the movie was out
MrStar Nation
MrStar Nation - 17 hours ago
Mapat: Iron Man won't die
MCU : yea bout dat
Dawgly - 18 hours ago
Marvel : I'm about to end my own career
Alexander Davis
Alexander Davis - 18 hours ago
I mean he was right with Natasha, but Steve not so much since Tony did the sacrificing
Aiman Abdulmajid
Aiman Abdulmajid - 18 hours ago
Captain America lives and Tony dies
Yourselfington - 18 hours ago
nope, no hero moment, black widow just chucks herself off a cliff for the soul stone
*a soul for a soul*
Supersigge - 19 hours ago
Youre right
Cailín -w-
Cailín -w- - 19 hours ago
Lightning Volt
Lightning Volt - 19 hours ago
Matpat: Captain America will die

MCU: Well yes, but actually no
susan borras
susan borras - 19 hours ago
It's funny that mat got the soul stone and the mind stone confused
susan borras
susan borras - 19 hours ago
And I was thinking it's right in front of you (if you looking at visions head)
Mythical ChickenWang
Mythical ChickenWang - 20 hours ago
Hi Matthew
nobody - 21 hour ago
i love you 3000 😭😭😭😭😭
sarah o'keefe
sarah o'keefe - 21 hour ago
Tony and Natasha died also Cap kinda
Lutninja - 23 hours ago
MCU : Well Yes, But No
-darkyun - 23 hours ago
*"Killing Tony would be a bad idea"*
Marvel : hold my beer
-darkyun - 23 hours ago
You switched Steve and Tony's parts- I'm going to cry again
Well nebula did bite the dust.

Ryuichi Toshiro
Ryuichi Toshiro - Day ago
America tony thor
Ambroise Marthet
Ambroise Marthet - Day ago
Mario Metticini
Mario Metticini - Day ago
Matpat was right on many regards
OR eO - Day ago
Winter Wolf 2
Winter Wolf 2 - Day ago
This got deep
American Gamer
American Gamer - Day ago
Past Nebula died. Cap lived. Tony died. You were so right about black widow
Shin Godzilla
Shin Godzilla - Day ago
Iron man: Dead
Black widow: Dead
Probably the only casualties in Endgame.
Dark Diamond
Dark Diamond - Day ago
Da Iron Man
Nike Phantom Vision Elite
Z a c k epshteyn
Z a c k epshteyn - Day ago
I actually saw the movie in those two characters that actually expire in their contracts one is Captain America the others Iron Man Iron Man takes the Infinity Stones flops Amazon snaps his finger killed himself Captain America went back in time found the love of his life and spent the rest of his life with her
Lexi N
Lexi N - Day ago
If you want something to not happen in a movie, just have MatPat say it will
Drawing club 2008
Drawing club 2008 - Day ago
Iron man did die and saved the universe we are all distraught
hussein sabrie
hussein sabrie - Day ago
when they go back in time
hussein sabrie
hussein sabrie - Day ago
captain amercia dies of old age
FoldupFire45868 - Day ago
It's scary how you predicted Natasha's death
echo the fox
echo the fox - Day ago
I only came to comment I will watch this after I see endgame

Also love ur vids
Crispy Cream TM
Crispy Cream TM - Day ago
The accuracy is really scary
hans Alvarado
hans Alvarado - Day ago
I think they swatted last second story wise the death didn't make sense
Shalili kaka
Shalili kaka - Day ago
I think aquaman drowns
Kira B
Kira B - Day ago
Warning:spoiler ahead

Iron man dies 🤐😑😐
jzMONSTAR_2003 gaming
Spoiler all die no survivors except film theory
Cloud Studios
Cloud Studios - Day ago
Iron man dies
Erik Stevens
Erik Stevens - Day ago
Captin marvel tony spark i watched the movie
Kate Yachimski
Kate Yachimski - Day ago
Black widow- Dead
Cap- dead
Iron man- retired with family
Black Widow- Dead
Cap- retired with “family”
Iron man- retired, had a family, then died
That’s honestly pretty close wow
CallMeCarson - Day ago
"I would suck that man wouldn't you?"
Mathew Patrick
Dragunity Art
Dragunity Art - Day ago
Well done Matpat!!
U were surprisingly accurate with this one 😁👍
U still got some stuff wrong tho..
Adrian Horsley
Adrian Horsley - Day ago
god, i would have loved for this theory to be true...
Nikhil V
Nikhil V - Day ago
Donald Violette
Donald Violette - Day ago
You got Tony and Cap backwards hahah but nice attempt here
I'm Iron Man
I'm Iron Man - Day ago
Did this nigga predicted that black widow was gonna die? Holy shit
D Esch
D Esch - Day ago
Black Widow Does Die In Avengers Endgame By Sacrificing Herself So The Avengers Can Have The Soul Stone
Rolland Gratton
Rolland Gratton - Day ago
black widow also dies.
Rolland Gratton
Rolland Gratton - Day ago
I've watched the movie and Tony stark dies.
Sargent Nx
Sargent Nx - Day ago
at least he was right about Black Widow
Josh the king gamer324
Mr. Stark we won 😢😢😢😢😢
MusicWolf 927
MusicWolf 927 - Day ago
Ant man dies too by trying to u know what
toastedclosure - Day ago
didnt bucky die in infinity war??
Nizati - Day ago
Overall, not bad, pretty gosh darn close actually. I'm a bit sad MatPat didn't even Try to predict where Hawkeye would land in all this, talking all about the "original six" then going into detail on 5.
UpsetPugLord YT
UpsetPugLord YT - Day ago
How did he predict that
Ananias Collanto
Ananias Collanto - Day ago
Hitler Adolf
Hitler Adolf - Day ago
spoiler free?
Eyeless Horror
Eyeless Horror - Day ago
Black widow dead
Iron man dead
Thanos dead
Everyone who works for thanos except nebula and gromora
Everyone else comes back to live
Eyeless Horror
Eyeless Horror - Day ago
Everyone else comes back to live except black widow and iron man
Arielle Croney
Arielle Croney - Day ago
I saw endgame tony dies black widow dies that’s it also this is from April 29 2019
Katie Jeans
Katie Jeans - Day ago
“Seeing Thor in his lowest of low point”

You ain’t seen nothing yet
Mlbb Gamin
Mlbb Gamin - Day ago
Spoiler alert his right
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