Film Theory: Who WON'T Survive Avengers Endgame! (Spoiler Free Predictions)

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Vojin Milovic
Vojin Milovic - 10 hours ago
Black widow three
Ronita Ta Of the day
Ronita Ta Of the day - 12 hours ago
8:07 if you think he dies ... well hes doing the exact oppisite he is WORTHY of the hammer!!!!!!!!!Spoiler aler!^_-
Desiree Sparks
Desiree Sparks - 13 hours ago
How did America and are you man
Dante Cina
Dante Cina - 14 hours ago
Well he's kind of right about cap he's gone but he didn't self sacrifice himself
Dante Cina
Dante Cina - 14 hours ago
He was right about black widow and Captain America
michael Hawkins
michael Hawkins - 14 hours ago
Spoiler free threoy
Gavsterx ect
Gavsterx ect - 17 hours ago
He describes cap’s death like it’s so noble but he just went back in time started partying, came back and died of old age
DYLS 93 - 22 hours ago
U were sooooo close
Lloyd Garmodon
Lloyd Garmodon - Day ago
Mark hamil:nobodies really dead
Little Lynxella
Little Lynxella - Day ago
Black widow will die iron man will die but captain america will survive
Kylie Brine
Kylie Brine - Day ago
Zen Universe
Zen Universe - Day ago
Stella Norsdatter
Stella Norsdatter - Day ago
matthew lennon
matthew lennon - Day ago
kevin wise
kevin wise - Day ago
Cap didn't die.... Spoiler alert. Lol
Kanashī Dachi
Kanashī Dachi - Day ago
He said *Older....*
Britney Tsai
Britney Tsai - Day ago
Matpat if only iron man lived 😢
K J - 2 days ago
Your wong
masondragon DelCastillo
Spartan Dodson on
Sonia Anna Witczak
Sonia Anna Witczak - 2 days ago
Is it just me, or does the relationship between Pepper and Tony seems to get colder as the MCU continues? The first movie seems like they lust for each other, and even overcome obstacles, but they seem less and less lovey-dovey as the movies continue. For God’s sake, in Endgame, they’re married and have a daughter, but every conversation they share sounds like they’re reading from a drill manual. Am I wrong?
Prisca Kibe
Prisca Kibe - 2 days ago
Almost completely right
Ezra Patrick
Ezra Patrick - 3 days ago
Matpat: captain America dies and saves the earth
Marvel: hmm
Matpat: iron man retires
Marvel: no copyright here let’s switch
ArcticBlack - 3 days ago
Whelp... that happened...
Hello Kid
Hello Kid - 3 days ago
Completely wrong on the iron man part
Zachary Slabosz
Zachary Slabosz - 3 days ago
Matpat: tony HAS to survive
People who watched endgame: BoY wHeRe tHeY wRoNg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anthony the wolf
anthony the wolf - 3 days ago
He said he be wrong but this time he was kinda right
Rowan Peterson
Rowan Peterson - 3 days ago
Glad metroman didn't die
lanky1983 - Fortnite
lanky1983 - Fortnite - 3 days ago
Tony HAS to survive and live a life
Steve HAS to die and complete his arc
Marvel: *UNO SWITCH*
Bhrigu Parashar
Bhrigu Parashar - 3 days ago
really close prediction though, iron man and caps fates where reverse but still kudos!!
Tenweeman Gameplay
Tenweeman Gameplay - 3 days ago
Good theory matpat
Paradox_Fir3 - 3 days ago
spoiler iron man dies
SansFan210 - 3 days ago
Let's see... Iron Man, Black Widow, uh....... Nah, that's it.
Fire Star
Fire Star - 4 days ago
Ithink matpat is at his lowest of lows
That1Gen5 Lover
That1Gen5 Lover - 4 days ago
Rip black widow
Guillermo Blancas
Guillermo Blancas - 4 days ago
I thought Iron man will die👍😭 why was I right And cap to 👎I whudent care and Thor👎
Crunch Steak_09
Crunch Steak_09 - 4 days ago
Mat: says iron man will live, but retire
mat: says cap will sacrifice himself for the universe
Me: those two bout to get uno reverses
War Wizard
War Wizard - 4 days ago
Oof Matpat
You were close
You got Black Widow right she does die
You almost got Captain America right
He doesn’t die and he gave his Shield to Falcon and he turns old
You got Iron man completely wrong
He starts a family and he dies
War Wizard
War Wizard - 4 days ago
Captain America doesn’t sacrifice
He did become old soooooooooo
You are right and wrong
Captain gives his shield to falcon
thecringykid 2
thecringykid 2 - 4 days ago
iorn man i havent seen it :c
Brody Karg
Brody Karg - 4 days ago
Matpat:cap will die in endgame
Me anfter watching endgame: puny god
Past me
Past me - 4 days ago

Dude you were so so SO CLOSE
Lukas Allen
Lukas Allen - 4 days ago
He actually got it right
Ryuga Tenja
Ryuga Tenja - 4 days ago
amazing every word you just said was wrong, but also right in some way
Lavish Bansal
Lavish Bansal - 5 days ago
theory man and fact boy resembles more to batman and robin than iron man and spider man
UsNerds - 5 days ago
2:26 first three avengers to fade away are the ones who aren’t coming back.
Theory ab film theory- Matt actually has been working for Disney the whole time. I know crazy right? But have you wondered why all his productions are wrong? It’s because Disney controls everything and doesn’t want to leak the endings.
Ani S
Ani S - 5 days ago
I... Wow. He is neither completely wrong, neither completely right.
Route 1
Route 1 - 5 days ago
“Perfectly balanced as all things should be”
Sebastian Demerjian
Sebastian Demerjian - 5 days ago
Here is the script for the newest Theory Theory video, Theory Theory: Theory Man's True Powers
Theory Theory is a show about theories about Matpat and Theory Man.

Theory Man: Thanos, you will never defeat me!
Thanos: Oh, but you are just an insignificant speck, while I am the all powerful Thanos!
Theory Man: *transforms into Iron Man*
Theory Man: I'm not nobody, I'm Iron Man.
Thanos: What? How?
Theory Man: *transforms into Captain America*
Theory Man: It's just the American way!
Thanos: No. That's not possible!
Theory Man: *transforms into Hulk*
Theory Man: I am the impossible.


Me, your host: Hello, internet! Welcome to Theory Theory! The only show that can make you question anything and anyone you know and love.
Today, we are talking about what Theory Man is hiding. His true powers. No, not his smarts. His shape-shifting. Yeah, you heard that right! Shape. Shifting.
'But why do you think this?' is what you are saying. It's simple. In a video titled _Film Theory: The Spiderman 2 Mystery! Why Spiderman Lost His Powers!_ Theory Man is shown as Spider-Man, complete with a theme song! Seems like nothing. But then, you check out this video, _Film Theory: Who WON'T Survive Avengers Endgame! (Spoiler Free Predictions)_ Fact Boy is Spider-Man and Theory Man is... Iron Man? What?
Now you could say... what if Theory Man is Spider-Man _and_ Iron Man? Well, here's where the facts start. Spider-Man's height is 5'7", which is 5 feet, 7 inches, while Iron Man is 6'1", 6 feet, 1 inch! Their costumes in Avengers: Infinity War would be 4 inches away from being the same height. Also, Iron Man is 225 lbs, while Spider Man is only 167 lbs. Their costumes would also be 58 lbs apart from being the same weight.
What does this have to do with anything? Well, Theory Man would not be able to fit into both. No matter how smart he is, he just can't. Yes, in Spider Man: Homecoming, Peter does press a button on his suit that fits it to his size, but he isn't wearing that suit in the Snappening scene. He is wearing the Iron Spider suit, made of iron. That thing would not change it's size. So, Theory Man would have to do something different to fit into both suits. I believe that is... shape-shift.
We've seen shape-shifting before in the MCU. Remember Thor: The Dark World, where Loki changes into Captain America? That was pretty cool. But he did fit into both costumes, his own, and Cap's.
That means shape-shifting changes your weight, so Theory Man could theoretically, heh heh, become Spider Man and Iron Man. But we need more proof. Something solid. Well, here ya go. We head to _Film Theory: Spiderman vs Spiderman Battle Royale!_ In this video, Theory Man is showing giving facts to the public. The news reporter seems to be a lot like Theory Man. But he is wearing different clothes. And he is shown on screen at the same time! Not exactly. Notice Theory Man never moves until the news reporter moves off screen, so it could be a still image, trying to fake us out.
Oh, and the different clothes? No one could change that fast, right? Unless you shape-shift. Then you could do it easily. The news reporter is never actually said to be Matpat. You guys know Matpat, he would totally put a little nametag on screen showing his name and saying something #1 Reporter, that's the kind of guy he is! Unless, it wasn't Matpat. It was actually... Theory Man.

But hey! That's just a theory. A Theory Theory! AND CUT!
Sebastian Demerjian
Sebastian Demerjian - 3 days ago
Well, the skrulls shape-shift, so it is kinda the same thing.
Fire Star
Fire Star - 4 days ago
He could be a scroll just saying
Merrill King
Merrill King - 5 days ago
Tony Stark
Kamara Service
Kamara Service - 5 days ago
Iron man will retire and cap will sacrifice his life

*no u*
Skyler Brand
Skyler Brand - 5 days ago
You missed Thanos black widow will go bye bye and iron Man too
UltimatePotato1983 - 5 days ago
Switch his prediction of Tony with his one of Cap and he's completely right
danny rivera
danny rivera - 5 days ago
Switch cap and tony. *clicks tongue* noice
danny rivera
danny rivera - 5 days ago
A soul. For a soul.
Gregory Prokey
Gregory Prokey - 5 days ago
1 out of 5 good luck next time
Terance Ashman
Terance Ashman - 6 days ago
Rip Iron Man
mysterious critic
mysterious critic - 6 days ago
Yea got only 1 out of 3 you talked wright (black widow)
If include gut feeling 1 out of 5
Pixel elephant
Pixel elephant - 6 days ago
I think thanos tony and black widow
Ameer S
Ameer S - 6 days ago
Iron man will die in endgame
Laura Cassidy
Laura Cassidy - 6 days ago
He will be wrong forever
MANN[][][] - 7 days ago
Iron Man dies 😘 trololol
Jun Pintor
Jun Pintor - 7 days ago
The captain America part was just dead wrong
Scp 173
Scp 173 - 7 days ago
You were wrong Tony died
Elizabeth Davidson
Elizabeth Davidson - 7 days ago
Matpat, just wanna say I love your videos! You're smart and a great youtuber and you were almost there with this theory in terms of correctness.
Mohamed Elnaggar
Mohamed Elnaggar - 7 days ago
Spoiler alert

Captain America becomes worthy
Mr copyright
Mr copyright - 7 days ago
Ur right black widow died
Radek Rydzewski
Radek Rydzewski - 7 days ago
Wow, this is one of the most accurate theories ever! I raise my theory glass in the air and take off my theory hat to you.
Pizza Craft
Pizza Craft - 7 days ago
Yah no Tony is dead dead as a door nail
Sophia Espenida
Sophia Espenida - 7 days ago
I KnOw WhO diEs
Cash0311 - 7 days ago
Literally everything you said it was just the opposite. Wtf
Cash0311 - 7 days ago
Cap does the opposite of sacrifice himself, that’s ironic.
HissingLemon 56
HissingLemon 56 - 7 days ago
Some Excitement FS
Some Excitement FS - 7 days ago
Spoiler for.endgame yeah mat pat thors New path to be depressed.and fat
rodney hili
rodney hili - 7 days ago
I have a question why didn t they use the time stone to get tony stark back to life
Use the time machine to change cap from old to his younger self
And go back in time to save black widow as changes in the past don t change the future
Klaoudio D
Klaoudio D - 7 days ago
Pretty close but not close enough
F14 tomcat That’s a secret
Holy moly black widow dies
Anne Puspayanti
Anne Puspayanti - 7 days ago
That’s why I like spider man
Emma Ocampo
Emma Ocampo - 7 days ago
where did the avengers go wgen they melt away when thamos snapped
Anne Puspayanti
Anne Puspayanti - 7 days ago
Iron mans family is Peter his girl and his wife
Anne Puspayanti
Anne Puspayanti - 7 days ago
I love spider-man
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