How To Meditate In Twelve Minutes (Guided Meditation & Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners)

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Magdalena Dziczek
Magdalena Dziczek - 7 days ago
I'm really in a bad state of being in my life. I've been doing this for the last three days and it just gets better and better, thank you for this it helps a lot.
Magdalena Dziczek
Magdalena Dziczek - 5 days ago
@Miranda Taylor do it! It's great and helps a lot.
Miranda Taylor
Miranda Taylor - 6 days ago
Magda Dziczek Great to hear, I’m excited to try this.
MrBlackishere - 15 days ago
Really interesting video thank you, seen a strange white light quite peculiar but satisfying
Octovia Mead
Octovia Mead - Month ago
David Adkins
David Adkins - 4 months ago
Just started meditating and really like this one.
Karen Kelly
Karen Kelly - 4 months ago
What is the name of the music in the background. It is perfect for this. This is a really good video. Thanks.
J Trigga Beats
J Trigga Beats - 6 months ago
Is it normal that my body and breath felt more colder
christine wilde
christine wilde - 6 months ago
Thank you. Wonderful calm voice.
Tatiana Gochez-Kerr
Tatiana Gochez-Kerr - 6 months ago
This was a good meditation. Michael's voice is very soothing.
I'm still a beginner, and I'm fonder of body sensation meditation than breathing meditation (which I find harder to maintain focus with). This one is breathing meditation, but his mindfulness advice is really good.
Petra Hattingh
Petra Hattingh - 7 months ago
Thank you, Michael! appreciate!
Sarah F
Sarah F - 7 months ago
This was awesome! I’m new at this and this is perfect! I’d no idea. My sense of time was ??? I had no idea 12 minutes had passed. Perfect! Couldn’t ask for better. Thank you
Universal Hobo
Universal Hobo - 8 months ago
Favourite guided meditation ^_^
Jennifer Blume
Jennifer Blume - 8 months ago
This is my go-to meditation as I still need a lot of guiding to get my brain to settle down. Thank you.
Bob Gardiner
Bob Gardiner - 9 months ago
Thank you Michael
Felicia Dwamena
Felicia Dwamena - 9 months ago
Just found you, l suffer from serious anxiety. Can this stop the shakes? I need help!
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki - 10 months ago
I feel As Though I am in a different world when i was doing this video and for some wierd reason thoug it is a 12 minute meditation it felt to me like it was 30 mins
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki - 10 months ago
niallvan - 10 months ago
I really disappeared from all my worries and stresses in my body and mind. Was having a bit of a panicky morning before that. So thank you!
coder life
coder life - 10 months ago
I am badly suffering from GAD for a long time!
this was great!
thanks for helping!
jackie scorpio
jackie scorpio - Year ago
Even though I've been trying to meditate for a year now, I'm a beginner. I found a lot of good videos here, but this is the first time I truly benefited from meditation. Thank You for a guiding voice into a better state.
Alexandria Reynoso
Alexandria Reynoso - Year ago
very refreshing. I feel so renewed by this video.
Austriaal - Year ago
This was an incredible meditation, thank you!
Lana Sol
Lana Sol - Year ago
Can I lay in my bed?
VOICE Actress
VOICE Actress - Year ago
I was almost crying because true peace was colorful and happy and.....IM REPLAYING THE VIDEO
Eileen Barker
Eileen Barker - Year ago
Dear Micheal🙏awesome 👌Have started doing this recently and is so excellent for me to do❤️
Thank you 😊 You do soothe the mind and body it’s brilliant ✨❤️love and Blessings 😍
Tistepiste - Year ago
Hello, I started doing this but when I focus my attention on my body / breath I feel lots of energy vibrating everywhere in my body. Also, my heart starts beating faster. Is this normal? Sometimes my heart starts beating so fast it becomes a bit harder to take control over my breathing because it becomes shorter
Robert Pitts
Robert Pitts - Year ago
yes-thank you so much!
T.B.K - Year ago
Dudeeeee I feel like I connected with another state of mind like when I woke up from it I was like damn I felt relaxing
rach_721 - Year ago
thank you for this video! michael sealey your voice is so soothing! lol
Vb Vb
Vb Vb - Year ago
Can this meditation be done lying down in a horizontal position say like on a couch or must it be done in a sitting position?
Michael Sealey
Michael Sealey - Year ago
Yes, lying down is fine. Enjoy.
chris quinn
chris quinn - Year ago
Thank you this is really relaxing and I enjoy doing this in the mornings
Tom B
Tom B - Year ago
Micahel I have watched many meditation videos, yours was successful. I appreciate the gradual introduction to more and more awareness of your body - that bit really helped me meditate and I'll apply it to my personal meditation sessions in the future. Very good example.
Dee Williamson
Dee Williamson - Year ago
Thank you!!!💕💕💕💕🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
Lesia Oliveira
Lesia Oliveira - Year ago
Thank you. I really appreciate . this is helping a lot.
Natasha Z
Natasha Z - Year ago
Dear Michael, you always choose the right words. Your videos speak to people in a way that is deeply comforting and encouraging. What I like most is how you are careful not to use any negative words. You say feelings instead of fear, sadness, anger. This is important as many meditations are ruined by repetitive mentioning of the very problems they are designed to eliminate.
Thank you for your contribution to the evolution of human consciousness.
Shivali Gill
Shivali Gill - Year ago
I found this very helpful thanks
Juicy B
Juicy B - Year ago
Wow .. just wow for the first time I did it correctly.. Thank u so much for this wonderful video
Jake Dornbos
Jake Dornbos - Year ago
Wow. Never thought I could feel this at peace and ready to take on the day at 5 AM! Bye bye anxiety!!!!!!!!! Thank you for doing what you do!
Independent Bangla
Independent Bangla - Year ago
Cathy Sample
Cathy Sample - Year ago
this last .year has been different where i found myself hurtling toward....on a spiritual journey & stuff from all directions is coming at me & fitting in all these previously missing pieces of my personal puzzle & are finally making sense & have context. it has been way too long since i even tried to meditate properly so i wanted a bit of guidance real quick. i want to thank you because your guided 12 minutes helped me drop right into the slot.
Miss_ Mars
Miss_ Mars - Year ago
I have ADHD and I've always found it really hard to meditate due to racing thoughts, impulsive fidgeting and distractions. This was the first time I've properly been able to meditate so thank you for this video :)
Joe McCranie
Joe McCranie - Year ago
Thank you. I listen to your videos almost daily. The idea of meditation does not come natural to me, but I notice that I am getting more and more out of it as I continue to practice. I plan to continue this practice every day. I'm not sure what happens or how this works, but I know that my days go better. I am starting a business this year, there is much worry, risk, stress, but Meditation has really been helping.
Universal Hobo
Universal Hobo - Year ago
Staci B
Staci B - Year ago
Thank u!💕
Mia Amour
Mia Amour - Year ago
I feel so relaxed..Thank you.
Thomas Lavery
Thomas Lavery - Year ago
Thank you . Great
MonaTheMentor - Year ago
Not really sure how this works, but it is helpful as i feel so calm afterwards even though im not sure if im doing it right.. i wont try to figure it out tho 😋
Martin Elizondo
Martin Elizondo - Year ago
12 minutes just went by...felt more like 5...Very simple but incredible meditation. Thank you.!!!!
djihane ammari
djihane ammari - 2 years ago
ur videos r just the best at all levels
erestube - 2 years ago
This is a cut above the rest. Thank you.
Stiliani Moulinos
Stiliani Moulinos - 2 years ago
that was great thank you!
Ataahua Tukaramaene
Ataahua Tukaramaene - 2 years ago
Michael Sealy! Thank you for providing me with the tools to keep my mind at bay. I have learnt how to be mindful and more in touch with my self. Wonderful video. Thank you!
Michael Sealey
Michael Sealey - 2 years ago
My pleasure, may you continue to enjoy, Ataahua.
Alfredo Hernandez
Alfredo Hernandez - 2 years ago
Thank you Michael Sealey.
Sarah Okiyi
Sarah Okiyi - 2 years ago
Such a relaxing tone to your voice, was relaxed and meditating in no time ❤️
Monika M Miller
Monika M Miller - 2 years ago
I enjoyed this very much,thanks for sharing
Trevor Booth
Trevor Booth - 2 years ago
I started meditation about a month ago and my life has completely changed. I wanted life to end and now I don't know why I used to have those thoughts. I was always told that mediation takes years to master. If I'm feeling like this now I can't wait to see how I will feel in years to come. Thank you for your videos, you could have saved someones life. I look forward to watching all your videos :)
Darren sings
Darren sings - 2 years ago
Excellent! Mindfulness Is The Key to Beating these thoughts, I need to Be More mindful In My life. This is A start well done Me X
Jodie Fourmax
Jodie Fourmax - 2 years ago
I'm going to meditate during my Summer holiday
Victor Vega
Victor Vega - 2 years ago
Great video. I really enjoyed your voice guiding me through the experience. When I came upon trying to concentrate on my breathing pattern, the lengths between the breaths, and the difference in the breath temperature, I seemed to have trouble keeping focus, like my body wanted to "stay awake" while my mind's eye was wondering.
Donna Stovner
Donna Stovner - 2 years ago
I too have been using this video to learn how to meditate,it really helps I feel calmer and less reactive to negativity
Jose Edrosolano
Jose Edrosolano - 2 years ago
This was a good session thank you.
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