Joe Rogan | Are Alpha Males and Beta Males Real? w/Adam Conover

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Captain Nwalps
Captain Nwalps - 4 hours ago
Yeah on the left is the alpha male and on the right is the beta male
Blockchain Baller
Blockchain Baller - 9 hours ago
Hypergamy is real folks.
GreenT619 - 9 hours ago
This may be a hot take. But why is everyone mad at dudes? Even punk ass dudes are hating on regular dudes. Let’s us do our thing and you guys can eat soy. 💪🏿
Suz Phillips
Suz Phillips - 11 hours ago
Beta and Alpha arguing whether or not Beta and Alpha exist.
ŌKAMI - 11 hours ago
10:33 the way he gives an example and then immediately is unsure of his own example. Most beta thing I have ever seen
Raman Deep Vashisht
Raman Deep Vashisht - 16 hours ago
Craze about Hourglass figure is old, very old, just search khujraho temples in India 😅😅
Goce Galev
Goce Galev - 17 hours ago
Lets be real. Both of them lack prerequisitive knowledge on the topic.
On side note, 90% of the people that commented consider themselves as alphas by supposing that joe is alpha and the other guy is beta.
Rich Taco
Rich Taco - 20 hours ago
The backfire effect is working on Adam
stfu and learn
stfu and learn - 21 hour ago
I always try to keep an open mind but my goodness this guy is such a bitch. Hey guys and girls I'm not beta!!! That's a myth, girls like me just like a strong athletic, and good looking man! It's fact in my own beta bitch boy mind! What a f@ggot
bamboozledRalston #nope
bamboozledRalston #nope - 22 hours ago
Just because something makes sense and is fact doesn't mean I have to believe it. Adam 2019..
jake mac
jake mac - Day ago
Half of these comments didn't watch it all. Once Rogan lets Adam finish making his point - Joe actually agrees with him.
jake mac
jake mac - 6 hours ago
@Fortress Europa conover makes the point that social heirachy changes in different situations. just because you are a considered an attractive alpha guy in your tiny town, doesn't mean you'll be considered an attractive alpha guy if you go the big city where you are surrounded by them. So therefore, he's saying the alpha/beta label isn't scientifically sound.
Fortress Europa
Fortress Europa - 12 hours ago
Not really. I fell like they were talking about different things. Reality is that, tall, good looking Hollywood actors can have sex with almost any woman they want and some short, ugly shy janitor cant have sex unless he pays a prostitute. Im simplifying the issue, but this is essentially what people talk about.
Spencer Pessis
Spencer Pessis - Day ago
Adam “Your social situation can change based on what situation youre in.” Conover
Whiskey Earned
Whiskey Earned - Day ago
Sigma males are infinitely cooler than Alphas and Betas.
Aaron. - Day ago
I think anybody who has ever went to school knows that’s there’s alphas and betas..
Cardnyl music
Cardnyl music - Day ago
Personally, I think the alpha Male is whoever the leader is during a given situation..
Chase - Day ago
This Adam dude is a straight cuck, he seems like the guy who drops a load with out the courtesy of a Reach-a-round.
mark ortolani
mark ortolani - Day ago
Adam is a moron
Dr Stentle
Dr Stentle - Day ago
Say what you will the guys who go around proudly describing themselves as alpha males are the biggest assholes I personally have never met
Markus I
Markus I - Day ago
Beta af
Koogan H
Koogan H - Day ago
Well he raised a good point... What exactly is an alpha male? Imo alphas and probably work for beta makes for betas are the ones that had to work harder and over compensate. Harvey Weinstein is definitely a beta male...but is probably more dominant than any alpha due to his status and power ..the system technically doesn't exist. I use to think Jocks were alphas and my pops was like a jock ...but as I got older I realized he is the text book definition of a "weak beta male". This guy has a really good point.
Rohit H
Rohit H - Day ago
But alpha males work for beta males. The truth.
TheMarshallZone - Day ago
I don't agree at all. You put that quarterback who is charismatic and has this beauty that admittedly we all value into a different situation chess club or DND group and he's going to thrive that's what an alpha is someone who can become the center of attention. And at the end of the day that quarterback is gonna walk away with the girl. As a society no matter where you go sports and athletics are valued above intelligence until you get out of this primal experience we all start off in. Look at highschool as an example, this is a very primal state of being and football has and will always be more popular than something like academics, that's why we have popular kids.
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon - Day ago
This is the dumbest shit ever! This shit is real.
Archibald Maule Ramsay
Archibald Maule Ramsay - 2 days ago
This dude is looking at everything through the lense of critiical theory. He believes every aspect of human society and psychology is a cultural phenomenon. Women only like strong men because they think wrong, men only like women with large breasts and birthing hips because they think wrong etc He is a complete ideologue.
Mellsduck ENT
Mellsduck ENT - 2 days ago
He is not an expert on this
Erä Jorma
Erä Jorma - 2 days ago
People like exelence.
DBdidgitalgaming Yea
DBdidgitalgaming Yea - 2 days ago
How to spot a beta
Luke Ferraro
Luke Ferraro - 2 days ago
Never even heard of this as a topic. Fuck I’m a goddamn beta
Aaron Keyes
Aaron Keyes - 2 days ago
That nigga Adam is delusional
Anonymous - 2 days ago
Not sure why this is a controversial topic. Confident, fit people are attractive generally, but so is power, wealth etc. If you are going to argue about a basis in evolutionary biology it gets tricky. If the point is that someone is by nature alpha or beta, it could be true but we have the nature/nurture factors to contend with. Also if a so called beta male or female wins a lottery for $100M, would they suddenly become alpha? What about after 1 year when they are used to calling the shots? What if they lose all the money overnight? Do they become beta again? They can lose their confidence, health etc and become less attractive. If you decide to call yourself alpha and you are usually doing alright in social situations and you meet me (always quite confident, athletic and almost never back down physically or verbally) you might think of yourself as a beta, yet I don't consider myself alpha and I wouldn't think of you as a beta. Its stereotyping and assumes you know better than the other person in all situations (or even a single context for all time). Slavery was not right but it existed, similarly alpha/beta may exist as a social construct if we decide to let them exist. They are a type of mental model that puts down someone and generally not a good thing.
jm7284 - 2 days ago
I understand what Adam is saying there are no literal alpha males in humans, but he is completely missing Joe's point
Steve - 2 days ago
Adam “I’m not an expert” Conover
Nv MEE - 2 days ago
This guy sucks lol
Jelly Subway
Jelly Subway - 2 days ago
"theres no more problem, when it doesnt exist" - adam explains
Ally Smith
Ally Smith - 2 days ago
Some women may be drawn to strong, athletic men. But others can be drawn to a personality (in my case humor). I had a crush on my SO when he was obese, and I still like him for the same reasons after he's lost weight.
Patrick Pacheco
Patrick Pacheco - 2 days ago
Does anyone else think that this guy Joe's talking to is a fuckin moron? He's in denial
james e.g.smith
james e.g.smith - 2 days ago
This dude is retarded
Da'vinci Black
Da'vinci Black - 2 days ago
Once you hear him say "right" you can't unhear it😂 he says at the end of every sentence
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 2 days ago
Nicely placed 'B' on Adam's jacket yeah?
E. Thomas
E. Thomas - 2 days ago
I like Joe, but this is really incorrect. These things are cultural, not evolutionary. I spent years in Korea and they do not regards large hips and buttocks as being attractive. There were islands that women were sexually aggressive and men were feminine. I promise some attractive guy on the beach and Mark Zuckerberg side by side. Most women would go to Mark for the security
Liam Brown
Liam Brown - Day ago
I can't speak for the dominant female islands but i feel like your experience in korea as women with large hips and buttocks not being attractive is in fact the other way around. It is a cultural preference and not an evolutionary one. If you type in google images "20000 ancient nude female art" you will see that the earliest cavemen humans were in fact attracted to big women with large breasts and a pregnancy bump. The pregnancy bump in the eyes of many anthropologists is evidence that we were attracted to these types of women due to their fertility as evolutionary purposes. This is what Joe likes to believe, and considering at the core an organisms desire no matter what it is to: 1. Survive and 2. Reproduce. Not saying this is fact, or that you can't have other preferences but it's just a baseline that is hypothesised based on ancient history, and has stood the test of time surprisingly well.
Ash - 2 days ago
First time Joe rogan disagreed with someone
BoxyMoron - 2 days ago
Dudes got a large red B on his chest
Dean Viljoen
Dean Viljoen - 2 days ago
Would call him a tit but a tit is a useful thing...beta tosser
Joe Zajac
Joe Zajac - 2 days ago
Adam Conover doesn't know shit lol
devansh sharma
devansh sharma - 2 days ago
Who the fuck is this guy he doesn't know shit why is he even invited. Stupidest guy I've ever watched on the show
High Af
High Af - 2 days ago
I just wanted joe to tell him someshit like “bro I’m alpha, you’re beta. It’s right here in front us. Right now. Real time.”
The Gaming Johnson
The Gaming Johnson - 2 days ago
The B on his jacket shows that he is beta
Andrei Vlad
Andrei Vlad - 2 days ago
Maybe what Adam is trying to say it that in reality things are not quite like people (theoretically) see things in regard to alphas and betas. And yes - the majority of people tend to deforms and exaggerates things, usually for the "black and white" view of things, because this way can give the impression things are easier to understand.
For Joe's knowledge, the attraction for women boobs and ass its mainly a western convention. In some african countries, the physical trait of women that's attractive to men is calves, while in Japan is the back of the neck(that's why japanese women lower their kimono to reveal their neck, at least in kimono's age).
Eric Kron
Eric Kron - 2 days ago
Is Adam speaking based off his opinion or some sort of research? Much of what Joe is saying is generally accurate by most research so I'm confused by what Adam is basing his statements off of.
The Irish Elk
The Irish Elk - 2 days ago
Theirs definitely 2 types of alpha everyone should watch Hobbs and Shaw aka Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham those 2 are very different but their both super Alpha one is quite and one is loud
Samuel Sidor
Samuel Sidor - 2 days ago
Quite interesting argument would be from Africa(I am not sure if it is still true and I also heard it from 2nd hand)...but men there liked big women(lets call them a lil bit obese)...and it was attractive to them... it was also caused by social status that they had enough food etc. And skinny women seems like unhealthy to them.They got those convictions probably from their parents, they from their parents etc etc. Like in every social group people have created some kind of standards which vary among these groups. Also lets imaging 1930...or men and women looked guy in that age would be like noob agains somebody who go to gym. I myself would also choose somebody fit and not obese...cos I see it unhealthy...and I have negative association to being overweight. What do u guys think ?
Fortress Europa
Fortress Europa - 12 hours ago
Like people sense 10 fat rolls on your stomach and triple chin is unhealthy. When people say they like big women, they like someone who has huge ass, huge tits, but they're still tight. They dont have fucking fat rolls everywhere and a pig face.
Fortress Europa
Fortress Europa - 12 hours ago
Its not about skinny or fat, its about hourglass figure. Its a body shape. Big woman who has a hourglass figure is more desired than someone who has a pear shaped body. For evolutionary reasons.
Asher Myer
Asher Myer - 2 days ago
Adam: no- no I swear girls want to fuck me!
Scott Williams
Scott Williams - 2 days ago
This guy proves that you don't need much of an IQ to be a TV star. He was taught by some speaking guru to say the word "right" far too often. Every single presumption he makes is followed by "RIGHT"? STFU already.
Matt DeAngelis
Matt DeAngelis - 2 days ago
Just google what types of physical changes a woman goes through when she’s pregnant to keep her mate present.
Increased red tone in lips
Larger lips
Larger breasts
Increased sex drive
Increased energy
This has nothing to do with evolution though. -___-
Matt DeAngelis
Matt DeAngelis - 2 days ago
This dude sucks lol
Oisin Kavanagh
Oisin Kavanagh - 2 days ago
This bitch must take it up the chuff daily
Yohami Zerpa
Yohami Zerpa - 2 days ago
Adam is Beta and sad
video3ish - 3 days ago
Adam is the fat kid with broken glasses in Lord of the Flies. He would be first the Alphas will cook
Eric Beretta
Eric Beretta - 3 days ago
I like the fact that Joe Rogan spent most of his life in fighting in UFC but is really intelligent with all the stuff he researches
Dub Ryda Globz
Dub Ryda Globz - 3 days ago
B for beta
ZekeDaSneaky - 3 days ago
This guy is dumb
elgayetas - 3 days ago
In my experience, most women like tall, athletic men, even if that man is a sperg.
Ic3d C0ff33
Ic3d C0ff33 - 3 days ago
Adam is the type of guy to apologize to his wife’s boyfriend for walking in on them.
Mark Marin
Mark Marin - 3 days ago
Adam is living proof of the backfire effect, he cannot accept the fact that a confident, well built man is more attractive than an introverted, out of shape dude.
Koogan H
Koogan H - 21 hour ago
@Mark Marin yeah but that's not always the case. I don't think a man is any less just because he lacks confidence or etc. Plenty of ain't shit people have those qualities and I would still view them as betas due to their personalities.
Mark Marin
Mark Marin - 21 hour ago
@Koogan H a confident, well built, extroverted dude is going to always be viewed more attractive than an introverted, out of shape dude with confidence problems. And I don't know where you live, but I assure you skinny ripped jeans are not going out of style
Koogan H
Koogan H - Day ago
But there are more factors to society that determine attraction... Apparently skinny ripped jeans is attractive... Now that phase is going away. There is no real science behind alpha and beta in humans. (With our current society)
Mark Marin
Mark Marin - 3 days ago
Adam is full of it. Being popular in robotics club got me no attention from girls... miss me with that Adam
Purple Buttchin
Purple Buttchin - 3 days ago
I’m out here clowning on Adam for being a beta male when I suffer from social anxiety myself
DBdidgitalgaming Yea
DBdidgitalgaming Yea - 2 days ago
Purple Buttchin I got news for ya buddy...
Kalen Jordan
Kalen Jordan - 3 days ago
He has these opinions because he’s a Beta male 😂😂
Mark Marin
Mark Marin - 3 days ago
Joe is obviously the ALPHA in this conversation, remaining calm despite the stupidity of the BETA Adam
Hugo Siqueiros
Hugo Siqueiros - 3 days ago
Who is this cheap insecure pseudo intellectual version of Philip Seymour Hoffman?
TL C - 3 days ago
One of the worst guests ever
Adam Youhanna
Adam Youhanna - 3 days ago
Let the guy talk Joe.
Bob Carmack
Bob Carmack - 3 days ago
If he says “right” one more motherf*ck’n time!
Jake de Medeiros
Jake de Medeiros - 3 days ago
Viking women were HUGE, and viking men were hardwired to be attracted to that
Master Philip
Master Philip - Day ago
Well if the women were huge, men were even bigger. So basically they were "hardwired" to the same thing as all of the rest
Rob Ayotte
Rob Ayotte - 3 days ago
Centuries ago the hour glass figure was not considered the most attractive. They liked bigger hips and smaller breasts.
Lucas Stranger
Lucas Stranger - 3 days ago
This entire episode was so embarrassing for adam. He threw every piece of his ideology at Joe and got obliterated at every turn. This is what happens when you exist in a bubble where everone agrees with you
Master Mcbates
Master Mcbates - 3 days ago
Notice how the beta male will never say "I disagree" incase he faces confrontation.
mattadams145 - 2 days ago
As Pooped By Anakin Skywalker exactly the same meaning
As Pooped By Anakin Skywalker
@mattadams145 he said he doesn't think he agrees with that not i disagree.
mattadams145 - 3 days ago
Master Mcbates 2:57
Iron Oh Yes
Iron Oh Yes - 3 days ago
He even has a B on his jacket for beta... I will say he does have balls for even trying to argue with Joe even he didn't make any sense
Emilio Casados
Emilio Casados - 3 days ago
Lmao this guy doesn’t know shit
Jacob Galloway
Jacob Galloway - 3 days ago
Hundreds of millions of years of evolution: "Here you are, everything that has ever been and ever will be, your welcome"
Adam: "Nuhuh"
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