Carla Makes an Apple Tart | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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Rogelio Rod
Rogelio Rod - 2 days ago
@9:21 peep Andy’s booty🥵
Senna H
Senna H - 2 days ago
Anyone know if I can make this dough in a food processor or by working the butter in by hand? I don't have a rolling pin (and the winebottle lifehack is the worst, don't try me) and benchscraper 😅
Sofia Lulla
Sofia Lulla - 8 days ago
Can we have brad, Carla and Molly watch worst cooks in America and review it. Please like so they see it and can watch that dumb girl make “chocolate” with vanilla extract and brown sugar
Smoked Robot Pâté
Smoked Robot Pâté - 10 days ago
Frisbee lady!
Zippy The Clown
Zippy The Clown - 17 days ago
Carla is a diva (in a good way).
Alberto Marín
Alberto Marín - 23 days ago
Carla seems to be the kind of person you want to invite to your party
Laura - 23 days ago
Could you serve this with Vanilla bean ice cream?
MONAMAKE - 25 days ago
It seams soooo easy, I need to do it now hahahh
jheckie14 - 27 days ago
Damn that dough looked clean af.
Finley Smith
Finley Smith - Month ago
I like how the other people in the background of these videos look kinda like sims
eileen marter
eileen marter - Month ago
that butter looked bunt not brown to me..
Dafne - Month ago
Best apple tart EVER!!! It’s a keeper!!! Thanks so much BA, and Carla, you are awesome!!!
Jennifer Lewis
Jennifer Lewis - Month ago
Mary berry would approve of that bottom
H. Collier
H. Collier - Month ago
Carla is my kinda tart!
Sun Smith
Sun Smith - Month ago
Charlie Dalton
Charlie Dalton - Month ago
Oh man. I love baking but making most dough ends up hurting me because ive got such sensitive skin, so this method is a god damn miracle
wendy kemp
wendy kemp - Month ago
❤️ funny! 🤣
S. Lehrack
S. Lehrack - Month ago
I tried to convert the ingredients for the dough into grams. so 1 cup flour (~125 g) and 1 stick butter (115g) is a nearly 1:1 ratio. is that right?
Megan Morris
Megan Morris - Month ago
Carla is the best
Cherrycordial - 2 months ago
I'm gonna make this tart and take it to a party and everyone's gonna be so impreeeeessed~
April Crossan
April Crossan - 2 months ago
I need Carla to adopt me
I’m 22 but we can work it out
Dimitri Gonzales
Dimitri Gonzales - 2 months ago
Carla seems so sweet and genuinely nice and I’d love to be her friend too, also this is the best YouTube channel to date! Ha! 🐇❣️
Desi J Richert
Desi J Richert - 2 months ago
Sorry Carla but that butter was burnt.
Marilee Schmid
Marilee Schmid - 2 months ago
“Don’t be a hero” in reference to using flour is amazing lol
Juliette Raines
Juliette Raines - 2 months ago
agaon OMG carla i love your hair pulled back. such a pretty face. love your food.
Andreas Lu
Andreas Lu - 2 months ago
Be inclusive, include Celsius pleeease :-)
Maria Guia
Maria Guia - 2 months ago
She reminds me of Kristen Schaal. Am I the only one?
Deception975 - 2 months ago
Carla, "And as a parent, it's like a nightmare..."
Me, "Yea, I guess you don't want anything bad happening to your kids."
Carla, "...cause you're basically in an eternal struggle about: How much candy am I going to get?"
Me, "I.. sure."
Tom Legrady
Tom Legrady - 2 months ago
No Cinnamon or cloves? no nuts?
Dianna Locke
Dianna Locke - 2 months ago
Love watching you bake! You make everything look so simple! Baking humor is great!
Zuzana Šplhová
Zuzana Šplhová - 2 months ago
are they using an actual paint brush?
saskibla - 2 months ago
Aw yiss!! I have way too much apples at the moment and was wondering what to do with them, this is perfect! I'll try the recipe this sunday
Kevon Bryan
Kevon Bryan - 2 months ago
Ian G
Ian G - 2 months ago
Would it be stupid to add a meringue onto this ?
Ian W.
Ian W. - 2 months ago
Yellow-greenish pants.. 😌
K Chaffinch
K Chaffinch - 3 months ago
Oh God, I couldn't understand how can I heat an oven up to 400°, this is hell of a heat and then I remembered about Fahrenheit
Ana Hellen Ochoa
Ana Hellen Ochoa - 3 months ago
Ok. I just have one question. Why not add cinnamon?????!!!!
Sonia del Valle
Sonia del Valle - 3 months ago
Carla looks younger and prettier somehow???? Im all heart eyes here!
Dubbachan - 3 months ago
i wish every woman was carla
Fatimah Patel
Fatimah Patel - 3 months ago
Made this tart, and it was way too buttery, especially with adding the melted butter directly on the apples. Ruined the tart imo
this week our last week
this week our last week - 3 months ago
ChiChis CHRIST - 3 months ago
Can you make the dough with regular butter and not unsalted butter?
Edit: tried it and no you can not do it with reg butter
Sam Naggiar
Sam Naggiar - 3 months ago
Excellent presentation, I just love it
Emel I
Emel I - 3 months ago
is she drunk tho
Meneer Bert
Meneer Bert - 3 months ago
Dutch applepie is amazing when still warm
Dixie Wishbone
Dixie Wishbone - 3 months ago
So sadly this "unadorned tart" obviously does not qualify for adding cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla. . .  It would however probably go well with a good cup of coffee?!  Thanks for posting!            Phil     S. Carolina
whatisthis131321213 - 3 months ago
Ew gross don't touch your face while you're cooking
Shaz Muni
Shaz Muni - 3 months ago
She reminds me so much of Jessica from the Marvel Netflix show 😂😂
GpD79 - 4 months ago
6:20 "I call this where the floor meets the walls." Also known as "the corner". LOL :-) But seriously, this looks beautiful and totally doable. Thank you for sharing.
Stephanie Sardinha
Stephanie Sardinha - 4 months ago
Oh my god. Those are my exact feelings about Halloween.
Bethxpercussionist xx
Bethxpercussionist xx - 4 months ago
"I started to see improvements in my cracks........ around the edges."
andrijor - 4 months ago
I really want to make this
andrijor - 4 months ago
Watching Carla’s videos makes my day instantly and my heart smile
Ken Danieli
Ken Danieli - 4 months ago
Every TV and YT chef ever doesn't know what 1/4" vs 1/2" looks like. I thought Carla would, but she didn't. That was a 1/2" slice, not 1/4".
Alexander Ciesielski
Alexander Ciesielski - 4 months ago
Do we think Andy just wanted to show off his lovely butt through this whole video?
Jennifer Ward
Jennifer Ward - 4 months ago
My mind is blown. Rolling butter. Amazing!
Walk By Faith
Walk By Faith - 4 months ago
Could you use margarine as a replacement instead of the unsalted butter?
Dori Gothelf
Dori Gothelf - 4 months ago
I'm convinced that Carla from Bon Apetite and Sarah from Everyday Food are the same person. They just switch the hair and go. They talk alike they act alike. Same attitude (casual, easy going). Who agrees?
*on my way over to Everyday Food to make the same comment
donaleen Kohn
donaleen Kohn - 4 months ago
I made it to top a pot pie. Unbelievable good. Made it with excellent butter. Thanks, Carla. It was messy, though.
Haroldas Levinskas
Haroldas Levinskas - 4 months ago
Oh sis, you are not alone with Scream mask phobia..
JHuPiTer - 4 months ago
What works just as well is if you do the dough all on plastic wrap and use the plastic wrap to flip and fold. You get the same shards of butter incorporated in the pâte brisée for extra flakiness and no flour everywhere.
Roy Smith
Roy Smith - 4 months ago
Watch the thermometer in the oven when the tart goes in and when it comes out. The oven's cold when she takes it out.
Moon Jellies Podcast
Moon Jellies Podcast - 4 months ago
I could watch Carla cook all day long. She's got a great personality and great technique.
That Rad Guy
That Rad Guy - 4 months ago
Carla will always be my fave and her back to back vids give me so much life 😍🙏😇
Kwaku Poku
Kwaku Poku - 4 months ago
Never had an apple tart but that looks great.
Color_Theory - 4 months ago
"Don't be a hero" cracked me up, lol
Isabel Jaycox
Isabel Jaycox - 4 months ago
I think I’m going to make this for Christmas...
Isabel Jaycox
Isabel Jaycox - 4 months ago
I hate green apples and really like pink lady’s and galas in pies
Philthy Phil
Philthy Phil - 4 months ago
I want to marry Carla. Her recipes are so amazing.
Amandalmaooo - 4 months ago
Why does she remind me so much of Gina from B99???
Ira McIntosh
Ira McIntosh - 4 months ago
"Don't want to touch it with my hands too much." Touches with hands multiple times.
"The plastic allows you to form the dough without smooshing it too much." Smooshes the dough into the work surface.
hahahaha love y'all so much
Haikal Fitri
Haikal Fitri - 4 months ago
Carla should do a Back-to-Back Chef with Aubrey Plaza. They look so similar!
Kvmilla - 4 months ago
Am I the only one bothered by tbe fact that she's wearing rings? Thats quite unsanitary.
Charity ?
Charity ? - 4 months ago
Low key, Carla needs to make a cooking show. I'd watch it, she is entertaining.
Nikita Bates
Nikita Bates - 4 months ago
I love watching you cook Carla. I tried your alfredo recipe, and it was so delicious! My husband lovedddddd it.
Tanner Wright
Tanner Wright - 4 months ago
Ok but Carla is the cutest of all the BA producers. I would die for her.
Tiann N. Chong
Tiann N. Chong - 4 months ago
14:14 Andy's tight little butt tho....
Crazymota - 4 months ago
Thank you for not using Granny Smith apples because those are disgusting.
B.J Biles
B.J Biles - 4 months ago
Carla is a MILF
MrsBungle78 - 4 months ago
Hang on, wha...?! People let pie cool down?! I mean, I’ll eat apple pie cold if I have to but hot apple pie is the most amazing thing on earth!
Gnome King
Gnome King - 4 months ago
Mama Carla please teach me the ways of the tart!
fanOmry - 4 months ago
just grate frozen butter into the flour mix.
fanOmry - 4 months ago
+kiite I think they'll actually stick together..
kiite - 4 months ago
Yeah, grating the butter will also make flaky pastry, but it'll be more like little pockets of butter instead of sheets. Both are good but I quite like Carla's
fanOmry - 4 months ago
+kiite IDK... I think you can have those faster that way too..
kiite - 4 months ago
But the point is to get those flaky thin sheets of butter lol
dat Pianoguy
dat Pianoguy - 4 months ago
twist the core remover
Rashid Al-Khalifa
Rashid Al-Khalifa - 4 months ago
You’re welcome 🍑
supa savage
supa savage - 4 months ago
She’s such a weirdo, I love it
Ciaran Boyle
Ciaran Boyle - 4 months ago
Carla knows me so well. Bench scraper and hands are the only two tools I'll ever use
Tess Williams
Tess Williams - 4 months ago
*shrugs* "this is all fine". And this is why we love Carla. So chiiiillll.
Sean Vang
Sean Vang - 4 months ago
I'm here for Andy's butt. Can we get some zoom-ins of it? Thanks.
PermieWriter - 4 months ago
I hereby dub this pastry technique rough rough puff.
Got kudos from my T-day guests for my mini-pumpkin pies made with this paste. I also made a whole wheat pastry flour version (a rough, rough rough puff) and while it isn't as flaky and burns really easily, it works much better than the standard short paste technique.
pritom saikia
pritom saikia - 4 months ago
Why why
reed norman
reed norman - 4 months ago
Mines in the oven right now 🤤
Holiver - 4 months ago
Ice water or cold water?
Gavin Burnes
Gavin Burnes - 4 months ago
I don’t trust this
Alan Kings
Alan Kings - 4 months ago
My favorite part was at 9:28
Camilla Forte
Camilla Forte - 4 months ago
carla reminds me of my italian aunt, it warms my heart
PW W - 4 months ago
i just watch all the carla videos
med amine kaddar
med amine kaddar - 4 months ago
Why do i always hear " BS taste kitchen "
Maria - 4 months ago
This recipe saved my Thanksgiving dessert! Thank you! The night before Thanksgiving, my mom and I realize that we only have a trader Joe's pumpkin pie for the 15 people coming for dinner. I ran into the store and grabbed some frozen puff pastry and a bag of apples. We had no tart pans so I used 2 small cake pans for the 2 tarts. Sliced the apples, tossed with lemon juice, sugar, salt, and a pinch of cinnamon. Pressed the dough down, browned the butter, filled the tarts, stuck them in a super hot oven. Boom...2 beautiful flaky apple tarts made in a pinch the night before Thanksgiving.
Tristen Snyder
Tristen Snyder - 4 months ago
I loved this dough recipe! It was so simple and really delicious. I just added some vanilla pastry cream and did a rose pattern with the apples. I also added cinnamon, which made it even more delicious.
Anaru Xanaru
Anaru Xanaru - 4 months ago
Andys butt in the back 😍
Amanda Lockridge
Amanda Lockridge - 4 months ago
This is the kind of cook I like to see. "Maybe this is too much." "Half a lemon, which is... I dunno, a few tablespoons?" and things like that. Laid back. Knowing things by feel and teaching the viewers to trust their intuition. I love it.
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