TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of 2019 & 2020 (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) Cinematics Trailers

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GAMEOST - 6 months ago
00:01 Death Stranding
06:03 Doom Eternal
15:09 Mortal Kombat 11
17:12 The Last of Us 2
20:23 Warcraft 3: Reforged
23:52 Cyberpunk 2077
25:31 Far Cry New Dawn
28:39 Gears of War 5
30:09 Ghost of Tsushima
34:53 Dying Light 2
Black Raven
Black Raven - 24 days ago
Please mag game 250 players online only 2020
Huawei Huawei
Huawei Huawei - Month ago
uğur kösedağ
uğur kösedağ - 2 months ago
Lyric Venom
Lyric Venom - 3 months ago
Thank you.
El Jalapeño Gamer
El Jalapeño Gamer - 3 months ago
And world war z?
A. House
A. House - 27 minutes ago
Yes angry Joe, we want to play another fucking zombie game...🤣
GoProTraveler - 8 hours ago
Yeah... and I'm still waiting for Half Life 3 !
trebolas1112 - 17 hours ago
The Last of Us 2! Is it really coming out, or are they toying with us again?
GAMEOST - 14 hours ago
It's really coming. I think in August or September we'll see the release date.
PWMK Play with my kid
PWMK Play with my kid - 2 days ago
Gabe Mitchell
Gabe Mitchell - 2 days ago
Very frustrating for some who's not up to speed not having most of the titles.
WeTube - 3 days ago
Death stranding its going to be a fucking game
Yo yo
Yo yo - 5 days ago
pure shit
Cecil Rowe
Cecil Rowe - 5 days ago
Holy shit, I feel like I've been waiting for death stranding for 4 years! But that shit's gonna be worth it, by far!!!
Oxai - 6 days ago
What's that game with the girl and the bow and arrow?
GAMEOST - 5 days ago
The Last of Us Part 2
Jeffrey Garay
Jeffrey Garay - 6 days ago
Ayos doom..
sweet tooth
sweet tooth - 8 days ago
Rapture of God's true church is imminent! Jesus Christ is coming back! Repent and believe onto the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.
Kashmir Ali Khan
Kashmir Ali Khan - 9 days ago
Fans of cyber punk
Hit a like
Exotwin - 11 days ago
ZOMBIES,SURVIVAL,KILLING,GORE, industry is going to shit, nothing new to offer always the same recycled garbage ,different graphics.
norden dorji
norden dorji - 12 days ago
Captor: The sushi mug by their stuff laughs look bun.
Captive: please... I don't understand.
ItsArn - 13 days ago
Can't wait for Cyber Punk 2077!
Bola Ball Tv
Bola Ball Tv - 13 days ago
Rock lee vs metal lee
Hater Of Haters
Hater Of Haters - 14 days ago
Teach your kid to be a gamer soo you wont have to worry about him/her taking drugs cuz he/she will spend too much money on gaming stuffs. 😂😂😂😂
alex barbatei
alex barbatei - 15 days ago
I'm waiting for Borderlands 3 and Vampire:the masquerade bloodliness 2
Neil Kishore Mathur
Neil Kishore Mathur - 18 days ago
Wake the fuck up samurai,
We have a city to burn
Rodrigo 916
Rodrigo 916 - 19 days ago
Who's that guy on the thumbnail??
Ludante - 19 days ago
Doom is awesome..
Joshua Hayes
Joshua Hayes - 20 days ago
The doom guy reminded me of a predator, shoulder mounted blaster and wrist blades get what I'm thinking?
Bossgiovanni41 - 21 day ago
I love looking at last of us 2 thinking this game looks sick and finding out it only for ps4
Majestic turtle
Majestic turtle - 21 day ago
What was that somg at the end of this vid im dying to know pllss!!
Jack Webb
Jack Webb - 21 day ago
Why do you not include Switch?
The Random 10's
The Random 10's - 22 days ago
Jean Bacan
Jean Bacan - 23 days ago
Anthem made cinematics worth nothing
Dennis Sinned
Dennis Sinned - 23 days ago
we need actual gameplay, not cinematics. They are deceiving, like fallout 76.
Majestic turtle
Majestic turtle - 21 day ago
More like every game for the last 8 years
David Akiana
David Akiana - 24 days ago
. the games that are coming out are all bad. cyberpunk the only one . wich ill play.
Tripple M Beats
Tripple M Beats - 25 days ago
The elder scrolls VI?
ligiadelourdes stegani
ligiadelourdes stegani - 26 days ago
TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of 2019 & 2020 Cinematics Trailers | Doom Eternal, Mortal Kombat 11, Warcraft 3: Reforged, The Last of Us 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, Gears 5, Dying Light 2, Far Cry New Dawn
TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of [2019 & 2020] Cinematic Trailers:
00:01 Death Stranding - PS4
06:03 Doom Eternal - PS4, Xbox One, PC
15:09 Mortal Kombat 11 - PS4, Xbox One, PC
17:12 The Last of Us 2 - PS4
20:23 Warcraft 3: Reforged - PC
23:52 Cyberpunk 2077 - PS4, Xbox One, PC
25:31 Far Cry New Dawn - PS4, Xbox One, PC
28:39 Gears of War 5 - Xbox One, PC
30:09 Ghost of Tsushima - PS4
34:53 Dying Light 2 - PS4, Xbox One, PC
Aditya Dharni
Aditya Dharni - 26 days ago
What is the thumbnail from, I want it as my wallpaper
David I.
David I. - 27 days ago
Kojima: kojima productions
Night Shade
Night Shade - 27 days ago
My wallet
Pavel Yankouski
Pavel Yankouski - 28 days ago
I will play The Surge 2 ^^
Dimi Tsioubris
Dimi Tsioubris - 28 days ago
The first one looks really amazing, it could make it to a movie
Juan Gaytan
Juan Gaytan - 28 days ago
These games are all trash except last of us 2
arun mp
arun mp - 28 days ago
I don't understand death stranding game
Junior Laucel
Junior Laucel - 25 days ago
nO one does
chip Doritos
chip Doritos - 29 days ago
Oh hell yes the new doom external i love the metal step
owta spAc
owta spAc - 29 days ago
No good games then. Just upping the gore to make money.
Farkas the Companion
Farkas the Companion - Month ago
Bilal Beyhan
Bilal Beyhan - Month ago
Thank youuu
Hùng Trần Quốc
Hùng Trần Quốc - Month ago
1:50...What are u fuking here, Daryl !!!
ACG Medical
ACG Medical - Month ago
The first 6 minutes were just idiotic beyond any game idea I’ve ever heard of. Then during doom, these morons are going nuts over graphics and actions inside a game. It’s a game. A video game you pay $60.00 plus taxes for. It better be a good ass game.
Ibrahim Khalil
Ibrahim Khalil - Month ago
i loved this game,,,
colio succ
colio succ - Month ago
When doom is playing the audience is either screaming because awesome or they're screaming in terror, i cant tell which.
Gadgets Review
Gadgets Review - Month ago
Ryan Sabater
Ryan Sabater - Month ago
Cant wait for the last of us 2
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