TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of 2019 & 2020 (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) Cinematics Trailers

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GAMEOST - 4 months ago
00:01 Death Stranding
06:03 Doom Eternal
15:09 Mortal Kombat 11
17:12 The Last of Us 2
20:23 Warcraft 3: Reforged
23:52 Cyberpunk 2077
25:31 Far Cry New Dawn
28:39 Gears of War 5
30:09 Ghost of Tsushima
34:53 Dying Light 2
uğur kösedağ
uğur kösedağ - 11 days ago
Lyric Venom
Lyric Venom - Month ago
Thank you.
El Jalapeño Gamer
El Jalapeño Gamer - Month ago
And world war z?
NoobGamer Kid
NoobGamer Kid - 2 months ago
Is this legal? I mean reuploading all the trailers without the owner's consent?
Amela Damasco
Amela Damasco - 2 months ago
No sekiro?
G7 SCOUT - Day ago
aj innes
aj innes - Day ago
:09 damn why so thiccc
Jag 1010
Jag 1010 - Day ago
Ghost of Tsushima gives me goose pimples. Shame its not on PC
Bailey Harris
Bailey Harris - Day ago
That first one is weird and everyone is very calm about their friend dying slowly in front of them
MessengerOfTruth - 2 days ago
Games are getting more violent … and demonic … and lawless. The "elites" know what's coming. You are being desensitized and prepared.
Daryck Wheeler
Daryck Wheeler - 2 days ago
All trash or just reskinned
CYKA BLYAT - 2 days ago
Hopefully MGZ isnt plus
Cat3lite - 3 days ago
halo infinite ?
Peyton Alford
Peyton Alford - 3 days ago
Norman redus is awsome
Maria Tellez
Maria Tellez - 3 days ago
Cyberpunk is where it’s at 👀
Big Daddy
Big Daddy - 4 days ago
Dying fucking Light 2 !!!!! Cmon
Lary Mcfart
Lary Mcfart - 4 days ago
Tbh they look like trash
Lary Mcfart
Lary Mcfart - 3 days ago
+0G play a game with some depth and come back to me.
0G - 3 days ago
Lmao even if it’s your opinion, only damn it’s a bad opinion
S Craw
S Craw - 5 days ago
Death stranding,doom and the last of us 2 are ones I will absolutely be pre ordering. Can not wait,playing through the last ones to prepare
Carlos Roberto Lourenço Filho
Doom looks meaty
李銳 - 8 days ago
A.K. W
A.K. W - 8 days ago
Anyone noticed that the first character looks like Daryl from the walking dead
Rick Robinson
Rick Robinson - 9 days ago
Death Stranding looks absolutely amazing... but everything is so demonic. Makes a feller wonder
Mario Zoisl
Mario Zoisl - 10 days ago
Most of this cinematic trailers are well done some even astonishing. ..but they can't hide away no more that probably not a single game will live up to it...God of War for example was one of the very few who lived up to the hype. ..but at the end of the day: what the fuck do I know
andrew wyatt
andrew wyatt - 10 days ago
Bored of doom now it's good but the maps are to similar to the last game .worth a look if you don't own the last game cyberpunk is something different and looks brilliant
Randy Gonzalez
Randy Gonzalez - 11 days ago
ghost of tsushima looks amaze ballz!
azid aziz
azid aziz - 11 days ago
Please help me by clicking on like and subscript and activating the bell, it will always be new
uğur kösedağ
uğur kösedağ - 11 days ago
Jelani Guthrie
Jelani Guthrie - 12 days ago
The car in cyberpunk is powered by V-Tech ftw
Roth Wood
Roth Wood - 12 days ago
I prefer Mega Drive Mortal Kombat Game
Big Dog
Big Dog - 12 days ago
i can tell you ,the administrators of Cyberpunk 2077 in China Forum are unreasonable, they don’t respect Cyberpunk 2077 !
sergi1901 - 13 days ago
Tim Mckenzie
Tim Mckenzie - 13 days ago
All "tough" survivors are chicks now? And don't forget the all seeing eye.
Lucius Avenus
Lucius Avenus - 14 days ago
Wouldn't mind seeing more of Cyberpunk 2077. Might be a good game.
Negociador PT 1143
Negociador PT 1143 - 12 days ago
There was a demo showed at E3 last year. Should be on youtube right now
The Confused Llama
The Confused Llama - 14 days ago
What about Switch? At least 2 of those games are in that list
David Mead
David Mead - 14 days ago
That Warcraft trailer is old about 5 years
rod banogon jr.
rod banogon jr. - 15 days ago
why games so bloody, why cant it just be fun? can we have games that dont require us to kill something?
YouTube Mechanic
YouTube Mechanic - 13 days ago
because E rated games don't bring in the big $$$
startiflex - 15 days ago
Wow 😮 😁 deaf stening on dirais une suite aux métal gear, où justement l'espèce humaine à était trop loin avec la technologie et ça a fini part ce retourné contre eux. En tout cas cela me fait pensé à ça. Où bien une invasion extraterrestre mais peut probable. En tout cas la technologie utilisée part l'être géant à l'aire d'être système antigravitationnel ciblé. Ouais je sais je suis un geek de sf. 😅
Robo Cop
Robo Cop - 17 days ago
15:30 Why this re*ard music in Mortal Kombat. Whoever picked that re*ard s*it should be ashamed
Also 29.15 Re*ard music, who in the f picks this s*it
Movie Sync
Movie Sync - 19 days ago
31:33 Night of the Museum [Attila the Hun]
Raiban - 21 day ago
FPS .. no thanks
Mayra Pizano
Mayra Pizano - 21 day ago
Gear of war is not on ps4 😳😮
Strictly Pineapple
Strictly Pineapple - 19 days ago
Umm yes but we also have a lot of other better exclusives that make us stay with ps
CryhmeTime - 22 days ago
Death stranding cries to be played on pc(-hardware)
Daniel Simental
Daniel Simental - 22 days ago
Death Stranding multiplatform confirmed by Kojima :D
Imagine Drogons
Imagine Drogons - 12 days ago
Yeah it was a collaboration between Sony and Kojima Productions (Japanese connections) , so Sony have financed it and it runs off the guerrilla engine exclusive to Sony - however as its a collaboration and not a full exclusive it will likely be timed ie 18 months then possibly release on PC - No chance of an appearance on either Xbox or Switch but Kojima will prob make future games multi-platform
Daniel Simental
Daniel Simental - 13 days ago
+Imagine DrogonsReally? I was so ecxited
Imagine Drogons
Imagine Drogons - 13 days ago
Daniel Simental PS4 and PC only
gan riki
gan riki - 24 days ago
The man with his love
The man with his love - 25 days ago
Hmm the year seems fucking good x)
DaClown - 25 days ago
Fuck consoles!
McKeyz Artistiq
McKeyz Artistiq - 25 days ago
#cyberpunk2077 is amazing. a gamer must have it.
helo_pizza - 25 days ago
lmao the Doom headset must be running on a HDD that bootup was so slow.
Sergal - 26 days ago
ALAS! Mortal kombat 11 went political with some of it's design choices [i.e., the 'black guy of the game' suddenly has to save the world from evil whitey when he's never demonstrated any racial or political inclinations in the past decades of the game series' existence... nobody wants politics in their game about brutal executions XD] Hopefully the rest of the game is better than their failure to learn from MAss effect 3 that shitty endings piss off a lot of people, 'especially' long term fans that keep a series going.
Halis Kara
Halis Kara - 26 days ago
anie vilio
anie vilio - 27 days ago
Vhalkin - 27 days ago
Excited for Dying Light 2!
J R - 27 days ago
every single one of them is casual trash
Shaggy - 28 days ago
Yess i cant wait for the new doom
David Rosbach
David Rosbach - 28 days ago
feminist era
Fabulous Canuck
Fabulous Canuck - 28 days ago
only saw 1 good game....
dying light 2
Strictly Pineapple
Strictly Pineapple - 19 days ago
There are going to be way more games the games in this video are the ones we know for sure
[Sub]-Z3r0 - 28 days ago
That MKXI was fuckin' LIT :/
Matthew Ugh
Matthew Ugh - 28 days ago
Maybe they could make a game without an ugly white guy as the main character for a change, that would be nice
apple jax
apple jax - 28 days ago
Walking Dead x Death Stranding feat. Norman Reedus
DANNYBOY206 - 28 days ago
Wear is halo infinity then
Junau Classics
Junau Classics - 28 days ago
A new Ninja Gaiden in that 4k ultra style would kill them all
Mussagy Wushu
Mussagy Wushu - 29 days ago
I'm from Mozambique in Africa and I'm ready to play in 60fps ultra settings
My computer specs:
Board ASUS X99-A
CPU- i7 6800k
GPU- GTX 1060 6Gb msi Como Squad
16Gb of RAM 2600Mhz DDR4
And you??
Mussagy Wushu
Mussagy Wushu - 26 days ago
working and collecting money, I collected it for 5months, I bought the ASUS X99-A board in a store here in Mozambique, I bought the RAM 16Gb in an acquaintance, I bought the GTX 1060 6Gb Como Squad with only 2 months of use with my friend, it bought in Aliexpress, later I searched the CPU here in all computer stores but I did not succeed because I did not find it here and later I decided to buy online at Aliexpress I paid 300 dollars in the CPU, now I feel happy ... there are people with computers better than my in Mozambique, I have a friend who has a Core i9 9980xe + 2x RTX 2080ti (sli) and 128Gb RAM but he's rich and I'm not rich yet give me you whatsapp number I will show you Mozambique
Ben Askren
Ben Askren - 27 days ago
Wow you have computers there in Mozambique??
Elliot Nilsson
Elliot Nilsson - 29 days ago
TWD season 50
sanjay halpati
sanjay halpati - Month ago
Crysis 4
borkug - Month ago
All generic crap, except for maybe Cuberpunk 2077 and Kojima's game.
Catherine Levick
Catherine Levick - Month ago
Ramon Canton
Ramon Canton - Month ago
shoot em
shoot em - Month ago
the last of us 2 the best
Jonathan - Month ago
TIL that in 1274 japanese people spoke english with japanese accents
God of War
God of War - Month ago
khans s
khans s - Month ago
Cyberpunk 2077 love u
god or hell
god or hell - Month ago
raz or
raz or - Month ago
The Warcraft 3 reforged looks the same as the old one
Рики Мартин
Рики Мартин - Month ago
играть в Doom на приставке, все равно что ебать свою маму
Lawrence Stanley
Lawrence Stanley - Month ago
At 4:32, permit me to quote the Swedish Chef: "Vert der Fyerk?"
GentlemanBystander - Month ago
Ghost of Tsushima
-Set in Kamakura Bakufu
-Looks like some time between Gekkokujo and Tokugawa Bakufu

Noneofyerbiz - Month ago
For some reason I had Ghost of Tsushima confused with Sekiro.Very glad to see they are 2 different games, really not into the whole Dark Souls "Do it Again!" thing.
bastian1983ina - Month ago
I want Suikoden 6 ^^
Elton Gj
Elton Gj - Month ago
the good ones are all playstation only garbage ones are for pc
Fabian Shady
Fabian Shady - Month ago
Naughty Dogs beste crew
Ky Why
Ky Why - Month ago
That moment when....
You lie to your entire fan base..
So you decide to remaster a 17+ year old game to save your skins and make a quick buck...
Ohh how far you have fallen Blizzard....
Avnish Mitra
Avnish Mitra - Month ago
I need to know about the music at end of the video. plz tell
Pandas Panda Pan Das
Pandas Panda Pan Das - Month ago
Doom eternal
Were those voices from the audience real, or fake?
Viktor - Month ago
Похоже белый говнорэп в Mortal Kombat , больные люди .
Austin Fuller
Austin Fuller - Month ago
dying light 2 makes me wet, but halo infinite should be on this list
woulfe42 - Month ago
Wtf was that game, fucking carrying fetuses and a clamp like arm on your back, all the makings of a best title.
Or not🤣🤣🤣
What a piece of 💩 this game is going to be.
Nakatomi Uk
Nakatomi Uk - Month ago
I've no idea what the fuck death stranding is about
Rajat Rampal
Rajat Rampal - Month ago
"Contains content appropriate for children." -Said no game trailer ever.
Diest ¡
Diest ¡ - Month ago
Last of us is very successful game on all platform. I think'
thesoldier - Month ago
the sound track in mk is cringe, it doesn't fit the game
Kevin Jacquet
Kevin Jacquet - Month ago
Seriously! there are way better sound tracks then that.
Wem G
Wem G - Month ago
Nice video. hyped for cyberpunk
Abdul Malek
Abdul Malek - Month ago
cyberpunk release date ......................NEXT Generation
Dave Ridlespriger 2
Dave Ridlespriger 2 - Month ago
Fuck both them bitches
Guardian sword
Guardian sword - Month ago wonderful
666papcio - Month ago
Doom + Cyberpunk 2077 mega
Ryzen Core
Ryzen Core - Month ago
17:10 looks very nice,,, seems like a combination of Resident Evil Remake 2 + the Division 2 + tomb raider reboot sequels all in one
Manuel Alejandro Ortega B.
Ouh yeahhh you put DooM you're a men of class
BlanKsx - Month ago
I'm so confused, so correct me if I'm wrong, but why is there a Walking Dead character in Death Stranding? Is it a part of the same universe somehow or does the character just look similar?
Senior Gaming
Senior Gaming - Month ago
BlanKsx same actor, different character
Diamond Shock
Diamond Shock - Month ago
New Dying Light!!!
Борря Боря
Борря Боря - Month ago
да в самом начале игра сказано про три взрыва, из этого следует что события будут происходить не на Земле а в мозгах ГЕНИЯ!!!
Lo que mas te guste
Lo que mas te guste - Month ago
Hay que decirlo en todos los juegos que aparecen hay dos que no estaran en las consolas ps4 y ps4 pro sino que saldran en la nueva generacion o sea la ps5 lo estan estirando para venderlos en la nueva consola de sony ya sabran de que juegos estoy hablando asi es Death Stranding y The Last of Us 2 sony lo desmiente pero esa es su jugada para que los sonyers si quieren esos juegos tendran que comprarse la nueva consola si lo quieren disfrutar acuerdensen de este mensaje marketing de sony para su nueva consola.
KonovalovMusic - Month ago
DKSON1337 - Month ago
Thats such a discrimination.. Doom Eternal is 10+ minutes, all the rest are just 3-5 minutes long.. Come on now..
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