Brute Showdown Episode 5: The Grand Finale

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Strongaholic - 3 months ago
These ladies inspires me to push harder to train hard! Strength and beauty 💪🏼😁
jurisprudens - Day ago
Strongaholic Inspires to eat more watermelons? ;)
Easy E
Easy E - Month ago
@shino88 you think brooke is natural? ha ha haaaa
shino88 - Month ago
@Easy E You guessed wrong, which is the point I am making.
Easy E
Easy E - Month ago
@shino88 well you must be on roids to i guess
shino88 - Month ago
@Easy E The only one who looks like she might be on something is Dana. The rest look quite natty, especially Mattie, Brook has a strong upper body, but I have seen women who I know for a fact are natty and they have the same physique. Maddie, just has big thighs which is actually normal for a women who specializes in deads and squats. They still look very feminine, if they were juicing, jawline would change, voice would change. The indicators would be much more pronounced. At most they might be on small doses of anavar, and even then it's a uneducated guess.
chenina_bina 4
chenina_bina 4 - 8 hours ago
Those pitches were thrown too high
roxanne garcia
roxanne garcia - Day ago
dlb has won my heart with her cantaloupe talk lol
jurisprudens - Day ago
Watermelon eating contest? Seriously?! No, f..g seriously?!
Rich - 2 days ago
The male version showed more of the downtime between the contenders. I wish this version did the same.
Linkandzeldarules - 2 days ago
Brute Strength: We just made them deadlift, CrossFit, physique compared, clean sweep, ran sprints, 40M dash, vertical and horizontal jump. What other test should we put them through that’s just as difficult and measures fitness?
Also Brute Strength: Make them do stuff that has no fitness requirements and a lot of variation (pitcher instead of pitching machine)
If they wanted to test hand eye coordination, they could have them play wake a mole. But seriously, there are better ways to test hand eye coordination then baseball. The soccer thing is more technique then anything, and I think we can all agree eating food as fast as possible has nothing to do with fitness. But still, all these are measured in equal value as all other previous areas of fitness. If CrossFit is first, you placed last and “Bob” places first then hitting baseballs is next and Bob has never played and you have, you’ll more than likely tie with Bob after both events.
Jakub Kameš
Jakub Kameš - 2 days ago
Now do the test none of them can pass. The piss test.
saurabh anmol
saurabh anmol - 2 days ago
What the fuck they are playing.....they should be challenged for cricket instead of childish game rounder
Young Suit
Young Suit - 2 days ago
I don't play soccer. But that challenged seems very easy to me as someone who has played a little bit of pick up
Stacy Almira
Stacy Almira - 3 days ago
That watermellon challange was funny :-D
Адым Vivalde
Адым Vivalde - 4 days ago
Baseball is so idiot sport.
Rain &Rainbows
Rain &Rainbows - 4 days ago
The women were anything but catty. They all cheered for each other
Sam S
Sam S - 4 days ago
Brooke coming back from injury dominates and wins, taking first or second in every single event - lifts, bodybuilding, and sports. An amazing athlete. All are amazing. All being friends by the end is not surprising as they all share the same interest - athletics - in different ways.
That One
That One - 4 days ago
Should’ve made them do a pull up and push up test.
A R - 5 days ago
Judging by that watermelon contest Brooke would definately eat the best ass. She was giggling bc that what she was thinking about it the whole time 😍🤤
A R - 5 days ago
As a former football player this pains me to watch
Ergo - 5 days ago
the soccer one was soo easy, just pass it in.
Gisselle Kordei
Gisselle Kordei - 5 days ago
YESSS SOCCER!!!!! *commenting before seeing the performance *
Uriel Cam
Uriel Cam - 5 days ago
I’ll smash them all
D 3
D 3 - 5 days ago
Mattie was my favorite 😍❤️
Haydar Atcı
Haydar Atcı - 5 days ago
Gonna start crossfit, that thing is one size fits for all!
Jessica - 5 days ago
I need to work harder after seeing this
Housemads - 6 days ago
I’m lost why did they eat watermelon ???
Oscar Zuniga
Oscar Zuniga - 6 days ago
At 5:57 I thought the music was about to drop and she was going to hit a dinger I was disappointed...
NK - 6 days ago
The saying is “Can’t trap can’t play” in soccer. The last competition was just for fun but I still liked the competitiveness.
Jessica Matthews
Jessica Matthews - 7 days ago
I would Like to see more of this kind of thing.Its inspirational and they seem to have a lot of fun and that is enjoyable too.!!!!
Erick Lim
Erick Lim - 7 days ago
Maddy is so cute,and the most cuter on this series
Lucas Perez
Lucas Perez - 7 days ago
The soccer thing was absurdly easy, all they need to learn and practice twice is kicking with the inner side of the foot. That creates the easiest straight shot, other way would be sticking with the literraly the tip of the foot that also makes a straight shot
Elena Belessi
Elena Belessi - 9 days ago
Where can I find similar music?
kesmo1425 - 11 days ago
Mattie is the classiest fast eater. but Brooke is such a competitor!!
Andrea Bryant
Andrea Bryant - 12 days ago
People can say what they want about Crossfit, but Brooke was either a winner or contender in all events. No weaknesses.
It really does make you a well-rounded athlete before your spine falls apart like a Jenga.
SAMTBEGAY - 13 days ago
do another one, please!!!!!
Ignacio Espinosa
Ignacio Espinosa - 13 days ago
I'm I wrong for thinking that they're lucky that Stefi Cohen was not part of this?
Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson - 14 days ago
Real anticlimactic event for a finale.
Yang Zheng
Yang Zheng - 14 days ago
Let's be fair here, crossfit trains you to be just good enough in a lot of categories. When a competition is scored the way this one is set up, none of the other ladies had a chance. Rogers forever and always though. True athlete. Good luck 2020.
Jayson Iorg
Jayson Iorg - 14 days ago
So the two women who are clearly on steroids, took first and second. They also happen to have the largest frames. The powerlifter was a fraction of the size of the other women. And why did you guys have them do a bodybuilding pose off, as well as a crossfit session, but didn't include the olympic weightlifting totals, or powerlifting totals? Funny enough, the oly weightlifter still smoked them all in the actual athletic metrics (jumping, running, etc). And despite the fact that the powerlifter had the best Wilks score, you gave the crossfitter the win for the pull.
This was a ridiculous semblance of competition, honestly. Clearly made to skew the numbers in favor of the two girls who won. No weight classes, allowing athletes to compete who use PED's, and failing to include weightlifting or powerlifting tests, while including a bodybuilding pose off, as well as a crossfit session.
Also, you gave Mattie a single win, for beating the others at 3 different competitions -- the distance jump, vertical jump, and sprint -- which is totally different from how you scored it for the men. I guess it wasn't enough to pick a crossfitter who was twice the size of the oly lifter, and on PED's? You had to change the competition as well.
Give me a fucking break.
Jayson Iorg
Jayson Iorg - 8 days ago
@Susie J The powerclean isn't an Olympic lift. It's an accessory lift. The clean and jerk, and the snatch are the two olympic lifts. A real weightlifting session would have been those two lifts, and a total. The deadlift is one third of an actual powerlifting meet. But they did a full crossfit session, and a bodybuilding pose off.
Susie J
Susie J - 8 days ago
Jayson Iorg what do you mean there were no weightlifting and powerlifting tests? They are the first two rounds
Meilani Castillo
Meilani Castillo - 14 days ago
This series was awesome!!! Please do more!!!
Tamara D
Tamara D - 14 days ago
Didn’t like brooke from episode 1 she seemed very cocky and arrogant, but she’s a good athlete. Love the other girls especially DLB. Good job ladies. Mattie was robbed in episode 4 when she won 3 event, but was given only one score.
Sadie Caltrider
Sadie Caltrider - 14 days ago
Should have used a pitching machine for fairness and consistancy.
nelsonta00 - 16 days ago
Eh... the ending was rather anti-climatic. Felt like I just finished Game of Thrones. The ending should've been anything but watermelon eating contest. There's calisthenics. There's shooting hoops. There's bench press. Just something that fits into what they specialize in.
L F - 17 days ago
Should have used a pitching machine. Did Mattie get more than 2 thrown in the zone?
Jami Lea Archuleta
Jami Lea Archuleta - 18 days ago
I would kill them all at the watermelon challenge
Ashley Gibson
Ashley Gibson - 19 days ago
They shoulda weighed each girls watermelon and then weighed them afterwards to see who won
Layla Ariel
Layla Ariel - 20 days ago
Catty... seriously bro? Would you describe a men’s competition as getting catty ?
mamakaka73 - 21 day ago
Funny to see such muscular ladies giggle like teenagers :)
nikiverse - 22 days ago
This was such a fun series! Love seeing these big names in fitness having some fun and trying new things.
thousandfarenheit - 23 days ago
I haven’t worked out in months I’m just gay
Blanksphere - 24 days ago
We want moreeeeee!!
Narendra Malla
Narendra Malla - 24 days ago
It's kinda hilarious the finale is watermelon eating competition. 😅😅 I lobe these ladies at least after this tough competition they gotta chance to relax & have fun
Delfino Zuniga
Delfino Zuniga - 24 days ago
I want to see another women show..but more diverse. Id like to see 2 traditional women and two trans women. I believe that will reflect the state in today's women sports.
Chelsea Canham
Chelsea Canham - 25 days ago
Why not use a pitching machine? Takes away the human error part of the pitcher.
Jeremy Orme
Jeremy Orme - 27 days ago
that girl did not throw any strikes at all...
sassha mills
sassha mills - 27 days ago
Brooke had an excuse for every event. I'm allergic... I hurt my shoulder..🙄
Mani Fitness
Mani Fitness - 28 days ago
Absolutely loved this!! Would love to see more!
The 5 episodes were incredibly empowering and I loved that it showed different sports and every girl trying new things and failing but never giving up all while laughing and having fun!
denilsonrunner - 28 days ago
Great show... SUCKED!
Blade Edge
Blade Edge - 28 days ago
Arm wrestle
Kimberly Hernandez
Kimberly Hernandez - 29 days ago
The way they’re holding the bats 😭😭
Miles Vorkosigan
Miles Vorkosigan - 29 days ago
I want to meet women like this, but they just aren't in my home town.
cody creager
cody creager - 29 days ago
Really baseball?????!! What the hell is "brute strength" about baseball. Disappointed
Fabian Law
Fabian Law - Month ago
F**k Marry Kill BFF. I know I added the 4th category. don't make it weird.
DLB, Mattie, Brook, Maddy
Sa S
Sa S - Month ago
i'm confused...what does eating fruit have to do with athleticism...?
Sa S
Sa S - Month ago
honestly, i find Brooke kinda annoying...but she is a very strong athlete, have to give her that. The other 3 girls i kinda love haha
George Bowman
George Bowman - Month ago
Zachary Welch
Zachary Welch - Month ago
"We're going to test athletic abilities"... commence high-school gym class.
AndrogynousCollapsar - Month ago
This series of videos inspired me so much to keep up my workouts and to increase their difficulty level, thank youuuuu
that90'sgirl - Month ago
Love this series!!!!
rmaxix - Month ago
Truly inspiring, amazing to see the quality of female athletes and such fantastic and supportive attitudes 👍
Jess Hasbun
Jess Hasbun - Month ago
I really appreciate this, we need to see more women doing their thang! Love DLB always. I'm motivated to kick it up notches for a more rounded level of fitness. This made my heart so happy to see different strong women come together and kick ass.
Mark Blue
Mark Blue - Month ago
Stumbled across this. The series was interesting and for me, lifetime multi-sport athlete and current "older" Crossfitter, Brooke nailed it in the end. Its not about who's sport is better, its about what is right for you and that means you have to try many to find your personal niche. Seek out different communities, see what you enjoy and don't. The one thing that is common (and it showed on this show), there are amazing people in all sports and even it's not for you, you might just find some new friends along the way.
KingKTDamn - Month ago
Maybe add Wwe athletes to the mix, feels like the blend of all of these. Would make amazing viewing
Jamie Fiore
Jamie Fiore - Month ago
Love this series
TheADKG - Month ago
DNB's laugh adorable.
e e
e e - Month ago
Why choose a sport that one person is well-versed in? Oh, and also boring, IMO. I agree that there should have been a ball machine instead of a human whose throws can vary throughout.
Quanta Code23
Quanta Code23 - Month ago
sports part was fantastic - eating watermelon was like- wtf!? mer.... 😒
great series- thanks! see you at the gym.
medicine man
medicine man - Month ago
the winner gets to suck my cock
Ashley Simpson
Ashley Simpson - Month ago
i just binged this whole series
soulsmusic15 - Month ago
Why didn't they have napkins ready?? Smh.
hugeo johnson
hugeo johnson - Month ago
Forberg is officially the woman of my dreams
- Jannah -
- Jannah - - Month ago
This is kool to watch. Real women doing real things, instead of fake instagram thots, with fake weights, fake bodies and fake lifestyles. All four of these ladies are bad ass and sexy. If i had a daughter, id like her to be a combo of the four, plus a lil rocket scientist and john wick mixed together. lol
Shyleena's Secret
Shyleena's Secret - Month ago
Seedless... I would not eat it
ChiaIsHere93 - Month ago
These women are such inspirations! Thoroughly enjoyed this series from start to finish 👏🏼 they are amazing women and it’s so good seeing a group of strong, athletic women 🥰
Drax Mordante
Drax Mordante - Month ago
Why include softball? That was a really stupid choice.
kriqtic - Month ago
Watermelon?! WTF?!
Sti Wrx
Sti Wrx - Month ago
who invited the MIDGET.
Roxana Ramirez
Roxana Ramirez - Month ago
The only part I would have kicked ass was when eating that watermelon 🍉 hahaha 😂
George 2.0 Hope
George 2.0 Hope - Month ago
Kudos to the ladies for being good sports... great attitude & competitive spirit. Worst episode... maybe even worse than the pitching, which was really bad too. Would have liked to see one endurance event, like a 10k (or a 5k+ obstacle course.)
own636 - Month ago
Is episode 6 gonna compare PED cycles ?
Kae C
Kae C - Month ago
own636 it’s done here I think
Jared Lung
Jared Lung - Month ago
What cameras did you film on? Footage looks great!
Rangkam Chaga
Rangkam Chaga - Month ago
9:28 the moment I heard soccer😂😂..why do you do this Americans its football for fuck sake the thing u play is handball not football😂
Skyler Miller
Skyler Miller - Month ago
Anyone else notice the two who didn’t just specialize their entire lives produced greater overall ability in these activities? Moral of the story, don’t specialize your kids/athletes so early. Also, great job ladies!
Rosa Padilla
Rosa Padilla - Month ago
I can’t believe the watermelon one 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rosa Padilla
Rosa Padilla - Month ago
DLB reminds me sooo much to Laura Pergolizzi (LP the singer) ♥️♥️👏🏽 she is fantastic
Jack Kaestner
Jack Kaestner - Month ago
This is cool but I mean softball soccer? Wtf
Alize Merchant
Alize Merchant - Month ago
DLb holding that bat like it’s a pencil 😂😂
Tristin Roberts
Tristin Roberts - Month ago
imma take every event turn it into one work out
Tristin Roberts
Tristin Roberts - Month ago
side note* girls are weird why do they look at each other when they eat
Knågen - Month ago
this was

ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. Really? A watermelon challenge?
lmao thats some fucking challenge for children
Joshua LeGuier
Joshua LeGuier - Month ago
is it really suprising that the two women that are on gear are the ones that won? I like the idea but there needs to be an even playing field... Mattie and Maddy both compete in tested federations and the others don't so??
Armando Islas
Armando Islas - Month ago
Mattie Rogers is my dream woman❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍
Arichavon - Month ago
Pitcher was shit
Carlrocks - Month ago
Come on, Mattie Rogers was the best, the last challenges were stupides, "watermelon contest" really?? Come on, The Olympic Girl was the best!!
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