First Time Living Alone | Hannah Stocking, Lele Pons, Rudy Mancuso & Anwar Jibawi

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Hannah Stocking
Hannah Stocking - 24 days ago
HI!! LIKE the video when you get a chance :)
Elite_arts dance Dancer
Hannah Stocking hi Hannah I’ve been watching you since I was 7 and now I’m 10! I love you
Rajesh IKT
Rajesh IKT - 9 days ago
@ツ abdul u r gay
Rajesh IKT
Rajesh IKT - 9 days ago
Spike Bebop
Spike Bebop - 11 days ago
Juliet Hodder
Juliet Hodder - 12 days ago
I did I love you so much
pary lor
pary lor - 7 hours ago
When she said *hey Google* my google came up
Leonela Estrella
Leonela Estrella - 17 hours ago
Кристияна Величкова
Carol Agard
Carol Agard - Day ago
I only watch your videos so I can see that you are a pleb...
Andrijana Jovasevic
The pancakes look good
Shelly Greene
Shelly Greene - Day ago
100 %
094490 Hiam
094490 Hiam - 2 days ago
*Me when parents come in my room** lol😂😂😂😂
Margarita Velecela
Margarita Velecela - 2 days ago
Hannah no sorry
Hanan Mohamud
Hanan Mohamud - 2 days ago
U have fake friends 😂😂
Mariana Quintero
Mariana Quintero - 3 days ago
1:42 wasn't he Bruno
uneven floof
uneven floof - 3 days ago
Deborah Nsengi
Deborah Nsengi - 4 days ago
This was funny 😋😋😋😝😜😜😛😛🙊🙉🙉🙈🙈🙈
Aida Dizdarevic
Aida Dizdarevic - 5 days ago
Do you now know I am a 8 year old daughter
Angel Kitty Marshucorn
Angel Kitty Marshucorn - 5 days ago
Lele + Hannah =lannah
Lucas_ The Spider
Lucas_ The Spider - 5 days ago
Bro my google literally set a timer for 40 mins ._.
F naaz
F naaz - 6 days ago
Alexi Msp
Alexi Msp - 6 days ago
My Google set a timer for 14 minuters ahahha
Addison Carlson
Addison Carlson - 6 days ago
llotter1 - 7 days ago
OMG Hannah you look beautiful. I love your outfit a lot.
mylah summers
mylah summers - 7 days ago
I love when your dad? Screamed HANNAH like that.
Kennady Plays
Kennady Plays - 8 days ago
Shaina Harris
Shaina Harris - 8 days ago
Where was Anwar 😳
Shaina Harris
Shaina Harris - 8 days ago
Where was Anwar 😳
leola green
leola green - 8 days ago
when she said hey Google my Google answered lol
Christopher Ide
Christopher Ide - 8 days ago
i love youuuu
Lamia Ayachi
Lamia Ayachi - 8 days ago
Waouh waouh maman tu peux mettre
S keedo
S keedo - 8 days ago
هذا نفس وضعي ب سياره 😂😂💞
iiShaneeii - 9 days ago
Sub to my channel as well.
Gricelda Hernandez
Gricelda Hernandez - 10 days ago
when she said "Hey google" at 2:09 my computer google assistant

Evertime she said "Hey google"
THE INCREDIBLES - 10 days ago
Hannah I will give u a advice.
First clean the huge mess then clean the less mess
Then remove stain from carpet, then patch the dry wall
Then make pancakeeeeeee
Amaury Schatzi
Amaury Schatzi - 11 days ago
Spray And Dab
Spray And Dab
Lina 0007
Lina 0007 - 11 days ago
Reminds me of my parents 😂
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Those parents need to learn that patience is a virtue
Emily Pazoki
Emily Pazoki - 11 days ago
I'm new to the channel hi hannah
蒋学品 - 11 days ago
Wow is it just a coincidence or..... 

The carpet and drywall basically just the same XD
gangster man
gangster man - 11 days ago
Where is Anwar??
Amy Brick
Amy Brick - 11 days ago
Literally it is 10:13
Radhiyah Wiggins
Radhiyah Wiggins - 11 days ago
My favorite part is when that stuff came out that closet😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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