Swae Lee - Sextasy (Audio)

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Diamond Mims
Diamond Mims - 9 hours ago
Me and my fiance song. We play it on repeat!
Poopy Main
Poopy Main - 11 hours ago
The best words combination ☝️☝️
Smouve Couve
Smouve Couve - 2 days ago
His music sucks
Magic - 3 days ago
The video where he sings sounds wayyyy better he don’t need auto tune either
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw - 4 days ago
You can feel real vibes and emotion
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw - 4 days ago
Young icon won't be appreciated until he's gone. So underrated
matias alejandro
matias alejandro - 10 days ago
Meo tema ctm
Kyle Rice
Kyle Rice - 10 days ago
Only swea Lee can sing to make the whole song sound like a long but cold ass hook
Joseph Torres
Joseph Torres - 13 days ago
GG ❤
Ladisha Rai
Ladisha Rai - 15 days ago
Every time I feel your voice lyrics before I sleep and after wake up i don’t know but your eyes takes me to somewhere else
s2conD D
s2conD D - 16 days ago
somebody mash this with "Rae Sremmurd - Bedtime Stories" up please
Malik Andrews
Malik Andrews - 16 days ago
Producer : i bet you can’t make a sex song ..
Swae Lee : Turn Da Auto Tune Up
Emir Pain
Emir Pain - 16 days ago
Beğeninde yabancılar güzel birşey yazdık sansın 🔥🔥🔥
fcm - 17 days ago
_dont let me be a memory_
JawZz - 18 days ago
This is fucking waveeyy-from the UK 💯💯🔥🔥🔥💥🌊🌊❄
Pinky J
Pinky J - 20 days ago
icy narco ....
Gabby Gomez
Gabby Gomez - 24 days ago
I fucking love this song. Period. However it makes me want to speed when I’m driving and it’s playing lol
L_tc - 25 days ago
Imagine if he featured Post Malone......!
labs - 26 days ago
paia gorduxo
Smoke Fusion
Smoke Fusion - 28 days ago
I hate yourself :)
Kyl Lope
Kyl Lope - 29 days ago
okay so i just realized the figure is fingering herself lol
Cole Bertie
Cole Bertie - 5 days ago
What u on about
Nct Dream
Nct Dream - 6 days ago
i came here from some hoes house who kicked me out cause i was flirting with her sister.
Justin Tm
Justin Tm - Month ago
S̷W̷A̷E̷ ̷L̷E̷E̷
Griffin Russell
Griffin Russell - Month ago
This sounds like 2016 Tory lanez
Dghg - Month ago
This song came out 1 like month ago and its vibe still catches me everytime
Clean Clean
Clean Clean - Month ago
I love your artistry Swae Lee!!!
sfeqh - Month ago
swae lee and zhavia ward
Souhail Aseffort
Souhail Aseffort - Month ago
when your with your girl in the bed and this comes out 🔥🔥🔥
Aspect Andwele
Aspect Andwele - Month ago
Addrick Brown
Addrick Brown - Month ago
mike will bust my phone speaker.
Federico Sanduende
Federico Sanduende - Month ago
Nananana de ruta bro
Saamil Baig
Saamil Baig - Month ago
Play in 0.75 speed
Jared Palmer
Jared Palmer - Month ago
this sounds waaay better on .75x playback speed
LionHeart Tv
LionHeart Tv - Month ago
I fuck with this🔥🔥🔥
Dina Muehombo
Dina Muehombo - Month ago
Underrated hope it gets more views ✨
Reason Robison
Reason Robison - Month ago
I watched your acoustic version u sound better without autotune my man
KeshaKee87 - Month ago
Like this shit
Youala Assyrian
Youala Assyrian - Month ago
Wow man really nice one lee
suraj parushetti
suraj parushetti - Month ago
Euu kdk rada
Jb BYRDdude314
Jb BYRDdude314 - Month ago
I can picture him n durk working 😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🗣️🗣️🗣️💯💯💯 they BOTH sing n got them hos 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
MJ - Month ago
This is a really good song
Fritson Zambrano
Fritson Zambrano - Month ago
The Music is perfect👍👍👍👍
Shrek is love
Shrek is love - Month ago
This auto tube need to chill out
Sweetener - Month ago
Bookie Bags
Bookie Bags - Month ago
This my kind of vibe
Nathanlex 138
Nathanlex 138 - Month ago
Nina of Seminole
Nina of Seminole - Month ago
And I won’t regret
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez - Month ago
Rest ASSURED - Month ago
Sajad Beiber
Sajad Beiber - Month ago
Lara Zanette
Lara Zanette - Month ago
take my soul then lose my number
tommy nguyen
tommy nguyen - Month ago
Swae lee wasted this beat needs a remix to revive it
Kyron Moore
Kyron Moore - Month ago
Nice song!!!!
Uncle Charles y’all
Uncle Charles y’all - Month ago
I love this song and if you listen to the pattern, it has iLoveMakonnen all over it. I’m 90% he wrote this track. 🔥
YellaManJam - 2 months ago
Who else feeling some lowkey sade vibes
Ariel Themermaid
Ariel Themermaid - 2 months ago
Listen to it at 0.75x play back speed
Jean10HD - 2 months ago
💙Me Gusta Mucho🎶🇵🇦
Antonio Carlos
Antonio Carlos - 2 months ago
Lee Jinxter
Lee Jinxter - 2 months ago
Is anyone els getting this advert with this black women singing? Every god dam time
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