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Bear Bear
Bear Bear - Hour ago
What messed you up was the spicy sauce I personally think had you not eaten anything spicy the food would have been a bit better but I could be wrong.
Jack Jill
Jack Jill - Hour ago
what a trooper!
kivi n.
kivi n. - 3 hours ago
The thing with most fast food, they’re tolerable when you eat them within 5-10mins. 10 mins+... Good Luck 😅🤢🤮
Voddgreen - 9 hours ago
What was that quesadilla he ate that tasted bad? anyone?
Keoka K
Keoka K - 12 hours ago
I feel like this is every drunk dude on a 2 am Taco Bell Run 😂
Mr anuchnach
Mr anuchnach - 13 hours ago
Can anyone tell me what the sauce was that Brian didn't like? Even the flavor of it would be cool to know. Very curious. The beginning chicken taco thing in the foil that threw him off.
KingCJ - 16 hours ago
The FRIES ARE THHHEEE BBESSSSTTT and he didn’t get to them😢
Romir Sheth
Romir Sheth - 23 hours ago
You’re just whining. The food isn’t bad smh. Why don’t like like the sauces lmao
Cool Pondy
Cool Pondy - Day ago
God bless your plumber
Robey Coyote
Robey Coyote - 2 days ago
Sorry you went thru that
power lifter
power lifter - 2 days ago
To this day some legends still say he has not left the bathroom
JustEis - 2 days ago
Dude, it's okay If you don't eat it when it doesn't taste good..
Mint Mitch
Mint Mitch - 2 days ago
All these strongmen are gonna croak at a young age
Robert - 2 days ago
Brian!!! I almost can't watch this this. Please take care of your health, all of your fans love you and don't want you to have serious health problems from eating so much crap!!!
Sefton Steele
Sefton Steele - 2 days ago
Taco Bell is not very good if you don't eat it within a few minutes of receiving it.
lilmoco rain
lilmoco rain - 2 days ago
Oh my lord I’m going to feel bad for that little toilet 😂😂
Brian Fleming
Brian Fleming - 2 days ago
I love the guy in line behind him. He’s so pissed it’s taking so long but what the fuck can you say to a 400lbs savage.
TJ - 2 days ago
One thing for sure Taco Bell isn’t sponsoring this video
Heurta Krause
Heurta Krause - 3 days ago
Big Brian Shaw.Lololol,I had me a Bad taco bell night before..I know Exactly how the hell you feel..n I also hang been back since that time 3years ago..I had to Beg my toilet not to leave me..
Ed Kennedy
Ed Kennedy - 3 days ago
I'd be on the shitter for a month lol.
Freddie - 3 days ago
Eating this much Taco Bell should be a felony.
Recap Jack
Recap Jack - 3 days ago
Damn lol took 40 for the team this time #NeverGoingBack
Christopher Guerrero
Christopher Guerrero - 3 days ago
😂😂lmao “why would anyone order that” I laughed so hard
Andy Hinchcliffe
Andy Hinchcliffe - 3 days ago
I’m a Brit who has visited the US before, I had basically the same reaction to Taco Bell
Steve Fredrick
Steve Fredrick - 4 days ago
I wonder what he had that didn't have a pleasant taste...🤔
Rinkesh Patel
Rinkesh Patel - Day ago
it was probably the chipotle sauce from the quesodilla that is on the dollar menu
AeroSatan - 4 days ago
"Why would anybody order that????"
"A limp Nacho is never good. They taste Ike they look"
" I hope there's meat in there somewhere"
Brian Shaw is all of us after making the mistake of going to Taco Bell 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
Matthew Schultz
Matthew Schultz - 4 days ago
Taco Bell is gross. Taco Bell is a trip to the toilet. Taco Bell should be used as a death penalty option. Bad taste, bad taste.
Jake Boos
Jake Boos - 2 days ago
You shut your damn mouth
Brandon Yong
Brandon Yong - 4 days ago
I wish you, eddy and Rob are Judges for top chef.
HellFireRO - 4 days ago
do KFC dude !
Caleb The Goat Clausen
Caleb The Goat Clausen - 4 days ago
Taco Bell Employee: what can I get you today?
Tomoko Kuroki
Tomoko Kuroki - 2 days ago
Unoriginal comment you fucktard assbrain
Gary Friesen
Gary Friesen - 4 days ago
My mouth is watering
Holyhallie - 4 days ago
man I love taco bell, I was eye ballin the leftovers :)
Justyn belcherr
Justyn belcherr - 4 days ago
His toilets still fucked up
Tyler Lamoreux
Tyler Lamoreux - 5 days ago
Yo my mans Brian is a MACHINE
Bunzen Kantzen
Bunzen Kantzen - 5 days ago
the $5 boxes are aight tho lol
Sunpreet Singh
Sunpreet Singh - 5 days ago
Why not just eat a silicon implant 🤮🤮🤮 #fakeFood. #fakeMeat.
Thanos Car
Thanos Car - 5 days ago
It would be more pleasant for Brian if he were eating in his bed watching YouTube or Netflix
Thanos Car
Thanos Car - 5 days ago
3:47 look at that line 😂
Mark Davis
Mark Davis - 5 days ago
Do a eating challenge with Eddie Hall!
CoasterCrazy - 5 days ago
He looked insulted when the cashier said vegetarian xD
JOHN BOLAND - 5 days ago
If you keep eating like that, you will be lying down
Fabian Brown
Fabian Brown - 5 days ago
Brandon E
Brandon E - 5 days ago
Pretty much how I feel when I try and eat taco bell nowadays.
Oklahoma City Bass Fishing
Matt stonie would kill this challenge and he's like 120lbs lol
Austin P
Austin P - 6 days ago
Bryan you just ate straight up stuff that will make you crap your pants so much. But huge respect for taking it well dude your so lovable lol
Keith - 6 days ago
I think Brain's wife deserves a standing ovation for enduring the "aftermath" of these challenges. 👏👏👏
She's the real Superstar. 😂
MJB In The P2B
MJB In The P2B - 7 days ago
Taco Bell’s is not all that, that food ain’t a good gut feeling, no love for my stomach,🤢🤮
Luann Putman
Luann Putman - 7 days ago
Yeah, taco bell is kinda gross.
towert7 - 7 days ago
How did we loose Brian? He ate at Taco Bell. RIP
zap - 8 days ago
Im just here to watch comments about diarrhea.
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