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CQCumberZ - Hour ago
Taco bell worker: what would you like to eat today sir?
Brian shaw: *yes*

That's how the order should have went
MKultra Smith
MKultra Smith - 11 hours ago
Too funny
Jake R
Jake R - 19 hours ago
Just reading the title gave me an upset stomach.
Mike - 21 hour ago
Eating challenges are very unhealthy. You are not a real man if you do it. Pussy
Mich Catani
Mich Catani - Day ago
Love Taco Bell haha 😂.... I could eat about 3 items at the most haha
The Beyonder
The Beyonder - 2 days ago
I'm watching this while eating 500g of spicy chicken mince.
Finished it within 17 minutes along with 3 sorghum flat breads. Thanks Brian, for helping me get through my meal XD.
tylerhall818 - 2 days ago
Strongman gets disgusted by entire Taco Bell menu
Ceez Zeec
Ceez Zeec - 3 days ago
Taco Bell has metal shavings in its meat
Maddawwg45 - 3 days ago
i so wish u was in texas or oklahoma you could do the challenge with Taco Casa. its soooo good and i genuinely felt bad for you
Charlie Appleby
Charlie Appleby - 3 days ago
That dude seems so nice
fastfive220 - 3 days ago
The beefy frito burritos aren't bad, but they're not great
Good night. Bro. You now. Please. Like. Mil canar YouTube.
The Independent Mind
The Independent Mind - 4 days ago
Now take a video of you murdering the toilet. Set your watch for 22.5 minutes. It's coming. Lol
That shit will go viral. Pun intended
Audric  Merryman
Audric Merryman - 4 days ago
Taco bell is sooo goood
JAY - 4 days ago
Best thing on the menu, is double decker taco supreme.
JAY - 4 days ago
He is a straight badass.
Maxy Valerius
Maxy Valerius - 4 days ago
My order: Crunchwrap, beefy burrito, quesadilla, and fries
Jax Cipher
Jax Cipher - 5 days ago
Taco bell and Brian Shaw are not supposed to be put together... ever!!!
Slump Gang
Slump Gang - 5 days ago
Ur asshole is bout to be burning
Pulsar Cosmos
Pulsar Cosmos - 6 days ago
I agree. taco bells terrible.
Sadic Corpus
Sadic Corpus - 6 days ago
**Big Smoke has left the chat**
abhi Datta
abhi Datta - 6 days ago
blessed to be able to eat that much and still look normal , cheers
Boromir Of Gondor
Boromir Of Gondor - 6 days ago
*"Well, we don't need Vegetarian."*
DJ Alderman
DJ Alderman - 7 days ago
"2 4 or 12" Brian: "Yes"
Walter Merchant
Walter Merchant - 7 days ago
You know that scene in Independence Day where the big ship powers up its laser to vaporize the White House? I think that’s what it must have been like when he went to sit down on the toilet later. Just total devastation.
garry pidgeon
garry pidgeon - 7 days ago
What's a Grande scrambler?
Brandon Gibson
Brandon Gibson - 7 days ago
That look he made when he sat down and started eating his food should be a meme its soo funny. He reminds me of a bulldog who got disgusted when he started eating his lunch ronflmao!!!
6bubba6barone6 - 8 days ago
B you let the nachos sit my guy 😄 of course their nit gonna look right
BurkeisH3R3 - 8 days ago
Add it!
JackCarlino - 8 days ago
im dying to know what that weird taco was that fucked with him so hard. im curious as hell. I wanna try it hahaha
Branden Perry
Branden Perry - 8 days ago
I still wanna know who can eat the most chicken McNuggets out of the four on your new show lol
malawiglenn - 9 days ago
10h later : RIP anus
BigVic - 9 days ago
The EPIC chorro ( diarrhea) that's coming should be vlogged... js
T1g jman87
T1g jman87 - 9 days ago
Id love to see a video of ya the next day ..
Praveen Rajendran
Praveen Rajendran - 10 days ago
My left kidney.
*Add it*
JackgarPrime - 10 days ago
I don't think I've ever seen Brian as disgusted with something as he was at whatever the hell he ate at around 6:00
Nimil Patel
Nimil Patel - 8 days ago
He was talking about the chipotle sauce. Thats shits good though so maybe its an aqquired taste
dimkacracker - 10 days ago
Taco bell disliked this video.
Lbdataz1469 - 10 days ago
The fact that all of that barely broke $100 is impressive.
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones - 13 days ago
Me and my bro tryed this and our taco bell had 57 items and we ate it all under an hour we are 367 pounds together
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones - 13 days ago
I had to fart all night
William Miles
William Miles - 14 days ago
You couldn't pay me to eat at Taco Bell 😥🤢🤮☠
Dsm4g631Evo - 14 days ago
I feel sorry for the bathroom 😆
Simon Dixon
Simon Dixon - 15 days ago
it was daylight when he started to eat pitch black at the end
Johny Wony
Johny Wony - 15 days ago
That is 100 hours on the toilet
Mtriple8 - 15 days ago
@shawstregth = not a fan of Taco Bell
Andrew Parker
Andrew Parker - 15 days ago
Hope you love your toilet... cause your going to be there all night!!!
Nemesis Ryu
Nemesis Ryu - 16 days ago
Brian if ur gonna eat anything at taco bell. Just eat the taco salad and thats really it. It has lettuce, tomato, cheese and rice with beans. For desert just eat the curly fries and thats it. Lol
Nemesis Ryu
Nemesis Ryu - 16 days ago
Im crying watching him eat. So funny how its like an adventure for him. He’s either not sure what it is or why anyone would even bother eating it. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
SLAL Bass - 16 days ago
If I smoked a bowl, I could eat all this myself. Also, I've never been more ashamed.
SLAL Bass - 16 days ago
Just clicking this made me fart
3Trees - 16 days ago
All that food, I would need a$$hole repair surgery by the end of the day.
Aaron Slingerland
Aaron Slingerland - 17 days ago
Can I be honest and real with you here. You ordered everything off the menu but I saw you ordered 3 of one thing, I just want to ask why, like was it in the rules to get quntity, because you made the challenge ten times harder on yourself if you understand what im trying to say?
Hannah Christine
Hannah Christine - 17 days ago
Brian Shaw is super funny to watch. He’s 6’8”, 430 pounds, and could crush any of us with a smack of his hand, and yet he’s got such a big goofy smile and seems like he’s such a sweet and cool guy lol he’s like a teddy bear
Music Man
Music Man - 17 days ago
Taco Bell: Hi what would you like to get today

Brian: yes
Armando Gutierrez
Armando Gutierrez - 17 days ago
I'm no brian but I knocked out 24 tacos by myself last weekend
JOK3R - 17 days ago
Taco Bell is truly the definition of mystery meat.
JOK3R - 17 days ago
Good work brother
A J - 17 days ago
Do you want to hurt yourself? Because that's how you end up in the hospital 🏥
Jake Johnson
Jake Johnson - 18 days ago
hey shaw you should do a video of how much you can eat stoned
johnny soto
johnny soto - 18 days ago
7:45 omg I was dying. 🤣🤣🤣👌
josh shackleton
josh shackleton - 18 days ago
Taco bell is the worst
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