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Trisha Herrington
Trisha Herrington - 16 minutes ago
Girl... Scott Comfort Plus toilet paper. Its the softest and the thickest. 💁‍♀️
Zoey Tinney
Zoey Tinney - Hour ago
I like Irene better
Jenny Wallace
Jenny Wallace - Hour ago
Charmin ultra soft mega rolls!!
Grace Wade
Grace Wade - 2 hours ago
I love Irene😭
Vitoria Lopes
Vitoria Lopes - 3 hours ago
Do make up colection
Elva Chalupa
Elva Chalupa - 4 hours ago
I love that voice to death 0:15 aw
Krissy Lavi
Krissy Lavi - 6 hours ago
I've legit used those bic razors for YEARS! But then last year I started dallor shave club and never gone back
Thea - 11 hours ago
who gives a crap toilet paper is the thickest softest toilet paper EVER!!!!!!
Simoney Beans
Simoney Beans - 14 hours ago
Charmaine ultra soft
Sister Reilly
Sister Reilly - 17 hours ago
I’m 11 and these are like my favorite videos
Sister Reilly
Sister Reilly - 17 hours ago
Trader Joe’s toilet paper
Thelivingnoodle 512
Thelivingnoodle 512 - 18 hours ago
Thank you for bleeping out the cussing!💙
Ella Garnica
Ella Garnica - 19 hours ago
I love joe in the videos better
Kelsi’s Critters
Kelsi’s Critters - 19 hours ago
purex triple ply is he only good one
CorlyWorly Not curlywurly
Kitten soft haha
William Thomas
William Thomas - 22 hours ago
Charmin ultra soft
Leann Pietro
Leann Pietro - 22 hours ago
ugh send me that yellow girl
Simply Becca
Simply Becca - 23 hours ago
Steve Eigenberger
Steve Eigenberger - Day ago
ok i love her voice
Aoibhin McMahon
Aoibhin McMahon - Day ago
I love gabbie sooooo much💕
HiA Gerhard
HiA Gerhard - Day ago
I love the voice it is just so cute!
Damaged.Bxtch - Day ago
McKenzie Allen
McKenzie Allen - Day ago
I love the voice so much ❤️
Evelyn Mundt
Evelyn Mundt - Day ago
I like Scott ultra soft
Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller - Day ago
Returns to Gabbie's video with the sole purpose to scroll through the comments and find the BEST TOILET PAPER
Bella Schmitz
Bella Schmitz - Day ago
gabbie hanna, i am 10 and i am going to clean the living room and, the bathroom
Kristen Elizabeth Kerr
I'm not 28 but I'm a aunt
Cher Denae
Cher Denae - Day ago
Why did the whole evolution comment make me crack up 😂
Madelyn Samaco
Madelyn Samaco - Day ago
can you please do your makeup collection pretty pwease i'll wove you foreber
Savannah Gillen
Savannah Gillen - Day ago
I love when she films with irene
Dollar store DIY
Dollar store DIY - Day ago
Gabbie: what is the good toilet paper!?
Me: gets up to go check my toilet paper brand
Me: comments the name
.... but seriously try Royale
siobhan budrovich
siobhan budrovich - Day ago
you always talk about buying a house just buy one already!
johnny d
johnny d - Day ago
Shit im 35 i look act and feel like im 12 ,i will never grow up but thats fine with me
PaulTM - Day ago
i love gabbie’s harley davidson t shirt i have one that’s so similar it’s like my fav ever so light and summery
Anusha A
Anusha A - Day ago
Quilton northern double ply thing
Jessica Ferrell
Jessica Ferrell - Day ago
Rhett and Link did a video on the best toilet paper.
no this is patrick
no this is patrick - Day ago
*she protecc*
*she attacc*
*but most importantly...*

*she be trippin over trash*
Allie & Micaella
Allie & Micaella - Day ago
I love joe better
GeometryDash Killer5000
I need 10 mini hand sanitizers. RIP bank account.
MushOfMushroom Opi
MushOfMushroom Opi - 2 days ago
just waiting for gabeine to happen
mellzbellz82 - 2 days ago
36 biatchhhhh lol
FruityBooty - 2 days ago
Are there mom's +28? XD
Brenda Retta
Brenda Retta - 2 days ago
Quilted Northern in the purple bag
Foxy Nerd 42
Foxy Nerd 42 - 2 days ago
Sophie Isabelle
Sophie Isabelle - 2 days ago
Yass! Another cleaning video! Love ya Gabbie! 😍❤
Kathy Arlow
Kathy Arlow - 2 days ago
I like irean better but Joe is still fun ( ps I know I spelt that wrong)
Vivianadiva - 2 days ago
gabby sounds like my parents when they say “earpods” instead of airpods
Jordan Wells
Jordan Wells - 2 days ago
charmin ultra strong is the good shit
Juliette Orosco
Juliette Orosco - 2 days ago
Nikki Guindon
Nikki Guindon - 2 days ago
We love Irene uwu
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