Matt Barnes defends James Harden about NBA referee Scott Foster's officiating | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Do the Rockets have a right to complain about the referee?
Michonne's Mum
Michonne's Mum - 5 months ago
Hey Daddy Shannon Sharpe I agree with you whites don’t ask about color. Whites act about color. Whites acted that Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman were not white enough to be POTUS. And because this is the land of the free & home of the brave #KamalaHarris is Free to identify as any culture or color she desires. Harris just can’t Brave her way to having a #ADOS lineage.
Jon L
Jon L - 5 months ago
Foster always bails out lebron with random foul calls. Just watch all those warriors games he reffed. Same ridiculous BS.
G Allstars
G Allstars - 5 months ago
No, James harden !!!! If your shadow comes too close it's a foul
RIFICA777 - 3 months ago
Scott Foster a jive turkey
Quick ICE car reviews
Quick ICE car reviews - 5 months ago
The end music is too loud
Sweet James Jones II
Sweet James Jones II - 5 months ago
Spurs have been getting horrible calls called on them for the past month and I couldn't figure out why and I just remember the Lakers are right behind it and the NBA needs the Spurs to drop so the Lakers can move up
sean im
sean im - 5 months ago
Every time I see Matt Barnes.
Young man you have came a long way from that hood rat life.
Retro Robbie
Retro Robbie - 5 months ago
Foster just retire bro no one likes you except for people cheering against Rockets.
Goat Stature
Goat Stature - 5 months ago
Why is skip always throwing the crip sign up
Nuke Boy
Nuke Boy - 5 months ago
I knew the Harden hate was coming.
AllDaWay 300
AllDaWay 300 - 5 months ago
Where has Shannon been shows not the Same without him
YeazyNation - 5 months ago
As a heat fan my whole life we get no calls and continued last night at home Detroit got all the calls we attach get nothing
Myriah Lyons
Myriah Lyons - 5 months ago
You mfs in these comments dumb asf😂😂😂 they was up by double digits and lost. Harden takes more FTs than anybody. So now the game is rigged cause he didn't get 20 FT. GTFOH
Rick Hill
Rick Hill - 5 months ago
Matt Barnes living life bro.
Keith S.
Keith S. - 5 months ago
Damn. Matt Barnes don't F around lol all the smoke
TheDCGuitar13 - 5 months ago
I think Ken Mauer shouldn’t ref LeBron games anymore. Bron could be down 30 and somehow magically get 15 free throws in the second half and a W
SLIM REAPER - 5 months ago
Refs been ruining NBA games since it started.
Yung 4
Yung 4 - 5 months ago
Only lebron fans upset about this
Rico M. Carey
Rico M. Carey - 5 months ago
You wanna know what narrative the media is pushing just read the comments.....
Jef Pduct
Jef Pduct - 5 months ago
Do you really want to know why LBJ is a bad free throw player? Because he hardly get a foul call because of his size.
My 2Sense
My 2Sense - 5 months ago
The ONLY comment worth anything is from the guy who PLAYED in the NBA for 15 yrs. No opinions; mine, yours, or the other analysts come close. You can see how true because the other analysts blew up and got a liiiiitle uncomfortable when he said it too... 6:40.....then he had to regurgitate the same lines he said before. Because he likes working. And the REAL truth won't help him do that. Sad. Enjoy the Laker playoff run.
shovelware - 5 months ago
Players shouldn't be able to yell at refs after every call during the game. Only team captains or coaches should be able to discuss calls with a ref, during a dead ball. Instead, players are too busy screaming at refs to get back on defense.
Oshkhan Seif
Oshkhan Seif - 5 months ago
Is skip not coming back
Jala Lake
Jala Lake - 5 months ago
Sweet Serenity
Sweet Serenity - 5 months ago
A foul is a foul! Doesn't matter who is playing. If you are a referee/judge you should be UNBIASED. This goes for any Referee and/or judge in any given forum!
Matthew Moscotto
Matthew Moscotto - 5 months ago
Let’s talk about Derek fisher smashing your ex-wife.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi - 5 months ago
Honestly NBA players are so entitled. You dont have the right to "air your grievances" with the refs. They make the calls, you play the game.
Andrew Chiong
Andrew Chiong - 5 months ago
sound/volume too low
Sean Prasad
Sean Prasad - 5 months ago
I think its funny when Matt Barnes is talk how bad Scott Foster is because he is known for complaining and getting technical fouls so get someone who isn’t biased
Gerald Mairena
Gerald Mairena - 5 months ago
I wish they would put the replay up on the screen so that we can see it too, instead of making us watch them watch the replay
Austin Thigpen
Austin Thigpen - 5 months ago
Scott is an OG... he’s tired of dealing with these millionaire cry babies lol CP3 tried to break LBJ’s arm. They deserve every foul they get...
Gerald Mairena
Gerald Mairena - 5 months ago
I wish they would show us the replay
Yancey Sanders
Yancey Sanders - 5 months ago
The players need to stop whinning ! Adjust
Macadelic Miller
Macadelic Miller - 5 months ago
Shut the f*ck up skip
Macadelic Miller
Macadelic Miller - 5 months ago
The refs cheated the f*ck out the rockets that’s bs
My name is Steve Rogers
My name is Steve Rogers - 5 months ago
Here's the thing. You are a player they are the referee. There IS NO dialogue between players and refs. They make the calls. You live with them. Anything else warrants fines or suspensions In my opinion. You are the refs friends. That's collusion. They should never be talking to each other..
Steve Stifler
Steve Stifler - 5 months ago
Harden complaining about the refs is like MJ's complaning about...NOTHING ! He doesn't had enough time for that he was to busy WINNING GAMES!
Jonah Scarlett
Jonah Scarlett - 5 months ago
Max said he needs the whistle but even with the arrogant ref and the "unraveling" Houston had Tucker Rivers not doing much Harden still made his 30 points so apparently he doesn't need the whistle
Malik Thomas
Malik Thomas - 5 months ago
Rob looks like a 80s homeless man
Dom W
Dom W - 5 months ago
Matt Barnes is extremely well spoken for a gudda mf
Lew Germany
Lew Germany - 5 months ago
Terrible calls to push LA to playoffs! Happened against Pacer, Toronto, Boston the last few years!
Thomas World
Thomas World - 5 months ago
This is a 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Show without Shannon! I come for Shannon
Jax Ace
Jax Ace - 5 months ago
But if the Lakers lost, these same folks would be asking, why Lebron is not a leader or not clutch or something negative. But because he was they are now trying to invalidate the lakers win
Michael Hickman
Michael Hickman - 5 months ago
Foster is part of a larger problem the rigging of the NBA look back on it check his stats.
Christopher Alden
Christopher Alden - 5 months ago
The NBA has to clean-up the referee situation. Ever since Tim Donaghy, it's been a giant elephant in the room.
Jarthur - 5 months ago
Well you got my view, gg, only lasted 50 secods until Rob Dont know anything about any sport Parker was one, can you put him in every title so I know not to watch, thx, packer fan
Jayy Kau
Jayy Kau - 5 months ago
Lmao Lakers win one game and people calling rigged😂😂😂 Soften fans in they feelings
St Michale
St Michale - 5 months ago
Matt Barnes defending harden and CP...figures...coming from a “defender” that would always deny when a fouls would be called against him...gtfoh
J Vert
J Vert - 5 months ago
scott just shy 😊 please understand
Arnamo - 5 months ago
Not gonna lie James Harden is NOT in the position to blame games on bad ref calls. The only reason his 30-games streak exist is because of the refs
Dan Daye
Dan Daye - 5 months ago
hey teams should just refuse to play when this ref come to work.... who you gonna fire   all the players or the ref    simple
Ryan Terry
Ryan Terry - 5 months ago
Rockets are 0-7 this season when Foster referees 🤔
Luis Rufino
Luis Rufino - 5 months ago
No one:
Joshua Hardy
Joshua Hardy - 5 months ago
Free Uncle Shannon
Antwan Frazier
Antwan Frazier - 5 months ago
Honestly more refs need to be more like foster! I’m sick of watching players complain every other play!
dwell771 - 5 months ago
no seen them hanging off Lebrun last minute and harden traveled too last few minutes so shut up Lebrun won dont hate lol
Andreas Ryge
Andreas Ryge - 5 months ago
Foster gets all the playoff assignments for a reason, he's one of the best refs. Houston doesnt like him cause he actually calls Harden's BS correctly: as the BS that it is. Harden's exploded in the last 2yrs after the mass referee retirements and subsequent influx of rookie refs that Harden has been so adept at fooling.
RatedR Pinto
RatedR Pinto - 5 months ago
Maybe that’s how the league wants it because they want their boo Lebron in the playoffs. Watch out for the same thing to happen to the other teams that’s in front of the Lakers.
hbukh jhbui
hbukh jhbui - 5 months ago
What’s referees name that did the game when durant literally took 4 huge steps out of bounds in Golden state .that was insane ,then harden gets fouled on he next 2 plays and gets no call.those refs wanted golden state to win for sure
Shakir Collier-Smith
Shakir Collier-Smith - 5 months ago
They should let us see the skip rewind plays it's dumb how they just show his body wen he's clearly paying attention another screen
Moe Lester
Moe Lester - 5 months ago
Did Matt Barnes defend James Harden against the refs from one game? THE REFS?!?!?
Reality Check
Reality Check - 5 months ago
James Harden complaining about Refs is Like Batman complaining about Alfred.
MuMu124 - 5 months ago
I 100% believe that game was rigged by the refs
Junaid Desai
Junaid Desai - 5 months ago
But do you look at cp3 and his consistent filthy play?
Does Harden complain when every other call goes his way?
LeBron is a diva 🤣
Deon Jackson
Deon Jackson - 5 months ago
Where’s unc
emprrah - 5 months ago
Har ins last 2 fouls were charges. Let that soak in.
pyrosdestiny - 5 months ago
He made the correct calls! End of!
wavetrend - 5 months ago
when you realized just to make the Lakers into the playoffs they put Harden in early foul trouble so he will be freeze not to take post defense.
bigjhayooh - 5 months ago
Saw Rob Parker and stopped watching
RoseWater 22
RoseWater 22 - 5 months ago
Skip has a point. Yeah, the reffing wasnt the best, we have to be honest about that. But when you live and die by the whistle, and it blows against you, BUT YOU DONT ADJUST, yeah you end up like the rockets.
Reggie Turner
Reggie Turner - 5 months ago
When throw up threes and miss, you can’t get fouls!
Tré - 5 months ago
Wait they went 20 mins without a FT and y’all saying rockets don’t have a point?
Lor Dj
Lor Dj - 5 months ago
NBA just like WWE but people still going watch it
HeyNowLookHere - 5 months ago
O well it's Scott Foster being Scott Foster lol
I'm Player One
I'm Player One - 5 months ago
Matt looking like a substitute teacher
Ding Ren
Ding Ren - 5 months ago
lebum "ref" mode activated
Andreas Ryge
Andreas Ryge - 5 months ago
Ultimate irony for Harden to complain about ref's
JOSEPH FERNANDEZ - 5 months ago
Please harden gets away with so many calls
Johnny Andrews
Johnny Andrews - 5 months ago
Oooh now the rabbit got the gun it ain’t no fun. Man sit on that and rotate. Now let’s see where his game goes now that he ain’t getting to the line 20x a game. I think all refs should take the same approach. Just like with shaq, every time he caught the ball in the post they blew the whistle. Great players adapt
Ralph3210 - 5 months ago
I use to go to see sagers outfits he was a Boss
Dez Butz
Dez Butz - 5 months ago
Rockets suck same thing different year if you can’t beat the 10th seed in a statement game going to make cricket noise come playoffs
Bobby M
Bobby M - 5 months ago
Look at how they avoided a moment of TRUTH. Matt Barnes said he as an opinion on ref calls, but that he still wants to work with the NBA. He is suggesting rigging or favoritism. The others on the panel just laughed nervously, and avoided the comment. An actual journalist would have asked him to elaborate. If you don't think the league is rigged you are naïve.
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