OVERNIGHT IN AN ICE RINK! WE GET CAUGHT! w/ Sam, Colby, Corey & Andrea Russett

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TFIL - 4 months ago
WE'RE BACK & HERE TO STAY! 100,000 LIKES = ANOTHER OVERNIGHT VIDEO! But no matter what, TFIL will be posting EVERY Saturday! + Bonus videos from time to time!
Subscribe! Keeps notifs on! So excited to be back!!!! If you want 25% off TFIL Merch!! Use code "the fun in life" at https://www.SendItSociety.com =) Ruv yew all! *one more note* This video was filmed nearly a month ago - sine a lot of people are asking about Sam & Colby being back. they're not.
That Guy
That Guy - Day ago
Trinidy Tree
Trinidy Tree - 21 day ago
Evan looks like TJ Miller
H-O-3 H_I
H-O-3 H_I - 26 days ago
TFIL respond
MARK BONARES - 27 days ago
@Mekenzie Dyslin fuck you
Mekenzie Dyslin
Mekenzie Dyslin - 28 days ago
Ingrit Lomann
Ingrit Lomann - 3 hours ago
Sam and Colby
jungkookie eating seaweed
As a figure skater i find this video so funny 😂😂 when they put the skates on and couldn’t skate i died from laughter 😂😂
cute cats
cute cats - 6 hours ago
Wow you made a man in a dress cry lol
Jack Baudean
Jack Baudean - 8 hours ago
Emma Rodgers
Emma Rodgers - 8 hours ago
the fun in life
titties frying in lasagna
the fuck it list
Jack Baudean
Jack Baudean - 8 hours ago
LOVE That you guys are back but seems a little suspisious because they left all the bumber things out o.O
Blueberry Girl
Blueberry Girl - 9 hours ago
Lisbeth Adames
Lisbeth Adames - 10 hours ago
Sam and colby
Brooke Sidwell
Brooke Sidwell - 10 hours ago
Elton and Corey act so gay Lol
Alyssalovespandas819 - 12 hours ago
the fun is life
Mollie Peterson
Mollie Peterson - 15 hours ago
Sam and Colby won all the way
Avah Marie
Avah Marie - 15 hours ago
I cant be the only one who wanted to cry during sam and colbys routine. They are so beautiful together.
Ciarra-kaelin Tognocchi
I like how Elton is completely chill with what hes wearing
Mack Murphy
Mack Murphy - Day ago
Sam and Colby won the dance battle all the way 😂😂😂
Erynn Xxx
Erynn Xxx - Day ago
Can you imagine if a worker walked in whilst they were doing the routines like 😂🤣😭
Ideatronic •
Ideatronic • - Day ago
I can’t tell if Celton is happening or is over or is just.. not gonna work?
Moises Morlanes
Moises Morlanes - Day ago
N0_NAME_WEBBER - Day ago
I always thought tfil stood for "the fuck is life"
animal fan girl Gilmore-Black
Sam and Colby won
Lila Coglianese
Lila Coglianese - Day ago
I think Sam and Colby won
Rachael George
Rachael George - Day ago
This is the only channel that can make me laugh like if its the same to you
Keira Tate
Keira Tate - 2 days ago
Am I the only one thinking that Jughead off of Riverdale got his style from Colby??😂😂😂
Keira Tate
Keira Tate - 2 days ago
@gacha fire 😂😂
gacha fire
gacha fire - 2 days ago
Honestly I do...... XDDD
Nebulous Vendragon
Nebulous Vendragon - 2 days ago
Something that they never think about is to check for security cameras
Star Shine
Star Shine - 2 days ago
Imagine if Cops stormed in at exactly
27:45 or 30:50-32:30
juile clark
juile clark - 2 days ago
Do you want to know what I called this I called this is so stupid be cringe this
Ivonne Aguilar
Ivonne Aguilar - 2 days ago
Morgan Johnson
Morgan Johnson - 2 days ago
when sam said he was used to being picked last all i wanted to do was give him a hug
Elena Martinez
Elena Martinez - 2 days ago
Sam and Colby
Caitlyn Packer
Caitlyn Packer - 2 days ago
Colby and Sam definitely
Allycat Gerard
Allycat Gerard - 2 days ago
TFIL: sneaks in illegally has no experience ice skating, no gets severely hurt
Me: goes in legally with experience with ice skating, cuts hand open
Balbir Toor
Balbir Toor - 2 days ago
big bad machine
big bad machine - 2 days ago
Sam and Colby
Bodie Finley
Bodie Finley - 2 days ago
LMFAO CORBIN "we're not canadian"
rayjays amazing world
rayjays amazing world - 2 days ago
Sam and colby
susan moylan
susan moylan - 2 days ago
I love that Colby has holes in his jeans and a beanie and Andrea has holes in her jeans and she is also wearing a beanie
gacha maker 123
gacha maker 123 - 2 days ago
He protec.
He attac
But most importantly....

The overnight videos are bac
Kayleigh McDonough
Kayleigh McDonough - 2 days ago
they protecc, they attacc, but most importantly, the gang is composed of thicc snaccs
Kayleigh McDonough
Kayleigh McDonough - 2 days ago
the pg-13 version of TFIL : the fuck it list

the kid version : the fun in life haha it was a lot funnier in my head
Emily Beck
Emily Beck - 2 days ago
Uncle Clester bark bark banana
Mariah Peters
Mariah Peters - 2 days ago
I cried during sam and Colbys routine
Mariah Peters
Mariah Peters - 2 days ago
Marta Miller
Marta Miller - 3 days ago
I skate there
Marta Miller
Marta Miller - 3 days ago
I skate there on Tuesday
Life is grat Live for it
I vote Sam and Colby
fluffy rouss
fluffy rouss - 3 days ago
Maria Gonzales
Maria Gonzales - 3 days ago
sam and colby
WolfiePlayz YT
WolfiePlayz YT - 3 days ago
I think sam and colby won! I love you guys! (And I also ship #Solby baby!)
Bitch Lasagna
Bitch Lasagna - 3 days ago
Corey!...Just Corey!😂😂😂😂
Me Ah
Me Ah - 3 days ago
I like how none of them can skate
iislayii Hornsby
iislayii Hornsby - 3 days ago
Is Corey only 4 "2" if he is I'm taller than him and I'm only 10 ! And he's like 22 or something like that lol
Ellie Neko
Ellie Neko - 3 days ago
I can’t tell whose the female or Male in Elton and Corey’s relationship.....
flappa flappa 2.0
flappa flappa 2.0 - 3 days ago
all I can say to Andrea Russett is Dayum
Jennifer Harblin
Jennifer Harblin - 4 days ago
lol......Elton and cory
McKinley Sommer
McKinley Sommer - 4 days ago
19:00 elton what happened to ur elbow
Cornicaphobia - 4 days ago
My name is also corbin spelled the same and its weird when you say his name lol
Kayla A
Kayla A - 4 days ago
28:28 most beautiful thing I've seen in my life.
AS ascupcake 14
AS ascupcake 14 - 4 days ago
I think Sam and Colby should have won...
Lala_ Hush
Lala_ Hush - 4 days ago
I thought TFIL meant ‘The fun in life’ 😳
Mariah Peters
Mariah Peters - 2 days ago
Chloee Turner
Chloee Turner - 4 days ago
Sam and Colby DEFINITELY won
Lani.K T
Lani.K T - 4 days ago
yall should do overnight in a arcade room. or chuckee cheese or something. like if agree
shapumawildcat - 4 days ago
Was defo SAM N COLBY, followed closely by Elton n Corey xx
rowdy blue simmons
rowdy blue simmons - 4 days ago
No it's titties fighting in lasagna
Cece T.
Cece T. - 4 days ago
I wonder if workers ever end up finding these videos and are like just like wtf 😂
Noreen Waseem
Noreen Waseem - 4 days ago
What does TFIL means?
Jembob x
Jembob x - 4 days ago
Someone explain why Colby still looks so good in that red dress
gacha fire
gacha fire - 2 days ago
leafy Chan
leafy Chan - 4 days ago
Colby and sam should have won!🥺🥺🥺🥺
leafy Chan
leafy Chan - 4 days ago
Colby fans dis is for u!
Cassidy Starkey
Cassidy Starkey - 4 days ago
Sam: “I’m the employee, oh I don’t see anyone we’re good”

Also sam: *wears sweatshirt that says ‘unemployed’*
wendy Schoolaert
wendy Schoolaert - 4 days ago
Bloodred Legions 19
Bloodred Legions 19 - 4 days ago
Corey is my fav person on this entire show
em. .crouse
em. .crouse - 5 days ago
sam and colby won
Shirley Animates
Shirley Animates - 5 days ago
Hopefully they don't go to jail (again)
Rebecca Howard
Rebecca Howard - 3 days ago
Shirley Animates this was posted like 3 months ago
Lydia Ritchie
Lydia Ritchie - 5 days ago
I think sam and Colby won
Axelrod - 5 days ago
the mall near me actually now has 24hr security cuz 24hr vids got popular XDDDD
Dom Willis 223
Dom Willis 223 - 5 days ago
Imagine the security guard looks at the cctv ans just think wtf is goin on
Greg Gant
Greg Gant - 5 days ago
2 team
Chronicle Wolf
Chronicle Wolf - 5 days ago
I can’t imagine if someone looked on security cameras and a guy watched numerous somewhat twenty year olds spin around on bumper cars 😂
This was the best TFIL vid I probably ever watched
Eeyore _135
Eeyore _135 - 5 days ago
Sam and Colby won the dance
amado rodriguez
amado rodriguez - 6 days ago
😂😂😂😂😏 syndicalism and Corey Dickerson we get good better than grades I left when I get to make your face I lol
Colby sam Scooby dance billable and then and Colby beautiful Sam Colby Sam and beautiful day.
Jessie - 6 days ago
Coming from someone who figure skates and works in a rink this is my favorite thing
Lizel Music
Lizel Music - 6 days ago
Corbin is probably me if i was in the video 😂
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