OVERNIGHT IN AN ICE RINK! WE GET CAUGHT! w/ Sam, Colby, Corey & Andrea Russett

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TFIL - Month ago
WE'RE BACK & HERE TO STAY! 100,000 LIKES = ANOTHER OVERNIGHT VIDEO! But no matter what, TFIL will be posting EVERY Saturday! + Bonus videos from time to time!
Subscribe! Keeps notifs on! So excited to be back!!!! If you want 25% off TFIL Merch!! Use code "the fun in life" at https://www.SendItSociety.com =) Ruv yew all! *one more note* This video was filmed nearly a month ago - sine a lot of people are asking about Sam & Colby being back. they're not.
Mandy Reich
Mandy Reich - 4 days ago
I would love to see you guys investigated Gettysburg pa there is ALOT OF PARANORMAL and I only live like 1 hour away I would love to investigate with you my goal someday to move there
Ella Kobylecky
Ella Kobylecky - 5 days ago
Sorrell Eacock-Arnold
Sorrell Eacock-Arnold - 9 days ago
Brenda Morales
Brenda Morales - 10 days ago
So glad your back guys love you all ❤️
Melynna Sena
Melynna Sena - 13 days ago
Colby and sam :D won
Emma Hallford
Emma Hallford - 25 minutes ago
Rosie J
Rosie J - 2 hours ago
I want to see Cory and uncle Elton huck up plz I love this channel so plz
Jorbry - 4 hours ago
You know alten actually one I regret what I said earlier
Jorbry - 4 hours ago
Sam and Colby one
Dwight Croome
Dwight Croome - 5 hours ago
Elton's team won
Dwight Croome
Dwight Croome - 5 hours ago
Laughing so hard I almost craped myself 32:00-32:09
Analysia Lopez
Analysia Lopez - 7 hours ago
The f*** it lift? lol
is that what tfil stands for?
ãńâş måķęűp
ãńâş måķęűp - 8 hours ago
Did Colby say "I have an erection!" Or is that just me 😂
Ankitha Naik
Ankitha Naik - 8 hours ago
Corey n Elton yeaaaaahhhhhh❤❤😂😂😂
Ankitha Naik
Ankitha Naik - 8 hours ago
Sam n Colby woohoo😭😭😭❤❤❤ n @30:01 😂😂😂😂
Phenomenal One
Phenomenal One - 10 hours ago
can u do 24 hours in a school
Human Trash
Human Trash - 15 hours ago
When he said the original 4 im like nahhh. Heath is the f*cking original
Ariel Pickering
Ariel Pickering - Day ago
All best video ever
XxxAngelina BlairxxX
18:34 just that corey is getting ignored 😂 “I can’t breathe I can’t breathe “
Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose - Day ago
Ok but Corey and Elton are and always will be the best pair
Ana Montano
Ana Montano - Day ago
Why is it when you guys get caught
You get to stay after
Kitty Playz
Kitty Playz - Day ago
Imagine a cop or security just walking in and seeing you guys just piled on top of each other doing circles on those bumper car things😂🤣😝😆
Kayla Freeman
Kayla Freeman - Day ago
Lieannjie Tavarez
Lieannjie Tavarez - Day ago
TEAM SOLBY♥️🖤♥️🤤🥵🤪😍
Prince Luckie
Prince Luckie - Day ago
All the dislikes are cops
FrAss MAn
FrAss MAn - Day ago
I've never seen so much comedy in one video 😂😂😂
Bois on blitz
Bois on blitz - Day ago
No coldly they keep the ice Refrigerated
Fallen Zestaa
Fallen Zestaa - Day ago
Fallen Zestaa
Fallen Zestaa - Day ago
Fallen Zestaa
Fallen Zestaa - Day ago
*cabinet breaks*
Oreo Lps
Oreo Lps - Day ago
38:17 that’s hilarious
Oreo Lps
Oreo Lps - Day ago
I was hoping elton wins just because I wanted him to Put some pants on
Skully Gamer
Skully Gamer - Day ago
someone please give me the name of this song😩 30:21
The Lack Of Gaming
The Lack Of Gaming - 2 days ago
YEAH THERE BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tanya CV
Tanya CV - 2 days ago
Lolol stick ur back leg up lol never gets old hahaha
Jacob Fuhi
Jacob Fuhi - 2 days ago
i know it was a skit but I lowkey feel bad for sam and cole because elton didn't even have skates on
WICKY WEEDS - 2 days ago
Colby and Sam won cuz I cried :(
KMK Green
KMK Green - 2 days ago
Morgan Osborne
Morgan Osborne - 2 days ago
26:54 - 26:58 yesss Colby is everything then that little laugh
Tim Smereka
Tim Smereka - 2 days ago
Ive never seen any true canadains this true befor ig just makes a canadain cry
PippaDrogo123 - 2 days ago
Why does Elton look so much better than me in a dress? Damnnn 😂👌
whitehair789 - 2 days ago
Elton has a p#ssy
Taylør Scøtt
Taylør Scøtt - 2 days ago
Keep going strong uncle elton
Jason S
Jason S - 2 days ago
This is the music Sam and Colby use in the begging of their videos
Noelle Brown
Noelle Brown - 2 days ago
At least Colby and Sam still look really cute in the dress lol
Sydney Ford
Sydney Ford - 2 days ago
Dude i am a girl stop showing me the boys bathroom 🤢😨🙄😣😣😣
meg thomas
meg thomas - 2 days ago
what was the song that they used for corey and eltons dance?!?
SmhXTrippyX Addison
SmhXTrippyX Addison - 2 days ago
It’s technically not overnight if you didn’t sleep there tell dawn
SmhXTrippyX Addison
SmhXTrippyX Addison - 2 days ago
Don’t these places have like cameras and stuff?!?!🤔🤔
meg thomas
meg thomas - 2 days ago
anyone else think theyre drunk :D
Isha Rehan
Isha Rehan - 2 days ago
Sam and Cobly won
Olivia - 2 days ago
31:58 made me laugh so hard and idk why but BOY HE THICC🤣❤
Snap:abbstr00 Pic is not what I look like btw
Did she say Colby don’t go or Corbin don’t go???
Megan Boles
Megan Boles - 3 days ago
SAM and Colby desired the win
Redwolf_5463 - 3 days ago
Elton and Corey won
Ashleigh Ince - Smith
Ashleigh Ince - Smith - 3 days ago
Do y’all not believe in security guards and cameras 😂😂
The crystal Wolf Pack
The crystal Wolf Pack - 3 days ago
Sam and colby should have won. No offence Elton and Corey. Love you xx
unicornseendeath Fuller
Why was jake not there
Angel Phase
Angel Phase - 3 days ago
*cops show up*
*cop sees colby in red dress*
*cop turns around in disappointment*
Crossy Cross
Crossy Cross - 3 days ago
As a figure skater, I’m able to stay and sleep at my ice rink❤️
Cassandra Benoit
Cassandra Benoit - 3 days ago
sam and colby won
Bob Ross
Bob Ross - 3 days ago
Glad to see you back!! We’ve missed you guys!
Allison369 H
Allison369 H - 3 days ago
Sam and Coldy
Abigail Gray
Abigail Gray - 3 days ago
Sam and Colby won because Elton and Corey were, uh, different
kelsee anne
kelsee anne - 3 days ago
i think we can all agree that colby's scream throughout the video makes it 1000% more dramatic and 1000% more hilarious.
Myah sings
Myah sings - 3 days ago
Sam and colby won the ice skating elton and corey were amazing aswell but sam and colby do have a piont because elton wasnt wearing skates love you all though xoxo❤
Myah sings
Myah sings - 3 days ago
I used to think that TFIL stood for the fun in life lmfao im so dumb
Danielle Nigro
Danielle Nigro - 3 days ago
I thinghygv
Izzy GreysonYT
Izzy GreysonYT - 3 days ago
Is it just me or do they all have beanies?
Izzy GreysonYT
Izzy GreysonYT - 3 days ago
Why is Andrea the only girl?.....XD
Little T
Little T - 3 days ago
when correy and elton were dancing just pure agony for corey
メғєαʀʟєss YT
メғєαʀʟєss YT - 3 days ago
If your a true fan what is the meaning of TFIL
LurkZz - 3 days ago
Sam and Colby won
Aurora Kinworthy
Aurora Kinworthy - 4 days ago
As a trained figure skater should I be insulted? XD
Amanda Maldonado
Amanda Maldonado - 4 days ago
Big Nick No 😂😂
abby unicorn
abby unicorn - 4 days ago
I love you guys and all but you can get caught because of the cameras and I don't now if you guys thought of that
Dawn Foreman
Dawn Foreman - 4 days ago
Ur not a true fan if you don't know WHAT FILL IN THE PRANK IS🙏
Mollie Peterson
Mollie Peterson - 4 days ago
#samandcolby for the win
somebody toucha my spaghett
How perfect I love skating and this was uploaded on my birthday 😂
Sophia English
Sophia English - 4 days ago
Damn it i ran out of popcorn and Goldfish
Mirella Garcia
Mirella Garcia - 4 days ago
Sam and Colby won for sure. But Elton and Corey literally made my whole day.
Irene Garcia
Irene Garcia - 4 days ago
in part 22:28 I really thought it was "the fucking insane list"
e allan_1
e allan_1 - 4 days ago
Sam and Colby!!!!
Skarlet Fox
Skarlet Fox - 4 days ago
Mallie Codle
Mallie Codle - 5 days ago
27:44/ 30:55 Love dat, click on 27 first then right afetr click 30
Rachelle Smith
Rachelle Smith - 5 days ago
Did he say TFIL stands for The Fu*k It List? I'm a little new, so idk, and I couldn't hear him..
Fresh Gamez
Fresh Gamez - 5 days ago
Bruh tell me why Colby actually looks good in that red dress 🤣
Lame Lady
Lame Lady - 5 days ago
when colby did his trick i clapped, but then i remembered that my family could hear.... i just clap a lot.. im used to clapping after someone does something
daisy - 5 days ago
does anybody know the song they used at 30:22? it sounds kinda familiar but i can't remember.
Jackie Vargas
Jackie Vargas - 5 days ago
Is it hard on ice
FlareLilox - 5 days ago
was that a sonic run or a naruto run? 14:13
Starshine Raincloud
Starshine Raincloud - 5 days ago
Sam and colby won
Lucy Goguen
Lucy Goguen - 5 days ago
Fun video! I loved your scary explore videos but anything is great!
Amaya Padilla
Amaya Padilla - 5 days ago
Sam and Colby ❤️
lexi nex
lexi nex - 5 days ago
Sam and Colby won, Elton low key looks great as a girl.
kaylee arianna
kaylee arianna - 6 days ago
i laughed too hard at elton’s shoes
Rhonda Melton
Rhonda Melton - 6 days ago
Why wasn’t Evans links in the description?
AriArtFART McGrew
AriArtFART McGrew - 6 days ago
Corey and Elton won
S Broyer
S Broyer - 6 days ago
I love u guys!!!!!😘
S McCormack
S McCormack - 6 days ago
abstr9ct edits
abstr9ct edits - 6 days ago
Sam & Colby’s routine was so amazing 😍😍
Caitlin Spedding
Caitlin Spedding - 6 days ago
Sam and colby should have won
Shelley S.
Shelley S. - 6 days ago
DAVIION - 7 days ago
Elton: bends over in a dress
Sam: and now we're on trending
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