Will It Milk? Taste Test

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Gavin Sorenson
Gavin Sorenson - 11 hours ago
Tman247 - Day ago
Skittle milk
Lucy Bancroft
Lucy Bancroft - Day ago
This was actually fascinating. I'd love to see a part 2
Carrington Parks
Carrington Parks - Day ago
anybody here from the *year of the twink*
pam white
pam white - 2 days ago
I am going to myrtle beach in 5 days
Avalon Garrett
Avalon Garrett - 2 days ago
0:20 right as link says bam the combined twitter account comes together
Kyle Broflovski
Kyle Broflovski - 2 days ago
Have you guys ever heard of Venezuelan beaver milk?
madi easton
madi easton - 2 days ago
That wood milk looks dank
David Farbaniec
David Farbaniec - 2 days ago
Nourished! Is the word you're looking for
Michael Boudreau
Michael Boudreau - 3 days ago
The word is satiated.
Luke sharp Vlogs
Luke sharp Vlogs - 3 days ago
Tarantulas are Vennema‘s
Little Beast
Little Beast - 4 days ago
Cheeto milk? Chilk. BOOM
Joshua Knoebel
Joshua Knoebel - 4 days ago
The spider milk smelled and tasted earthy because zebra tarantulas are burrowers.
Oxtian Universe
Oxtian Universe - 4 days ago
I didn’t know they all had tittes
Chris Obrien
Chris Obrien - 4 days ago
4:05 put the play speed at 0.5 speed its too funny when link squueze the bag of chettos
Thomas Leach
Thomas Leach - 5 days ago
What happened to chia Lincoln? Where did he go?
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget - 5 days ago
Will it beef jerky and will it chicken nugget
KenPound2 - 5 days ago
Year of the twink!
Fartytard - 6 days ago
8:00 Hydrated and satiated...
Ashtyn Pierre
Ashtyn Pierre - 6 days ago
Year of the twink 😂
redHudson8 - 6 days ago
The word is nourished. Hahah
WLG - 6 days ago
Y’all forgot about skittle milk.
Twilly Mars
Twilly Mars - 7 days ago
Hydrated and nutrated
Flora Elena
Flora Elena - 7 days ago
Looks like cider.
Tastes like cedar.
Patrick James
Patrick James - 8 days ago
rhett and kink ive been watching ever since you made the five night at freddys son and i would like a shoutout.
Unicorn Alli
Unicorn Alli - 8 days ago
remember guys, in the very beginning, this year was declared Year of the Twink.
Amb Castner
Amb Castner - 8 days ago
I think some of these count more as tea?
NoVaEmPeRr _games
NoVaEmPeRr _games - 9 days ago
Wait... so what if you...
Milk the MILK
JJ.danlee - 9 days ago
Red - 10 days ago
Me: **trying to sleep**
Link: **screams while milking cheetos**
TheGaming Asian
TheGaming Asian - 10 days ago
Did you guys forget about skittle milk
Austin Azar
Austin Azar - 10 days ago
hydrated = Nurished
NUCLEARNERD 948 - 11 days ago
I thing you found Spidermans favourite milk
alex suniga
alex suniga - 11 days ago
Rhett “year of the twink” McLaughlin
Siastheyoutuber - 11 days ago
muge akb
muge akb - 11 days ago
Super Sniper4848
Super Sniper4848 - 11 days ago
You should have said tink it instead of dink it
VPagon - 11 days ago
milk hard
MichaelaSaysHai :3
MichaelaSaysHai :3 - 12 days ago
wait i wanna learn how to make my own milks
Cloud Train
Cloud Train - 12 days ago
Wood milk looks like an alcoholic beverage.
Best Friend Squad!
Best Friend Squad! - 12 days ago
I know a slogan for wood milk!
“Got wood then you’re good!”
Call of duty909 0909
Call of duty909 0909 - 15 days ago
Will it soda
Call of duty909 0909
Call of duty909 0909 - 15 days ago
Can you make a fart milk
Alex Playz
Alex Playz - 15 days ago
HAHA 3:36
Steezy Mac
Steezy Mac - 15 days ago
Technically nothing is milk unless it comes from a Mammary Gland. Almond Milk and Soy Milk is false advertising. It would be Almond Drink or Soy Drink.
maikopl - 16 days ago
It's called "FED", hahaha
Alexandria Martinez
Alexandria Martinez - 16 days ago
The year of the twink...welp
bigbootyrudie - 16 days ago
Bruh moment 😂😂😂😂😂
Gears of Creativity
Gears of Creativity - 16 days ago
4:15 link is a tomato.
Gears of Creativity
Gears of Creativity - 16 days ago
Why do they even make you drinks these spiders.
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky - 18 days ago
I expected things soaked in milk😂
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