Damian Lillard Ends OKC's Season With Epic Buzzer Beater | NBA on TNT

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neosapiens - 14 days ago
One guy: 7/8
Another guy: 14/20
Idiot who gets the ball all the time: 11/33
Next game: "Hey man, don't shoot at all."
RW: "FOH where are my rebounds gonna come from?!"
**taps temple with index finger**
Gabriel Leung
Gabriel Leung - 21 day ago
Shaq knows it's important to get his teammates involved. Kobe and Shaq lost to the Pistons in 5 games because the other guys weren't involved enough. The other times when they won championships, you see Derek Fisher hitting shots, Robery Horry hitting shots.
Tin Tran
Tin Tran - 21 day ago
I'm just glad Lillard is finally gettng national attention. Every time they talk about point guards, they always leave Lillard off. It was always westbrook, chris paul, curry. Yet, Lillard has been a beast since he stepped on the scene, Even Kobe Bryant acknowledged that when he frst played against him.
Wandering Wade
Wandering Wade - 21 day ago
I didn't know Sonic the Hedgehog was a coach in the NBA.
Serge Pajcin
Serge Pajcin - 22 days ago
Will loose against denver nuggets
Phil - 23 days ago
LOL @ Shaq's "Bye bye!"
David Green
David Green - 23 days ago
Paul George defense was terrible very poor. Its like learning to drive the first time
Steven O'Connell
Steven O'Connell - 23 days ago
Why all you can talk about after such an incredible basketball moment is Russel Westbrook and the now eliminated OKC Thunder is beyond me. If Russel Westbrook is so great and blameless why does everyone have to urgently come to his defense all the time without even being asked to. Damien Lillard just hit a 40ft game winning, series winning 3 for his 48th, 49th, & 50th points as the clock expired in the NBA Playoffs and y’all are talking about Westbrook 🤦🏻‍♂️
Allen Johnson
Allen Johnson - 23 days ago
Apologize to Melo. Scapegoated him last year.
Marie Kondo
Marie Kondo - 23 days ago
Barky would take rusty. Both are ringless losers
Teodoro Della Flora
Teodoro Della Flora - 23 days ago
The way Chuck is praising the Thunder, you'd think he lost 50K on the game.
hen ko
hen ko - 23 days ago
Watching these type of sit down talk videos are my poison
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 23 days ago
This makes you think how good was Kobe & Shaq compared to Westbrook & PG
robokobe23 - 23 days ago
Game time

Opps typo.....DAME TIME
panggop jio
panggop jio - 23 days ago
I hate Donovan's mouth noises. They remind me of Ledger's Joker.
Dragonspheres - 23 days ago
6:26 Dame doesn't run out of gas that's why he played 80 games
Ryan Derek
Ryan Derek - 24 days ago
Lillard killed it
Keely Chow
Keely Chow - 24 days ago
The curse of the Seattle SuperSonics still active. As long as there’s no NBA team in Seattle , the Thunder will never win an NBA Championship.
Africanknight88 - 24 days ago
That look into the Camera 🎥....🤫. Yeah. Dame Dolla.....wave holla ✌️
JB411 Beats
JB411 Beats - 24 days ago
Lillards last shot was closer to the half court line than the 3 point line! Epic performance!
Jay Rob
Jay Rob - 24 days ago
Ernie could be 2019 Mr Rogers
Kevin - 24 days ago
c'mon shaq give ernie them knucks
Julius Ulit
Julius Ulit - 24 days ago
Westbrook is good he got the trip-dub
edwin dato
edwin dato - 24 days ago
Watching Barkley is like pulling pulling teeth.
George Cisneros
George Cisneros - 24 days ago
Is lillard top 3 nba now ? Whats yall opinion i say yes
Gregory LaGrange
Gregory LaGrange - 24 days ago
OKC has plateaued. Everything about Westbrook indicates he doesn't have the personality for the team to get better and maintain a level of play good enough to make it back to the finals. Jordan resisted the triangle offense at first. Lebron didn't face up to some of the holes in his game until Dallas beat them. I just don't see Westbrook showing any ability to have any insight into the differences and nuances of why teams with talent always underachieve vs teams with equal talent have greater consistency at achieving.
I get the feeling the coach would like to try to get them to play in a way that fixes their shortcomings. But to do that, he's risking alienating Westbrook. And since Westbrook has been solidified in all star votes, endorsements, and general reputation as one of the league marquee players, coach can't lay everything out at once in full page critique ala cinema sins "Everything wrong with Westbrook's game". He has to ease into everything one issue every couple months. And hope that the early exits will back him up and get Westbrook to slowly see "I think coach was right about that". And it starts to happen soon enough to get a playoff run before they lose to many players to free agency or he gets fired.
When the best thing for the team may be to go completely counter intuitive to the fan base and see what they can get for Westbrook. Suffer a Westbrook return to OKC where he drops 68 points to try and say "See?!! How ya like me now" but continue on to an OKC run thru the playoffs.
Yahya Naseem
Yahya Naseem - 24 days ago
Do you guys think Russ went home and cried? I think it’s possible. And also PG is on suicide watch after that shot. JK
Ultra Instinct Shaggy
Ultra Instinct Shaggy - 24 days ago
At least Westbrook got the triple double

Right guys?
Blake Ward
Blake Ward - 24 days ago
105-90 with 7 minutes to go, you should win that game OKC
Brandon Vasser
Brandon Vasser - 25 days ago
I couldn’t tell for the longest time if the OKC coach was chewing gum or his lips. It was his lips.
Fernando - 25 days ago
Watching these type of sit down talk videos are my poison
July Stylez
July Stylez - 25 days ago
This makes you think how good was Kobe & Shaq compared to Westbrook & PG
Michael Shimonov
Michael Shimonov - 25 days ago
the u
Stephen - 25 days ago
I hate Donovan's mouth noises. They remind me of Ledger's Joker.
the business handler
the business handler - 25 days ago
Bye bye
Kirby Le
Kirby Le - 25 days ago
I guess it wasnt Carmelo's fault
Jonathan Cambel
Jonathan Cambel - 25 days ago
always keep your mouth shut when you playing against Dame Lillard. #RussWestbrick
АПН кот
АПН кот - 25 days ago
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Jose Figueroa
Jose Figueroa - 25 days ago
Chuck is not wrong that's actually very smart to put Dennis Schroder as the point guard and move Russ to the 2.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 25 days ago
#10 on trending street
mikehtv - 25 days ago
As a thunder fan this felt much worse than when KD left.
Terry Washington
Terry Washington - 25 days ago
epic https://youtu.be/B8nNX5ygzRQ
Descend - 25 days ago
Do I hear a new Pink Diamond Dame on the way???
Dominique Weston
Dominique Weston - 25 days ago
Idk what’s more savage dame’s bye bye shot or Scottie dunk over pat Ewing lol
Rae’Quan Morgan
Rae’Quan Morgan - 25 days ago
Come on SHAQ you gotta be better 😂 4:19
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Cindie Nguyen
Cindie Nguyen - 25 days ago
Hats off to Lillard!
Gaming Anika
Gaming Anika - 25 days ago
wow nice video
CallmeHaggis - 25 days ago
Damian Lillard was trying to beat the thunder.
Russell Westbrook was trying to beat Damian Lillard.
nicholas stewart
nicholas stewart - 25 days ago
Pg should have taken more shots.
Henry Author
Henry Author - 25 days ago
incredible! can't believe he did that to him. gg.
Rossana Glasgow
Rossana Glasgow - 25 days ago
The commentators were all taken aback by this game.
poetmm - 25 days ago
Put some Respek on Dame Dolla
Kingsley Jackson
Kingsley Jackson - 25 days ago
Okc needs to fire the coach
Just For Laughs
Just For Laughs - 25 days ago
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P- Star7
P- Star7 - 25 days ago
Russ got to be a two guard
Ant Saund
Ant Saund - 25 days ago
We can now go in knowing Westbrook is not going alot further in the playoffs. He will always get to the same point and lose! No RING! Join the Barkley Club....there are a few! That's why KD got outta there he saw his future. Someone broke a mirror (7 days bad luck)
OMG789 - 25 days ago
Karen Sunjo
Karen Sunjo - 25 days ago
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AlkamistStar - 25 days ago
Russ had 2 people open....he drives and fails. Typical Russ - predictable.
Random person
Random person - 25 days ago
team blame starts from the top down. his attitude and demeanor dictate how the team goes. they live and die by his play and his decisions. if you enable his bad habits u will never go anywhere. why doesnt anyone hold him accountable? biggest guys for blame are russ and billy donovan. russ is out of control and donovan doesnt do anything besides make subs
Random person
Random person - 25 days ago
oh and someone teach him how to play defense. ran from dame all series.
Momoy Fart
Momoy Fart - 25 days ago
Cause Westbrook only relies on his athleticism
Fulete Carola
Fulete Carola - 25 days ago
This team looking serious and if they had Spurs Center 🙈🙈🙈👀
Joe Cutting
Joe Cutting - 25 days ago
L M - 25 days ago
westbrook had the worst +/- of anybody on either team this boy was just born to lose I doubt he ever gets out of Round 1 lol
DIY Everywhere TV
DIY Everywhere TV - 25 days ago
You Sub me, I will sub again for you.
Shaugn B.
Shaugn B. - 25 days ago
Russ just needs to figure out the same thing Jordan had to figure out to win. Jordan didn't start winning til he learned to trust his team.
ScorpionMassive - 25 days ago
Funny they did not realize how lazy Westbrook in the defensive end. If Westbrook would have just 25% of Patrick Beverly's defense, things would have turned out differently in this series.
ScorpionMassive - 25 days ago
That bye-bye sign says it all.
Major Bred
Major Bred - 25 days ago
So Russell will be the shooting guard that can't shoot Chuck?
Elliott Avant
Elliott Avant - 25 days ago
Portland could fool around and win the championship.
On another note, Kanter was an excellent acquisition by them.
King Harkinian
King Harkinian - 25 days ago
Black Widow dies in Endgame along with Tony Stark
نجم العراق
نجم العراق - 25 days ago
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The Best EvEr
The Best EvEr - 25 days ago
What is happening to OKC it’s call the James Harden curse !!😂
senorashish - 25 days ago
OKC will be our generation's Stockton and Malone Utah Jazz: Formidable team in the Western Conference with a great one-two punch, but no titles to show and endless frustration for fans.
B R - 25 days ago
This show would be better without shaq
G.i. Samurai
G.i. Samurai - 25 days ago
Can you imagine if Brandon Roy was still with Blazers?
Klip One
Klip One - 25 days ago
Dude this guys mouth does not stop moving. Ndn
KingDave Durosier
KingDave Durosier - 25 days ago
Shaq is wrong
Vick Ramirez
Vick Ramirez - 25 days ago
I kinda wanna see blazers vs Warrior's I want Dame Dolla to take em out
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 25 days ago
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Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony - 25 days ago
Billy gotta go
Weston Long
Weston Long - 25 days ago
Go Blazers!
Erick Gutierrez
Erick Gutierrez - 25 days ago
Schroeder broke Cj with that 3 sheeshhh
hugo 4363
hugo 4363 - 25 days ago
Donald Trump wanted for president. 2020 here we come!!!
Richard Chua
Richard Chua - 25 days ago
Epic performance by damian!!!
Desert Gaming
Desert Gaming - 25 days ago
I'm not a Portland fan but I really hope they win the Finals.
SixthTrillCosby - 25 days ago
4:19 how shaq gonna do buddy like that
Daddy Jay
Daddy Jay - 25 days ago
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T M - 25 days ago
Can’t spell choke without okc
KTTV - 25 days ago
Ironman dies in endgame😭😭
Eva Stoll
Eva Stoll - 25 days ago
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D W - 25 days ago
chuck is right
move russ to the 2 so he doesn’t mess it up for everyone. he’s too aggressive, and gets tunnel vision like a mug
Healer1515 - 25 days ago
Can't shoot 11-31.
Seb Christensen
Seb Christensen - 25 days ago
11:05 “they give the ball to Russ and Westbrook”🤨
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