Love Island USA: Alana Storms Off After Yamen Chooses Christen

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Niccolò Paganini
Niccolò Paganini - 4 days ago
And ya en is hella ugly what do ppl see in him
Niccolò Paganini
Niccolò Paganini - 4 days ago
Guys suck
Shaniya Tate
Shaniya Tate - 6 days ago
Broo I was so freaking madddddd Alana needed much better yamen is a player and did her wrong christen was probably a gold digger and I'm glad she got voted off later on
slimequeen aubrey
slimequeen aubrey - 12 days ago
I cried when Alanna had to go
Jhalae Evans
Jhalae Evans - 15 days ago
I’m sorry but Alana did not have to kiss yamen that was petty plus she’s a black girl and she cry weird
Claire Bear
Claire Bear - 17 days ago
This sucks :'(
Joren Weldon
Joren Weldon - 25 days ago
Anyone crying during this vid in November 2019?
Maddie - 25 days ago offense but um yeah the og love island uk is the best. dont @ me
SilentLittleGirl - 25 days ago
Alana is so pretty..
Maya Ryder's
Maya Ryder's - 26 days ago
Ommmmggggg Alana I love her
Eleanor Myers
Eleanor Myers - 27 days ago
Just Melissa
Just Melissa - 28 days ago
Bruh Mallory is hella annoying like sis didn't know what tf she wanted. She made it super clear to weston that it was just a friendship and nothing more and now a new chick comes and catches his eyes and he actually has a connection and now she wanna be all territorial ?! Gurl bye- as for alana i feel super bad and she did deserve better but tbh i lowkey saw a connection with yamen and kristen but i feel like he should've handled it way better.
Ana-Maria Traci
Ana-Maria Traci - 29 days ago
Alana was the best... she didn't deserve it
Hailah Leach
Hailah Leach - Month ago
He chose that ugly behind Christian over Alana Alana tho ok ok
tara connor
tara connor - Month ago
This black girl is so pretty
Merian Namrouti
Merian Namrouti - Month ago
bye bye yamen ☺️
Angela Alvarez
Angela Alvarez - Month ago
Was I the only one who cryed...
Anyone else....
Ok then...
Galaxi 7
Galaxi 7 - Month ago
Notice how he balled his eyes when his first choice left but didn't shed a tear for Alana?
Golden Lea
Golden Lea - Month ago
Kyra needs shut up cause she would be crying or cursing someone out
Line Kazlauskaite
Line Kazlauskaite - Month ago
If I dumped a guy, got in a couple with another one and he forced a kiss on me like that it would be literally harassment. I do not get how everyone feels he is in the wrong. It was really weird.
Mukuba Edith
Mukuba Edith - Month ago
Alana deserves better she said you still chocolate 🍫 😭
umm cool
umm cool - Month ago
alana deserves way betterrrrrrr
Ursula Boamah
Ursula Boamah - Month ago
I know you’re all commenting about how you’re mad at yamen but I‘m here mad about the girls nobody but caro comforted alana -like what kinda friends are you 🤦🏼‍♀️
joy - Month ago
tbh alana is so gorgeous he’s stupid for leaving her
Love 365
Love 365 - Month ago
Alana made me cry
James Hauser
James Hauser - Month ago
whats the song while alana packs her bags?
LifeWithRena *
LifeWithRena * - Month ago
Yamen strong neck self wasn’t that cute to begin with 🙄
Salina Hussain
Salina Hussain - Month ago
I felt bad for Mallory😭💔💔
when life gives you a pot of curry
Yo these girls need to realize that there is a whole world out these ugly ducklings aren't all there is in the world. Sad tho
bruhitsliz - Month ago
this episode had me ballin I swear to god I was in tears. imma vote yamen off on my mama. yo . hit me up when Alana gets back. I'm done watching this show
Faith Ervin
Faith Ervin - Month ago
What's impressive is how fast they switch the names on the beds!! Like woooooow!!!
Megan Gudgeon
Megan Gudgeon - Month ago
“I hate being the cause of someone pain” whilst smouldering- literally couldn’t care less - stfu - tool
fiona - Month ago
Ya'll taking about yamen but westons hopping girls. He goes 1 to another and then rotates again.
annie lou
annie lou - 2 months ago
say it with me “ALANA DESERVED BETTER” ‼️
Averi Rubi
Averi Rubi - 2 months ago
Alana deserves so much better!!
Kylee Sparklez
Kylee Sparklez - 2 months ago
I hate christen
Betelihem Lopez de Medrano
This show is toxic
Lili luna
Lili luna - 2 months ago
Am watching the show bc of Alana 😭😪
Lifearoundliv 101
Lifearoundliv 101 - 2 months ago
2:37 to 2:50 al cute xx
Mckenzie Jones
Mckenzie Jones - 2 months ago
my thumb hurts from liking all these comments lmaooo
rebekahmcnairr _
rebekahmcnairr _ - 2 months ago
Someone’s head popes in when they are talking to each other
Royal Blue6
Royal Blue6 - 2 months ago
Bro im so mad then they kissed😡 i hope that other girl cheat on him😑
Jean Cross
Jean Cross - 2 months ago
I Like the USA better than our one and there no swearing on this one on the U.K. one there a lot it the people are nice on the USA one xx
CAITLYNS CORNER - 2 months ago
Why has the USA stole our show
Brooklyn Haley
Brooklyn Haley - 2 months ago
i am the only one who cried with them
The gacha Queen
The gacha Queen - 2 months ago
Lol the music makes me cry 😭 I
Melady Ton
Melady Ton - 3 months ago
Tell me why when they got the text I started to hate yamen ¿
Aurie Anne Hewes
Aurie Anne Hewes - 3 months ago
Poor Alana I loved her
CA_Gizelle - 3 months ago
Yemen is just like every other simp in the Western world.
kaykay Evans
kaykay Evans - 3 months ago
Yemen was so lame for that.
DistortedV12 - 3 months ago
For those girls freaking out about this, just know that guys get curved ALL the time. It makes you a stronger person.
Ava Jacobs
Ava Jacobs - 3 months ago
Am I the only one that was sad that Mallory and Alana were leaving I genuinely liked both of them.
Angelica Romero
Angelica Romero - 4 months ago
“I would like too.” Obviously not enough if you’re keeping your distance
Samantha Wong
Samantha Wong - 4 months ago
Where’s the Asians at in this whole show?! 😂
Zani LovesAnime
Zani LovesAnime - 4 months ago
Like Yaman and her was a good couple and I thought no they should had stayed together but am so sad for she is so supportive and caring like this made me really cry I hope she find someone better
Lorina L
Lorina L - 4 months ago
Poor Alana
Chill Tuesday
Chill Tuesday - 4 months ago
the only reason yam is on the island is bc alana picked him. with out her he wouldnt be there and im so happy he got out
Chill Tuesday
Chill Tuesday - 4 months ago
hopefully alana finds a better person at home than yam 🍠

edit: i spelt a word wrong oops typo
Faisal Saeed
Faisal Saeed - 4 months ago
I have never watched this show but I really feel sorry for Alana she is special I am sure about it.
Landa Robinson
Landa Robinson - 4 months ago
Can anyone tell me what’s Alana instagram
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