how midwesterners call their dogs

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Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson - 3 months ago
if you or a loved one has been affected by a dog please follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets
Tanks and other games
Tanks and other games - 3 days ago
Shell casing c'mon she'll casi'n
hoogeh - 2 months ago
I like you outro music:)
thelastDAN - 2 months ago
Sarah Snyder Trusts The Plan Thotiana
Striker Reddit
Striker Reddit - 2 months ago
My step dad had a dog named Federal. He named it after Federal Ammunition.
Christopher Green
Christopher Green - 2 months ago
So stupid! lol :D
Sex Pistoleros
Sex Pistoleros - 7 hours ago
Ah yes my favourite. Menards.
Peter Booth
Peter Booth - Day ago
My old mans dog just passed away this last weekend. His name was Ruger, named after my dads favourite gun. I shared this video and he thought it was hilarious - the healing power of comedy:) much appreciated Gus
Juliana Valdez
Juliana Valdez - Day ago
F I R E A R M ? !!
Lonelion924 - 2 days ago
I have never felt so called out
QueefLatina - 2 days ago
Shell Casing
Uiri Priest
Uiri Priest - 2 days ago
just the names of gun parts lmao
JLDoubleU - 2 days ago
guns, tools, and hardware stores. if that aint the midwest then where tf am i
marvel marble
marvel marble - 4 days ago
Lexie Vrieling
Lexie Vrieling - 5 days ago
My cousin has a dog named Remi...
Tripp Babica
Tripp Babica - 5 days ago
gun. . . g u u u n n n n
TR Lyons
TR Lyons - 6 days ago
*clicks tongue while clapping my hands* Craftsman, get away from that damn chicken
Pootis Bird _Lv 90_
Pootis Bird _Lv 90_ - 7 days ago
* I name my dogs after countries *
Zacharias - 7 days ago
*G U N*
BR Rider
BR Rider - 8 days ago
Literally no person names their pets this..dumb
grayfiresoul - 8 days ago
You forgot 'Mossberg'
Joshua Franklin
Joshua Franklin - 9 days ago
the one missing component was an ample amount of spit
Audrie Allison
Audrie Allison - 9 days ago
Yeah I know a dog named crankshaft pfffft
Audrie Allison
Audrie Allison - 9 days ago
Baylee IsHere
Baylee IsHere - 10 days ago
How else are you supposed to call dogs?? Did I miss something?
TheGodOfPez - 10 days ago
Sheer brilliance.
Molly Rose
Molly Rose - 11 days ago
this got dark fast
Payon de
Payon de - 11 days ago
I live in Kansas and this is scarily accurate
China-Cherié - 11 days ago
Omg! When you laugh at your own jokes.... 😍😍😍 Lol!! XD
C Eastep
C Eastep - 11 days ago
sorry gus.
Riley Sullivan
Riley Sullivan - 11 days ago
My god even your name is midwestern
TG FireforEffect
TG FireforEffect - 13 days ago
Gun! Lol
Dalton Swayze
Dalton Swayze - 13 days ago
so midwesterners are from the south now?
Jenn L
Jenn L - 13 days ago
Black and decker, I think I’ll use those names for my future dogs
Blue Cola
Blue Cola - 15 days ago
i had a dog named remy (short for remington) and I’m not even from the Midwest I live in pa lol
Kiwi Blanket
Kiwi Blanket - 3 days ago
stan palaye royale okay bye
polishprince334 - 15 days ago
Sometimes I just call my dog ... Dog
the voice in your head
the voice in your head - 15 days ago
I wanna name my dog fire

Hanna Wozniczka
Hanna Wozniczka - 16 days ago
my neighbor has dogs named "dog" and "d.o.g"

hello from wisconsin!
Charlie Chase
Charlie Chase - 16 days ago
Look is on point, dog names are funny. However as an Iowan/Minnesotan we don't say "y'all" ever. It's "yohu gaise"
sara kilani
sara kilani - 17 days ago
Can you make a video on how to whistle like that?
Xile HQ
Xile HQ - 18 days ago
I’m from central Texas and my dogs name is Tequila
Annika Rose
Annika Rose - 18 days ago
As a person who has a dogs named Winchester and Maverick... I can confirm this😂 (we call them Winnie and Mav)
ayow wash poppin
ayow wash poppin - 18 days ago
home depot let’s go
Banana - 19 days ago
Shaun Alina
Shaun Alina - 20 days ago
deaf people: 0:20
Ollie Williams
Ollie Williams - 22 days ago
You forgot the name "Diesel"
Pooh - 23 days ago
23 Savage
23 Savage - 23 days ago
LA sucks
Gillian Kromer
Gillian Kromer - 23 days ago
I work at a groomer and there's a dog that comes in named Soul Patch
Marlon Hengtgen
Marlon Hengtgen - 23 days ago
You, sir, have just earned a new subscriber.
Crow404Error - 24 days ago
as a Minnesotan this is accurate
jim treebob
jim treebob - 25 days ago
I like how they’re all named after guns, tools, and places that sell guns and tools.
Bud Savoie
Bud Savoie - 25 days ago
He seems to have a lot of dogs, but none of them come.
everytime's the first time
Guys, I just got a puppy and I need a name for him
almost7891 - 26 days ago
Forgot ruger.
Sadie Flannery
Sadie Flannery - 26 days ago
My Dads dogs name is Gunner and I'm from WI so 😅😂😂 sadly this also applies to midwest children 😂😂😂
B00k Draw31
B00k Draw31 - 27 days ago
The names are crazy... but who are the dogs?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
paisley davis
paisley davis - 27 days ago
a gus video would not be complete without a split second break in character
Supister - 27 days ago
Ken Snith
Ken Snith - 27 days ago
Hi I’m from Missouri (pronounced misery) and my dogs name is Bella. And so is my best friends dog. And so is my neighbors. And so is my aunts. And so i
Jarrid S.
Jarrid S. - 25 days ago
From Arkansas (pronounced are can saw) and I can confirm my cousin married to my other cousin named their dog Bella as well.
Implicit demand for proof
Y O U L O O K L I K E leonardo dicaprio thankyou
Shirley R.
Shirley R. - 28 days ago
How did you get this video of my uncles
Hardcore Hunter
Hardcore Hunter - 28 days ago
This feels like a personal attack dogs my family has had Winnie/Winchester, Remington, Bullet, Magnum, Daisy like the bb guns, Buck.
WT Actual. . .
WT Actual. . . - 28 days ago
How they call them or how they *name* them? Seems you mistitled the video entirely. smdh
Not Teardrop
Not Teardrop - 28 days ago
I think Gus is one of the funniest youtubers on the platform
Emma Speckels
Emma Speckels - 29 days ago
Saffron Horton
Saffron Horton - 29 days ago
Most people in the Midwest don't have accents. I hate that stereotype.
Wicked Gamer
Wicked Gamer - 29 days ago
u look like Leonardo Dicaprio
Bridget Yetman
Bridget Yetman - 29 days ago
My dogs name is OP for Optimus prime lol
Summer O
Summer O - 29 days ago
I feel attacked
Aimee - Month ago
Only real midwesterners name their dogs Menards
Mathieu Desmeules
Mathieu Desmeules - Month ago
Trigger! c'mawn!
Cassie - Month ago
how did you get this video of my uncle
novalaki - Month ago
Haha I live in Iowa this is accurate
No.1 - Month ago
Midwesterner approved
Nicole LaBoyne
Nicole LaBoyne - Month ago
Jhailes Flores
Jhailes Flores - Month ago
*A M M U N I T I O N*
Gabrielle T
Gabrielle T - Month ago
Got me at Menards
mauri11 - Month ago
I want more of this character! Hilarious
Hannah Dowd
Hannah Dowd - Month ago
Our dog’s name is Ears cuz she has big ear
MrFunkhauser - Month ago
You got the farmer whistle down
_livwith me
_livwith me - Month ago
When we had a littler of puppies there was one I really wanted to keep till the man buying him told me he was going to name him ruger like the gun and owned 50 acres. Never handed over a puppy so quick.
Goblintom - Month ago
Actually, Holster sounds kinda good. And no, i'm not american.
bootysama - Month ago
lbr Ammunition is a good name for a dog
malia - Month ago
there's literally a kid at my high school named remington n his brother's name is cannon
ariweather - Month ago
Why is this true
god of door
god of door - Month ago
so just a video of my dad?
Bee Hawz
Bee Hawz - Month ago
Jubach - Month ago
Hahaha the end
Allison Bilbey
Allison Bilbey - Month ago
Gus, how’d you get this video of my uncle?
shooglechic - Month ago
I feel personally attacked😂🤣😂. Well, not me, but all of my cousins dogs are literally firearms manufacturers' names.
Zachary Abella
Zachary Abella - Month ago
_long ass, high-pitched whistle_
Madysin Sucks
Madysin Sucks - Month ago
oh god i feel attacked, except my dogs name is stallone
Medalion - Month ago
C'mon Rifle... RIFLE... shoot dammit...
Madden Blitz god
Madden Blitz god - Month ago
Chrissy - Month ago
Joshua Athey
Joshua Athey - Month ago
Not a single Chevy, Ford, or Dodge reference. I'm disappointed, Gus.
grace - Month ago
you forgot fleet farm
MNhockeyav12 - Month ago
“Menards cmon boi”😂
Logan0019 Games
Logan0019 Games - Month ago
I'm a midwesterner and i can confirm this exactly how we call our dogs
💢Zalzion⛼ - Month ago
strawburytom - Month ago
My friend had a dog named Ruger, and now ... she has a dog named bullet 😒
Ayush Raj
Ayush Raj - Month ago
0:42: GUN *GUN*
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo - Month ago
As a Midwesterner with a dog named Remington I approve
Kael Kovers
Kael Kovers - Month ago
Menards- the true mark of an upper midwesterner
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