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Tracy Louis
Tracy Louis - 2 days ago
Is it just me or does anyone else watch James and Jefree but never a girl. I practically more interesting watching a different gender be your gender 😂
Neytan Yel
Neytan Yel - 2 days ago
At first I thought the video is
0.75x speed XD
Kaylen Marlow
Kaylen Marlow - 2 days ago
he suits it when he has a suit on, omg anyone else agree.
Zanna Protsman
Zanna Protsman - 3 days ago
18:10 Milo Thatch needs a shave.
Rebeca Martin
Rebeca Martin - 4 days ago
Sili Solo
Sili Solo - 6 days ago
Love u sister❤❤❤
Abby's Diary
Abby's Diary - 13 days ago
why does that lady wear a wig when she has such beautiful hair
Llisel Huerta
Llisel Huerta - 13 days ago
She talks way too slow Omg I can’t
oxello 9
oxello 9 - 15 days ago
W końcu nie wygląda jak pedal
Gadea Del Monte
Gadea Del Monte - 19 days ago
I love you
АЛЕКСАНДРА Kat - 20 days ago
Какой он красивый без макияжа. РУССКИЕ ПРИВЕТ!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖🐨💖🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨💖💖
Clara Totten
Clara Totten - 22 days ago
he kinda fr looked like my uncle. :/ sister stange
Karely Galvez
Karely Galvez - 22 days ago
Where did you get your beautiful bracelet?
Rachel Greening
Rachel Greening - 23 days ago
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis - 23 days ago
Terrible wig
Ariana Sweetener
Ariana Sweetener - 23 days ago
Did y’all see the face that sister James made like if you did
Lps Sugar
Lps Sugar - 24 days ago
Yay he’s a regular boy now to earrings no jewelry and no nail polish
Alx rr
Alx rr - 24 days ago
emma locci
emma locci - 25 days ago
Ciao 👋
CutePlayer 833
CutePlayer 833 - 26 days ago
You look gross
florencia Miño
florencia Miño - 26 days ago
Sos tan lind@
Annie Melton
Annie Melton - 26 days ago
I HATE how he talked abt Tanna con that's bull
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn - 26 days ago
You suck
Eco gamer
Eco gamer - 27 days ago
Go commit Hi sisters
Cristina Calleja
Cristina Calleja - 27 days ago
Te admiro James saludos desde españa
Ella barney
Ella barney - 27 days ago
Pause and put captions on at 5:44 when he's says umm
Natukkaa Arutinovvii
Natukkaa Arutinovvii - 28 days ago
You are beautiful when you didn't have makeup 🤗
MARIANA REIG VIDAL - 28 days ago
Minute12:50 it sims ham
تهاني المغربي
انا ارجل منه
Lily !
Lily ! - 28 days ago
Omg I am alway $0 every day
kashmala jan
kashmala jan - 28 days ago
You are a boy not a girl
Kenn Lorigan
Kenn Lorigan - 26 days ago
I think he knows
Cj Omg
Cj Omg - 28 days ago
A tip to make your viewers not have to skip half your video LESS TALKING
Avakin leah
Avakin leah - 28 days ago
Can u talk like a boy pls I mean I'm not judging u no no no not that but just like do a vid like being a boy for 24 pls?
•Ashley• Omg
•Ashley• Omg - 28 days ago
Sister James is tired, 1 like means 1 nap for our sister here.
#Phoebe’s DIY
#Phoebe’s DIY - 28 days ago
He’s like yeah yeah yeh totally yeah when he has no clue
Destiny Maiaire
Destiny Maiaire - 28 days ago
2hrs Of Sleep Daannng SiStEr
Albandari12 Albandari 12
Albandari12 Albandari 12 - 28 days ago
I are the makeup artist I’ve ever seen 👌🏼💕
Elizabeth Lovelace
Elizabeth Lovelace - 28 days ago
He’s bad at being a girl and bad at being a boy what is he?
Vanessa Barbosa
Vanessa Barbosa - 28 days ago
Are you a guy or a girl
GM_ELISSA - 28 days ago
No one:
Karina Juatez
Karina Juatez - 29 days ago
Romina030309 Cardonavela
Romina030309 Cardonavela - 29 days ago
Botón de en la miniatura se ve muy bebé 😊🤭
Atsuka - 29 days ago
he look like a jesus
Lei McClendon
Lei McClendon - 29 days ago
This video called me broke 300 times
Willow Wonka
Willow Wonka - 29 days ago
I just saw sister Ean in the back just chillin 😂
Dulce Maciel
Dulce Maciel - 29 days ago
do not listen to them you are beautiful your makeup is perfect and it is so silly do not listen to them you are beautiful as you are ok
Sheryl Wood
Sheryl Wood - Month ago
that was the longest intro everrrrrrr i had to put in on 1.25 speed. he seems to talk normally on that speeed.!!!!!!
aroth2019 - Month ago
you look like Keanu Reeves
Daisybelle Perry
Daisybelle Perry - Month ago
Omg what a transformation you should walk in public for 24 hours in this 💜
Khadija Sarwar
Khadija Sarwar - Month ago
He is handsome as boy and beautiful as girl😊
Cutie family
Cutie family - Month ago
Sister surprised she did awesome for a sec I forgot it was james lol🤣
Double RO
Double RO - Month ago
Are you a girl
AMANDA miranda
AMANDA miranda - Month ago
2019 anyone????
LovableMadness - Month ago
Love u
•Bittersweet Reaper•
Somehow he's still handsome like that-
Eternal Love
Eternal Love - Month ago
JAMES, YOU ROCK ... God bless you always!!!!!!!
Sameer Sam
Sameer Sam - Month ago
He looks like James potter
Sameer Sam
Sameer Sam - Month ago
Pun intended
Addie Hunt
Addie Hunt - Month ago
Total spoop
goth girl two bulls
goth girl two bulls - Month ago
I'm almost your fan
yasmin Barbosa
yasmin Barbosa - Month ago
Ficou legal mano, até que ficou bonito!
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