Trevor Noah on Oprah, The Daily Show & Donald Trump

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David Sean Dent
David Sean Dent - 7 days ago
Has anyone noticed that Jimmy has raised his chair......? Just saying...
Quentin Keener
Quentin Keener - 8 days ago
How you goin say his show was illegitimate till Oprah came I usually like jimmy but he was hating with that
Ruby Redd
Ruby Redd - 11 days ago
Love Trevor!🙏♥️🙏
Trevor is The Daily Show and more! He's enthusiastic, transparent, kind, excellent work ethic! Truly enjoy him beyond words, hard working, great sense of humor. Out of all the late talk shows, he's incredibly the hardest working man.
Kudos Trevor! You've come a long way baby! Blessings!🙏
thechrisonater0514 - 12 days ago
Catriana Abram
Catriana Abram - 13 days ago
His intelligence is so attractive
Frank Westphal
Frank Westphal - 13 days ago
Pineapple pizza is so good. Just a thought. Pineapple, regular bacon (gotta get the crunch), arugula. You get sweet, salty, sour from the tomato sauce, and bitter from the arugula. Could it be the best pizza ever? I'm going to try it.
Ceelle2 - 13 days ago
Smart, handsome and kind Trevor....still my preferred son-in-law.
Venom_ Butcher
Venom_ Butcher - 17 days ago
He started out as a small comedian here in South Africa (I live in South Africa) and now he is a host living his dream
From rags to riches
Max Geronimo
Max Geronimo - 18 days ago
It is fun watching all of you Leftists (fascists) lose to President Trump over & over & over again.
Teddy Jimenez
Teddy Jimenez - 20 days ago
I gave it a tumbs down because Jimmy sucks at being a stand up person. He attacks social wise like a little girl, and ends up getting owned by a more inteligent Human Being like Trevor Noah. Im sorry Jimmi Kimmel but your views are extremely below par . Enough with the fit, what are you so angry about get an education. I pitty the...Fool.
Afro-son - 23 days ago
Gosh can this guy be any smarter? He’s just so articulate and he really always comes off smarter than the other guy. Lol
Lesley Allinson
Lesley Allinson - 27 days ago
My son in law is from capetown hes a civil servant ham and pineapple pizza lovely
R M - 29 days ago
Careful Trevor, soon there will be "No Safe Spaces" and you will be looking for a job.....I heard McDonald's is hiring?
Shaun Sebata
Shaun Sebata - Month ago
Funny thing is that things have actually cooled down a bit this side since Trevor left for America. We miss him but thanks guys for taking him.
Cecilia Marques Dicolla
AndrewYang 2020. Humanity First.
SueQueen 92
SueQueen 92 - Month ago
I see Trevor I click ..
Shaaz G
Shaaz G - Month ago
Pineapple on Pizza ! Pizza Hut in HK has one !! 😂
Luca Gethmann
Luca Gethmann - Month ago
This Trevor seems nice he should have his own show
Luca Gethmann
Luca Gethmann - Month ago
@The Childless Millennial r/woosh
The Childless Millennial
Luca Gethmann your kidding right? You do realize he’s the host of the daily show with Trevor Noah?!?
I don't want your apology
Theirs nothing to be angry about!!!! Trevor wtf!
G Sunny
G Sunny - Month ago
Great. 2.5 min listening to two adult guys kissing Oprah’s ass.
Nilu Seneviratne
Nilu Seneviratne - Month ago
Stopped following Jimmy Kimmel after this
Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan - Month ago
lol jimmy is so insecure trevor noah is very talented!
Arjun K
Arjun K - Month ago
I am from what fox news anchor calls third world country and can attest that America has lot of problems that a third world country faces. Crime, poverty, hunger (food islands), corruption (America just gave a nice works for corruption, lobbying) but what makes it different is that there is a way to get out of poverty. Hell, you can grow up poor and end up millionaire or billionaire (like the artist who created studios in Atlanta, I forget his name). This is not true in many countries. In UK and Europe also this is not possible if you are not of right culture or skin tone. America even in trump time is great because of its values that majority hold.
Hossam Alghamdi
Hossam Alghamdi - Month ago
Opera is overrated..there I said it
Marius Thefaker
Marius Thefaker - 2 months ago
i love pineapple on pizza.... f*ck you, don't judge me!!!! 😄
Nathalie Dufour
Nathalie Dufour - 2 months ago
Love Trevor !!!!
Josip Erak
Josip Erak - 2 months ago
Who is this guy?
Henry Mubiru
Henry Mubiru - 2 months ago
One of them has a load of low key character
makingadifference - 3 months ago
Even Noah admits Trump has kept his campaign promises. When your enemies acknowledge it you know it's true.
Andisiwe Dyantyi
Andisiwe Dyantyi - 3 months ago
Someone said Jimmy is passive aggressive and I went 💡 OMG that is it! Somethings been off for me with him
koffy olomide_mopao
koffy olomide_mopao - 3 months ago
some will say , he's well spoken . just the way they said abt obama . we know you guys
Damini Singh
Damini Singh - 4 months ago
Jimmy is low key disrespectful.
Tshego Blessing
Tshego Blessing - 3 months ago
Damini Singh he jealous too
Venomous Soup
Venomous Soup - 4 months ago
6:23 is the best
Jung Leivon Min-PD
Jung Leivon Min-PD - 4 months ago
Trevor Noah is literally..
Like literally bias wrecking me hard.
Anthony Rynes
Anthony Rynes - 4 months ago
I love Trevor when he stays away from politics, very rare. I’m sure he is a great guy to talk to and very funny but I just wish his show were a place to get away from the news and politics of the day. This is why late night is no longer awesome. It used to be a place for comedy and relaxation but not anymore. Very very sad.
Allan Green
Allan Green - 4 months ago
Oh wow Trevor Noah bringing up Donald trump, that’s new for him lol what a fuckin puke. Black people should be embarrassed because he thinks he speaks for them. And if you agree with anything he has to say it just shows the stupidity of Americans
Pat Doyle
Pat Doyle - 4 months ago
I think you have just down a masterful job of showing the stupidity of Americans.
Thabz Muhle
Thabz Muhle - 4 months ago
It doesn't sound like he is blaming him, HE IS BLAMING HIM - FACT
c you
c you - 5 months ago
Trevor is not Kevin Hart...he's not a clown everytime he does a interview and maybe jimmy wanted him to be more comedic
Nishant Mehrotra
Nishant Mehrotra - 5 months ago
Trevor is cool. But Oprah is an opportunist in the most despicable way lately. A real snake
Jorge Alan
Jorge Alan - 5 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks Jimmy is kind of rude with Trevor ??
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