WEIRD PRODUCTS ... The Future of Beauty

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TheTacticalBanana - 11 hours ago
Wet Wild Zombie Blush... WTHeck?! 🤣❤
Corri Langley
Corri Langley - Day ago
What are those liquids in the bottles behind her
Rebecca - 2 days ago
The blush looks like something that could be used more in sfx, which makes me think what if tati tried to do sfx makeup. That's probably test out of her comfort zone maybe but it's just an idea, also hope she's doing well
K- Town
K- Town - 3 days ago
That music she was playing gave me such bad asmr because it sounds just like my alarm clock
레온KpopZombieLover - 3 days ago
11:34 that music with her face I'm wheezing XD
Kendall Glenn
Kendall Glenn - 4 days ago
Knowing Tati also has endometriosis makes me feel better
Arely Vazquez
Arely Vazquez - 5 days ago
I saw a k-beauty product and I clicked
THETowandAA - 5 days ago
Never noticed that the reflection in her eyes forms a smiley 😊
Kellie Thomas
Kellie Thomas - 6 days ago
Love that makeup look. Love the red mascara ❤❤❤. Your stunningly Beautiful as always
Rebeka Hayes
Rebeka Hayes - 6 days ago
Yoooo, whaat Tati has endometriosis??? That she just randomly said that made me so, like not happy, but I have stage II and it's weird to hear celebrities bring it up and that they have it too!!
Zoe Xu
Zoe Xu - 6 days ago
Jimi Leriak
Jimi Leriak - 7 days ago
Anyone here after all that feuds going on between her and james?
Daisy Bernal
Daisy Bernal - 7 days ago
the mom we all didn’t know we needed
Nu Entrulion
Nu Entrulion - 7 days ago
What is baking for?
Elisa - 7 days ago
11:35 would be such a good gif
Chloe1256 - 7 days ago
The way she says kaja names me sad
Jo-ann Lumongsod
Jo-ann Lumongsod - 7 days ago
I laughed sooo freaking hard when Tati put on the blush!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nicole Preston
Nicole Preston - 8 days ago
What are your thoughts on a heated eyelash curler? ✌️😊
Milzam Nadar
Milzam Nadar - 8 days ago
Çhłöî Mįłłër
Çhłöî Mįłłër - 8 days ago
I don’t see why Tati uses contour because she already has the most beautifully sharp face... not in a bad way though
Çhłöî Mįłłër
Çhłöî Mįłłër - 7 days ago
Olivia Omonombe yeah you might be right
Olivia Omonombe
Olivia Omonombe - 7 days ago
I guess it's because foundation tends to make your face look flat and remove al' of the shadows and angles in you face.
Kimberly Sue
Kimberly Sue - 8 days ago
I have been binge watching her videos! I knew who she was, and had watched a couple of her videos...but with it being all over YouTube lately, I have been watching a ton of them!
Ivy McNeil
Ivy McNeil - 9 days ago
Chocolate is what messes up my skin
Luke Smith
Luke Smith - 9 days ago
I loved the red mascara on the bottom lash!!
withoutscars - 9 days ago
i use a sponge thats really hard when i buy it but if i squeeze it under water for like 1-2 minutes it gets SO much softer AND its 4 dollars 👌🏻
uwu bunbun
uwu bunbun - 9 days ago
Didn't expect cristine in this video but I'm ECSTATIC THAT SHE IS.
Erin Ross
Erin Ross - 10 days ago
Your gorgeous and you know it!
nikki d
nikki d - 10 days ago
13:56 why is that the most early 2000s thing i’ve ever seen 😂😂
fagshow - 10 days ago
you are such a gem
Serenity Grace
Serenity Grace - 10 days ago
Congrats on 9 million mama ❤️
Vanessa W.
Vanessa W. - 10 days ago
Tati, please bring your product to Europe.
Eleanor Radaza
Eleanor Radaza - 11 days ago
OMG paws up...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
KaseyNo - 11 days ago
I need the zombie blush in my life-
Cherry R
Cherry R - 11 days ago
Makeup newbie here, just found Tati's channel, but I was just wondering what baking is?
Andrea C.O
Andrea C.O - 7 days ago
Cherry R you’re welcome! Happy to help
Cherry R
Cherry R - 7 days ago
+Andrea C.O thank you so much! I'm excited to look into and try it C:
Andrea C.O
Andrea C.O - 7 days ago
Mary Mack the Queen Of Whack yeah, i’d recommend Laura Mercier, its really nice
Mary Mack the Queen Of Whack
+Cherry R it's any powder honestly, any will do. Some are better than others but any powder will work.
Cherry R
Cherry R - 9 days ago
+Andrea C.O thank you! Is it a particular special type of powder for that purpose or just any powder?
chlxrine - 11 days ago
what a gorgeous queen wow 😍😍
Brittney Grimes
Brittney Grimes - 11 days ago
On zombie bleach would make a better eye shadow
Brittney Grimes
Brittney Grimes - 11 days ago
Sorry zombie blush***
Franzipanda D.
Franzipanda D. - 11 days ago
6:44 😂😂😂
funkITupDUDE - 11 days ago
"Dyson is so versatile guys!" Me-press subscribe button 🖤
LunaNightshade - 11 days ago
Yup that's the *Holo Queen* 😂
I hope she never changes ❤
Ace Holt
Ace Holt - 12 days ago
Hey Tati!! The Kaja brand emulates k beauty so and the ‘j’ has a hard pronunciation ❤️
Valley Girl
Valley Girl - 12 days ago
All of Pat McGrath's lipsticks, glosses, and eye shadow pallets are AMAZBALLS! She's a creative genius!
Emily Costello
Emily Costello - 12 days ago
Also, where do u get ur mirrors, we all want to know
Emily Costello
Emily Costello - 12 days ago
"I had salsa last night-
We stan
KENTONO TUMULAK - 13 days ago
Cristine is a true friend
Learn James Charles
Grace Venturi
Grace Venturi - 13 days ago
Grace Venturi
Grace Venturi - 13 days ago
and were can i get some?
Brooke Chiasson
Brooke Chiasson - 13 days ago
You are kidding about loving that contour right?
Sofia Crocchianti
Sofia Crocchianti - 15 days ago
You can put whatever you want on your face (like that zombie thing) and still look BEAUTIFUL. 🌸
u aa
u aa - 15 days ago
Cristine is a successful fan😂
Sammy-Jayne - 15 days ago
Watching this video after Tati teaches Ben and honestly I love all their energy together 💕
Anika Morrison
Anika Morrison - 17 days ago
I do my make up in my pajama shirt no matter what time of day it is, if I don't need to do my makeup until later in the day I just put the shirt back on.
Kelsie Harris
Kelsie Harris - 18 days ago
Sonia Lisbeth Bracamonte
Sonia Lisbeth Bracamonte - 18 days ago
Tati blow drying her underarms is so relatable 😂😂😂 I love her
Native Tigers
Native Tigers - 19 days ago
Pinky's up
L456 TaterTot
L456 TaterTot - 19 days ago
So “fun” to watch a video with a hand held mirror in front of your face constantly. Seriously? You’re so passive aggressive.
Adriana Valencia M
Adriana Valencia M - 24 days ago
Does someone knows the name and brand of the brush she used for contouring? 😭
thelm - 25 days ago
Oooh it looks like I got burned...😂😂😂😂😂😂
Makeup With Mandi
Makeup With Mandi - 28 days ago
L'oreal true match!!!! Lol I remembered
Makeup With Mandi
Makeup With Mandi - 28 days ago
I use to use a fountain that went on the same way! I loved it lol cant remember what brand.
Krista malitsky
Krista malitsky - Month ago
Haha that whole get ready naked I do cause I always end up covered in setting powder
Lourdes Rojas
Lourdes Rojas - Month ago
Klio Paez
Klio Paez - Month ago
This is my favorite video to rewatch. I think it’s hilarious and some products r so strange to me. But in the end u always give a 100% true and helpful review
Felipe Barbosa
Felipe Barbosa - Month ago
“So I actually got, uhm... oil that is called Fur Oil for my vagina. I will never be trying that on on camera, but...” - your indignation made me LAUGH MY ASS OFF 😂😂😂
cindy harris
cindy harris - Month ago
I love your videos but the burn joke wasn’t cool, then to follow with how horrible it looked.
Eve N
Eve N - Month ago
Thank you so much for making me discover Dear Katie Brown. I now have several shades and I just LOVE them. They're the most amazing pressed glitters ever.
Monika Velikova
Monika Velikova - Month ago
If you hate your body, how to get ready naked ...
Monika Velikova
Monika Velikova - Month ago
Bring in Cristine the science queen!
Bethany Rosier
Bethany Rosier - Month ago
I’m not sure how most of these products were classed as ‘weird’ lmao. Seemed pretty normal products for the most part.
sassy britches
sassy britches - Month ago
Tati can you talk about your haircut? When you get it done, what do you ask for? What kind of layers, etc? Does the back come to a V or is it more straight across? I think I want like your exact cut!
Nadiah zafar
Nadiah zafar - Month ago
Can you please try Hanacure skin firming products and give your opinion??
leylapats - Month ago
Am I the only one who kinda thought the blush looked good with the dress?? Yes?...ok
Sarah Meowrison-Meow-lins
I honestly need to know what the vagina cream is supposed to do and how it did....🤔
Kimmi Indigo
Kimmi Indigo - Month ago
@tati , are you using table salt or Sea Salt?
Classy Frog
Classy Frog - Month ago
the zombie blush i think is for people with darker skin
Vina Klein
Vina Klein - Month ago
omg dyson your underarms, you are hilarious!
Ashlee Melanson
Ashlee Melanson - Month ago
you made me hungry talking about THE SLIGHTEST BIT of food lmaooooo so i got myself some snacks
ArianaSheesh - Month ago
That blush just ain’t it
christine woods
christine woods - Month ago
your make up looks great
Salma Hernández
Salma Hernández - Month ago
i think that zombie blush could be a really dope eyeshadow
PS: please caption your videos!!! people with hearing disabilities need it, and also i’m not a native english speaker and it helps a lot :)
Aubrey Jean Bulacan
Aubrey Jean Bulacan - Month ago
Please bring Cristine back to your channel and maybe you can visit her channel too. Visit her igloo in Canada. 💕 Pleaseeeeeeee!!!
Love you both.
EllsBells Xo
EllsBells Xo - Month ago
Just started watching you and I’m obsessed! Xx
Brooke Warner
Brooke Warner - Month ago
The blush part where she added I’m the little theme song made me laugh so hard 😂🤣
Wicked Queenie
Wicked Queenie - Month ago
OMG I love the lipstick. I need to try it!!! ❤️
Rinny Jean
Rinny Jean - Month ago
I simply don't understand how she doesnt have like 20m subscribers yet. ❤ her.
OkinawaOwl0 0
OkinawaOwl0 0 - Month ago
Wet and wild released a color changing cream blush and it’s not bad
Typical CheetohPuff
Typical CheetohPuff - Month ago
a mellow version,Of Cristine
bpawka - Month ago
Do Skype tutorials with Cristine, please
jasmyn kirkland
jasmyn kirkland - Month ago
“Tati says be healthy, I be healthy”
Shriya Jain
Shriya Jain - Month ago
Dolly Mandel
Dolly Mandel - Month ago
Dont feel weird about the swelling! Its quite normal! I'm the same when I have 2 much starch & salt combine .
Elizabeth Valdez Gloria
I know what you mean by the salt! But I can’t stay away I love love looooooove salt!! I put it on my tacos before trying them 😭
Shivangi Pande
Shivangi Pande - Month ago
She looks so beautiful
Taylor - Month ago
How she said kaja was funnyyyyyy
eliza xo
eliza xo - Month ago
tati: ‘this is firm, it is very firm’
my thoughts: that’s what she said.
Steph Luise
Steph Luise - Month ago
Love that look tati! You are very sympathetic to me :)
svezbuz - Month ago
Emily Thomason
Emily Thomason - Month ago
Love the way you talk ❤️
kayla McLaughlin
kayla McLaughlin - Month ago
Your soooooooo pretty OMGGG 😍
Potato Asmr
Potato Asmr - Month ago
You need to like stop talking so much. It gets so annoying. *jesus*
Jada Wilson
Jada Wilson - Month ago
Tati I think you're a little over critical of the zombie highlighter. I feel like on a green skin tone or on the eye it would be sickening!
Abbs - Month ago
We Stan Cristine
Zhraa ALnemer
Zhraa ALnemer - Month ago
Why do i feel like Tati Pronounce kaja wrong ? Is it the same korean word that means let’s go? If so its Pronounce ( ka ) as Khalid in English and (ja) as the word jasmine
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