Death Stranding Tips (By Tim Rogers)

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yao - Day ago
a minimum of 60 inch TV is a must. Anything smaller make my eyes hurt. You just need to read so much. If you are not the reading type, this game is not for you.
Ebob 41
Ebob 41 - 3 days ago
27 mins of comedy 198 haters who would'nt know sarcasm even it was explained to them.
Redwan R
Redwan R - 5 days ago
I love this game. I love this video. And no, Tim did not ruin it at 27:00
Andrew Whitehead
Andrew Whitehead - 6 days ago
Before I finished episode 3, I built the full freeway from Lake Knot City to South Knot City (I think about 7+ freeway building structures). BUILD FREEWAYS! Easier to deliver packages = more stars = more (and better) equipment.
Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel - 7 days ago
Do not let the weirdness scare you away. This is the best game I've played in a long time. It is so much more than a "walking simulator". This game, this moment, will be remembered. It's something completely new and unique. Be a part of it.
Achilleas Philippides
Achilleas Philippides - 7 days ago
6:55 You can see elevation if you tilt the map with the flat button and tilting the controller forward.
It was the first instruction given in the game...
A B - 12 days ago
NASD - 12 days ago
Once i was traversing a bridge and i got distracted, when i looked at the monitor i was on top of the interface on the end of the bridge, ahahahahahahahahah, that was so funny :)
zer0M - 18 days ago
Tim Rogers carrying the torch for Mark from Classic Game Room! You got the dry sarcasm, general humor and cadence down pat.
heyguyslol GAMING
heyguyslol GAMING - 19 days ago
Great video especially when you start narrating it with that Clint Eastwood voice, very nice touch.
Indigo Sunset
Indigo Sunset - 19 days ago
this game's pacing is the worst pacing ive ever seen in any video game. ever.
kojima: genius director
kojima: retarded editor
The Claw
The Claw - 20 days ago
Hunh. The letters for the word "Fetus" are in the YT Url.
Smooth Tim Rogers.
Very smooth.
Donovan Flugel
Donovan Flugel - 20 days ago
I LOVE this game! Really enjoying it! I am 41yrs old, and I have been playing all sorts of games all my life, This is def one of the BEST! 10/10. Thank you HK!
Matt F
Matt F - 20 days ago
Big tip I wish I knew earlier is to ride the motorcycle at full speed and tap X button to pull up and “jump” over rocks and and streams, you can totally clear r
Brick Master
Brick Master - 20 days ago
Actually you can see different elevations and mountains and stuff by holding down the touch pad and tilting you controller backwards or forwards.
Dro Wzee
Dro Wzee - 21 day ago
Been playing the game non-stop for 2 weeks so I have already learned the things that he mentions in the end, but holding square to remove all the markers, now thats what I am talking about.
The King of Fools
The King of Fools - 21 day ago
Dear Tim Rogers,
I, the viewer, am writing to you, the content creator, to say thank you for this extraordinary in-depth commentary on being the best Porter possible.
As someone who’s played and completed every Hideo Kojima game created, as well as someone who’s developed rapport and a makeshift relationship with Kojima over The Da Vinci Code, my request can only come from you.
I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself at several points in the game “It would be nice to have some f$:;-&$ binoculars right now” when sneaking around MULE camp sites. One could argue Big Boss and Solid Snake would not have been who they were without a nice pair of binoculars.
It’s this very reason I, Jacob Bridges, viewer 67 something thousand, implore you to write to Mr. Kojima and request he patch in a new, useful item that will allow Sam Porter Bridges to become not only the strand, but the all seeing eye reconnecting this broken world.
Sam has to stop MULES from their insidious nature to take cargo for themselves, but without binoculars this task seems impossible. You, Tim Rogers, are the only one who can bring this to his attention.
topooly - 22 days ago
Thank you for trying to get the word out about how wonderful this game really is, especially after so many other outlets' coverage have done such a disservice to this game's true nature and depth of meaning.
Legendarynfoknights - 23 days ago
I'm dying rn. LMFAO
Brandon Tuttle
Brandon Tuttle - 23 days ago
Someone should tell this guy that he’s not narrating a Jeffrey Dahmer documentary .
ForeverMasterless - 23 days ago
Read books is the GOAT tip. People don't read enough.
Sumin Yi
Sumin Yi - 24 days ago
Died laughing. Hilarious video! 'liking' it to up it's usefulness and permanence in this world 👍
Gothicc senpai
Gothicc senpai - 26 days ago
lmaooo how are you gonna talk about stalker like that
Carlos Rolando
Carlos Rolando - 26 days ago
you need your own channel my dude...thanks for the tips
Anastassio Balcorta
Anastassio Balcorta - 26 days ago
Get some Sandler weed you can carry a lot without weight and it is a temporary fix for boots
Ebi Patani
Ebi Patani - 26 days ago
Yong Outtttt!
Gamer Studio
Gamer Studio - 27 days ago
Holy Shit 100 hours?
Dasbolt - 27 days ago
This is the most drool, boring, and unfunny 'tips' video I've seen. Not to mention you played the game months early and didn't figure out you can tilt the map to see elevation. Something you complain about. How did you miss so much? Your defensive reviewing makes it seem like you're insecure and used to having your poor reviews thrown in your face. Please find someone else to do these Kotaku.
William Newton
William Newton - 27 days ago
Deadwood is goodwood
Corbin Marksmeier
Corbin Marksmeier - 27 days ago
Funny commentary but shitty tips. Everything he said was explained in game pretty early. I guess not the kinda tips I was hoping for
Registered111 - 27 days ago
I have more or less made it my actual goal in this game to make certain that the *entire* highway system is rebuilt. I'm up to about... must be over a dozen sections completed now. Maybe two dozen? I stopped counting a long time ago. It feels like an increasingly Sisyphean task on top of being a logistical nightmare, especially in certain later areas, but it remains immensely satisfying.
Corbin Dallas
Corbin Dallas - 27 days ago
Tried spamming likes on your video but it timed out after only one :( sorry man
Michael Jijus
Michael Jijus - 27 days ago
Iam seriously happy and grateful cause Tim like and analysing DS!!!
It's a treat.
This "game" is glorious!
Kojima really done it.
I salute to whole his team!!!
Iam mesmerized in DS world.
Defo GOTY for me.. And more.. Actually it's a game of the generation.
Jesse James
Jesse James - 27 days ago
I feel like this is full of spoilers I'm not aware of.
radialdrift - 27 days ago
No idea why I bought this game, didn't like his previous games. Yet, this has become one of my favorite games I have ever played. After 30+ years of gaming, this feels very innovative. The story is bloated by about 5 hours, but overall its a solid 8 or 9 out of 10.
Rusty R3volva
Rusty R3volva - 27 days ago
Love how you talk.
Dylan Gray
Dylan Gray - 27 days ago
Tim, have you noticed that if you hold the touch pad and tilt your (cheap dinky) dualshock 4 controller you can observe the topography of the landscape made all the easier by having your route drawn down on the map to highlight the harder to see areas.
Elijah Santoyo
Elijah Santoyo - 27 days ago
I think I completed around 14 highways. FOR YOU, MY CHILDREN. AND FOR MY 110K LIKES.
Tommy - 28 days ago
How can I install the Siri voice used to narrate this video pls?
Peacy - 28 days ago
Noooo! I want to watch this but there are spoilers!?1 Are there major spoilers in this? I’m only on episode 3, dont want to know any spoilers about the story...
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