Testing Russian Military MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

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hanlille 13
hanlille 13 - 8 hours ago
Your so funny mam🤘😂
Jitteryheros9 - 9 hours ago
I thought there might be vodka in it maybe like a shot or something
Allrounder No 1
Allrounder No 1 - 9 hours ago
Iam sorry but it's looks disgusting!
sherry a
sherry a - 10 hours ago
"Taste Like Childhood " , my Childhood was Cat Food Sadly
Jit Biswas
Jit Biswas - 10 hours ago
The guy Who sees u
The guy Who sees u - 14 hours ago
I see nothing
mojacko sHałłøw
mojacko sHałłøw - 16 hours ago
very hungry bro 😂
Aj HUbbard
Aj HUbbard - Day ago
Everything looks like dog food
Jowa - Day ago
Where’s glasses inside
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar - Day ago
"Get outta here bee" 😂😂😂
Abdullah Haider
Abdullah Haider - Day ago
"WOW taste like childhood"
What does childhood taste like
Reynan Dalaguit
Reynan Dalaguit - Day ago
in the field
terrorist: enemy Spotted
you: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmngg? it's so delicious.
windows 2000 SE
windows 2000 SE - Day ago
Johnsons Green
Johnsons Green - Day ago
Is he in a hurry?
Johnsons Green
Johnsons Green - Day ago
Olioliox - 2 days ago
Why was he shacking like crazy when he was eating its probably cause it was hot
Charizard 2cool
Charizard 2cool - 2 days ago
What if... The “water” is vodka in disguise?...
Maria Victoria Panesa
Maria Victoria Panesa - 2 days ago
SmolAndrogChild - 2 days ago
"The cookie broke"
Tosun Bicaku
Tosun Bicaku - 2 days ago
Were is the vodka
JLucid - 2 days ago
While He Said "The Cookie Broke" I Was Eating A Cookie...
Tshitiz Lopchan
Tshitiz Lopchan - 2 days ago
Patetas I like how he pronounced it.😂👍🤷‍♀️
Dude - Day ago
How are patetas supposed to be fresh for 2 yeas
aiden hoyle
aiden hoyle - 2 days ago
Maybe the reason for 3 spoons is because its 3 meals ( breakfast/lunch/dinner ) and thats the reason it was a ziplock bag
ISAAC E ADAMS - 3 days ago
Any person who happily eats this meal has my complete respect.
Jeremy Herbuela
Jeremy Herbuela - 3 days ago
Wheres vodka?
Mico Adventures
Mico Adventures - 3 days ago
I thought he said Caracas
Mr.Klasic - 3 days ago
Igor Bratislava
Igor Bratislava - 3 days ago
greetings from germany! ilke your vidz.,
Jayson Burgerson
Jayson Burgerson - 3 days ago
11:48 he keeps eating while he commentates so his voice is different XD
Jayson Burgerson
Jayson Burgerson - 3 days ago
12:50 look at the sweat collect on his head
Doggy Froggy Guy
Doggy Froggy Guy - 3 days ago
I love how Russians say potatoes
Mario Alberto Alcalá Tináh
Puts his finger into fire....Yep, it is heating up
Jack Fan
Jack Fan - 4 days ago
Wow this is like Christmas... and this is salt. So for Christmas u got salt 😂
Turbocharched Petrolhead
Proud Russian moment
Eagleclaw - 4 days ago
I want to try pahshteat
Thahello 123
Thahello 123 - 4 days ago
How many times did he say boom in his lifetime
amazing existence
amazing existence - 4 days ago
I'm sure he didn't even swallow a single thing , every second there's a cut
Midnightman 44
Midnightman 44 - 5 days ago
Did you see in almost ever episode he spills
lol - 5 days ago
Taras in military
Win the war
Taras: ooh i have some PASTHEET left
Michael Tanner
Michael Tanner - Day ago
lol your profile picture horrifies me
Kristopher Reyes-Gonzalez
People like the MRE series that Taras is doing mainly because of the food (probably). I now see why people why like it.
SA Smith
SA Smith - 5 days ago
Recently discovered Taras. Have expanded my vocabulary - Boom!
Muhammad Hadi
Muhammad Hadi - 5 days ago
That is OUR food xD communism
Andrej Kostevski
Andrej Kostevski - 5 days ago
Casha is peas or green beans
Idk how much times he sad "AS YOU CAN SEE"
Sreeram Venkitesh
Sreeram Venkitesh - 5 days ago
*P O T A E T U S S*
DemiGod Amy
DemiGod Amy - 6 days ago
Russia mein bhi match stick Ko maachis Bolte hai..
Otto Dierksheide
Otto Dierksheide - 6 days ago
1:40 "this is like Christmas" that is funny
Apinity ExMachina
Apinity ExMachina - 6 days ago
USA: Uses one Spoon
Soviet Russia: 3 Spoons use you
EoS Pandaz
EoS Pandaz - 7 days ago
Anyone know why his hands look like they’re shaking so much?
marko vitosevic
marko vitosevic - 7 days ago
In Soviet Russia pashtet eats you
that one hollywood undead fan
what if @lifeOfboris met @crasyRussianHacker
that one hollywood undead fan
Sabitri Sahu
Sabitri Sahu - 7 days ago
Raynz - 7 days ago
Where is the vodka?
Esteban Ayala
Esteban Ayala - 8 days ago
Great now I'm hungry
SmashingFall 9
SmashingFall 9 - 8 days ago
What you call paschet I think the translation in English from the what it looks would be " potted meat"
Ali Sina Naghibi
Ali Sina Naghibi - 8 days ago
why you eat like that?!
Giovanni Piergrossi
Giovanni Piergrossi - 8 days ago
The Russian MRE seems so much better than the American one
khush rajput
khush rajput - 8 days ago
why your hands shivered..?
Bassel Ehab
Bassel Ehab - 9 days ago
1:23 this is like Christmas
Stealth FPV
Stealth FPV - 9 days ago
I would rather starve than eat any of that stuff🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮
Polar Bear
Polar Bear - 9 days ago
Уебанский акцент. Блевануть хочется когда слушаешь.
Hopped_ - 9 days ago
anybody is from usa england poland ?
sarowar sagor
sarowar sagor - 9 days ago
Love you Russia
Adeetya combe
Adeetya combe - 9 days ago
Machis and chai are indian (hindi) words for exact same thing...match stick and tea!
Priyanshu Ghosh
Priyanshu Ghosh - 4 days ago
Ya man! Absolutely.
Зубная Нить
Зубная Нить - 9 days ago
Лол, Россия ван лаф
Mytee - 9 days ago
Well, the food would have been expired by now
Katharine Niwa
Katharine Niwa - 10 days ago
This is like Christmas 😂
Robert Castro
Robert Castro - 10 days ago
Hello I always watching your vids
Ultimately Stupid
Ultimately Stupid - 10 days ago
I can speak a bit of Russian here: привет русский ваенны человек. There.
Uztakfuer - 10 days ago
you eat like porc....
Ultimately Stupid
Ultimately Stupid - 10 days ago
Coochelord - 10 days ago
what kind of pot is that
AB Nikzad
AB Nikzad - 10 days ago
The Russian military food is more good then USA 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍👍👍👍
Piet Piet
Piet Piet - 10 days ago
Haha love the accent
The Exotic Keeper
The Exotic Keeper - 11 days ago
Beri jot pateyta.
Ape Way
Ape Way - 11 days ago
Oh yeah
Sandro Idoidze Year 8
Sandro Idoidze Year 8 - 11 days ago
You are shaking like mad
Tina Mitchell
Tina Mitchell - 11 days ago
dinesh kumar
dinesh kumar - 11 days ago
WrymSlayer Gaming
WrymSlayer Gaming - 11 days ago
In Russia ready to eat box tries you
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