Keanu Reeves

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James Argon
James Argon - 2 hours ago
The era of memes where people found an image they liked and everyone photoshopped it... I wish it was more like that now. Meme culure is so boring at least that looked kinda fun
cs1.6 isawsome
cs1.6 isawsome - 2 hours ago
heres comes keanu reaves fanboy (pewdipie)
XS 2070
XS 2070 - 22 hours ago
Dont talk like that about keanu he is at least he humble not like you bad ass
Jnoh D
Jnoh D - Day ago
what is the actual Youtube algorithm?
David Cook
David Cook - Day ago
he's such a beautiful person. spirit and his outward presence.
David Cook
David Cook - Day ago
Interviewer should of asked what he was THINKING of.
True Terrarial
True Terrarial - 2 days ago
He had a hard time growing up yet look at him now!
Notorious NutterButter
Notorious NutterButter - 3 days ago
Keanu Reeves: *breathes*
Everyone: ur breathtaking
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos - 4 days ago
"Keanu Reeves is immortal"
Wicked Superstar
Wicked Superstar - 4 days ago
He really is a damn badass but has the kindest heart
Harris Asjad
Harris Asjad - 5 days ago
Wasn’t there a part in this video where it shows keanu at a shooting range training for John wick
I re watched this video and it seems like that part of the video has been taken out?
Kaliyah Reynolds
Kaliyah Reynolds - 5 days ago
The people who are the nicest are the saddest
Alice Angel
Alice Angel - 5 days ago
The clip in the Ellen show cuts off with Keanu looking like he’s getting up. He just got tricked. Also, HE IS JOHN WICK. R.I.P Ellen
Deorc Decuple
Deorc Decuple - 5 days ago
*Your breath taking*
Pablo Samuel
Pablo Samuel - 6 days ago
¿Comentarios en español? :'v
Erik Contreras
Erik Contreras - 6 days ago
Raiyan Rashky
Raiyan Rashky - 7 days ago
Everybody commenting about how nice Keanu is. But can we appreciate Pewds for being one of the nicest as well?
Blue Gecko TV
Blue Gecko TV - 8 days ago
pewds should definitely meet Keanu
Yeetus Yeetus
Yeetus Yeetus - 9 days ago
When you realized this man played the main character in the matrix
Atomic Bezerk
Atomic Bezerk - 9 days ago
Keanu Reeves is the best man
Kwake - 9 days ago
I love how PuewDiePie pronounces Ellen as Allen. LOL
Abby Jaded
Abby Jaded - 9 days ago
Sandra bullock has a crush on keanu
Keanu : NO i have a crush on you
thewildhoney blog
thewildhoney blog - 10 days ago
Keanu Reeves is a global treasure and needs to be protected at all costs.
Theototos Matta
Theototos Matta - 10 days ago
I m from lebanon🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧
I am Ax
I am Ax - 11 days ago
I think we all agree that Keanu Reeves age like a fine wine....
MIDO THE BEST 157 - 11 days ago
i am from lebanon
Edu Gervásio
Edu Gervásio - 11 days ago
Cof cof *_PEKEANU REEVES_* cof cof
Darth Bandit
Darth Bandit - 11 days ago
the last name of my math teacher is reeves
Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves - 11 days ago
you’re breathtaking
stylez UWU
stylez UWU - 11 days ago
Watching the nicest actor ever while a crazy Swedish man is screaming is kinda funny
Keenan Panganuwu
Keenan Panganuwu - 11 days ago
Keanu revee
Keenan Panganuwu
Keenan Panganuwu - 11 days ago
Keanu revees
Zupan - 11 days ago
Video has no adds to make money to donate to leukemia research foundation:

[Everyone Disliked that That]
It’s a Geeraf daddy
It’s a Geeraf daddy - 11 days ago
I just got a keno ad
Sarcastic son
Sarcastic son - 11 days ago
hey felix keanu worked with my cousin in that movie with sandra
Sambal Guy
Sambal Guy - 11 days ago
I have a friend named keanu . We call him keanu reeves
Chris - 11 days ago
instead of using the donation as clickbait he just mentions it at the end
薫木村 - 11 days ago
This person has an oriental atmosphere.
The skin is clean and delicate.
Western limbs are wonderfully long.
I heard that he is a good person.
He often comes to Japan.
I might like him a little.
Xethoss - 11 days ago
I wish he actually was immortal
Liam Duk-Stolting
Liam Duk-Stolting - 12 days ago
Keanu Reeves is god in a mortal form.
pansexual! at the disco
pansexual! at the disco - 12 days ago
"He's look at me, and I'd be like *heHhaHe* " *same*
thememekeeper Memes
thememekeeper Memes - 12 days ago
Meme review with Keanu Reeves
keanu reeves
keanu reeves - 12 days ago
And Bezerra
And Bezerra - 12 days ago
3:11 Bolsonaro?
0 sdrowrof
0 sdrowrof - 13 days ago
The keanu effect
Miki Zujevic
Miki Zujevic - 13 days ago
12:15 did some guy just said PEWDIEPIE
Luckas Mendonça
Luckas Mendonça - 14 days ago
Keanu Reeves é incrível 👏👏👏
بطل ماتين2
بطل ماتين2 - 14 days ago
I love Keanu
he is a great person
lotus 398
lotus 398 - 14 days ago
is pewdipie wearing an unreleased mrbeasr jacket
s4adow 40
s4adow 40 - 14 days ago
i am form lebanon
Gaming 101
Gaming 101 - 14 days ago
I am from lebanon
Azcena Jordan
Azcena Jordan - 14 days ago
So much KILIG about Keanu and Sandra 😍😊
mudkipgamezz - 16 days ago
Neon Seven
Neon Seven - 16 days ago
Sandy and Keanu should pair up again!
Sam4Cubez - 16 days ago
I miss this pewds. Minecraft is getting sort of boring
Sam4Cubez - 16 days ago
I miss this pewds. Minecraft is getting sort of boring
remoyuoi poio
remoyuoi poio - 17 days ago
Thumbnail killed me
Dave van Staden
Dave van Staden - 17 days ago
you cant hate keanu
Legend Destroyer
Legend Destroyer - 17 days ago
It’s funny how Keanu reeves my fav actor gives a lot to charity and that pewdiepie donates quite a bit I didn’t start watching pewds till 2019 when his battle vs T-Series came!
precious fernandez
precious fernandez - 17 days ago
I laugh so hard when pewds said "AHHHHH MY HARTTTTTT!!!!" 😍💖💖💖💖💖
not shrek
not shrek - 17 days ago
What kind of person would be like 'i don't like this imma dislike' on this video 9 k people?!?
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