Dave Chappelle's Son Meets Kevin Hart | Netflix Is A Joke

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rajat nayak
rajat nayak - 14 hours ago
Atul Khatri
kz - 17 hours ago
Dave Chappelle doesn't need "STFU". He has his own "Got ya bitch!". LOL
Mohamed Bilal
Mohamed Bilal - 22 hours ago
Dave telling a success story about Kevin.. It should be the other way around.. Kevin's good though.. But Dave is something "Deep" man.. Idk..
Samona _
Samona _ - Day ago
Aweeeee, 😂
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia - Day ago
I got, "Yes, dear," money in my bank account.
gula-gula getah sabah
Fans are always toxic comparing these two comedians but Dave and Kevin both have respect for each other
Helen - Day ago
That couple between his legs at 0:30 look like they are seeing gods asshole.
Theodicist Eddie
Theodicist Eddie - Day ago
Hollywood politics...yawn
Story Teller
Story Teller - Day ago
Kevin Fart ain't shit. Dave is the man! This is one funny muthafuckah! Nuff said.
still34u - 2 days ago
I love how you watch this on youtube and at the end of it it says "Only on Netflix" and it ain't even pirated
Beck Parsons
Beck Parsons - 2 days ago
Beyonce has reverse uno card money
Miss V
Miss V - 2 days ago
Love Dave Chappelle🤣😂💕❤💋
Mushy - 2 days ago
I have "Ok Boomer" Money at best.
M M - 2 days ago
i need 250 (worth 50 mil) k. YOU FUNNY YOU
Alfred Sanford
Alfred Sanford - 2 days ago
“I have quiet please money at best😂”
Emma Hartman
Emma Hartman - 3 days ago
“Actually I live around here.” 😂
David Chan
David Chan - 3 days ago
You know what kind of money you to say Stfu...I got quiet please at best ...I have take a loan out for to say Stfu ....Stfu is jayz money ...Beyonce nooooo you stfu
chickenmonger123 - 3 days ago
Dave’s delivery feels like it shouldn’t work. But it does.
Danone Amiss
Danone Amiss - 3 days ago
Beyonce got "my sister gon slap you and you ain't gon do shit" money.
megamarsonic - 3 days ago
"He's hilarious."
"You know you actin' like a little bitch, alright?"
K Von D Studios
K Von D Studios - 4 days ago
Timothy Cooper
Timothy Cooper - 4 days ago
Ugh nigga i do this too😂😂
Motivation Empires
Motivation Empires - 5 days ago
sneakypete - 5 days ago
Wtf why is the Chapelle Show now called the Chapelle’s show!!! And why does Youtube delete anything to do with Dave being Cloned. Is there validity to the rumors? I mean he looks different and his comedy get worst and worst so idk.
Johnnythefirst - 5 days ago
God damn this guy can tell a story. :D
LEE SOLID - 5 days ago
christien monroe
christien monroe - 5 days ago
That’s not the real Dave wake the fuck up people
D. Anthony Franco
D. Anthony Franco - 5 days ago
"Its Tuesday night and this mf was having Sunday dinner!" 😂🤣😂🤣
Tom Adams
Tom Adams - 5 days ago
I got " I'm very sorry honey " money.
Macky2 Music
Macky2 Music - 6 days ago
Biggest Song In Africa
Check It Out 👇
Pro Gameplay
Pro Gameplay - 6 days ago
Ali Nawaz
Ali Nawaz - 6 days ago
Quiet please
No you shut the fuck up money
xQualifieDx - 6 days ago
1:10 translated to the hard r chappelle said it with an a...
MrJBleedge - 7 days ago
"I have quiet please money, at best" LMFAOOO
Ablestar Official
Ablestar Official - 7 days ago
Oh and also...

Nick Cannon's hilarious.
VGJoker2015 - 7 days ago
Tickets are $125
"Why you need $250 then?"
"Because I want to go with YOU, Dad. Please?"
Wholesome. So wholesome.
Jungmin Lee
Jungmin Lee - Day ago
That part was really awesome. Heartwarming.
Papa Lannister
Papa Lannister - 8 days ago
Kevin is okay, but, Dave is the Grand Master
Anirudh DAGAR
Anirudh DAGAR - 8 days ago
Last joke 🤣🤣🤣
Aoifenix77 - 8 days ago
4:01 Ive never proactively listened to Drake songs, so I dont really know lyrics for Drake's songs, But Im already sure I like Dave's version better
X2x Gaming
X2x Gaming - 8 days ago
Can y’all not compare the two they are both great comedians
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