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Cuestar - 23 days ago
Whang's c u mbox video :
Emma Bovary
Emma Bovary - 21 day ago
I wish I had not seen that. :(
Fuell Tekk
Fuell Tekk - 22 days ago
cumbox unboxing video
WineScrounger - 22 days ago
Hey Justin, good to see you in here 👍
Theonetheycall 1845
Theonetheycall 1845 - 22 days ago
I love whang!!
Jay Monay
Jay Monay - 22 days ago
Whang! I found cue and waveybsurf in your comments whang only watch cue wavey is ok....... But ehhhh
Grayson Spaw
Grayson Spaw - 3 days ago
@ "My dad cheated on my mom” the same thing happened when I was 16. I had found out out (as had my mother, obviously) my father has cheated on my mother for all 20 years of their marriage. It was a mess. I had other problems with my relationship with my father so I decided that to go mostly no contact after they divorced. The few times I've tried to talk to him, he's made things all about how wrong my mom is and he's really pushed a relationship with his new wife (the woman he cheated with) on me. It's really hard to deal with. I know my mom wasn't perfect either and I can accept that, but how could I forgive him after he deliberately decided to be uninvolved to cheat on my mom? I've moved on and have been in college for a few years, figuring out my adult life. I hope you're doing well and moving on with your life too, OP.
BlakJak - 4 days ago
Lol that sharting story reminded me of that time I sharted. I once got to work 20ish mins early before the store was even open. I waited in my car listening to music when i felt the need to fart. I lost that gamble, and rushed home to shower off and change as quickly as possible. I ended up making it back to work a few minutes after my boss had arrived.
mackk123 - 8 days ago
this one time i assassinated the arch duke of austria, lotta people got *angry*
Teacher Of Games
Teacher Of Games - 10 days ago
8:30 He thought it was the cum sock, 100%.
Sigh borg
Sigh borg - 10 days ago
One time on an outward bound camping trip with some of my classmates:

It's was around 2am, when one of my female friends told me she needed to go to the toilet and asked me to accompany her as she was afraid of the dark.

In total darkness, we stumbled around with my tiny flashlight to find a stone slab I figured she could go on without anything splashing or running towards her shoe when she went.

I crouched down, held her hand, and looked the other way while she shat.

The next morning when another classmate was getting water from on of the tents on the other side, they stepped into said poop, which turned out was located on the bottom of the stairs and was hard to see when going down.

I laughed and said it was cow poop, as they were everywhere, but gave my friend the "oh shit he stepped in your poop" stare.

Everyone (8 people) except for me who went on the trip got really.

It was an interesting experience to say the least. But god, was it uncomfortable.
MÖTH WÄNT UR LÄMP! - 12 days ago
Im a simple man i see poop sock i click
ALicia c
ALicia c - 15 days ago
I’m so glad she gave birth to the kid >~< I know she doesn’t want anything to do with her but I’m glad the daughter is enjoying her life.
Sgt Corgi
Sgt Corgi - 17 days ago
why does he sound like damien when the video starts
Joshua Guinn
Joshua Guinn - 17 days ago
I'm more curious as to know what kind of sock allowed such "precision". Maybe I need that kind of sock in my life.
Nynch Liggers445
Nynch Liggers445 - 17 days ago
Guys bad news:mom found the poop sock
AwesomelyWitchy - 17 days ago
That friend in the first one is seriously ride or die if she was willing to help keep that a secret. Not to mention the cousin.
Prince Jbeast2
Prince Jbeast2 - 17 days ago
The story about the pregnancy It was fake because of the general setup of the story she would’ve had to go to the doctor and someone would’ve had to take her, also with the adoption people who put their children up for adoption really don’t get pictures and letters especially not people like her who doesn’t care to get to know her or talk to her a lot of things in her whole story was contradictory hiding a pregnancy as a teenager is incredibly hard just noting the things you have to do another thing is that she said that the baby was due in august even though she was already in summer time that means the baby would’ve been later that year or even sometimes next year speaking that pregnancy is projected to last 10 months but labor happens around the last weeks of the 9th that story is wildly contradictory along with some other things that can be disproven by her words said alone
TheKeithWayne - 18 days ago
JUST POOP IN THE WOODS! Seriously, all of the wildlife is doing it, so I don't think one human turd is going to disrupt things too much. I've done it many times. Just make sure not to wipe with poison oak.
Gianluca Schaar
Gianluca Schaar - 18 days ago
Why didn’t he just shit in the woods
daredevil gatos
daredevil gatos - 18 days ago
Dude you give terrible advice
RiceIsArt - 18 days ago
I hate people who cheat too
Trish - 19 days ago
There were way too many poop stories
GIboy1990 - 19 days ago
Best time to burn your house down is Christmas time
0o I Died In A Time Machine o0
i'm kinda confused about the first story she says "it dawned on me that I'd had sex".. she didn't know she had sex? wtf lol
Jae - 20 days ago
One time I was very sick and had terrible diarrhea. I was playing games on my PS4 and I sneezed. I didn’t think anything would happen, but something definitely came out. I am ashamed
Michael Gorilla
Michael Gorilla - 20 days ago
I’m actually impressed with poop sock post. That person must have sniper like precision to be able to poop into a sock. Just try for a second and think if you had to in a emergency situation, poop in a sock could you do it and how?
Agustus Films
Agustus Films - 20 days ago
why didnt he just pop in the woods?
Gavin Black
Gavin Black - 20 days ago
I'd poop sock
Kennedy Robinson
Kennedy Robinson - 21 day ago
Why didn’t he just shit in the woods..?
Desert Dog
Desert Dog - 21 day ago
MFW Mom finds the pee drawer
mskatonic1 - 21 day ago
I think the first story was great. A lot of smart choices were made for the greater good of the child. I'm glad things worked out and RIP to your cousin. She was an amazing woman.
Dorth Surreal
Dorth Surreal - 21 day ago
Im faking it to make it. And have been for. The last 5 yrs. Oh well.
Kerry Berry
Kerry Berry - 21 day ago
I regret watching this while eating Nutella on toast......
Hankbob Hillpants
Hankbob Hillpants - 22 days ago
tfw your friend finds the poop sock
oxetoll - 22 days ago
as someone who suffered a housefire, that last story about the father disgusts me. it’s an awful experience to live through when you’re in such a remote area that your parent’s only choice is to either spend literal *months* in a run-down, bedbug-infested motel or to stay with a recently divorced ex-spouse (my parents are civil, but.. that wasn’t exactly comfortable times.) before being forced to move back in with their parents.
you lose literally everything you don’t have in another place or with you when it happens. my mother lost my “baby book” in that fire. everything my great-grandmother had given to her and what she received when she passed away not even a year before it. pictures of her children, her family, loved ones she’d never be able to get back.
i had, and actually *still* have, a stuffed dog that i was given when i was a month old by my grandfather, who passed away when i was younger. i took that thing almost everywhere. i thought i had lost it and six year old me was torn up over the thought that i lost one of the last things i had from him. turned out i had left it at my dad’s house on accident, and i was so terrified of another house i lived in burning down that i carried that dog and everything else i could to school with me, every single day, for years.
to think that someone would ever knowingly and *willingly* put their own children through that truly makes me sick.
Erin Vinson
Erin Vinson - 22 days ago
Aren't we all poop criminals?
Isabella Fereira
Isabella Fereira - 22 days ago
Wow, the cousin of the first woman was an absolutely remarkable person. I am so glad that the poster had her in her life during such a scary situation. I am so glad the baby found a great home, and the poster was able to continue her life without it being derailed by a teenage accident. This is why we need better sex Ed.
Jim Cornette
Jim Cornette - 22 days ago
As I get older, all alone with no friends, addicted to hard drug, and regretting the one who got away. ...makes me almost regret not getting my high school gf pregnant by accident because it would have sucked but my life at this point would 10000000000x better
Jim Cornette
Jim Cornette - 22 days ago
OMFG YESSS, I clicked on this thinking it was one of those robot voice channels but couldn't resist due to the subject, and my pants got a large stain when I heard daddiii cues voice

Get your head out of the gutter people I dropped my coke

Yes actually cocaine, not Coca-Cola. 🙃😎🤓
Etherix - 22 days ago
One time I left my mom in Walmart to go to the toy section, it took me like 15 minutes to pick out a toy and when I got it I tried to find my mom but I couldn’t find her and I thought she left me, not only that I pooped mah pants out of sheer stress and then proceeded to cry until my mom came out of the clothes section and spanked me for running off but then realizing that I shit my pants so she took me to the bathroom to change and after I got changed she hit me even harder.
Don’t tell my friends about this either
the Celtic Crone
the Celtic Crone - 22 days ago
For the 1st Story...
I’m truly sorry that this girl Couldn’t Confide In her parents. However, I’m even more Saddened that She refused to Allow Contact when her child was Older!! S many Adopted children Need some Type of WHY & Connection to Their Blood Relatives.
Janice. Click
Janice. Click - 22 days ago
I shit myself once a year minimum what's the big deal.
rosieapplelemontart - 22 days ago
I like that the car guy says it was his FIRST accident... Like they're regular occurrences 😕
Mad Max
Mad Max - 22 days ago
One time I went down to the cabin on the beach my family owned and forgot to turn on the water spout at the top of the hill. This then created a problem when I needed to go to the bathroom . I didn’t think about it and took a huge crap in the toilet and when I tried to flush it I realized the mistake ... my solution was to wrap toilet paper around my hand , grab the turds ( plural gross I know ) and huck them out the window . I then tried to wash my hands and realized ... oh the water still isn’t working so I washed my hands in the ocean and just bolted up the hill . No one knows I was the one who pooped outside the cabin ( wich honestly i didn’t ACTUALLY poop outside the cabin .
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