Baby Wild Horse Comes WAY Out Of Her Shell | The Dodo

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This Is So Cute!!!!
Suzanne de Vreugd
Suzanne de Vreugd - 3 days ago
Wait 101 year old woow
Mitocondria S.
Mitocondria S. - 6 days ago
I want a horse now :/
Toxic Pi3z
Toxic Pi3z - 11 days ago
Doorean tang
Doorean tang - 14 days ago
Awesome Milo. God Bless you n yr baby horse n yr family n all horses
Julia Leandro xx
Julia Leandro xx - 18 days ago
That neigh! 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
shusicat - 20 days ago
OMG two rainbows
Delinda Serfontein
Delinda Serfontein - 23 days ago
K . J . Mudge
K . J . Mudge - 29 days ago
This little soul certainly has a special spirit that embodies her so much courage and determination to survive is an inspirational to us all . She has now joined with her herd and I wish her love ,happiness, peace and good health for many years to come .
My_Aesthetic_Self - 29 days ago
There was a foal at the barn I ride at who's name also meant miracle. We called him Milo for short. He was a surprise to the barn because his mother came there as a rescue. When he was about 7 months old, he had to be put down because of joint issues. I still miss him a lot even after almost a year. ❤
sienna.stormborn - Month ago
Im sobbing
2233golf2 - Month ago
Curly Wurly on hoofs...
White She wolf
White She wolf - Month ago
This is adorable
cher z
cher z - Month ago
This is the saddest story, ever! I don't understand how all those horses suffered and dies? I know Calif and Arizona often suffer droughts but why couldn't something be done? What a tragic loss. Mila truly is a miracle. She's lovely!
paulette barrow
paulette barrow - Month ago
Maple Toast
Maple Toast - Month ago
Miracle in Spanish is milagrO not milgrA
Just me that thinks of Spirit?? 😭
Milli Williams
Milli Williams - Month ago
Milagro is miracle in Spanish, not milagra
Christina MacNeal
Christina MacNeal - Month ago
God gave you a **Double Rainbow that special day!
Peanut Stokes
Peanut Stokes - Month ago
The horse is soo cute better than my sister lol
rava88 Diaz
rava88 Diaz - Month ago
Una disculpa pero te equivocaste poquito en una palabra :'3 es "milagro" con "o"
Fuera de eso es un video super hermoso
Oceanic - Month ago
Absolutely beautiful. There’s a foal at my stables and I saw it for the first time yesterday, I was in awe.
Fizzy Potato
Fizzy Potato - Month ago
Tiger Toy Shop
Tiger Toy Shop - Month ago
2:33 you can see a double rainbow look very closely behind and you will see it. Or is is just me
I Am Legend
I Am Legend - Month ago
Yup they even said it was a double rainbow in the video
Wake Up
Wake Up - Month ago
Beautiful, thank you for posting, Mila is wonderful!
LueeizAnhel MR
LueeizAnhel MR - Month ago
First of all: it’s milagro not milagra
lotte littlejiggy09
lotte littlejiggy09 - Month ago
Curls in the fur is a sighn of cushens soooooooo cute😀😀
P Z - Month ago
as a spanish person let me tell u that im sure milagra is not a real world
Peachesxo - Month ago
Who the hell could dislike this video?
Nina Duskcloud
Nina Duskcloud - Month ago
It's bad to train a horse younger then 2 and a half or 3. It's mentally bad
Liza Rainhand
Liza Rainhand - Month ago
OMG MY NAME IS MILLA mah new favorite horse and video!!! 😍🥰
Horseman Gabby
Horseman Gabby - Month ago
A horse's spirit is unbreakable
That little filly has a lot of it. Hope he is happy and healthy!
Chev Bran
Chev Bran - Month ago
Omg the squeak lol!
yoongi had me like
yoongi had me like - Month ago
I really want to learn how to ride a horse they're so beautiful and majestic
Latin Man
Latin Man - Month ago
So cute
Good way to start my day with this vid
delfina marturet
delfina marturet - Month ago
MILAGRA AJSJAKDBIAKFD it is milagro, with an O not an A. Milagra is not a word😂 overall she is such a pretty horse♡♡
Equestrian Craft
Equestrian Craft - Month ago
She’s the cutest foal ever❤️❤️ I’m crying please give me some paper to wipe out my tears she’s so happy and joyful❤️💧😭😭
Ivy and Arie Horses
Ivy and Arie Horses - Month ago
This is really sad I'm crying!
candy world
candy world - Month ago
2018 was tge worst year ever!😩 xxxtentacion died actually 2 days after my b day
It's Feeya
It's Feeya - Month ago
When I was young I loved horses and I still do!
The only thing I want is a horse 😊😊

At school I say I'm the world's most horse lover 😂😂😚😂

Edit: Love the neighs 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😚😚😚😚😚😚
NadEr - 2 months ago
I've never hears of a stray horse.
HoneySlimes 10
HoneySlimes 10 - 2 months ago
Her sqeauling out did read the cutest thing ever
Arianna Moritz
Arianna Moritz - 2 months ago
Jenna and Aubrey
Jenna and Aubrey - 2 months ago
MysticGalaxy - 2 months ago
вírth mσm ѕєnt σnє rαínвσw mσthєr nαturє ѕєnt thє σthєr
ohwhatelse - 2 months ago
So ppl turn horses loose where they will never get vet care, farriers, may face drought, predators, etc..???
How can anyone think that a horse is better off wild than where they can be loved and well cared for as long as they have good pastures to freely roam? I just don't believe it.
SirenaRoyal - 2 months ago
Your baby wild dog is so cute, I wish I had a dog like that
Hannah Horne
Hannah Horne - 2 months ago
poor baby pony I'm glad she's OK
horse_eventer_girl - 2 months ago
Aww she is the cutest thing ever!!! My boy was very good today but a little naughty but we had a lot of fun!!❤️❤️❤️🦄🦄🦄
Ragnar Iskat
Ragnar Iskat - 2 months ago
The rainbows are a visible sign of the astral world to bless little Mila's soul and life. Wonderful how happily she moves in the wide space. Wish her a healthy long life.
D Pl
D Pl - 2 months ago
Absolutely beautiful ❤️
Laura Del Águila Saez
Laura Del Águila Saez - 2 months ago
Es milagro no milagra.🤨😂
Lisa Gay
Lisa Gay - 2 months ago
A,,very,,beautiful story,,of,,baby,,and,,,the,beautiful,,rainbow,,on,,video,,so,,,,pretty😍😄😆😉😉🙄
mayasaura grassl
mayasaura grassl - 2 months ago
I live in Arizona and I think is so cute but sad😘🐴🐴
Oriento 123
Oriento 123 - 2 months ago
That herd is beautiful looks like a herd out of a movie plus the big rainbow❤️❤️❤️
karencita linda
karencita linda - 2 months ago
Who put horse face in this video
My horse loving Life
My horse loving Life - 3 months ago
Omg I love horses so much! Iv been doing horses riding for 2 years now and the bond between you and the horses nothing can brake it!🐴🏇🏽💜
Lps Taylor
Lps Taylor - 3 months ago
Omg this is so cute!
Edie Koller
Edie Koller - 3 months ago
Very sweet story!
Leslie Williams
Leslie Williams - 3 months ago
awesome BEAUTIFUL horse and rainbows .There is hope
Catherine Trumata
Catherine Trumata - 3 months ago
Wow! Mila with rainbow is simply astounding! ❤
laizy gay boi:D
laizy gay boi:D - 3 months ago
This is amazing and sad at the same time but how many ppl are looking for hate comments to yell at lil sorry
Time to like my own comment
RaMPaGe ZoMBie
RaMPaGe ZoMBie - 3 months ago
Maiesha Akhand
Maiesha Akhand - 3 months ago
So proud to be an Arizonan ♥
fortunatelyfortunate - 3 months ago
Hate to ruin a beautiful moment but its Milagro that means miracle not milagra...
LinZ Lemons
LinZ Lemons - 3 months ago
Stranger things #1 Fan!!!
Stranger things #1 Fan!!! - 3 months ago
I love animals so much!!! ❤️ the horse is so small and cute!!!!!! 🐴😔👍👍
imnotmelvin3 - 3 months ago
The rainbow represents God's promise to mankind that He will never flood the earth again.
God’s the best papa ever!
Nancy Foroughi
Nancy Foroughi - 3 months ago
Shes soooo cute!!
Nancy Foroughi
Nancy Foroughi - 3 months ago
AAP Hello
AAP Hello - 3 months ago
She’s a miracle es un milagro!!!! 😃
Alexandra Su
Alexandra Su - 3 months ago
The squeaks!😭😍 so cute!
james pisano
james pisano - 3 months ago
That was such a wonderful story!
Snowman Rainmaker
Snowman Rainmaker - 3 months ago
And the Saints save another soul! Absolutely marvelous
Gordita De Nata
Gordita De Nata - 3 months ago
It's "milagro" not milagra hahah but close enough
iLl DrAg yOU
iLl DrAg yOU - 3 months ago
Omg ...I want one can I get one
Vic Kingsley
Vic Kingsley - 3 months ago
( Mary)
Omg. I just LOVED this story. I'm bawling my eyes out over here.
Diana Echandi
Diana Echandi - 3 months ago
One of my biggest dreams is to have a horse❤😞
DS Kim
DS Kim - 3 months ago
A very special and noble creature!
Top Rod
Top Rod - 3 months ago
Stop horsing around.... ;-)
ActaNonVerba - 3 months ago
Awwew what a stunning story with an happy end.🤗
Sarah Khan
Sarah Khan - 3 months ago
OMG dodo u never fail to melt my heart whenever I feel sad I directly come to ur channel 😘😘
Emily Herrera-Mendoza
Emily Herrera-Mendoza - 3 months ago
So cute😍❤️ I love 🐴
134luisa - 3 months ago
Miracle in spanish isnt milagro?
Jaaman06 - 3 months ago
Encore une bien belle histoire que nous offre The Dodo. Merci pour ce partage. Et merci à ces personnes qui ont porté aide et assistance à ce poulain et qui maintenant vie heureux dans un cadre magnifique🐎😊💕.
Carla Martínez Mangas
Carla Martínez Mangas - 3 months ago
I was just loving this video until I read that MilagrA (with an A ) is miracle in spanish... THAT'S NOT TRUE it actually is MilagrO (with an O)... but... ok whatever. Love this horses. I want one of my own 🤣
Astrid A
Astrid A - 3 months ago
I want a horse now 🐎
Mnd0vrMnky - 3 months ago
Love and light y'all ✌️❤️
Maria yague
Maria yague - 3 months ago
Miracle in spanish is milagrO not milagra ;)
Bibi Boone
Bibi Boone - 3 months ago
OMG! I love her!!!😍😍😍
Michael Buckley
Michael Buckley - 3 months ago
Love this!!
Tracey Delfs
Tracey Delfs - 3 months ago
That happy, baby horse squeal is the cutest thing ever!😊
Mr. yeremia
Mr. yeremia - 3 months ago
Robertsun Robert
Robertsun Robert - 3 months ago
Thumbnail reminds me of a certain sfm video
David kumar Maxi
David kumar Maxi - 3 months ago
Pleases return him to his mother. # you are great youtuber
immortal - 3 months ago
I wish all animals got help like this! :(
D Black
D Black - 3 months ago
Great video! 🥰
Connie Wolf
Connie Wolf - 3 months ago
Red dun with chrome! Nice!
Jose V
Jose V - 3 months ago
It's not milagra. It's milagro and as a name it is milagros.
Nang Phyo
Nang Phyo - 3 months ago
I the the cute horse but I feel sorry for the little horse. I LOVE YOU THE DODO!!!!!.
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