Joe Rogan & Yves Edwardson Discuss Ben Askren vs. Jorge Masvidal

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Vinayak Ganguly
Vinayak Ganguly - 23 days ago
Joe "has the abilty to grab people" Rogan
Kevin Blanco
Kevin Blanco - Month ago
Yves Edwards knows all about gamebread knockouts 😂 since he ate a left kick from him
Anthony P.
Anthony P. - Month ago
"Even tho Robbie was blasting his brains into another dimension"
Masvidal: You aint seen nothing yet son. LOL
doobsnack - Month ago
"Joe Rogan & Yves Edwardson" .. errrr ?
Matija Perčec
Matija Perčec - Month ago
Yves Edwardson? Never heard of him. Is he Yves Edward's son?
Chaseton Collins
Chaseton Collins - Month ago
Oh, that distance definitely got closed.....with a knee.
commissionergordan - Month ago
Not a kickboxer. Tony Jaas Askren back in time.
Freakishd - Month ago
Stopped at 20 seconds in. Come on man, you can't tell me Masvidal is the best MMA fighter out there lol come on now
Aharra224 - Month ago
I love reading all these Ben dick riders comments especially after Ben got BLASTED into another dimension. Probably the most over rated fighter aside from No ground game Conor and one trick pony Rousey.
almost sober
almost sober - Month ago
He might have the pin record but masvidal has... M
Tyrant - Month ago
K G - Month ago
can't wrestle if you're unconscious 😂😂😂😂
Johnny Rock
Johnny Rock - Month ago
Knee beats face everytime
pawned pawned
pawned pawned - Month ago
I gave askren 3 seconds to 2 😂😂😂😂😂
No it
No it - Month ago
That knee though
s law
s law - Month ago
5 seconds later @!@ goodnight ben dover ..@ 305 masvidal
Blue Rainbow
Blue Rainbow - Month ago
"His wrestling is wsy beyond a guy whos has never wrestled" is beyond ma knoeledge! Anyways, this is definitely one of the greatest MMA analysis I have ever heard! Damn!
Frank Williams
Frank Williams - Month ago
Askren got knocked the fuck out
HUJAMBO Korodani
HUJAMBO Korodani - Month ago
damn after 5 second Ko
buff24seven 365
buff24seven 365 - Month ago
Yves EDwardson is on point while talking about Jorge after looking back
how Jorge smashed Ben asscream.
JeRz3y MiKe
JeRz3y MiKe - Month ago
Welp ben could not close the distance confirmed
acartier1981 - Month ago
Any other fighter would have been stopped after getting slammed on his head.
Truth - Month ago
Masvidal will KO Ben with a flying knee. Im calling it..Marty McFly.
Break Free Crew
Break Free Crew - Month ago
I bet it ends early in the first round
Javier Fernandez
Javier Fernandez - Month ago
I will call my bookie and bet the farm on it... Thank you
tintinesk5 - Month ago
Well, Yves was right and Joe was wrong in smuggling and lobbying Askren into the UFC.
One Drive
One Drive - Month ago
I loved seeing him get knocked out in 5 seconds !
Javier Fernandez
Javier Fernandez - Month ago
Your wish may come true..
Guga Bastos
Guga Bastos - Month ago
Video discussing the fight: 5 minutes
Actual fight: 5 seconds
Ernest Koerber
Ernest Koerber - Month ago
This is why I love fighting. Everyone in these comments thinks they know what's up but this dude right here Edwards knew what was up for real. In the end it really doesn't matter how big your mouth is.
Captain - Month ago
I predict a first round ko from a flying knee in the first 5 seconds, but anything could happen.
Javier Fernandez
Javier Fernandez - Month ago
WOW!!! Are you related to Dionne Warwick? You have a gift sir...
Anthony Logan
Anthony Logan - Month ago
Askren was robbed
Joey Dymarcik
Joey Dymarcik - Month ago
5 seconds
Landon Cube
Landon Cube - Month ago
I hope masvidal comes on and talks about his historic knockout
somali Bilow
somali Bilow - Month ago
after fight and 5 second ko
Al Capone
Al Capone - Month ago
Watching this after the fight hahahaah
Al Kindi Abu Yosef
Al Kindi Abu Yosef - Month ago
🔊🔊🎤Khabib The Eagle 🕊 Nurmagomedov ⚡⚡🔥🔥🔊🔊💪💪
D EL - Month ago
will get beat by either Dustin , Nate or Tony
Nein Doublenein
Nein Doublenein - Month ago
I think Jorge managed to close the distance
Jay Mac
Jay Mac - Month ago
Welp.. Ben died
DRY FOKO - Month ago
Now we know
17randallc - Month ago
Whose here after Askren v Masvidal? Savage Flying Knee though
Yudistira Liem
Yudistira Liem - Month ago
I agree.. Masvidal is the favourite here, I predict he will try for a flying knee against wrestler which is the usual tactic against wrestler and knock out Askren in 2 seconds. Just a prediction though
Javier Fernandez
Javier Fernandez - Month ago
DAMN!!! you are good...
Jarekx2007 - Month ago
F to all the Askren fanboys in this comment section lmao
AndrewT1990 - Month ago
Yves Edwardson? No son.
Pogba Productions
Pogba Productions - Month ago
Here after mma jesus knocked tf out that funky ass mf
xA-Town23x - Month ago
LOL I can't wait to hear Joe talk about Askren LOL
United we stand divided we fall
Anyone else here after Masvidal wrecked Ben?
Itshaam Iqbal
Itshaam Iqbal - Month ago
Well this aged well... joe rogan: askren has this ability to just grab ppl. Masvidal like grab this knee to the head real quick then hahaha
LE0NSKA - Month ago
I agree. Masvidal has the potential to be one the greatest.
didn't he straight up suriveve Maia on the ground for 3 rounds? guess that would've answered borth the jiu jitsu and the takedown defense questions.
Sanata Prakash
Sanata Prakash - Month ago
Who's watching this video after seeing Masvidal KO Askren in 5 seconds!?
Boi_Better_Know - Month ago
He Held alot in that fight didnt he joe
We are all Human
We are all Human - Month ago
Who is here after Jorge used his knee to ngannua Ben?
gebang yirang
gebang yirang - Month ago
Who's here after ben got ko'd😂
perdido y sin causa
perdido y sin causa - Month ago
all the askren fan boys big hurt 😔💔
danzig mcnaniel
danzig mcnaniel - Month ago
Jorge was smart... he took it to the air.
ugly ass
ugly ass - Month ago
like askren you guys Kneed to chill out
Gloomy scrutiny
Gloomy scrutiny - Month ago
If only they knew whatever they discussed was never gonna happen
Edan Lattimore
Edan Lattimore - Month ago
5 seconds ...
Drew Nitzschke
Drew Nitzschke - Month ago
Masdival fucked Ben askren
cmz8706 - Month ago
I'm just here, eating a bag of popcorn, reading all of the comments who predicted that Ben would win....
RadSports. collatedTV x
Frank Rauen that’s why you learn what mma is, acknowledge everything can happen in combat sports, and then make predictions to not look like a complete ass afterwards 🙂
southspade99 - Month ago
Homie I'm on that now lol Ben got baptized
Frank Rauen
Frank Rauen - Month ago
I'm gonna out myself, I thought Askren was going to ragdoll Masvidal and pound him into the canvas. Apparently so did Masvidal so he changed his game up. The silver lining is that Askren is going to be a significant part of UFC history, just not for the reasons he wanted right now.
bigtime732 - Month ago
Masvidal gets the fastest KO of UFC history on Askren!!! 👍🏼
Ben got sent to the shadow realm.
Ozzy Laguna
Ozzy Laguna - Month ago
5 seconds.
Laureano Ballestas
Laureano Ballestas - Month ago
Came here after the fight
Esi 420
Esi 420 - Month ago
Ben Askren's fans are all on suicide watch lists after the iconic 5 seconds he lasted
Koal Detmer
Koal Detmer - Month ago
Haha 5 seconds
Martin Del Rosario
Martin Del Rosario - Month ago
Where the Ben Crotchface fans at????
andy K.
andy K. - Month ago
Stop playing around Jorge.
The Langevelds
The Langevelds - Month ago
It be a 5 second ko
Janik Susanthan
Janik Susanthan - Month ago
who's here after the knee?
Drew Hessler
Drew Hessler - Month ago
Who's here after the flying knee KO??
kapow0527 - Month ago
Who is here after Masvidal just KO'ed Ben Askren? lol
Jon Jones
Jon Jones - Month ago
Well Wonderboy baptized Masvidal.
Anthony Logan
Anthony Logan - Month ago
Before and after
xA-Town23x - Month ago
Joe gonna make excuses LOL
Connor Maynard
Connor Maynard - Month ago
Fuck askren
Connor Maynard
Connor Maynard - Month ago
😂😂😂 love it
Isaac Hansen
Isaac Hansen - Month ago
Who's here after ben askren actually died
Gabby Gomez
Gabby Gomez - Month ago
Who’s here after Ben Askren destroyed masdivals knee with his face 👏
Lightup Darkness
Lightup Darkness - Month ago
I perdicted it
Edward Leas
Edward Leas - Month ago
Jimmy - Month ago
That's a good spin on what happened.
Ruben Clark
Ruben Clark - Month ago
@jafsterlordbib Good advice, maybe you should follow it.
jafsterlordbib - Month ago
@Ruben Clark hits the head and slides to the right shoulder. watch it over and over again and pay attention
jdc37162 - Month ago
Well Askren definitely closed that distance...
Boogaløo X
Boogaløo X - Month ago
My boy Masvidal had Joe looking like Gale from the Zookeeper all over again with that 5 second ko😂...
Mike Klement
Mike Klement - Month ago
knee to the face bitch!
mark laas
mark laas - Month ago
All you nerds riding askren dick....
quentin lobo
quentin lobo - Month ago
Askren definitely showed Masvidal his ground technique
phantokaxl - Month ago
this aged perfectly
Santino Mireles
Santino Mireles - Month ago
Jorge Masvidal knocked Benny boy spark out! Hahahaha
Sateki Taulanga
Sateki Taulanga - Month ago
Here from the fight. Just wanna say that Ben got knee’d so hard he was wrestling himself afterwards.
Matt Mcflow
Matt Mcflow - Month ago
He closed the distance alright!
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