Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - New Content Approaching - Nintendo Switch

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Ski tz
Ski tz - 26 minutes ago
We are still waiting for hero even tho its sometime this month
ElVice OS
ElVice OS - Hour ago
Here waiting for The Hero.
Ipawm Zone
Ipawm Zone - 11 hours ago
These are not only their final forms...
Frieza says This isn't even my final form...
Frieza is from Dragon Ball...
Dragon Ball was styled and drawn by Akira Toriyama...
Dragon Quest was stylised by Akira Toriyama...
The Hero is from Dragon Quest...
阿軒Nick - 3 hours ago
So? You only left a dumbfuck comment and?
Jake Steel
Jake Steel - 4 hours ago
You’re not funny
SkywardPrimeGalaxy - 14 hours ago
I'm playing Persona 5.
I appreciate Joker's inclusion a lot more now.
gameninja 1232
gameninja 1232 - 14 hours ago
Nintendo: and he wields a gun!
Snake: *am I a joke to you*
Unleash345 - 15 hours ago
You know what I just realized? Arsene makes Joker such a good character in this game, arguably making him high-tier, and in his base game he's one of the worst personas you can have.
King k rool Main
King k rool Main - 16 hours ago
Im still so happy that joker got in cause I love the persona series
Wizaro - 17 hours ago
I remember when this first came out
Sholwen - 19 hours ago
Ok, this video was uploaded pm 16th April, today is 16th July, si that Say The Hero from DQ Will have a same video of this style today?
Fury of Fawful
Fury of Fawful - 6 minutes ago
@Nitty RBX He could still be released today, you never know.
Nitty RBX
Nitty RBX - 15 minutes ago
@Fury of Fawful F
Fury of Fawful
Fury of Fawful - 18 hours ago
@Cupangkoi I hope not. They just teased him so it would make sense to show a video of him and release him tomorrow, but we'll just have to wait and see.
Cupangkoi - 18 hours ago
@Fury of Fawful Very disappointed you will be, then.
Fury of Fawful
Fury of Fawful - 18 hours ago
Nah, it's gonna happen today, it's perfectly timed. If not, I'll be very disappointed.
YoshiG - 21 hour ago
*_G U N_*
Film57 R
Film57 R - Day ago
Joker pistol is tokarev lol
Stocky Comet
Stocky Comet - Day ago
Crash bandicoot please
Eric Sonic
Eric Sonic - Day ago
It got to be the 2nd sonic fighter as the Challenger Pack 4 like Tiara Boobowski or Miles Tails Prower.
阿軒Nick - Day ago
Each third party only gets 1 character unless they use echos, and there won't be any echos in dlc according to Sakurai.
Albert Lee
Albert Lee - 2 days ago
Nintendo please add iron man and thanos. Iron mans final smash could he would snap then all of the avengers would appear and have a final blow. Then thanos would snap but take 50 damage but all of your opponents would die. Thank very much if you add them.
阿軒Nick - 2 days ago
Game character only
Jake Steel
Jake Steel - 2 days ago
Terrible joke
#teamscorbunny - 4 days ago
So when we getting Hero’s video
Neutral-D - 3 days ago
The new update probably
阿軒Nick - 3 days ago
When they are ready to release
SlyassassinXX - 4 days ago
2 months later and this scene still sends hype chills down my whole body
Pingo2/350 - 4 days ago
I'm pretty confidence will get another one of these videos of all challengers coming to smash soon. even when hero is release, same thing to this one.
Picu Fabian
Picu Fabian - 5 days ago
Banned For Sans And Finally Sans Will Never Be In Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Dale Whitecross
Dale Whitecross - 5 days ago
Hopefully when the hero comes out we get home run contest or target practice
The best piranha plant main Shrekplosion42
Dale Whitecross or both
SSJ3 Potato
SSJ3 Potato - 5 days ago

Ngl tho the joker part is still and will forever be hype👏
Kongstar - 5 days ago
Who’s watching this in wait for hero
Supermariojjk K
Supermariojjk K - 5 days ago
I am
Lwlysunshine - 5 days ago
weegee90000 - 5 days ago
I wonder why this was on my recommendations
Supermariojjk K
Supermariojjk K - 5 days ago
*Boy oh boy, I wonder why too.*
Capu - 5 days ago
Same lmao
Atlas - 6 days ago
Can we get another dlc please
The Man
The Man - 5 days ago
@I I play 🅱️onkey kong
I - 6 days ago
@Atlas do you play donkey kong
Atlas - 6 days ago
@阿軒Nick i know i mean i want the hero dlc to drop soon.
阿軒Nick - 6 days ago
We have The Hero from Dragon Quest and Banjo-Kazooie as Fighter Pass
Alex bloom
Alex bloom - 6 days ago
I thought it was Joker from Batman, LOL.
The Man
The Man - 5 days ago
@Lolo 945 Except 🅱️oku
Lolo 945
Lolo 945 - 6 days ago
Alex bloom They would never add a character that didn’t originate from a video game
Crappy Potato
Crappy Potato - 7 days ago
I still remeber that day. When Joker caused mass destruction on the servers. It made history.

Gamer 76
Gamer 76 - 7 days ago
We need Cuphead for Smash.
The Man
The Man - 5 days ago
@I I play 🅱️onkey Kong
I - 6 days ago
Do u play donkey Kong
阿軒Nick - 7 days ago
Probably He is suited for fighting unlike Sans or Bendy (serious why does people want them)
Eric Vico is mad
Eric Vico is mad - 7 days ago
3:40 GUN
DAMIAN SANCHEZ - 7 days ago
LuigiDude - 7 days ago
“Arsene will give your attacks an extra punch” By that you mean make joker go full Ganondorf mode?
The Man
The Man - 5 days ago
I - 6 days ago
Do u play donkey Kong
阿軒Nick - 7 days ago
Erouk - 7 days ago
legend has it joker still cant go out at night
also still hype for this
SirTyperys - 7 days ago
hey look its joker from personb 5
SirTyperys - 6 days ago
i've played the original trilogy, DKCR and DKC:TF, so yes, i play donkey kong.
I - 6 days ago
@Snowhue because I like donkey kong and need tips
Snowhue - 6 days ago
I why are you asking that
I - 6 days ago
Do u play donkey Kong
Antrace Britton
Antrace Britton - 7 days ago
I hope they make a video like this for the hero
Antrace Britton
Antrace Britton - 7 days ago
I agree
Filhote De Florgote MSM Amino
It would be great if it was tomorrow 3 hours before his official release
default - 8 days ago
this is still hype wtf
Lowy - 6 days ago
It's still the number #1 presentation on Nintendo
thematthatter - 8 days ago
Bayonetta: they said guns arent aloud
Joker: i made them allowed
Andrea 4
Andrea 4 - 8 days ago
The best character is actually a DLC, I’m very disappointed with Nintendo
Andrea 4
Andrea 4 - 8 days ago
阿軒Nick yeah, guess yur right
阿軒Nick - 8 days ago
They just make a new character too strong, for a fighting game that's a common mistake
Andrea 4
Andrea 4 - 8 days ago
阿軒Nick however I hope Nintendo just committed a mistake and it will balance joker in future patches
Andrea 4
Andrea 4 - 8 days ago
阿軒Nick it reminds me EA where if u want a better character, u have to pay
阿軒Nick - 8 days ago
Why tho?
Kanenums - 9 days ago
The Man
The Man - 8 days ago
Naw 16:27
Tenacious !
Tenacious ! - 9 days ago
Still waiting for the hero release date
Yuh Boi
Yuh Boi - 8 days ago
Me too
Supermariojjk K
Supermariojjk K - 9 days ago
Dina Lewis
Dina Lewis - 9 days ago
Most likely in the next 2 weeks.
Pablo Figueroa
Pablo Figueroa - 9 days ago
this are not even Morgana car
Pablo Figueroa
Pablo Figueroa - 6 days ago
@Magnus Henriksen search Joker in a nutshell
Magnus Henriksen
Magnus Henriksen - 7 days ago
Pablo Figueroa
Pablo Figueroa - 9 days ago
Echo sun56
Echo sun56 - 9 days ago
People who disliked the video then they hate persona and smash
Supermariojjk K
Supermariojjk K - 9 days ago
Sony fanboys who only want persona 5 on ps4 only
Sonic the Hedgehog Parker
I was expecting to a CGI trailer. I love those!
Great Tornado
Great Tornado - 9 days ago
Sneaky reference to the shadows
Great Tornado
Great Tornado - 9 days ago
The only good fighter so far
Jake Steel
Jake Steel - 4 hours ago
Wyrd No they can’t, because they’re both spirits...
Wyrd - Day ago
@Great Tornado They could still happen. We got two fighters left
Great Tornado
Great Tornado - Day ago
Wyrd Shantae and Bandanna Dee
Wyrd - Day ago
What were you expecting?
Revolver Ocelot
Revolver Ocelot - 9 days ago
Morgana: Smash is looking cool, eh Joker?

t h e t a b l e s h a v e t u r n e d
CurtisCrews - 10 days ago
Boris Playz
Boris Playz - 10 days ago
These should be the last DLC characters bendy and Sans
Tactit Aphid9002
Tactit Aphid9002 - 10 days ago
We're waiting, Nintendo, drop on weekend bc of hype in jp!
Atlas - 10 days ago
Want that hero video to drop
Silver Snow
Silver Snow - 11 days ago
14:08 Leaked footage of Gluttony scooting his main into top tier
Angel the man Sosa Villa
Angel the man Sosa Villa - 11 days ago
Nintendo please and Tails from Sonic
Jake Steel
Jake Steel - 4 hours ago
Angel the man Sosa Villa You do know that tails is a spirit, right?
The Man
The Man - 9 days ago
@Nightwing Gamer Luigi is different at least. He plays the underdog, always living in his brother's shadow. If you played a Luigi's Mansion game you would know his personality and motives are completely different.
Nightwing Gamer
Nightwing Gamer - 9 days ago
@The Man that's like saying Luigi is Mario but green
阿軒Nick - 10 days ago
*add Also each third party gets one character unless they use echos, and there's no echos in fighter pass
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