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haha funny yes
haha funny yes - 8 hours ago
I haven't scrolled down yet but I expect "who's here after jaclyns moldy lipsticks????2?2?2?" comments 😑
Lexi B.
Lexi B. - Day ago
Omg the two of you singing together was so beautiful! Please make a video singing a full song together!
M. Mercedes A
M. Mercedes A - 3 days ago
If watching them independently isn’t annoying already, we then get this ... double yuk and obnoxious
Abbygale Tirado
Abbygale Tirado - 8 days ago
I got a male period ad before this video now I can’t stop thinking are they trying to say James gets his period
Jen X
Jen X - 12 days ago
you guys are sister beauttttttttt ! xx
Tracey Doyle
Tracey Doyle - 12 days ago
You said he talks fast, you talk faster Jaclyn. I can’t keep up holy shit.
Jen Lee
Jen Lee - 15 days ago
Wait wait... so they switched their own makeup and used it ?? Gross
Honey Sksksk
Honey Sksksk - 23 days ago
James Charles will always be my #1 fav youtuber
*Drama Free YES QUEEN*
ميثم البندري
ميثم البندري - 27 days ago
ميكب حلو💄💄💓💓💓💋💋
كيرااا أساهيكووو
Omg omg guys i have an eyeshadow palette ok and it's jackln hill and now i see jackln and am shocked i love her ❤❤❤❤❤
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma - Month ago
Vytautas Kieras
Vytautas Kieras - Month ago
james you are an artis
and jaclyn hill you ar the best bye
Samantha Roa
Samantha Roa - 2 months ago
7:45 is really Iconic 😂
Avril NSN
Avril NSN - 2 months ago
Tejaswini Salome
Tejaswini Salome - 2 months ago
i jus love yu ...u soo pretty ..i love u as a person i hope i meet yu one day and give you a warm hug...
Nathaniel everything
Nathaniel everything - 2 months ago
This video did not age well
Amelia Gran
Amelia Gran - 2 months ago
Do more
Marvin Mckenzie
Marvin Mckenzie - 3 months ago
She kind of looks like Shannon Dougherty
Lindsay Sever
Lindsay Sever - 3 months ago
And now they're the most hated ppl on YT 🙃
Sara Hooper
Sara Hooper - 3 months ago
i love when james does other people's make up. he connects so well with people
avril ferrer
avril ferrer - 3 months ago
no one:
youtube: here's a video with James Charles AND Jaclyn Hill!
Ana luiza Sales
Ana luiza Sales - 4 months ago
Who is here after Jaclyn lipstick fiasco
Hope Ramirez
Hope Ramirez - 4 months ago
Is it just me or is Jaclyn prettier without makeup? Go natural beauty 🤪
Halle Gallant
Halle Gallant - 4 months ago
OMG I just love Jaclyn's sense of humor
It’s Alex409
It’s Alex409 - 4 months ago
I love it’s
Die Potato
Die Potato - 4 months ago
0.75x if u aggyvated
Karen Keister
Karen Keister - 4 months ago
Gemini is air
Tabby Smith
Tabby Smith - 4 months ago
Why jaclyn look fried for? 😂😂😂
Merciless Rize and Shine
Merciless Rize and Shine - 4 months ago
They look like theey could be siblings lol😂🤣
Edith Baez
Edith Baez - 4 months ago
The best of morphe
Cilla Bean
Cilla Bean - 4 months ago
Episode 284729203928 of James trying to find a matching foundation 😂😂
AprilReign - 5 months ago
I would love to see a swap with (or a challenge) with Rihanna, Nikki, Beonce or their makeup stylists. Beonce may vibe with you very very well. IDK she is very aloof so she may not even entertain the idea. Now Cardi...yes if you can keep it PG13 lol! It'll be a whole BLEEPING video. A challenge 4 sureXD! Anyhoo u do u boo LUV U!!
AprilReign - 5 months ago
OMG!XDDD! New title: "Bloopers with Jaclyn Hill"
Faizan Khan
Faizan Khan - 5 months ago
madan hill is sooo beutifull
Faizan Khan
Faizan Khan - 5 months ago
madan hill is sooo beutifull
Cayci Carter
Cayci Carter - 5 months ago
First foundation match and it's not even his 🤣
Mona Dovina Prodaniuk
Mona Dovina Prodaniuk - 5 months ago
💞 love Jaclyn and James collaboration 💞
Traviyanna Gilbert
Traviyanna Gilbert - 5 months ago
im gemini to june 7
Butterfly Dreams Goldfish
Butterfly Dreams Goldfish - 5 months ago
james: "and visa- versa"
uhhhhhh.....did you mean vis-versa you idiot. i cant stand james charles since i realized what a shit he is. He literally is a creap and i cant stand him anymore. Cant wait to see what other scandals he has.
Diane C
Diane C - 5 months ago
Just a bunch of bs....sad.
Numb Mya
Numb Mya - 5 months ago
Your a air sign cuz ur a Gemini like meee @jamesCharles
Alexxx - 5 months ago
Queens slaying 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Brian Feeley
Brian Feeley - 5 months ago
James talks really fast because he is New York 👯 sister
Selma Nygaard Overå
Selma Nygaard Overå - 5 months ago
Looooooooovvvveee this collab😘❤ Love u both❤💜💙
Slime Nochos
Slime Nochos - 5 months ago
I just had Starbucks but the mango dragonfruit refresher next time I’m gonna try pinky drink
Therese G
Therese G - 6 months ago
Adia Lena
Adia Lena - 6 months ago
My queeenz
S K I M A S K - 6 months ago
We Hate Her
Breanna Acosta
Breanna Acosta - 6 months ago
Anybody else watching for the millionth time in 2019
No just me okay
Adia Lena
Adia Lena - 6 months ago
No I'm in 2020
D KD - 6 months ago
jacyln is so stunning like one of the most stunning makeup artists I've ever witnessed
Mackenzie Lawson
Mackenzie Lawson - 6 months ago
Both look amazing
Anika Loren
Anika Loren - 6 months ago
I’m sorry James but just noooo more screeching my ears can not take the noise you call singing hun I’m sorry.😬
Emma Erickson
Emma Erickson - 6 months ago
You guys should actually make a cover of Sober. I like your version a lot! 😘😍
I Love Tacos
I Love Tacos - 6 months ago
You should do a video : * Doing Ariana Grande’s Make up *
Adia Lena
Adia Lena - 6 months ago
zeldagurlfan1 - 6 months ago
cant believe how egotistical james was towards his guest in a few parts of the video.
Caitlyn Root
Caitlyn Root - 6 months ago
Clover Ferrell
Clover Ferrell - 6 months ago
hi sisters
beL13ver - 6 months ago
This video showed both of you in such a great light. The makeup was beautiful but the conversation was so genuine and wonderful to see :)
Kayla Mullins
Kayla Mullins - 6 months ago
We need MORE james & jaclyn!!!!!!! Im living for these two together.
Kayla Mullins
Kayla Mullins - 6 months ago
I need a sister james in my life. 😍😍😍
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