JRE MMA Show #62 with Brendan Schaub

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Dominik Filipovic
Dominik Filipovic - 8 days ago
bring cro cop to your podcast
Miguel Gonzalez jr
Miguel Gonzalez jr - 11 days ago
Brendon is a fuckin moron...if it weren't for Joe and Bryan, he wouldn't be a blip on the radar of life... He should be sucking their cocks on daily ...Joey Diaz has been doing comedy for years, grinding putting in work, and thus fuck gets a showtime soeci, which wasn't even funny, just goes to show it's not what you know but who you blow...fuck you Brendon...hope you can sleep with yourself knowing that you are a fuckin hack...🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez - 17 days ago
That HOUSTON jersey thoe
Steven Smith
Steven Smith - 23 days ago
Who's here after Cosmo took Sage's soul.
Matt Foley
Matt Foley - Month ago
Stipe Is so underrated
Nate Clasen
Nate Clasen - Month ago
24:52 joe farted.
iants1990 - Month ago
Rogan on some B's that's a fix
ericci85 - Month ago
"what's Brock waiting for?"
All that juice to clear his system.
Why would you want a championship bout against a guy that pops hot after every bout and then disappears to the men's soap opera show for a couple years?
Jose Valdez
Jose Valdez - Month ago
Joe "The AlphaBeta Male" Rogan
John Tynan
John Tynan - 2 months ago
Brendan scwaber-knocker
Craig Carrillo
Craig Carrillo - 2 months ago
Joe Rogan is a retard don’t @me
Rico Ladronn
Rico Ladronn - 2 months ago
I love Schaub holding his ground when talking about the fixed Floyd fight
Butt Lord
Butt Lord - 2 months ago
Love the first couple minutes where Schaub is like "oh no I totally didn't watch those fucking awesome clear HD no issues pirate streams, but if I did it was great"
Mike Miller
Mike Miller - 2 months ago
Bring Dwayne The Rock Johnson on the show
Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed - 2 months ago
that is a long shot
Francisco Rodriguez Jr.
Francisco Rodriguez Jr. - 2 months ago
Love ya Joe! The passionate descriptive aspect of your dialogue is extremely intoxicating. Tip my hat to you and the way you conduct your shows, super laid back, but addictive. You deserve the following you have, totally earned and deserved.
Jake Lloyd
Jake Lloyd - 2 months ago
TC 710
TC 710 - 2 months ago
Bs: "shredded like a motherfucker"
Joe: "noooo he looked unhealthy"
BS: "oh yeah i meant shredded like an ethiopian kid"
Sdotbell MMA
Sdotbell MMA - 2 months ago
In Thailand they have top level bjj and wrestling guys.. Phuket top team, Aka Thailand, Tiger Muay Thai has high level wrestling coaches etc
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock - 2 months ago
calj - 2 months ago
Kanye West #Kanye2020 #YouAintGotTheAnswers
Love Brendan’s jersey. Travis scott one of the greatest artists of the 2010s
Mark Wilkinson
Mark Wilkinson - 2 months ago
When an MMA podcast turns into a JRE podcast
Terry Mason
Terry Mason - 2 months ago
Brendan saul a ton of shit
rheotaxisvids - 2 months ago
Brendan the type of dude to pop a spit bubble so he can smell Rogan's butthole.
D J Productions
D J Productions - 2 months ago
Fight pass is awesome...one app for all, all the fight content (LIVE/Old), PPV's fair priced...works so good, no ESPN bullshit walls haha
OhulihanR6 Gaming
OhulihanR6 Gaming - 2 months ago
This comment section is fucking hilarious 😂😂😂
Christopher Wright
Christopher Wright - 3 months ago
2-3 years suspension potential to TJ for EPO vs 5 year suspension to nick Diaz for thc..... there needs to be a clear standard of punishments. Plus thc isn’t a PED and it’s legal in many states including the one Diaz lives in.
Casey Graham
Casey Graham - 3 months ago
How lucrative Do you get??
"Only real Jre fans know wassup"
Jose Carbonell
Jose Carbonell - 3 months ago
The best wrestler of all time is a Cuban guy who holds the record of 3 time gold medalist Olympian, his name is Mijain lopez
Smashley Scott
Smashley Scott - 3 months ago
170 to 165 makes sense in what world?? 5 pounds between weight classes?? Theres ALREADY 8 weight classes anyway!!! This is ridiculous!!!
Change the weight classes, fine, but add a class between existing classes that creates just a 5 lb gap?? How fucking DUMB.
Jake Conner
Jake Conner - 3 months ago
Burning Shrub in the house.
GWEwrestling - 3 months ago
They r stoned
Anthony Valdez
Anthony Valdez - 3 months ago
Joe “you can rip your asshole” Rogan
Jonathan Bleksley
Jonathan Bleksley - 3 months ago
Bring Louis c.k on already
Buck Nasty
Buck Nasty - 3 months ago
Espn+ is such BS, what if you live out in the sticks?
ghost - 3 months ago
Need the big misfit ever.. Not a cookie cutter.. Big Lenny
QuadraxisTheGreat - 3 months ago
"Correct, correct, correct x100" ~Brennan "Yes Man" Swab
TexasCat 100
TexasCat 100 - 3 months ago
Shit = shit 😸✌
AstaSupreme82 - 3 months ago
Brenden belittles black ppl every chance he gets who hurt him😂
Aomatsung jamir
Aomatsung jamir - 3 months ago
Relax and enjoy the show😎
J - 3 months ago
Joe never wants to stay on topic I swear he’s got ADD
Fuckya Lookin at
Fuckya Lookin at - 3 months ago
Who is this Jewish black guy?
Benjamin James
Benjamin James - 3 months ago
Jamie: *pulls up thai with the thick thighs*
Brendan: *giggles* "Thanks Jamie"
Anthony DeVries
Anthony DeVries - 3 months ago
line ups have been great lately
Philip Hernandez
Philip Hernandez - 3 months ago
Shit I just saw ghost in my apartment
The almighty deniro
The almighty deniro - 3 months ago
Whittaker won the first fight but in the 2nd bout yoel won.
4estfloor - 3 months ago
Listen to this guys... Eddie Bravo and his group fuckin snap! the lyrics are deep! Eddie nails the vocals on the hook.
Brad Brad
Brad Brad - 3 months ago
Why does joe have glas jaw schaub on so much..he got some of the most vicious ko's in the last 50 ufc's or more...why take his opinions seriously..he got his fucking ass BEAT on a regular basis....i enjoyed watching schaub starched on bis back looking like he was in a comatose state..schaub sucked how did he ver get into a ufc contract..had to have connections...maybe dana liked eating schaubs man chowder out of rouseys sloppy stink holes...has to be that...brenadanloves eating whites chowder
Blazed and Confused
Blazed and Confused - 3 months ago
Brendan Schaub is one of the biggest Hollywood phonies I've ever seen.
Duggo 69
Duggo 69 - 3 months ago
schaub is so full of shit
11bravo1789 - 3 months ago
Ever since adesanya tried to start beef with schaub. Schaub has been riding his nuts so hard lol. Brendan, dont back down so hard bruh. Not a good look
Barnabas Jones
Barnabas Jones - 3 months ago
Thought it was a older video.. he seems to be fascinated with the man's footwear.
OneEyedWolfKing - 3 months ago
miley cyrus good lol?
PabloWan - 3 months ago
will beamin
will beamin - 3 months ago
Brendan needs to hit gym, hes starting to get that ' Kermit the frog ' physique...
Its not easy being green...wait,I mean lean
Waxy12 - 3 months ago
Buffalo wild wings has ppv all the time. Do they have a deal with them?
kc87d88 - 3 months ago
Have Jeremy Clarkson on! The other two can come if they want but aren't necessary.
94jaydogg - 3 months ago
No one:
Brendan: I don't know who's gonna beat him. I don't know who's gonna beat him.. I don't know who's gonna beat him.
C.F .N
C.F .N - 3 months ago
Joe "it's those damn Cuban genetics man" Rogan
mootz2 - 3 months ago
Osanna Trusdale
Osanna Trusdale - 3 months ago
Cam Meyer
Cam Meyer - 3 months ago
Hey just saying your headphones aren't sitting even on your heads .
Lars Marius sivertsvik
Lars Marius sivertsvik - 3 months ago
Gastelum never knocked Israel down though.
And Noone really beats Yoel (expt Feijao in his 1st big fight.) They survive, and then need surgery. Just sayin.🤷🏼‍♂️
Ghillys - 3 months ago
He rocked his ass multiple times so who really cares if he hit the ground? And his hands touched the mat.. in boxing thats a knockdown.
miles lomas
miles lomas - 3 months ago
fighters dont have restraints outside of fighting e.g both till and usman have deals with gym king i think and i think max has some deals, lots of fighters do just inside fighting it has to be Reebok gear i think
Jerry Coe
Jerry Coe - 3 months ago
McGeady Bro
McGeady Bro - 3 months ago
Bring up zlatan ibrahimovic on the podcast
Leonardo Donato
Leonardo Donato - 3 months ago
Man you guys are wrong about so many things. At least Joe admits it. Brenda just BULLSHITS non fucking stop. So many things he says “100%” or as facts are completely wrong 🤦🏽‍♂️
Let’s make this as clear as possible because you guys spent 20 minutes saying TJ probably or might have been on EPO during the Cody fights or even before. NO he was not. YES USADA went back and tested ALL his championship fights and TJ was 100% clean. Now why he took it this time you hit on for a pico second 😉. He cuts all the weight he can. Then he had to cut ANOTHER TEN POUNDS! So he was doubting himself and called “Dr Feelgood” who I KNOW FOR A FACT both you Joe and Brenda use.
For those of you who do not know, Dr Feelgood is Dana and the Fer Brother’s “Enhancer”. Dana is the one who hooked him into all the top camps. Almost all of the top fighters are using enhancing drugs. Just not PERFORMANCE enhancing drugs. They are the same drugs just almost all of them use them to recover. The reason every other promotion allows p”ED”s is so the athletes can RECOVER. Almost all of them do not allow them as a PERFORMANCE enhancer. Meaning the weeks ahead of the fight they all have to test clean. The UFC uses USADA as a way to give Dana’s guys a massive advantage.
The biggest PED Roided in our sport is KHABIB! And Joe/Brenda and everyone else knows about it. Khabib is part of the Russian STATE SPONSORED PED program. He gets to go hide from USADA and he in the most sophisticated PED lab program in the history of the earth.
I was at TAM and am currently at BlackHouse and 10th planet. This is a well known thing in our sport. Dana just covers it up because he had to make Khabib a #1C then “champ” to get the Russian tv contract which is the most lucrative contract in MMA history.
Blake Robertson
Blake Robertson - 3 months ago
If only Elon and Jeff would team up. We could cultivated half of Mars by now smh
Reuben Naguit
Reuben Naguit - 3 months ago
Is someone gonna tell Schaub you dont need to go to the dark web to stream fights
Ghillys - 3 months ago
Lol Brendan considers reddit the dark web😂
Shaun Field
Shaun Field - 3 months ago
Brendan Schaub is just the worst ever.
Issac C
Issac C - 3 months ago
Brendan is an annoying cunt
plastr1ck - 3 months ago
great show!
Matthew Swartz
Matthew Swartz - 3 months ago
Glad to hear Brenda's voice has healed, no more Marge Simpson
Вяеиdаи Sнеа Сфииеllу
Feels bad for T.J ??? smh
Mark Wood
Mark Wood - 3 months ago
when is Conor coming on ?????
Rikullinen - 3 months ago
Karelin wikipedia "His wrestling record is 887 wins and two losses" lol
A B - 3 months ago
How much do american have to pay?? In europe its 15 euro and i think its expensive 😄
DannyM808 - 3 months ago
Joe "i had a Zevia" Rogan
sikhovski - 3 months ago
TEST THEM ALL! Brendan: why? Why do you want to do it? ..... Lol Brendan was probably dirty
Young P.X
Young P.X - 3 months ago
I just looked up Brendan Schaub getting knocked out and dawg...... this shit has me fucking crying lmfaaoo
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