Ultimate Tongue Twister Battle w/ Kira Kosarin, Jace Norman & More! 😝| #NickStarsIRL

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Nickelodeon - 8 months ago
Leave some love for you favorite Nick star in the comments below!
Joy Maduakolam
Joy Maduakolam - 14 days ago
Jace and kira..nailed it they are gr8
Elena Panourgia
Elena Panourgia - 18 days ago
Kira because only once she was confused
Lour Abuleil
Lour Abuleil - 25 days ago
jace norman
Fernando Gil hidalgo
Fernando Gil hidalgo - Month ago
Jace Norman 100%
Jason Mayzes
Jason Mayzes - Month ago
Kira Kosarin is the best at tounge twisters
Faiha Irubaz
Faiha Irubaz - 16 hours ago
Kelnismo18 - Day ago
Kira is the best
Yolanda Smith
Yolanda Smith - Day ago
Dark Night
Dark Night - 3 days ago
Kira ofc
Crelia Mbago
Crelia Mbago - 3 days ago
Sue Onyoni
Sue Onyoni - 4 days ago
I love Have Norman💏💏💏💏💏💏
Queen Bhelu
Queen Bhelu - 4 days ago
Jace Norman is so so so funny 😂 Jace, can I tell you a joke? Why did the witch wears name tags, to help the kids wich witch is wich!
Praxides Centenoortiz
Praxides Centenoortiz - 5 days ago
Kira win
Dieudonne Okwuegbue
Dieudonne Okwuegbue - 6 days ago
Jemma Hattingh
Jemma Hattingh - 7 days ago
Definitely kira😀
Sarah Elland
Sarah Elland - 8 days ago
Ya Kira Kosarin totally won that :D
Mercedez Lake
Mercedez Lake - 8 days ago
Bridgidah Kanyi
Bridgidah Kanyi - 8 days ago
Phoebe duh
Bridgidah Kanyi
Bridgidah Kanyi - 8 days ago
I'm sorry kira
Hania Haytham
Hania Haytham - 9 days ago
Ofcourse Kira a100/Kira
Diniwe Chisupa
Diniwe Chisupa - 9 days ago
Kira kosarin
Zhorine Mohamed
Zhorine Mohamed - 9 days ago
I think Kira Kosarin won the challenge! !!!!!!!
Anastesia Okafor
Anastesia Okafor - 9 days ago
kira kosarin
Ayonitemi Abiodun
Ayonitemi Abiodun - 11 days ago
Kira kosairn
Rev. Naeem John
Rev. Naeem John - 12 days ago
Kira 100%
Scarlette Khel
Scarlette Khel - 12 days ago
ERIC BRONFELD - 13 days ago
Waïl Ama
Waïl Ama - 13 days ago
100% Kira Kosarin
Joy Maduakolam
Joy Maduakolam - 14 days ago
Though henry also did his best
Joy Maduakolam
Joy Maduakolam - 14 days ago
Phoebe ........wwooonnn
fatima abazi
fatima abazi - 14 days ago
kira korasin
Nana Sekyere
Nana Sekyere - 14 days ago
Kira Kosarin
Paulinus Sheyapo
Paulinus Sheyapo - 16 days ago
Kira karosin
ashley agwang
ashley agwang - 16 days ago
Mandy Denyschen
Mandy Denyschen - 16 days ago
kira was the best she only got 1 wrong
Patricia Obarisiagbon
Patricia Obarisiagbon - 17 days ago
Kira is amazing
ole ao reo letlhaka
ole ao reo letlhaka - 17 days ago
You guys should also try saying "yellow lorry red lorry fast"
Kirsten Rossouw
Kirsten Rossouw - 17 days ago
Kira Kosarin
african girl
african girl - 18 days ago
It was Kira
zachary and crystal
zachary and crystal - 18 days ago
Okentu Samura
Okentu Samura - 19 days ago
Patrick Mills
Patrick Mills - 19 days ago
10000%kira she is the best
Osasere Aigbe
Osasere Aigbe - 19 days ago
100 percent kira kosarin
Its kira
Jessica Pieterse
Jessica Pieterse - 20 days ago
Kira kosarin
Oyinkansola Adeluka
Oyinkansola Adeluka - 20 days ago
Kira kosarin is on fire
Tracy Asabere
Tracy Asabere - 21 day ago
It's definitely Kira Kosarin
Nkumbi nganduna
Nkumbi nganduna - 21 day ago
I liked jace and daniela
Lilou Cubat Dit Cros
Lilou Cubat Dit Cros - 21 day ago
1: Kira
2: Jace
gladys ondieki
gladys ondieki - 21 day ago
Geoffrey Otomu
Geoffrey Otomu - 21 day ago
Kira kosarin
Uvietobore Agas
Uvietobore Agas - 21 day ago
Kira kosarin
Farah Farah
Farah Farah - 21 day ago
Kira oh wow
EpIc TV - 21 day ago
Kira Kosarin
Antony Mwangi
Antony Mwangi - 22 days ago
Kira grade😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Antony Mwangi
Antony Mwangi - 22 days ago
Kira is firing this show
Mukudzei Nyoni
Mukudzei Nyoni - 22 days ago
Khadeen Thompson
Khadeen Thompson - 22 days ago
Kira korasin definitely won
Osagies Maria
Osagies Maria - 22 days ago
Kira korasin
Rebbeca Manyika
Rebbeca Manyika - 22 days ago
Kira korasin is the best
Rania Paruk
Rania Paruk - 22 days ago
Kira is OBVIOUSLY the best
sarah reweta
sarah reweta - 22 days ago
Kira Kosarin👍👌👏👊☺😊
Alex Kamau
Alex Kamau - 22 days ago
Phoebe is the best
Purity Waweru
Purity Waweru - 22 days ago
Kira Kosarin amazing
Chloe vs Zoey sis wars
Chloe vs Zoey sis wars - 22 days ago
Kira did it so well
Nwabueze Rosemary
Nwabueze Rosemary - 22 days ago
Kira kosarin is the best for me
Grace Olabisi
Grace Olabisi - 22 days ago
Kira kosirin
Ani Tovmasyan
Ani Tovmasyan - 22 days ago
Kira Kosarin♥♥
Noelia Napolitano
Noelia Napolitano - 22 days ago
Kira Kosarin
Purity Mbeke
Purity Mbeke - 22 days ago
Kira is on fire
Toluwanimi Oparinde
Toluwanimi Oparinde - 23 days ago
Hallelujah Anjoolaoluwa
Hallelujah Anjoolaoluwa - 23 days ago
Phoebe of course
Moses Princewell
Moses Princewell - 23 days ago
Kira so fast Love u girl
Marco Pagliucoli
Marco Pagliucoli - 23 days ago
Kira is obviously the best
Racheal Muthakye
Racheal Muthakye - 23 days ago
Kira korasin
Elizabeth Mark
Elizabeth Mark - 23 days ago
Kira kosarin
AKEEM ADELAJA - 23 days ago
JT ELECTRICAL - 24 days ago
Kira is the best i love you kira❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Attamay Kiruma
Attamay Kiruma - 24 days ago
Kira kosarin
Oluwabukunmi Amballi
Oluwabukunmi Amballi - 24 days ago
Kira kosrin
Catherine Mwangi
Catherine Mwangi - 24 days ago
EMMANUEL MAIKAI - 24 days ago
100% James Norman
Patience Weru
Patience Weru - 24 days ago
Kira kosarin 100%
Josephine Twumasi
Josephine Twumasi - 24 days ago
Kira Kosarin
nasiya k. gouled
nasiya k. gouled - 24 days ago
Noor Ypma
Noor Ypma - 24 days ago
Hadjer Meriem Benmahamed
Hadjer Meriem Benmahamed - 25 days ago
Kira kosarin 👍💖
Layan Jaghoub
Layan Jaghoub - 25 days ago
iremy lacy
iremy lacy - 25 days ago
Iyiola mark LAyi
Iyiola mark LAyi - 25 days ago
Lilimar my big crush
Valerie umeh
Valerie umeh - 25 days ago
JOSEPH Musa-Braimoh
JOSEPH Musa-Braimoh - 25 days ago
Kira kosarin
Merjen Begenjova
Merjen Begenjova - 25 days ago
Kira Kosarin
ijeoma nwoke
ijeoma nwoke - 26 days ago
o c'mon guys lets talk about the worse😘
all the same kira was the best while lilimar was the best from the back. i love u sage😚😜
Time For Adventures
Time For Adventures - 26 days ago
Kira Kosarin is the best and that's my girl!!!
cool boys
cool boys - 26 days ago
I think kira won
judith mumbua
judith mumbua - 27 days ago
Judy Njoroge
Judy Njoroge - 27 days ago
I think phoebe won.
Ogechi Ukah
Ogechi Ukah - 27 days ago
Kira and jace
mpheteng - 28 days ago
Bakari Silima
Bakari Silima - 28 days ago
KIRA was the best 💖💖👑👍👍
Queen Edward
Queen Edward - 23 days ago
Kira was better then the rest
Adeyolanu Adedapo
Adeyolanu Adedapo - 28 days ago
You are deceiving
Danny And Millie's Toy Channel
Kira kosarin was the winner
Olawunmi Fadiora
Olawunmi Fadiora - 29 days ago
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