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Norris Pemberton
Norris Pemberton - Month ago
Jesser I love these non basketball vids. Keep doing what you doing
Monique Boochie
Monique Boochie - Month ago
Marsha the bear
Jdog #1
Jdog #1 - Month ago
I miss Jesse when he did 2k videos Only OGs remember
Jdog #1
Jdog #1 - Month ago
U kiddin
EZ Bucketzz
EZ Bucketzz - Month ago
I agree
Steven Loeffler
Steven Loeffler - Month ago
LachstarX - 5 hours ago
This is funny as 😂
Ernestoisok G
Ernestoisok G - 7 days ago
It’s a diplidoculus
mike dusold
mike dusold - 7 days ago
how many amazon boxes are there
Jack Monty
Jack Monty - 8 days ago
Jesser did you ask Kenny to do that or did Kenny roast you
Tyler Moffett
Tyler Moffett - 10 days ago
riley brown
riley brown - 13 days ago
jesser can kill it even tho its not a basketball vid! Banger!
Yuuri Johnson
Yuuri Johnson - 16 days ago
Yes do more
Brayden Theodore
Brayden Theodore - 17 days ago
Diansor dickasores
Noa Amaro
Noa Amaro - 17 days ago
The dinosaur is LSK
SHANIE LEHR - 17 days ago
T palmer
T palmer - 18 days ago
Its a bronisoras
Joshua Pinto
Joshua Pinto - 18 days ago
Am I the only one that realized that the guy sticker was in Mitchell's room in the beginning
Love this kinda vid 🤩
elijah obrien
elijah obrien - 21 day ago
I’ll send you shit
Keith Giberson
Keith Giberson - 21 day ago
It’s a dipulodompilus
narinderjit kaur
narinderjit kaur - 23 days ago
Mopi: 😢😢😢😢 HE FORGOT MY NAME!!!
CBKakarot - 25 days ago
demitrius - 26 days ago
how tf did that sword fit in the box, in the thumbnail
Beckham Hammontree
Beckham Hammontree - 26 days ago
Jesser I think your shirt is to small
Croke835 - 28 days ago
That dinosaur is known as a KristopherLondonausaurous
Awe Dee.0
Awe Dee.0 - 29 days ago
00:00 team rocket head ass 🤣
Insert Name Here
Insert Name Here - Month ago
5:04 jojo tourtue dance lol
Graham England
Graham England - Month ago
I love you I gay
glen provost
glen provost - Month ago
I just realized u and ur brother are both named after team rocket 😂😂😂
Joseph Arnett
Joseph Arnett - Month ago
Da denosar is a dipiladoculous
Jozzyy X
Jozzyy X - Month ago
*jesser becomes advertisements*
Trevor the goddd
Trevor the goddd - Month ago
you're the best youtuber of all time your a god
jasmin lucena
jasmin lucena - Month ago
5:13 😂LMAO
Emely g
Emely g - Month ago
Jesse in one v ones is crazy plz reply
RB Fizy
RB Fizy - Month ago
how many bites does it take u to eat a cheeseburger?
Rhino H
Rhino H - Month ago
Mullets for all of 2Hype!! Like if u agree
K_ MAN 04
K_ MAN 04 - Month ago
I love this jesser keep it up
Jonathan PLAYSORWACTH - Month ago
I have that sword
Jonathan PLAYSORWACTH - Month ago
May I have that sort
golddust21 black
golddust21 black - Month ago
Good vid bro
The gaming boy Evan
The gaming boy Evan - Month ago
The Dinosaur is a Dipadopulos
OGN MoNeY - Month ago
You need to wear bigger shirts Jesse cmon 😂
Tye - Month ago
4:48 tyler said youksjafamcjfdsqhed
Tye - Month ago
1:09 " Don't tell iman"
Tye - Month ago
beard Gang
Alison Sayer
Alison Sayer - Month ago
long neckasouros
NJ Hewitt
NJ Hewitt - Month ago
anybody saw X's album in the back.
like if u did
KrypteX - Month ago
5:00 yup this vid is getting demonetized like if you agree
Super Squad
Super Squad - Month ago
Who else thought at 9:40 it was the spongebob fail sound 💀
Yoziah Romero
Yoziah Romero - Month ago
That shirt does not fit you
Jtgoat Z
Jtgoat Z - Month ago
Toxic Razor
Toxic Razor - Month ago
I love your vids, keep it up jesse!
Sam Davis
Sam Davis - Month ago
Funniest skits bro!
Myles Bowman
Myles Bowman - Month ago
ktownbball ktownbball
ktownbball ktownbball - Month ago
2:54 all if the fan pages lol
jonathan cruz
jonathan cruz - Month ago
4:44 his editor gets paid in Lucky Charms
Luke Daley
Luke Daley - Month ago
Messer you are goat you are a incredible Youtuber God Bless
Lori Wilson
Lori Wilson - Month ago
He has a thing for balls 😂
Jazz_ Fj5
Jazz_ Fj5 - Month ago
It's a dipalodonculas
Nick Eh 29
Nick Eh 29 - Month ago
Dope or nope?
Isaac - Month ago
Fucking shave
Relasati Chicazo
Relasati Chicazo - Month ago
AD_the _King
AD_the _King - Month ago
This was the best vid ever 😂
Jared Brewer
Jared Brewer - Month ago
Is it me or is Jesse is becoming more of a man with his facial hair?
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