CATS - Official Trailer [HD]

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Crystal Shard
Crystal Shard - 18 minutes ago
Cat in the Hat 2 is looking great
its xochitlipezgacalifefan by xochitl lopez
I can't wait to see it
my russian men
my russian men - Hour ago
wow the furries are taking over
anonymushghg ?????
anonymushghg ????? - Hour ago
Get outta here u furries
itay shahar
itay shahar - Hour ago
am I the only one who is excited to see this movie?
Any Old Youtuber
Any Old Youtuber - Hour ago
tbh i think they took everything from a scarring experience and here it is cats
Jair Marrufo
Jair Marrufo - Hour ago
What in the world is this
Brodie Watson
Brodie Watson - Hour ago
Even my sleep paralysis demons can become movie stars
Hadi Samara
Hadi Samara - 2 hours ago
I apologize to sonic movie this is much wors
Dinosaurus Rex
Dinosaurus Rex - 2 hours ago
Stallnig - 2 hours ago
This gives me the urge to litterally throw rotten tomatoes at the screen, and then gouge my eyes out.
Rose Plays
Rose Plays - 2 hours ago
OMG I am so exited for this!
Cat Canivan
Cat Canivan - 2 hours ago
Aw I feel bad for those suffering with nightmares. Watching this trailer is giving me wonderful fantastical dreams about strangely beautiful cats.
Stallnig - 2 hours ago
Came here from a comment of a felidae review, stating that this is more traumatising. Well it definitely is...
JustSomeRandomAnimeDude !
Fede Ral
Fede Ral - 3 hours ago
videyu begenenler +1 yapsin :(
Abdullah Sezar
Abdullah Sezar - 3 hours ago
hayret birsey
Baba Hindistan
Baba Hindistan - 3 hours ago
hayret birsey
Ferit Lazoglusu
Ferit Lazoglusu - 3 hours ago
hahahahahaaa :)
Hayko Bağlantı
Hayko Bağlantı - 3 hours ago
hahahahahaaa :)
Seda İnce
Seda İnce - 3 hours ago
zorlami iziyorsunuz begenmeyenler
Mahmut Gondet
Mahmut Gondet - 3 hours ago
zorlami iziyorsunuz begenmeyenler
Ahmet vaysal
Ahmet vaysal - 3 hours ago
videyu begenenler +1 yapsin :(
Mayda Nozi
Mayda Nozi - 3 hours ago
hahahahahaaa :)
salih merdan
salih merdan - 3 hours ago
videyu begenenler +1 yapsin :(
Bedri Harir
Bedri Harir - 3 hours ago
hayret birsey
salih merdan
salih merdan - 3 hours ago
hayret birsey
Sea Seed
Sea Seed - 3 hours ago
hahahahahaaa :)
Minri Ferfe
Minri Ferfe - 3 hours ago
hahahahahaaa :)
Bahattin Dursun
Bahattin Dursun - 3 hours ago
hayret birsey
Selami Şahı
Selami Şahı - 3 hours ago
hayret birsey
Nina Sofia
Nina Sofia - 3 hours ago
videyu begenenler +1 yapsin :(
Mandela Coni
Mandela Coni - 3 hours ago
hayret birsey
Hamza Hamzaoğlu
Hamza Hamzaoğlu - 3 hours ago
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Meri Merve
Meri Merve - 3 hours ago
hahahahahaaa :)
go hes
go hes - 3 hours ago
hayret birsey
peitopei - 3 hours ago
*Universal Pictures* : releases CATS trailer
*Everyone* : what did you bring to this cursed land
oyuncak aldım
oyuncak aldım - 3 hours ago
zorlami iziyorsunuz begenmeyenler
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney - 3 hours ago
I need a boyfriend...
Annie’s World 96
Annie’s World 96 - 4 hours ago
This is why I’m staying away from all furries
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney - 4 hours ago
larry ballard
larry ballard - 4 hours ago
Who is here because of. The Hunt trailer
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney - 4 hours ago
I'm bored
STAR BOY - 4 hours ago
Yooo this Trips me out... wtf
Ricardo de Jesus Kessler da Rosa
I don’t hate it if I close my eyes this movie would be perfect unfortunately...
Eva Mai
Eva Mai - 5 hours ago
Get rid of the cat boobs, lengthen the hair to hide the weird crotch cgi and make their faces less human, maybe consider paws, make their eyes more cat-like, esp the pupils, and give them cat noses and teeth
Chole Wu
Chole Wu - 5 hours ago
This ruined my love for cats
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney - 5 hours ago
Think I could ever be as amazing as her?
Katie O'Sullivan
Katie O'Sullivan - 5 hours ago
You know, if Hooper made the cats look like the ones in the actual play (just people with cat ears and tails), they’ll probably not look as creepy... 😺
Blurry Seaven
Blurry Seaven - 6 hours ago
*who hurt you*
GTA5Player1 - 6 hours ago
Not sure what ya'll are all on about. This trailer looks hilarious!
I don't use this channel anymore 206
I mean, yeah it's weird and the CGI makes me cringe but I think that was a bit hard to leave tons of dislikes on this.
I feel like the people who did that didn't even watch the original back in the day.
KaregoAt - 6 hours ago
Could they not just have costumes???? Or make it fully animated if it needed to have cartoony movements and such??????? What a nightmare.
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney - 6 hours ago
Do you think I could ever be as beautiful as her?
Hugo Alvarez
Hugo Alvarez - 7 hours ago
Who's actually singing Memory here?
Cat Canivan
Cat Canivan - Hour ago
@Hugo Alvarez I'm fine with Jennifer's voice but something closer to Elaine Page or Betty Buckley would be even better.
Hugo Alvarez
Hugo Alvarez - 2 hours ago
@Cat Canivan not so good indeed.
Cat Canivan
Cat Canivan - 2 hours ago
Jennifer Hudson
Cookie Monsterly
Cookie Monsterly - 7 hours ago
Friend: 'Hey which Movie do you think Cat Women will like the most?'
Rudi - 7 hours ago
Guys.. just bring back Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. I just seved you millions on post production team. Pm me i will gladly recieve 10k for this advice!
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney - 7 hours ago
Think I could ever be as pretty as the girl?
Kyro Parado
Kyro Parado - 7 hours ago
This movie should be called Furries.
bumblebees - 7 hours ago
UwU OwO! Thwis will bwe my fwavrite mwovie! Im gwonna see it in thweaters! UwU
Nardo Polo
Nardo Polo - 7 hours ago
And Rebel Wilson as the fat character who falls down
bumblebees - 7 hours ago
Oi, Josuke! Stray Cat has been turned into a humanoid cat, Aint that crazy?!
Dem Millennials
Dem Millennials - 7 hours ago
And just like that a new generation of furries are born
Fun with Puppets
Fun with Puppets - 7 hours ago
me: the sonic movie trailer! is the worst trailer ever!
cats: hold my cgi
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney - 7 hours ago
Caleb Haskins
Caleb Haskins - 7 hours ago
You know, maybe sonic wasnt THAT bad...
Jadon - 8 hours ago
Molon Gangsta
Molon Gangsta - 8 hours ago
WHEN WILL YOU LEARN YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES (side note is like to ask WHO TF ASKED FOR THIS? Like who just thought oh let me make a movie about cats but using humans instead and have them dance and shit like what.the.fuck 🤦🏾‍♀️😤)
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney - 8 hours ago
Hydroxoid - 8 hours ago
It's like a competition to see who can make the worst movie of 2019
I'm Vhon
I'm Vhon - 8 hours ago
Obesus - 8 hours ago
This is so far into the uncanny valley I think it got to the bottom of it and dug straight down.
Daryl Barclay
Daryl Barclay - 8 hours ago
Me at Hollywood telling them about cats when will u learn that your akshons will have consequences
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney - 9 hours ago
I need a boyfriend...
Jesty - 9 hours ago
this is kinda like Titans, everything is cool just FIX THE APPEARANCE OF THE CHARACTERS
UltraGreninja - 9 hours ago
This is creepy and amazing at the same time.
Cat Canivan
Cat Canivan - 2 hours ago
Creepy can be a good thing. From The Guardian's site: Trustees of the poet’s legacy, welcoming the forthcoming film, say it is no stranger than his Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats... TS Eliot would likely have approved of the “rich strangeness” that has disturbed so many, according to his estate.
Kaitlyn Ferguson
Kaitlyn Ferguson - 10 hours ago
The backlash that this trailer is getting is awful. I think this movie is going to be great and I would go see it over and over again.
Cat Canivan
Cat Canivan - 2 hours ago
Me too!
Camila Delaney
Camila Delaney - 10 hours ago
Do you think I could be as amazing as her?
Conor Brennan
Conor Brennan - 10 hours ago
Sonic warned us but we didn't listen to him DAMN IT
Tomas Wood
Tomas Wood - 10 hours ago
This could be a tolerable movie if all the cats were removed
Hattmatt 1170
Hattmatt 1170 - 11 hours ago
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