Switching Lives With The Dolan Twins

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KISHI MITSUBISHI - 7 hours ago
Gay ass nigga
Marissa Bower
Marissa Bower - 10 hours ago
Sarah Hartrum
Sarah Hartrum - 10 hours ago
On the real, I was CRYING the whole video. Definitely living for this video 😂😍
Unit4 1Billyard
Unit4 1Billyard - 10 hours ago
Good for you Jeff Dolan
good make up job
Meowcity RedSatin 85
Meowcity RedSatin 85 - 11 hours ago
You are more like a brother or cousin to ruby rose though,lav ya Jeff from east malaysia kuching sarawak
elva136 - 11 hours ago
13:25 I lost it here 😭😭😭😂😂
El mundo de Patty Orozco
El mundo de Patty Orozco - 12 hours ago
I have to admit that since you show your real personality I like you and I admire you more, before I didn't like you so much, but that ability to leave your comfort zone is admirable, you are beautiful inside and out, as a man or woman, because your interior is reflected, I send you a big hug and I am amazed to see that there are people like you, greets you a Venezuelan living in Belgium
Léo? - 12 hours ago
You look like Ruby Rose lol
Timberly [Gitsie]
Timberly [Gitsie] - 12 hours ago
Yooo why's he even hotter???
Blasfeemia Yagami
Blasfeemia Yagami - 13 hours ago
I love your real eyecolor so much!
Shay Willis
Shay Willis - 14 hours ago
He looks SO uncomfortable 😂
Elizabeth S
Elizabeth S - 14 hours ago
“I feel taller....”
Like fuck high heels, give me protein... 😂😂😂
Kaitlynne Walters
Kaitlynne Walters - 14 hours ago
My jaw dropped seeing Jeffree with brown hair and eyebrows...Damn!!!
Claire Square
Claire Square - 14 hours ago
he looks like ruby rose
Arya Raelynn
Arya Raelynn - 15 hours ago
“No legs.” Jeffree.exe has stopped working
Courtney West
Courtney West - 15 hours ago
How am i literally older than the Dolan twins 😂
No Memes Here
No Memes Here - 15 hours ago
Am I the only one that got Ruby Rose vibes from the look
Alessandra Munoz
Alessandra Munoz - 16 hours ago
Jeffree really does look like Ruby Rose LOL
Casey Williams
Casey Williams - 16 hours ago
Jeffree and Shane are a better duo. Js. Still a good video but I like Jeffree’s chemistry with Shane better. He can be himself around him and that really accentuates his genuineness. 😁
Izzy 5210
Izzy 5210 - 17 hours ago
"you know what? FUCK YEAH JEFF"
Jeff:"FUCK YA"
Vercityle - 17 hours ago
Wtf my man a twig
Taylor Shea
Taylor Shea - 17 hours ago
11:36 Jeffree looks like Kris Jenner if she fell off
ninjasylph - 17 hours ago
It just dawned on me how thin poor Jeffree is.
Nicole Stone
Nicole Stone - 18 hours ago
The part where jeffree and the twins are walking into the gym in slow motions reminds me of when your mom makes you take your little brother out with you 😂
Liz - 18 hours ago
oh you don't do hermes?..... alright TRASH!!
lmao I'm dead
Scarlet Emeritus
Scarlet Emeritus - 18 hours ago
Shane is the kind of person you need in your life. I’m glad you found a real friend you can trust.
Nataly Cedillo
Nataly Cedillo - 18 hours ago
jeffree looks hot!!!! lmao
Sterna - 18 hours ago
He kinda looks like a lesbian😂
Kanoi Sumang
Kanoi Sumang - 19 hours ago
Low Key He looks like Kris Jenner 😂
Daisy Huck
Daisy Huck - 20 hours ago
OH MY GOD JEFFREE! i fractured my elbow trying to skateboard too! and its been my only real "broken bone" too!!!! dude thats wild
Mason Willis
Mason Willis - 20 hours ago
Most people would be uncomfortable with jeffree's normal look, but I'm uncomfortable with this look, like, uncomfortable the house
Katie Clarke
Katie Clarke - 21 hour ago
ello rats
Blank Space
Blank Space - 21 hour ago
They went from James to Jeffree *REAL QUICK*
MissBanks666 - 22 hours ago
GOD 😍😍😍😍 GRAYSON LOOKS SO GOOD 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Brooke W
Brooke W - 23 hours ago
Why does jeffree kinda look like amber rose
its sofi!
its sofi! - 23 hours ago
thats jus dorian electra
Oh Kay
Oh Kay - Day ago
imagine thinking makeup artist can make you look like perfection *cant relate*
Maricor Constantino
Jeffree is gourgeously handsome dude! Cutie :-)
Alondra Rivera
Alondra Rivera - Day ago
We reminds me if roger from american dad
Demi God
Demi God - Day ago
Jeffree’s, “WHAT??😟” when Davinci didn’t recognize him!! 😩😩😩 OMG.
Heathers Rubiano Arango
OMG you look really hot like this, hot dude!
E3 MA - Day ago
He looks like a Ken Doll
Sarah Ewing
Sarah Ewing - Day ago
Jeffree is having a Kris Jenner moment....but hotter❤️
poppingbubbels - Day ago
Jeffree kind of looks like ruby rose
Twisted - Day ago
I'm sorry jeffree but you look like a fucking pogo stick
City Dweller
City Dweller - Day ago
He looks good with dark hair
The Sryg
The Sryg - Day ago
Love that Shane’s influence is pushing you to do stuff like this. I feel like it makes your channel more accessible to people who don’t understand make up but want to get to know you. Like myself.
Alex 313
Alex 313 - Day ago
I’m eating noodl right now
Hey my dude
Hey my dude - Day ago
Same 😂
John Spry
John Spry - Day ago
Starting a guy who has never benched pressed before at his body weight is idiotic
baes _yuta
baes _yuta - Day ago
if jeffree is actually a guy up until now then fUhUCK i still love him for who he is now💞
Tanveer Rai
Tanveer Rai - Day ago
OMG jeffree is HAWT
Leo DX
Leo DX - Day ago
I love how he thinks he’s a woman trying to be a man while actually he’s a male 🤦🏻‍♀️
Hey my dude
Hey my dude - Day ago
I love how stupid u are :)
Rowyn Covington
Rowyn Covington - Day ago
Jeffery met my parents before he was famous at a makeup place and Jeffery saw my mom get a tattoo and said something to her but I forgot what he said
Etasha Jafril
Etasha Jafril - Day ago
Maybe next time Jeffree can be Nate and Nate can be Jeffree . That would be interesting to watch
Jullianne Sollano
Jullianne Sollano - Day ago
Holy shit jeffree
DIY beauty & more
DIY beauty & more - Day ago
Wow the brown eyes on Jeffree are absolutely beautiful!!!
Rachael-Louise Black
Jeffree: “Da Vinci are we ready dude?!”
Da Vinci: *licks lips*
Jeffree: “I think we’re ready!”
Da Vinci: “...”
Azxlial _
Azxlial _ - Day ago
My friends call me Jeffrey because I have blonde eye brows ;-; they think it’s offensive but I always say “thank u bitch”
Gavin Outlaw
Gavin Outlaw - Day ago
Jeffree is me trying ro act straight in pe to impress my crush
Damien Michael Clapton
Jeffree looks so manly then you see his nails
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