SNIPERS VS RUNNERS IN A GIANT LAPTOP! (Creative Mini Game) - Fortnite Battle Royale

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Rejas Sama
Rejas Sama - 28 minutes ago
my favorite part is 14:15 xD
Latoya Holloman
Latoya Holloman - 7 hours ago
I love this video
Latoya Holloman
Latoya Holloman - 7 hours ago
Please make a video the new gun
chellebelizeanbelle - 15 hours ago
tell ur crew if they get a head shot=5,000 v-bux
chellebelizeanbelle - 15 hours ago
head shot= 5,000 v-bux
Jayden Fincham
Jayden Fincham - 2 days ago
When u finally made it to the end
Michael Myers
Michael Myers - 4 days ago
Emily Serna
Emily Serna - 8 days ago
Jason Amerin
Jason Amerin - 9 days ago
UKNOWN LEGEND - 12 days ago
Wahts the code
Star Lord
Star Lord - 17 days ago
You guys are noobs at running
Kylie Evans
Kylie Evans - 19 days ago
Kylie Evans
Kylie Evans - 19 days ago
my favorite part was when you shoat vanoss through that tiny crack
Cam Killer Gaming
Cam Killer Gaming - 23 days ago
Thatโ€™s a little gay 1:15
Rance Dison
Rance Dison - 28 days ago
Rance Dison
Rance Dison - 28 days ago
I love your vid boy Iโ€™m girl
Victoria Gonzalez
Victoria Gonzalez - 28 days ago
12:01 "Jesus Fucking Christ"!
Izzan Azlan
Izzan Azlan - 28 days ago
Poor delirious because his clown show was ruin
Sniperz- _ - Comp
Sniperz- _ - Comp - 29 days ago
How can ya sniping be that bad
Ian Leblanc
Ian Leblanc - 29 days ago
I loved when you got sniped thinking that it was the end
bdbdj hdkdv
bdbdj hdkdv - Month ago
I have been watching sends 2015
Go commit Drink bleach
*i f*cking know!*
Brooke Cooper
Brooke Cooper - Month ago
AHHHHHAyayayayayayayayay the delirious ARMY WILL RISE TO 99999999999999999999,0000000000000000 SUBSCRIBERS ONE DAY
josh Tijerina
josh Tijerina - Month ago
And if u did not sub sub Right now for free and smash the like button
josh Tijerina
josh Tijerina - Month ago
I I've been sob for two or three years and u help me a lot and your best YouTuber
Chance Walker
Chance Walker - Month ago
17:15 because it was really funny thx for vids๐Ÿ˜„
Kayla McFarland
Kayla McFarland - Month ago
Its been soooo LONG!! I was laughing so much!! I hope they all continued to make more vids together it's been so long!!
Benjamin Kopf
Benjamin Kopf - Month ago
i like how he is accidently rapping the classics ๐Ÿ˜‚
Lil Owl boy
Lil Owl boy - Month ago
Delirious make me laugh so bad XD
Noobmaster69 - Month ago
Halo wins!!
Deanna Martin
Deanna Martin - Month ago
i love 5:37 I kepted replaying it lol I'm going bananas
Jhonje Gaming
Jhonje Gaming - Month ago
Best part - 11:48
Tj Nieto
Tj Nieto - Month ago
Nice day y'all all get together and do these vids delirious luv 2 see it have a goob 1
Bryton Holder
Bryton Holder - Month ago
Favorite video
Brandy Nichole
Brandy Nichole - Month ago
TheMineBloxPlayer123 _
TheMineBloxPlayer123 _ - 2 months ago
Delirious is a bird.
Jessica Perez
Jessica Perez - 2 months ago
I liked when you looked out of the telescope to try and find them
Lupe Espinal
Lupe Espinal - 2 months ago
have u ever put a banana in a rafrigeratier i have to save it for a banana smothie lol
Lupe Espinal
Lupe Espinal - 2 months ago
delirious army lives on forever H20 delirious is the best one in the whole crew
Lochlan Eldrick Crichton
Lochlan Eldrick Crichton - 2 months ago
Loving the crow edit
Marcus Sahadeo
Marcus Sahadeo - 2 months ago
My favorite was the hold video keep it up๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Sneak LTG
Sneak LTG - 2 months ago
What is the creative code for this Map
Steven Leve
Steven Leve - 2 months ago
What the code
kArLoS GaMiNg
kArLoS GaMiNg - 2 months ago
its so cool and fun to watch because it have so many funny noises that all of you guys made ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
Chris Evangelista
Chris Evangelista - 2 months ago
I like all of H20's video and I leave a comment to support my favorite youtuber :0
JOSEPH BARR - 2 months ago
My favorite moment is when the video started because i was ready to watch this video
BIG POPPA - 2 months ago
24:49 LMFAO ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ "Where are they"
Bravocat 101
Bravocat 101 - 2 months ago
Best roast ever!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 2 months ago
When he thought getting through the door was the end hahaha
11:48 oww u biiiiitch
Silent - 2 months ago
It would be cool if they used a barret, just 1 bullet everytime and 1 hit
Jujune Tylor
Jujune Tylor - 2 months ago
At 25:10 i dont get the reference that. Made vanoss laugh can someone please explain it to me
andrew gray
andrew gray - 2 months ago
The quick scopes...
Amir Garcia
Amir Garcia - 2 months ago
Creator codes
Cole Ashton
Cole Ashton - 2 months ago
This is like a trashier version of the gmod one
Kyssara Snowheart
Kyssara Snowheart - 2 months ago
I have to admit my favorite part was when you made it to the end and just rode on the tail of the plane with the rocket launcher! Also when Moo stayed on the plane and went through the ceiling! I'm a Potterhead and my mind just went "You're a wizard Moo!"
Beast Jay
Beast Jay - 2 months ago
When u said where are they that was funny bro โœŠ
Lindsay See You Later
Lindsay See You Later - 2 months ago
Your are my #1 favorite youtuber delirious and my fav monmont was whe you waved you hand and took out your teliscope behind the boxes.
vibeme bitch
vibeme bitch - 2 months ago
Elite Obito
Elite Obito - 2 months ago
5:55 funnies thing ever
HoT PoTaToE33
HoT PoTaToE33 - 2 months ago
What's the code
alexandria patterson
alexandria patterson - 2 months ago
"Leave a like, leave a comment, and I'll catch you all on the next video." See ya soon Delirious. :)
Aria Kusakabe
Aria Kusakabe - 2 months ago
Oh my god the crow noises!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’–
bend stainless
bend stainless - 2 months ago
The thing is that I have coulrophobia but I not scared of delirious tho
BaddestPuppet69 X
BaddestPuppet69 X - 2 months ago
How about a mini royal
L4Z3R B0i
L4Z3R B0i - 2 months ago
Can you ever shout e Putin your videos I watched you ever since you started and I loved your videos so please shout me out in one of your videos ;-C
HiddenRoom - 2 months ago
16:11 That sigh is perfect and is a mood. Made me laugh while I replayed it over and over again
Rolando Rodriguez
Rolando Rodriguez - 2 months ago
25:10 reference?
Chubby Ninja123
Chubby Ninja123 - 2 months ago
The hole thing
Brandon Treadway
Brandon Treadway - 2 months ago
1:13 I was dying when h20 said that lol.
Jim Kam
Jim Kam - 2 months ago
This video is awesome ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป
Dalton Crocker
Dalton Crocker - 2 months ago
Iโ€™ve missed the crew together yโ€™all need to do more videos
Semaj Douglas
Semaj Douglas - 2 months ago
I love your videos
I be doing laughing
Kevdoes Gaming
Kevdoes Gaming - 2 months ago
Who else watched from wildcats view
Firothfiregod - 2 months ago
15:22 when you jump on the wing and snipe him right out the seat xD
Jimmys - 2 months ago
The whole video was funny and in general of your videos!!
WaxestLowa732 R
WaxestLowa732 R - 2 months ago
Had 2 watch over Hilarious yeah hilarious!!
Chinker Chonger
Chinker Chonger - 2 months ago
This mode was ripped off of halo 5 lmao
alyssa m
alyssa m - 2 months ago
like goal reacheddd๐Ÿ’“
Savage Eliminate
Savage Eliminate - 2 months ago
I'm getting FNite bck so anyone in da coments could add me
playSteisi - 2 months ago
These mini games are so fun to watch, keep it up boyzz!
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming - 2 months ago
Funniest YouTuber Iโ€™ve watch confirmed
Helghan Lives
Helghan Lives - 2 months ago
24:19 There she was just a walkin down the street
Z3RG - 2 months ago
At 11:51 them laughing at the same time sounds creepy af
Syrcx - 2 months ago
usually youtube videos dont make me happy but this one was so funny , i was smiling the whole vid
my fav part is 24:47
Lilredd Gaming
Lilredd Gaming - 2 months ago
Lilredd Gaming
Lilredd Gaming - 2 months ago
add me lets 1v1
Nathaniel Norman
Nathaniel Norman - 2 months ago
6:41 the crow goes: aaahhhh
Jordan Cassel
Jordan Cassel - 2 months ago
Rachel VanReenan
Rachel VanReenan - 2 months ago
all of it is funny I loved it all
Joshua Garcia
Joshua Garcia - 2 months ago
Leaving a comment
Marco Medina
Marco Medina - 2 months ago
the end 26:00
DEATH IS HERE - 2 months ago
I liked the part where u made it but vanos killed u
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loloblue eyes
loloblue eyes - 2 months ago
Meepguy 920
Meepguy 920 - 2 months ago
1 like = 1 more banana in the fridge
tryingFIREbird 61
tryingFIREbird 61 - 2 months ago
Video is great, but would of been better with nogla
Carlos Avalos
Carlos Avalos - 2 months ago
I am laughing so hard when the crow pops up
TAL YT - 2 months ago
Michael Tommy
Michael Tommy - 2 months ago
9:08 so corny
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