Blind Chicken Finger Taste Test

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Kelly Blackwood
Kelly Blackwood - Day ago
Love this!!!💓💓💓 You should do one with fast food milkshakes!! See if there really is a difference cause everyone near me says McDonald's is the best by far but I think they're all the same
Jayee Monet
Jayee Monet - Day ago
Blindfolded Link is the Gordon Ramsay Stevie Wonder mashup I never knew I needed.
Fred Waffles
Fred Waffles - Day ago
I feel like the blindfolds were unnecessary
Alzar Takkarsen
Alzar Takkarsen - 2 days ago
We are going to play against each other to see who can accurately finger the chicken......
Rhett be like: (yeah.. Yes.. Thats it Link.. Wait what??? Link wtf)
America's Ass Gaming
America's Ass Gaming - 3 days ago
Ok wait.... that had to be a messed up tender there’s no way canes got only a 5 and 4
Light Void
Light Void - 3 days ago
I subbed
CPO PuddlePirate
CPO PuddlePirate - 3 days ago
Zaxby's is the best!
WTF Kyle
WTF Kyle - 4 days ago
1:46 Rhett’s face when Link says “finger the chicken finger” 😭😂
Jordan Ezell
Jordan Ezell - 4 days ago
I had Chick-Fil-A today and it was awesome!
Aziggy 256
Aziggy 256 - 4 days ago
Link in round 2: I know this one... Carls jr

Carls jr in round 3: I've never had this one before
MsFears - 5 days ago
Zaxbys > Raising Canes all day. Raising Canes is Zaxbys without seasoning.
FreezeMayhem - 5 days ago
I think cane’s is at its best with the cane sauce for sure
Joe Burns
Joe Burns - 5 days ago
I love Raising Canes chicken tenders especially with their sauce.
Loran David
Loran David - 5 days ago
as my ole pal Henry Moon use 2 say... Poultry is just another way of sayin' chicken! 🐔😏
Danielle Marie
Danielle Marie - 6 days ago
Bojangles has the best chicken tenders 😋
The Progressive Cynic
The Progressive Cynic - 8 days ago
Raising Caine's is the best, particularly with their special sauce. It doesn't travel well though, because they use real chicken and batter, which get soggy really quickly compared with the more processed fast food chains.
Joseph Duffey
Joseph Duffey - 8 days ago
They did canes dirty with no canes sauce
Lives4 Beauty
Lives4 Beauty - 10 days ago
That raising canes chicken finger look suspect , they don’t actually look like that
Nathan Wallace
Nathan Wallace - 10 days ago
I swear Link is psychic
He guessed most of the fingers 1 round ahead and this isn’t the first time he’s done it
Jared Stepp
Jared Stepp - 14 days ago
Chick fil a would crush Carl's Jr
Rafael Mireles
Rafael Mireles - 14 days ago
SuavestHades80 - 17 days ago
But those were all strips and tenders... Not fingers☹️
Jank Meta Productions
Jank Meta Productions - 17 days ago
i've lost all confidence in R&L when they rank caine's the same as mcdonalds
Addam Rashid
Addam Rashid - 17 days ago
And you still missed domino's
Dactrin - 18 days ago
Does anyone know the link to Josh's obscure blog? 🤔
Deianeira 56
Deianeira 56 - 18 days ago
I love raising canes so much
NessMasterGengar! - 18 days ago
Wtf is Canes and Church’s? I live in NY that why??
Sam Davis
Sam Davis - 19 days ago
Should’ve done Chick-fil-a
ChiefChuck 1029
ChiefChuck 1029 - 19 days ago
They claim to be from North Carolina but don’t do bojangles
Ruby Orchid14
Ruby Orchid14 - 19 days ago
Canes is dry no flavor chicken and the sauce is the forgiveness. They should have paired the chicken fingers with its sauce but that woulda given in away Lol.
Sam Harris
Sam Harris - 21 day ago
But how do we know the chicken was blind...?
Heidi White
Heidi White - 22 days ago
Note to self : get Carl's junior chicken fingers
Raving Rando
Raving Rando - 23 days ago
They didn't include Chick Fil A as it would be too easy to guess.
brittany baus
brittany baus - 29 days ago
when do they come back full time? why didn't they say it!?
Abby Haro
Abby Haro - 29 days ago
I love Rocky’s hot chicken shack and I live in Avl NC❤️
XanthosAcanthus - 29 days ago
Should've done zaxby's and chick-fil-a too
Isaiah Singer
Isaiah Singer - Month ago
These taste tests have become so much more controlled
Shelby Taylor
Shelby Taylor - Month ago
Heyy, I used to go to Rocky's all the time when I lived in West Asheville. That's some good chicken right there.
Angel Rogers
Angel Rogers - Month ago
Rocky's is the best!
William Joyce
William Joyce - Month ago
This is definitely the good kind 8 bucks
Nate Hevs
Nate Hevs - Month ago
How dare you not rate Canes a 10
Bucky Peterson
Bucky Peterson - Month ago
Culver’s %100
Charrliey McGarity
Charrliey McGarity - Month ago
Okay but what about Zaxbys?
Bryleigh Thompson
Bryleigh Thompson - Month ago
What is Carl’s Jr.
David Aldridge
David Aldridge - Month ago
Joe Panici
Joe Panici - Month ago
Popeyes all day
Nick - Month ago
WTH no Chick-Fil-A?!
The GovNer
The GovNer - Month ago
You don't go to a chicken joint to get chicken strips, you go to a burger joint to get em done right.
The Lol RAE
The Lol RAE - Month ago
I started watching GMM on 2014
Shay Adair
Shay Adair - Month ago
They didn’t test zaxby’s ?
Mick Gaggle
Mick Gaggle - Month ago
Yeah I wish popeyes tenders were that big
Fahmina Zaman
Fahmina Zaman - Month ago
Ummm. Link you're incorrect... There is no such thing as too much crunch. 😂
Derek Walker
Derek Walker - Month ago
Thanks for the shoutout to Bo’s. Really didn’t care much for fried chicken chains until I went there and outside of Florida they are amazing.
Quiet Ducks
Quiet Ducks - Month ago
*it's finger licking good*
Kathryn Shaw
Kathryn Shaw - Month ago
I love chicken fingers with honey as a dipping sauce. Yum!!
David Nissim
David Nissim - Month ago
Do a ribs taste test with Tyler Stewart of the Barenaked Ladies. He’s crazy about ribs.
Gaming Toast
Gaming Toast - Month ago
I love how they are saying Chicken Tinders. And all I’m think about is a dating site for chickens lol 😂
Quentin Vo
Quentin Vo - Month ago
McDonald chicken nuggets taste good
Killerdragon397 - Month ago
Why i really like to watch this guys really early in the morning?
Vanshika Malik
Vanshika Malik - Month ago
"As you can see I can't"
Am cryinggggg 😂
Vanshika Malik
Vanshika Malik - Month ago
@S well yeah I am
S - Month ago
Literally with every blind taste test, he says this. I can sense you're new to this....
Malek Abdulla
Malek Abdulla - Month ago
evilgame /michael sperling
What about dairy Queen's chicken fingers
They probably be a 10
Andrew Soto
Andrew Soto - Month ago
These guys need to learn the difference between a tender strip and finger < that’s the order of quality btw
Brianna Smith
Brianna Smith - Month ago
You can never have too much crunch 😂
Kevin All Over the World
Dearest Rhett & Link, I need to get on your hair game. What's your good mythical morning regimen?
Angel Hernadez
Angel Hernadez - Month ago
I started watching your channel in June 4 and started to like it
Davy Cornell
Davy Cornell - Month ago
When does the show "officially" end their break? Like the new season or whatever..
Anton Pham
Anton Pham - Month ago
Link: "...accurately finger the chicken..."
Rhett's face: "Ummm...."
Jackie Weisenfelder
Jackie Weisenfelder - Month ago
What if they taste-tested fast food sauces and crowned the best one?
Joe Burns
Joe Burns - Month ago
Jackie Weisenfelder, they did a blind fast food hot sauce but didn’t pick the best.
Cooking for the missus
KFC the best here in the uk
CRYpTic Fus1on
CRYpTic Fus1on - Month ago
Where my Burger King at
melissa jackson
melissa jackson - Month ago
When I was little and I stayed with my Grannie she always had these programs she'd watch... "Grannie, when is lunch?" "After my program" this show is one of my programs. Have to watch.
Lautin - Month ago
This makes me want chicken express
Charles Garcia
Charles Garcia - Month ago
when Rhett started singing the fingers song, I almost had an aneurysm.
Luke Sutherland
Luke Sutherland - Month ago
The 2 best chicken tenders I have ever tasted, are bojangles and zaxbys
Agent Zero 3432
Agent Zero 3432 - Month ago
Carl's jr?!?
Juicy swoosh
Juicy swoosh - Month ago
1:43 :”who can see who can accurately finger the chicken finger restaurant” look at Rhett’s face😂
Oh hi how are ya
Oh hi how are ya - Month ago
Madeline Edwards
Madeline Edwards - Month ago
cane's is the best hands down especially with that sauce
Gillian George
Gillian George - Month ago
canes is the best when its super fresh
Vicky Tang
Vicky Tang - Month ago
5:57 rhett had to *d o i t t o t h e m*
Bautty - Month ago
Im a Shecannoget
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