Joe Rogan on Mike Tyson's Legacy

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kaval 2003
kaval 2003 - 2 months ago
mike was created by the media to fill the void of ali
ali created his own self over and over.
a disgrace ppl compare mike to ali
Michael Kayseryan
Michael Kayseryan - 2 months ago
This nigga said Francis hits harder r u stupid
Tim O'donnell
Tim O'donnell - 2 months ago
I think what made Mike decide to get completely out of boxing for good was after the loss of his daughter because he must've had a genuine fear of going too far and either either seriously injuring or killing an opponent in the ring. I'm sure his many negative experiences as a youngster were the fuel for his absolute onslaught in the ring but to imagine what it would be after losing your own flesh and blood. I don't believe he could with any confidence hold back that pain if he was ever to box again after that point. I'll never forget the interview he gave when his daughter was brought up and when he said to this renowned interviewer that he should go now and asked that he understands right? It was really sad because as Mike was leaving the interviewer slowly followed him and was so apologetic for bringing up the question and Mike was in tears and simply said that he can't deal with it and basically ended up apologizing himself like he felt he wasn't man enough to control his emotion at that time. It was really hard to watch and could never imagine what any parent would go through losing a child
kk _035
kk _035 - 2 months ago
ok but fuck Larry holmes
Danny Doyle
Danny Doyle - 3 months ago
Got this wrong. His life & in particular boxing career, would have been different had he remained with Kevin Rooney & had Jim Jacobs lived longer.
He was still under control after Cus passed away & that was due to Jim Jacobs. Jim was the person Tyson trusted 100%. He & Jacobs were best friends.
You say it was unmanageable, but it wasn’t. He managed it up until Don King entered his life. Then the discipline in his life was gone, because King allowed him to do whatever he wanted. Whereas Jim Jacobs disciplined Tyson & Kevin Rooney disciplined him.
And the pet Tigers came after prison. He had nothing like that during his initial championship reign.
Chris Evans
Chris Evans - 3 months ago
Tyson, Marciano and Dempsey all cut from the same cloth.....beasts of the ring
jimmynickelz - 4 months ago
007 373 5963
The Creature
The Creature - 4 months ago
Holmes was under appreciated. He was one of the top heavyweights in history as far as I'm concerned
Yamabushi Warrior
Yamabushi Warrior - 4 months ago
I just listened to Mike Tyson's podcast "HotBox" and he had Chris Cyborg on it. He said he dropped from 260 to 220 in 7 weeks to make fight weight. Might use to punch holes in heavy - bags.
They had to make special fillings for his heavy - bags. There is no way in his prime that Francis Enganou punched harder, quicker or more ferocious than Tyson..... No WAY.
connor neild
connor neild - 4 months ago
Tyson with MMA gloves come on Joe Tyson would murder folks with them on
Peter Asarisi
Peter Asarisi - 4 months ago
The mid 80's had some exceptional once in a life time talents winning bigly on tons of cocaine: Tyson, Strawberry, Gooden L.T hahahaa all reppin NYC. Best time to be in the city miss that shit
malakafour20 - 4 months ago
joe is crazy if he thinks Francis hits harder then Mike... Put Mike in his prime and give him a 4oz glove and let him hit someone with his ferociousness ... he would kill someone.... Mike once said the style doesnt matter as much as the ferociousness you apply your style to.... Mike was the ultimate alpha
M G - 5 months ago
Larry holmes was very upset after that match against Ali he gets very emotional in a post fight interview
Bayrem - 5 months ago
Joe rogan is acting like he's 20 years old younger than tyson wth.
J K - 5 months ago
Joe "low-key suggests that Robin Givens had it coming" Rogan
Will Wade
Will Wade - 5 months ago
I'm sure after what Mike's been through from his career to his personal life...would be a great asset to any fighter as far as the psychology of fighting and personal balance and head space that a fighter needs to be successful(sorry, excited run on sentence!) To go eat dinner with Mike after training a week of camp and bouncing some questions off of him and he just drops real truth, knowledge bombs...that would benefit ANY FIGHTER.🤘✊👍👊😬
Onethirty Eight
Onethirty Eight - 5 months ago
As much of a real life super natural phenom Mike was in the ring , he won his biggest bouts outside of the ring. He is the biggest WINNER EVER IN THE GAME OF LIFE .A hyper intelligent loving human . A wrongfully convicted man . A gentleman that has a heart of gold that did not let the oppression break him . So comfortable in his skin these days its the norm to hear mike laugh at himself . He's undefeated in the biggest arena that really counts ... the coliseum of life .... Fuck you to Don King .Teddy Atlas can learn yoga and go blow himself.The little perjuring sewer dwelling lying whore can suck an infinite number of diseased riddled cocks in hell for a burning eternity .Gus was a REAL LIFE Angel ,and the man that had the apostle like wisdom ,and outstanding judgement of Character that was indeed at the time a man rescuing a diamond in the rough .
James Desch
James Desch - 5 months ago
There was a brief period in time when Tyson was amazing. But he got sideways, and then opponents figured him out -- lost his aura of invincibility. He was never the same after Buster Douglas KO'd him. He never came back from that. Because of all this I would say he was a very good fighter, but not an all time great. But, when he was on? There may have been no one better.
sterlihalla - 5 months ago
Mike Tyson such a legend. 5ft 11 and 215 pounds of fury!
otis reading
otis reading - 5 months ago
Mike Tyson thé best
Garry Taylor
Garry Taylor - 5 months ago
A got to c Tyson era as a 70ts kid.when Holmes did that to Ali Mike said at 14tn all get him bk 4r u.mike is afraid he goes into beast mode if he's bk in the boxin circle & he was 3 days shy of his 21st b/day when he unified the division I'm a huge Mike fan
Tryforlive - 5 months ago
Mike Tyson solves so many mysteries he's the greatest champ of all time
Will Wade
Will Wade - 5 months ago
New season is suppose to be in the works!!!! What out for those chupacommas!!!👍✊🤘👊😬
David Quigley
David Quigley - 5 months ago
Tyson had amazing physical attributes which made him such an exciting fighter. Unfortunately he didn't have the mental attributes needed to become a true great. He lost every "fight" he was in
Willie Jackson
Willie Jackson - 5 months ago
The Mike Tyson interview is one of my favorite ones!!!!
Fidan Rexhepi
Fidan Rexhepi - 5 months ago
Larry beat a sick and old Ali com on Joe
RICH TV LIVE - 5 months ago
Iron mike is the best ever
Leonardo Samuel
Leonardo Samuel - 5 months ago
Mike Tyson can’t stand Deontay Wilder, the man is a Fraud.
Kicu - 5 months ago
Mike Tyson is great but a level beneath all-time greats like Lennox Lewis. People forget how he got schooled by Hollyfield also.
Arlo Steiner
Arlo Steiner - 5 months ago
Whenever Joe says "that's interesting" he's actually saying "I have nothing to add"
codiforpresident - 5 months ago
Can we talk about lomachenko doing muy thai? And he has wrestling experience 👀 cejudo better get ready 😂
govit4L - 5 months ago
best boxer to ever live! nuff said. the fighters he was against, the time he had between fights... insane
Ashley J
Ashley J - 5 months ago
Never in history has a fighter had more excuses made for him then Mike Tyson.
Kicu - 5 months ago
he's a very very good boxer with amazing PR and persona. But if u look at his accomplishments on paper he lacks big names in his resume. He never beat any of the all-time greats maybe except of out prime Spinx. Lewis maintains that he was ducking him through all of 90s era
Ethan  Ciantar
Ethan Ciantar - 5 months ago
Tyson's real gift was blinding speed. That was the reason he ko'd so many guys because they didn't see the punch coming. He probably had the best quick strike offense in boxing history attacking in spurts with quick combinations and great head movement.
Ethan  Ciantar
Ethan Ciantar - 5 months ago
When you talk about tyson it should be classified as bd and ad. Before Douglas and after Douglas. Even though he came back and fucked guys up he was never the same. I would pick bd tyson over ANYONE in boxing history
gareth galloway
gareth galloway - 5 months ago
Tyson is one of a kind, tyson hit harder, faster, a boxing match between these 2,tyson all over this guy, and outta there in under a round, love ya Joe, but ya wrong on this one
DarkSagan - 5 months ago
Nobody is talking about how Tyson very recently kicked Wack 100's ass on his podcast.
Sy Xs
Sy Xs - 5 months ago
Joe is my favourite American out there, intelligent ,nice guy a legend right there...🇬🇧
Sy Xs
Sy Xs - 5 months ago
Tyson was a absolute animal, in his prime he would make wilder look like a cookie selling schoolgirl
Moe - 5 months ago
I guess this is why we should appreciate AJ has life back into HW boxing in this new era
Michael Sable
Michael Sable - 5 months ago
Tyson is an enigma wrapped up in a riddle. Ali may certainly be the greatest fighter ever, but God broke the mold when he made Tyson.
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