I Made A Giant 20-Pound Jiggly Cheesecake • Tasty

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Lilian Vuong
Lilian Vuong - 7 hours ago
Who else counted the eggs?

Cause I didn’t
Leah Joseph
Leah Joseph - Day ago
Hey what about a hot dog
Maja Niezgoda
Maja Niezgoda - Day ago
Giant sushi !!
Hanson Nguyen
Hanson Nguyen - Day ago
It was funny when Alvin was asking for help.
When he calls out Alexis, it sounded like he was talking to Alexa the Google helper 😂😂😂
the 2 gamer pros
the 2 gamer pros - Day ago
hey alven can u make a very big toco for me plz
Hinata Hyuga & Naruto Uzumaki
Imagine a egg yolk popping inside the egg whites

*aw man*
James Tan
James Tan - 2 days ago
Alvin u my fav chef/ baker
Alvin : Imma sprinkle in some sugar
"Chucks the whole bowl in "
NiftyMatthewPro RBLX
NiftyMatthewPro RBLX - 2 days ago
Alvin,Make a giant brain.
Rosanna Love
Rosanna Love - 2 days ago
Make a giant pecan pie
Timothy Newton
Timothy Newton - 3 days ago
He should go on Masterchef
ninjagogeorge0 games
ninjagogeorge0 games - 4 days ago
Bunga Rin
Bunga Rin - 4 days ago
Meanwhile guys in china made bigger jiggly cheese cake and flip it alone, and not just 1 cake
Itz Jess
Itz Jess - 4 days ago
the thing about tasty is if you are on a diet you shouldn’t watch it.....
Samantha D
Samantha D - 4 days ago
Will you make a GIANT bake potato
mikay - 5 days ago
Random question alvin but will u be my boyfriend if not will u marry me? HAHAHHHAHAHAAA jk
Chocogirl Lê gacha
Chocogirl Lê gacha - 5 days ago
Have u seen the back round when he said he is going to make it big in the back round it said make it big like what the frick XD
Termi Nator
Termi Nator - 5 days ago
*gasp* DID HE SWEAR 11:34
Kamikaze Productions
Kamikaze Productions - 5 days ago
sharon lai
sharon lai - 6 days ago
“I wonder why I'm tired, I totally didnt whip 2 whole batches of egg whites”
Meychou Ea
Meychou Ea - 6 days ago
French fries
Gacha Gamer101
Gacha Gamer101 - 6 days ago
Jasmine is mood she be like
Alvin: you want your cheesecake?
Jasmine: YEAH
Drae Pascua
Drae Pascua - 6 days ago
Pleas give me a giant chocolate
Drae Pascua
Drae Pascua - 6 days ago
Ohhh wow
rocker rose
rocker rose - 6 days ago
I want to be on this so bad !!!!! I would ask for a giant chocolate chip cookie !!!!!
Mamoswineage 18
Mamoswineage 18 - 7 days ago
13:47 "Don't say that gurl... "
edelwiess starmoon
edelwiess starmoon - 7 days ago
I loaf him so much...😊😊😊
Asel -
Asel - - 7 days ago
Why do I imagine Alvin as a jiggly cheesecake if he were to be a dessert? He's not fluffy (physically) tho :( but he's cute!!
Maybe Shreel
Maybe Shreel - 7 days ago
What if they realised it wasn’t recording 😱😱😱
Son Tran
Son Tran - 5 days ago
Maybe Shreel well people are behind the camera and closing up in shots and stay there so they will know the camera is on or not
Son of Martha
Son of Martha - 7 days ago
Japaneese restaurants actually make really big jiggly cheesecakes
Bryan Alexis Mejia Diaz
wheres the recipe? XD
Jasmine Loh
Jasmine Loh - 8 days ago
Chocolad chip cookie
ZARAR SHAH - 8 days ago
alexis is so cute
daeel ahmed
daeel ahmed - 8 days ago
Jasmin pak why pak ?
Himiko Lol
Himiko Lol - 8 days ago
Poor rie
El Famoso Alejandro
El Famoso Alejandro - 8 days ago
Bro he's on the verge of passing the fuck out, imagine whisking those monsters with a classic hand mixer
Jose Arickal
Jose Arickal - 8 days ago
A giant cupcake for Ramsay
IreneyBeanie - 8 days ago
omg jasmine is so smol 🥺🥺🥺🥺
yanabi ohlala
yanabi ohlala - 9 days ago
Alvin: I'm kinda lacking some exercise this month
Also him: hold my giant jiggly cheesecake
163____cm98 - 10 days ago
Can you do a giant Oreo cookie ??😍😍
Lin Ying Tey
Lin Ying Tey - 10 days ago
Cute Alvin at 5:55 you’re welome☺️👌🏻
coup de grâce
coup de grâce - 11 days ago
*important time stamp:* 5:59
Lauren Kim
Lauren Kim - 11 days ago
moufaq Moonlight wish
moufaq Moonlight wish - 11 days ago
Mac 'n' cheese😍
rawikan kid
rawikan kid - 11 days ago
U should make a giant amount of cheese tea
Margaux Zigleir
Margaux Zigleir - 11 days ago
Alvin is the new rie for this year kids!
Kenneth Braunstein
Kenneth Braunstein - 11 days ago
Giant steak!!!😁😁😁😁
Jared Songheng
Jared Songheng - 11 days ago
Jasmine Just Said That Alvin Is A God Me:I Agree
Leeroy - 11 days ago
me: if my crush liked me back, I could tell.
also me: 13:08
Kemmy Jordan
Kemmy Jordan - 11 days ago
Liam Quinlan
Liam Quinlan - 11 days ago
Alvin: “I’ve never used this much eggs”
Me: Hey remember that Crepe Cake where you used 128 eggs
RosePlays- Gameplays and more
RosePlays- Gameplays and more
The ~100~ 140 egg omelette
MasterBo - 12 days ago
I mean, all other Alvin's giant foods were impressive, but isn't this jiggly cheese cake a normal size in a Japanese bakery, where they bake this big thing and cut into pieces and sell? You gotta step it up Alvin!
SHALEISE Richards - 12 days ago
I wanna see you make whole giant pizza not a slice a whole big pizza
Butterflylover2010 - 12 days ago
I want a giant egg XD i love eggs
Mohamed Dhaaim
Mohamed Dhaaim - 12 days ago
Blaine B
Blaine B - 12 days ago
Why didnt he just ask for their recipe?
SzalonaOla93 - 12 days ago
I hope that you will make a giant dumpling 🥟 😱❤️ Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱 ❤️
Victoria Lac
Victoria Lac - 12 days ago
*"I was like WoOcHoo, and it went blUbLUbLuO"*

me too
Chelsea Carrier
Chelsea Carrier - 13 days ago
Giant hand shaved noodles!! 🤗
can I have one of the tasty producers to be my best friend
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