I Made A Giant 20-Pound Jiggly Cheesecake • Tasty

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Kosish Dhakal
Kosish Dhakal - 4 hours ago
Alvin can you make me a giant chocolate chip cookie plz
HiImNaomi - 5 hours ago
Giant egg roll!!!
Ma. Lucia Laborte
Ma. Lucia Laborte - 6 hours ago
This is my favorite!!!!!! Cheesecake!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
iqra noor
iqra noor - 12 hours ago
TrevorGaming93 - 22 hours ago
Reminds me of that time my school tried (and failed) to do a Hindi dance ritual.
Good times.
Patricia Santiago
Patricia Santiago - 22 hours ago
LudicrousEducation - Day ago
Honestly the only good things on buzzfeed are all cooking related things like the show Worth It, etc
The only good former things on buzzfeed were the try guys

And by the way, if you didn’t know, tasty is owned by buzzfeed, so don’t frick with me in the comments
anime sucksss Productions
Go BiG oR gO hOmE
Elise Giroux
Elise Giroux - Day ago
i think this gave me egg yolk phobia i don't know why it just does
PinCash6ix9ne - Day ago
Giant chocolate cake
Sharon Williamson
Sharon Williamson - Day ago
did anyone else realise he swore
Charlotte A
Charlotte A - Day ago
Giant cotton candy???
Najla Wilson
Najla Wilson - Day ago
Giant Churro!!!!!!!!!!!!
chris - Day ago
Kerri Willi
Kerri Willi - 2 days ago
Literally a giant spoon on the wall and says he needs to us hands😐😕
AikikamiO - 2 days ago
I made your recipe and it tastes AWFUL, it is not sweet at all, it just tastes like egg
amxy gaxchq
amxy gaxchq - 2 days ago
Watched until 12:10 am
Scrub Maestro
Scrub Maestro - 2 days ago
Its more like a costco size jiggly cheesecake
Big John Breezy
Big John Breezy - 3 days ago
Destiny Young
Destiny Young - 3 days ago
"Six sticks of butter, so not a diet food."
Alvin, is anything you make a diet food?
WhyWouldntYouLikeBillieEilish Billie
Don’t know if u did this but do a giant cake pop or lollipop. Ik this is pretty dumb but.. ya
Baagii Batjargal
Baagii Batjargal - 3 days ago
can you make a BIGGEST 🌮
Landon Cook
Landon Cook - 3 days ago
Am I going he only one that heard Alvin swear
Miss Bee
Miss Bee - 3 days ago
Uuuewww...he put that mixed using his bare handdddd....grossssss... He cant use a glove or something? N then give it to the others to eat???? Ill pass!!! Cringed!!!
YS_ Awarevening
YS_ Awarevening - 3 days ago
Alvin is the boy version of Rie
jesus torres
jesus torres - 3 days ago
Alvin: “No cooking utensils large enough to fold in these egg whites”
Giant spoon in background: am I a joke to you?
Anna Pena
Anna Pena - 3 days ago
Can u make a giant mochi please 😁🙏
The ultimate DBF101 Squad
please make a giant tonkatsu!
Clouds Thoughts
Clouds Thoughts - 4 days ago
I'd be sad if I ruined that beautifully shaped jiggly cheesecake 😓😂
Laura Ames
Laura Ames - 4 days ago
wait why did you wix with your hands I would have just used the giant butterknife on the wall...
Zara Copperwaite
Zara Copperwaite - 4 days ago
I watched this in times 2
Bishan Chandra
Bishan Chandra - 4 days ago
9:00 Omahgawd this is so fun already😂😂
Lance Bambacigno
Lance Bambacigno - 4 days ago
You should make a giant cupcake
Tram Nguyen
Tram Nguyen - 4 days ago
This might not be a food but can you make a giant cup of boba tea? Plz plz
Philip Madrazo
Philip Madrazo - 4 days ago
Okay, I'm literally dying to have the same apron he has!!! Like I will not put on an apron while I bake or whatever, until I have the one he has!
Rowan Neal
Rowan Neal - 4 days ago
11:34 im not used to him cussing
Eric Chopra
Eric Chopra - 4 days ago
Why are these people all Asian no racism tho
Dagmawi Sirak
Dagmawi Sirak - 4 days ago
"ah thanks homie" *high fives*
Vanilla Mochi
Vanilla Mochi - 4 days ago
You’re like, a god

Aw thanks homie.
ian lawrence
ian lawrence - 4 days ago
A Chinese and a Korean discussing on a western nihon cake using English
Frisbee 'n' Cookies
Frisbee 'n' Cookies - 4 days ago
* Really hopes that the bakers in Japan don't get miffed about his attempt at stealing their recipe * 🤞
Minh Châu Lại
Minh Châu Lại - 4 days ago
You want to see more Giant food? Check out Bà Tân Vlog channel from Vietnam. Thanksss
inoj dhakal
inoj dhakal - 5 days ago
Please make a large pic of bbq
Awa Chin
Awa Chin - 5 days ago
Damn, he's cute HAHAHA
victoria manna
victoria manna - 5 days ago
Have you ever done a chicken pot pie..... Well a giant one?
Paloma Nazareth
Paloma Nazareth - 5 days ago
5:50 that was sooooo cute 🥺🥺
Remil Angeline
Remil Angeline - 5 days ago
alvin at the grocery: *buys 78 eggs 66 butter*
normal ppl: “he must be having a feast”
Papa Panget
Papa Panget - 5 days ago
He says there's not a large utensil to scoop it up

Me:Looks at giant spoon at the backround
Mega Maan
Mega Maan - 5 days ago
R.I.P. Alvin
matloob siddiqui
matloob siddiqui - 5 days ago
Is becharay ki Gand Phati hui hai.
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