Laine Hardy “In the Bayou” (Dance Video)

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R. Nagarya
R. Nagarya - Day ago
LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!! please have it on your up coming CD
Wendy Jones
Wendy Jones - 3 days ago
He is like a clone of Elvis, has the talent ,the great smile and l shyness like Elvis. He should go far with all that talent
Edhie Wiranto
Edhie Wiranto - 11 days ago
He is a young star👍
Patty Goetsch
Patty Goetsch - 13 days ago
Love your music. Your are very talented.
Sadie McClendon
Sadie McClendon - 21 day ago
and the crawfish just made my day
Sadie McClendon
Sadie McClendon - 21 day ago
the little girls on the truck 😍
Jonathan Marshall
Jonathan Marshall - 23 days ago
Hmm, is that it? I mean yeah, the girls are smokin hot and I'm sure it put you on top of the stud pole back home. All I'm getting from this video is a kid trying to impress his buddies and eagerly looking forward to all the locker room talk and gossip when he gets back home. Hopefully that is just something you needed to get out of your system or are you looking forward to a one hit wonder carrier. Oh wait a minute you have to actually come out with a hit first and that takes focus and direction. You can only get that from mature people who have already been there and done that and are past the teen dreams and fantasies. People who have learned to wisely invest their all twords that future that not only made them a success in their music but a success in their personal life as well. Look at them. Are the rewards they now reap what you want for yourself. If so, then learn from them. But only for the rewards you want for yourself anything else is just bad advice. You don't ask the person at the checkout who bags your groceries what stocks or bonds are best to invest in. No! You go to someone who is already a success in that area of their life. Consider advice only from the successes of others and never receive into yourself advice from anyone's failures. A truly successfull person is past their failures and have learned from their mistakes. They only offer advice that caused them to be a success and never do they impart to you anything that led to a past failure. Learn how to do it right from those who know and pay no attention to the posers.
Maggy Luisen
Maggy Luisen - 23 days ago
The cutest laine😍
ASMR Queen
ASMR Queen - 24 days ago
all these ppl are my freinds
ASMR Queen
ASMR Queen - 24 days ago
laines my sisters bff
Kerry Williams
Kerry Williams - 26 days ago
Louisiana gals.....oh yeah.
Very healthy girls.
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe - 28 days ago
Laine is gonna knock out the country music charts! So happy for him and his family! The young lady who marries Laine someday, will be the envy of every young country girl! Damn, wish I was 19 again! Lol!
Hriiyizhuo Siikruna
Hriiyizhuo Siikruna - Month ago
Can't stop loving country lifestyle.. 💜❤
arizonarafa - Month ago
Exactly... This is where this dude should be... Singing songs for the Appalachian hillbillies....!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Build Everything
Build Everything - Month ago
The girl on the stage on the right is super fine
Tesa W
Tesa W - Month ago
Canyon,rockin,bluesy, sooooooo gooooood! Mr Hardy and friends
Who hasn’t fell in love with Laine yet?.? Probably the 157 people that have disliked this video?.?
Colt Sullivan
Colt Sullivan - Month ago
I missed this American Idol season but damn dude you're an inspiration. I like your style bud.
Linda Haugen
Linda Haugen - Month ago
Love that laine need a hat?
Gloria Recio
Gloria Recio - Month ago
Love much to hear your voice....
samyi chawngthu
samyi chawngthu - Month ago
Love 💞 From 🇮🇳 INDIA
Caralps Pickard
Caralps Pickard - Month ago
Why is it bunch of teenage girls and 2 young kids
flyback 2me
flyback 2me - Month ago
😍😍😍. Beautiful European queens. REAL queens. #stickwithyourown
flyback 2me
flyback 2me - Month ago
Just make some beautiful white babies. Mixing is gross. 😉
Tristy Hoogacker
Tristy Hoogacker - Month ago
Its a bunch of city girls trying to be country (they failed)
Cynthia Mahoney
Cynthia Mahoney - Month ago
Is this an original?
can the girls wear their shorts any shorter. hum. why wear anything at that point. ugh :(
dina quitain
dina quitain - Month ago
His voice wonderful and very handsome
Chubby Vegan Girl
Chubby Vegan Girl - Month ago
Is this an actual country line dance? If so, what's it called? I love it abs would love ti learn the whole thing.
I freaking love this song!!💜💜💜💜
P Jj
P Jj - Month ago
what a doll baby....Got that Elvis vibe ... great voice....been needing that in this no talent climate😍
Barry Barry
Barry Barry - Month ago
One thing that good looking guys like Laine attract is "shallow females"... like flies to a steaming dump!!!
Leonard Duke
Leonard Duke - Month ago
Good to see the good ol traditional country....I'm from ga and a rolltide fan but I love louisiana!!!
Leonard Duke
Leonard Duke - Month ago
I'm a fan bro....
small footprint
small footprint - Month ago
Good sangin, Laine!
Stephen Gregory
Stephen Gregory - Month ago
Hes got a following of hotties... I'm jealous
Gail Zahran
Gail Zahran - Month ago
I’m not crazy about this guy but he that he is talented but Lord have mercy on these people that are doing this dance, I think it’s the worst group of dancers I’ve ever seen....... DANM
It’s Scarlett Every day
Laine is my sis bff
Jessy Loren
Jessy Loren - Month ago
He's so awesome. He deserves the win
Sherrone Boudreau
Sherrone Boudreau - Month ago
Great video loved it
Melissa A.
Melissa A. - Month ago
Please stop with the over weight advertizements
Young people eat healthy.It prolongs your life
Ella Zotomayor
Ella Zotomayor - Month ago
Wow!!! Amazing!!! You rock ladies, lets support Laine all the way and his music. Love this song and the video. Can't get enough of his videos before AI, watching him sing "In the Bayou" and play the guitar. Amazing kid and he's now a star!!!. So happy for him.
Backwoods Barbie
Backwoods Barbie - Month ago
I'm in love with this song ❤️ but as a former dancer, (classically trained...not pole training 😂) this dance is awful 🤦
Melissa A.
Melissa A. - Month ago
Yea skinny as a rail...the others are healthy or two not a good look agree
Author GCP
Author GCP - Month ago
The one with the red shirt around her waist is his chick tlright? That chubby girl in the front has the prettiest face, she needs to slim those thighs. Laine's lil niece is so cute!
Phillip Miller
Phillip Miller - Month ago
Great song and hot country girls
jewel55555 - Month ago
Love this video! Love Laine! 💕
Amanda Allen
Amanda Allen - Month ago
Now I like Laine but people don't start with these messed up dance moves.... Should I say jacked up... Smh
P Rose
P Rose - Month ago
Video would b so much better without the blonde. Doesnt move very well.
Margaret Warren
Margaret Warren - Month ago
edwh164 - Month ago
American idol took Laine to Hollywood! Laine is taken Hollywood to the bayou ! I really like it when someone gets famous but they remember where they’re from. You are in an unbelievable position to help your community and your state. You can make them famous and put them on the map. Congratulations on Idle.
Rochelle Jane B.
Rochelle Jane B. - Month ago
3 words to describe Laine Hardy!!! Yummy Yummy Yummy!!! HeHeHeHe...!!! LOL(LotsOfLove)!
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