The Mueller Probe Might Be Maybe Ending Soon, Possibly

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Mo LFC - 8 days ago
msw7qw11 - 2 months ago
How many sardines does the show go thru every night? Is there a big mess at the end for the janitors to clean up?
msw7qw11 - 2 months ago
Is this the beginning of the end, Stephen? Ha ha ha, what a fool.
Pia Rossi
Pia Rossi - 2 months ago
The collusion is in the taxes retern and Mueller dint get them?what's the use
Jared f
Jared f - 2 months ago
*not a flock of crows...a MURDER of crows :x
Angel García
Angel García - 2 months ago
Lemony Snickes says "It is a murder of crows, not a flock of crows" XD
Weirduncle Bob V
Weirduncle Bob V - 2 months ago
That "frog who ate John Goodman" is one of the best so far! Lmao :D
Really Good Gaming
Really Good Gaming - 2 months ago
No Evidence of Collusion
elseptimo77 - 2 months ago
Now you got his Eggs on your face.. lol
jdogg0075 - 2 months ago
RIP probe 0:49
chilo31416 - 2 months ago
In other countries people as unpatriotic as Colbert would be hung for treason.
coldstatic - 2 months ago
"You know what happens, somebody floats a rumor and it causes you to ask
a question. And that's the game in American politics, and I refuse to
play it. That is a game, and you just fell for the trap, and I refuse to play."
Everyone in this comment section got played hard. Congratulations to y'all, you are delusional.
That's exactly what you get for using (((comedians))) as your only news source.
I am ready to hear your appologies, once you get your heads out of your asses. (difficult, with how big they are, I know)
World Warfare Videos
World Warfare Videos - 2 months ago
Didn’t age well
Scion of Madness
Scion of Madness - 2 months ago
Lots of enemies of America in the comments.
And by that, I mean Trump stooges.
Fallout Guy
Fallout Guy - 2 months ago
Who else came here after the Mueller report?
Fallout Guy
Fallout Guy - 2 months ago
Dam... President Trump just won... AGAIN
armygonz - 2 months ago
1:20 Looks like your wrong, um wrong, hey Stephen, your wrong. Couldn't be any more wrong! Lmao You so wrong, your gonna be a yellow belly and make a joke to avoid every possibility to try and not look dumb from it and we will all know. You dumb.
Moe - 2 months ago
Elijah cesspoole
Elijah cesspoole - 2 months ago
What´s ending is your freak show, freak.
Debbie Menon
Debbie Menon - 2 months ago
Are you Liberals crying already? Save some tears for November. KUDOS to President Trump for withstanding the extreme hatred of the left and forging ahead. A true son of the American soil! Rule of Law Trumps Politics. A good day for America.
Debbie Menon
Debbie Menon - 2 months ago
Happy No Collusion Day! The Obamas, Clintons and Comedians have egg on their face second time. There will be a third time in November guys! Stay tuned!
Gttdi - 2 months ago
Haha you are a puppet
John Flanagan
John Flanagan - 2 months ago
Colbert has floppy ears for his boyfriend to grab for late nite suckfest.
Toadley Browne
Toadley Browne - 2 months ago
You lied to 1,825,777 people. Colbert is a hack
darkspd31 - 2 months ago
Nothing in the report
rointz2003 - 2 months ago
Stepehen Colbert! Where are you, bro?
No sign of you ever since Mueller Report conclusion went public. Have you gone into hiding ever since?
Someone needs to put a probe on Colbert's whereabouts. Not me. But somebody does...
Chile Gunner
Chile Gunner - 2 months ago
Has this conjob and his show been cancelled, considering the over 1 year he has been basing his show on a stupid report?
Tofa7 - 2 months ago
Northman - 2 months ago
No collusion!! now how you gonna spin that on your BS brainwashing comedy show
Rafael Cordero
Rafael Cordero - 2 months ago
Well, this is awkward
R J - 2 months ago
Lol. Liberals obsession led to yet another big failure. Trump wins and wins and wins...
jay p
jay p - 2 months ago
Teflon Donny 's luck will run out. NOT with Mueller. BUT, like any good crook, he never directly gets involved. He uses suggestion and innuendo to give orders.
Manu Varma
Manu Varma - 2 months ago
Lol libtards...the report says there is NO COLLUSION with Russia! Suck it up snowflakes!
Bob Thornton
Bob Thornton - 2 months ago
I'm your host Stephen Colbert, and I when the Mueller Probe ends, Russiagate begins.
jorgensenmj - 2 months ago
It is funny to watch this now. When they announced Rosenstein would be staying on a little longer...Colbert had no one to tell him what that actually meant. He thought it meant bad news for Trump. Anybody with an actual brain knew that it meant Rosenstein and Barr would work on the release of the Mueller report and Barr would be able to see the reasoning (or lack of reasoning) that Rosenstein used to appoint the special counsel in the first place.
Eric Melton
Eric Melton - 2 months ago
Ava naughty
Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes - 2 months ago
Just days later proof of "no collusion", can't wait for a new episode with an apology Colbert.
jorgensenmj - 2 months ago
Colbert actually called the President of the United States "Putin's c@ck holster". He never apologized for it because in his own mind he thought it was true... Now that he knows it was completely false......???? What will he do? I'm betting he doesn't apologize. He has TDS.
Ian Forde
Ian Forde - 2 months ago
No collusion
Aaron Lim
Aaron Lim - 2 months ago
Come on Colbert. Apologise for propagating fake news.
Or will you be like the rest of the MSM double down on your belief that our President is a Russian agent?
Why bother with evidence when belief is all that matters?
John Shipley
John Shipley - 2 months ago
It really is incredible how far contards can get their heads up there ass.
Alan Lin
Alan Lin - 2 months ago
Oh the irony. The Mueller report shows nothing.
laharl sama
laharl sama - 2 months ago
look at all the people who hate stephen but watch every episode to point and go haha my president didn't get impeached "jurys still out on the 17 other investigations and Barr himself isn't even sure if he's gonna go down for obstruction considering in that 4 pages it literally says he ISN'T off the hook yet for THAT shit. But the biggest thing here you fucking crazys, is that this is a comedy show, and stephen is literally not supposed to be news. neither is FOX but only one of these people want you to believe every word they say.
TieFighter34 - 2 months ago
Lefties treat this comedian like he is an actual news reporter though. That's why most on the left are dumb getting their news from Hollywood main stream media. Even if you say he is a comedian he is clearly got an agenda against Trump.
David Claytor
David Claytor - 2 months ago
24 months of fake news and 1,112 days of Colbert obsessing over Trump. Game Over. Nighty night libs
NYEH!!! - 2 months ago
stephen you are a one-trick pony with no talent, you lost after peddling a conspiracy for over two years, go home and retire.

Edit: Also no video uploads in the last 4 days LOL whimper in the dark some more little stephy boy, what remained little of your credibility has now evaporated. As they say in Russian, do svidaniya!
Andy W
Andy W - 2 months ago
This video didn't age well, way to go to embarrass yourself even further, shit for brains 🤣
Harry Dickus
Harry Dickus - 2 months ago
Andy W Agree with you. Except it’s “SCHIFF” for brains.
Matt Ratliff
Matt Ratliff - 2 months ago
This really aged well... lol
A101 - 2 months ago
Hahaha you're delusional Colbert.
ag940000 - 2 months ago
This aged well
The Crappy Robot
The Crappy Robot - 2 months ago
0:53 "Everything happens for a reason."
MAGA. 😅🇺🇸
Derek Fernandez
Derek Fernandez - 2 months ago
This didn’t age well either
Miro Yanev
Miro Yanev - 2 months ago
Now what funny guy?
laharl sama
laharl sama - 2 months ago
we wait to see about those other 17 investigations with 500 pages of investigation to get something, shouldn't be hard considering.
Ed McInnis
Ed McInnis - 2 months ago
let criminals edit their Comey let Hillary & her attorneys decide which emails she would turn over during her investiga...oops...."matter" you guys EVER grow tired of your intellectual dishonesty?
OH...I watched this clip just to hear your set-up for....wait for it....get ready....COMPLETE VINDICATION FOR TRUMP.....and in response to your expected response of: "well Mueller said 'collusion' MAY have occurred," please be honest to also report that Comey used the exact the same language when he released his finding of the Hillary investiga...oops...."matter"
AND.....before you respond with "Well, Barr (Trump's bed buddy) covered for Trump by stating not evidence to charge 'collusion,' PLEASE be honest enough to report that Rod Rosenstein (no friend of Trump), the Asst. AG, ALSO signed on to the "no evidence" decision.
laharl sama
laharl sama - 2 months ago
except Barr literally said he isn't sure about the obstruction and there are 17 other investigations for shit that isn't colusion "conspiracy" and indeed russia DID meddle in the election, but hey, point your finger at soak up that 100-1. You most certainly need it I'm sure.
Jonian - 2 months ago
Spoiler alert it's out now! And I haven't heard from you in 4 days as of today March 25 2019
Foxy Sideburns
Foxy Sideburns - 2 months ago
Jonian Stephen should just quit his job he looks so stupid now
tina yta
tina yta - 2 months ago
Stephen wasted two years of his life. Sad.
Clement - 2 months ago
Oh dear. Well this is a bit embarassing.
Hahahaha suck on that Colbert and your libturd fans
laharl sama
laharl sama - 2 months ago
@Clement excuse yourself however you want but nothing you say after "libturd" could make anyone take you serious, and if you think saying something like that is what normal adults having normal conversation sounds like, you might as well be 3 kids in a trench coat.
Clement - 2 months ago
@laharl sama Using the "kid on the internet" label against someone else is something kids use to make themselves seem "bigger" and more important on media platforms when they're incapable of forming a reply with any form of rationale. My comment was casual and colloquial, it's the way normal people speak. If you wanted to get into politics in the first place, you would've replied in a way which didn't resemble something that would've came out of a raging child's keyboard
laharl sama
laharl sama - 2 months ago
@Clement "suck on that libturds" is as childish as youre going to get with a person talking about politics but I guess you don't know what name calling is.
Clement - 2 months ago
@laharl sama I'm not the one calling someone else names like a few 5 year olds would
laharl sama
laharl sama - 2 months ago
@Clement im not the one talking like a 5th grader mac.
CaptainGinyu - 2 months ago
colbert now officially on suicide watch
Humble Bugg
Humble Bugg - 2 months ago
Nah that would be funny. Colbert is never funny
Matt Rogers
Matt Rogers - 2 months ago
Ha! Who’s laughing now turd!
laharl sama
laharl sama - 2 months ago
the 17 investigations and barr not even being sure about the obstruction? not america, because it's leader is a fucking sociopath and a criminal. But take what little victory you can from the literally nothing being done yet other than Muellers part.
Na B
Na B - 2 months ago
Bad look for this clown. Traitorous media puppets
Scott Wiele
Scott Wiele - 2 months ago
When I need to take a break from political stuff, I thank god I can just tune into the NFL and any Late-Night show.
Ben - 2 months ago
At least with football you don't know who the losers are from the beginning
Fadi Ibrahim
Fadi Ibrahim - 2 months ago
Orange Man BAD
Fadi Ibrahim
Fadi Ibrahim - 2 months ago
Gender is a social construct
laharl sama
laharl sama - 2 months ago
I mean, regardless of if he gets convicted of Russia collusion or not, yeah, orange man def pretty fucking bad, from like, A LOT of different perspectives.
phntmxz - 2 months ago
Indigard - 2 months ago
Most of these comment here didnt age well
ritesh - 2 months ago
Tord Markus Birkeland Jakobsen OMG....I will use that line somewhere
Tord Markus Birkeland Jakobsen
I think it aged like vine
tice170 - 2 months ago
So sad for you and your followers. Chumps
Limedick Andrew
Limedick Andrew - 2 months ago
Where are you Colbert, where are you? We haven't heard a peep for days now. I really want to hear what you have to say now Mueller has debunked the entire conspiracy theory you've been obsessing over and pushing like the Madcow (who also seems to have disappeared) on NBC. Someone needs to kick over a rock. A trail of whisky bottles should point the way. Maybe send a river boat out.
laharl sama
laharl sama - 2 months ago
@SKRIMEO its almost like the late night show that doesn't air on weekends might "gasp" air tonight, on monday night....
Sunyata - 2 months ago
And the show isn't taped on the weekend. Keep up, my friend. @SKRIMEO
SKRIMEO - 2 months ago
Sunyata its monday jackass
SKRIMEO - 2 months ago
Sunyata so salty
Sunyata - 2 months ago
apparently you never heard of a thing called a "weekend." Muller's report isn't even public yet.
Gula Henrik
Gula Henrik - 2 months ago
Totally guilty ay? XD
Well i guess all those years you guys smearing this russia thing over and over on the show will look pretty bad when they come out and say "we didn't find anything".
Oh wait they did?
I mean sheit, i like to see the face of stephen when he got the news. I still giggle when i see him on election night half drunk realizing that hes president is Trump.
All those years you guys acted like you know that hes colluded, you take it granted becouse you wanted to believe that bs. Just like you wanted to believe that pptape bs.
I mean look at yourselfs you guys become the parody itself, you guys are like the old stephen colbert character just in liberal edition. But while it was a smart caricature this one is the sad mirror that show what you guys are.
A bunch of rich dumb person blinded by ideology who lost grip on reality. Clap.
Gula Henrik
Gula Henrik - 2 months ago
So what? I didnt vote for him, i didnt like him. You dont have to prove me that he is an asshole. But than what? You guys still elected him as president (im not from usa). Not you obviously but your fellow citizens did. And rather you and other opposition persons did or find something that could make things better you guys just set this fake sheit up and keep repeat it. And that was more harmfull to you than you could think. You guys discredited yourself. I mean everybody know that trump is an asshole and a crook. But he doenst realy try to hide it. He try to appeal to the people by giving them he think they want. And guess what, it works. It doesnt matter if it sensible, moraly just or politically correct. Hes voters rely on him becouse he doesnt try to look someone hes not and try to deliver stuff hes promise. Still hes not a good president, still i dont like that he is in that chair. But what hes doing is working politically. What you guys doing is the contrary. I mean seriously what is on your flags? Free press. And you guys just wiped this one out of the picture. Every news outlet every show that was on the collusion wagon now cannot be taken seriusly by peoples who does not belong to any party. You know those who are actually decide which side won the election. You guys proved that there is fake news, That there is bias against him. You guys proved his word is true. I mean gee what a fuk. You guys maybe made him won at 2020. And thats all on you, liberals, democrats. You guys lost the touch with reality. Simply lost objectivity on the matter. And now you cannot be taken seriously any more. (Im sorry for my english.)
laharl sama
laharl sama - 2 months ago
dude, like if he got hit for the russia thing that would be like, ok yeah that isn't surprising. People haven't been at this because of the russia shit for 2 years. they've been at it because nearly every day he has expressed how big of a garbage human he is and it baffles us, the people who see that trump, the guy that just took a shit on a fucking war hero? is a terrible person with very little intellect and likely even less of a vocabulary. thats YOUR guy, and it also lets us know what kind of people the ones who prop him up despite all that. they also likely shat on obama for 8 years while he just tried to better the lives of you and me, yes, with regulations that stop companys from cutting corners that might result in you or me dieing. trumps tried to block out muslims from entering the country and is factually treating the media like hitler did during his rise.
Nate G
Nate G - 2 months ago
Hahahhahahhahahha poop in your teeth Colbert .hahahha
paul gilbert
paul gilbert - 2 months ago
I pity u Colbert
COOOKIEI - 2 months ago
“Probably something” hahahahahhaaha
Frank Pritchard
Frank Pritchard - 2 months ago
This didn't age well...LMFAO
Michael S
Michael S - 2 months ago
Colbert is mentally ill, just like all the people that watch him. Now they are saying Mueller is a russian agent too, they are sick people that need help. Lack of evidence is lack of evidence, not evidence that there is hidden evidence, it's something they are too stupid to understand.
eatcarpet - 2 months ago
I wonder if this whole thing was actually satire...
Yeti - 2 months ago
Lmao indeed it did not. I came here looking for Colbert's reaction but only found this.
Keith Whiteley
Keith Whiteley - 2 months ago
Trump isn't a perfect man but you guys elected a sexual harrasser and rapist named Bill a murderer named Ted and a KKK recruiter named Byrd.
Keith Whiteley
Keith Whiteley - 2 months ago
Bet all you libs who hoped and dreamed you could screw our president are a little depressed now. You were all hoping Clinton who really is a crook and who really took millions from the russians would be president. Trump 2020
laharl sama
laharl sama - 2 months ago
clinton had more than 2 years of investigation and nothing came of it. Whats more, the presidents daughter has literally committed the same fucking crime since trump has taken office. but besides that, like 17 additional investigations about things much more likely than foreign conspiring, and the obstruction that even Barr isn't sure about. It the start of the rest of it. Mueller just did his part. "your president" won't make it to the next 4 years.
ralph lee
ralph lee - 2 months ago
"Know What That Means?  Probably Something ! "Can't Be Nothing, Can't Be Nothing" !  Well Dummy, It Is Nothing !
ralph lee
ralph lee - 2 months ago
Well "Lefty" Stephen Colbert, We Can Hardly Wait To See What You Have To Say On Monday Night Now That Mueller Report Clears The President. You Liberals Have Held The American Government "Hostage" and Wasted The People's Time and Money For 2 Years. Maybe You Should Repent and Shoot Yourself On Live TV. That Would Be Worth Watching.
Limedick Andrew
Limedick Andrew - 2 months ago
Just make sure you watch with a pizza and a glass of gin. And don't forget to post it on You Tube. As a Brit, it's the only place I get to see it.
Omega3255 - 2 months ago
I'm here after the result of the Muller Report... just to laugh.
Hilal Harb
Hilal Harb - 2 months ago
Super satisfying to read through
SKRIMEO - 2 months ago
harry bailey
harry bailey - 2 months ago
Me three! 😂😂😂
ffb.6 - 2 months ago
Me too😂
Ruck Zuck
Ruck Zuck - 2 months ago
Well this didn't age well.
ZENOIST2 - 2 months ago
This guy and his one subject humour are less funny than terminal cancer
RISSI VAN TONDER - 2 months ago
The Crappy Robot
The Crappy Robot - 2 months ago
His writers are probably hard at work spazzing out on the floor shitting everywhere at an attempt to move the goal posts...His channel has been quiet for 4 days.
Zap Rowsdower
Zap Rowsdower - 2 months ago
This segment has not aged well
Raymund Lacson
Raymund Lacson - 2 months ago
What an idiot.. LOL 😆
ZenSI - 2 months ago
The Report's Out! Where are we moving the goalposts to now boys! hahahah
The Crappy Robot
The Crappy Robot - 2 months ago
@The Stammering Dunce "Dose not collude." Thanks. Because that's what CNN. MSNBC. The BBC. And every late night talk show host and been telling us. "He's Putins puttet." "He's in bed with Russia." And don't you think Muller would have something to say about the summary.....
The Stammering Dunce
The Stammering Dunce - 2 months ago
The Crappy Robot The summary says while Trump does not collude, he is also not absolved the accusation. And considering how William Barr, the person who wrote the summary, is appointed by Trump, do you seriously expect us to think he won't protect Trump at all cost?
The Crappy Robot
The Crappy Robot - 2 months ago
@The Stammering Dunce Look up the word "Summary."
The Stammering Dunce
The Stammering Dunce - 2 months ago
The Crappy Robot We got nothing because Barr refuses to release the full report.
The Crappy Robot
The Crappy Robot - 2 months ago
@The Stammering Dunce A summary is all you need..."In summary." You got.....(Drum roll.) Nothing.
Angel Of Misericordia
Angel Of Misericordia - 2 months ago
Trump is vindicated... morons.
GENERAL PULLER - 2 months ago
No more indictments , not one American indicted for collusion. You got your news from Stephen butt hurt Colbert and Fake news CNN. Now go find an emo animal.
Roman Darius
Roman Darius - 2 months ago
Mueller Report: NOT GUILTY!!!
(two years of hate, liberals! hehehe.)
The Crappy Robot
The Crappy Robot - 2 months ago
This didn't age well...
Verdrang - 2 months ago
So, after the report's summary is out now, finding insufficient evidence on obstruction and no coordination, I really hope that both sides tone it down. Dems: The running investigations should be completed, of course, and the District of New York is still working on it's cases. The left needs to do focus on their 2020 prospects and just let the media-hype die down, let those people do their jobs and see what, if anything, comes of it.
And the right: Sure, have your moment, gloat, be happy your guy isn't indicted - but ask him why he acted the way he did. Because that should be clarified. Why did the President of the United States feel the need disparage an investigation that he knew wouldn't come up with anything?
I'm not claiming that he actually comitted a crime and felt it would come out, but shouldn't we all want to know why he reacted so strongly? Did he suspect that someone, anyone in his campaign had actually done something?
The other thing is: Republicans should now advocate for releasing the entire Mueller Report. Why? Simple: This can be a huge advantage for them. If they say release it, they would to much to put any lingering doubts to rest, especially with independants. If they don't, if they just say "Yeah, we got the summary, suck it, you don't get the rest", then people will still think that Barr just interpreted it wrong, or partisan, or whatever.
Again, I'm not picking sides here. I don't like Trump, and I still hope he doesn't get re-elected, because as someone who isn't American (I'm just waaaaay to into politics xD), his antics destabilize a lot of the rest of the world. But I also feel that left should stop obsessing over everything he does. Sure, he breaks a lot of norms and that should be reported, as should his lies and misstatements, but stop _needing_ to find crimes. Again: There's still investigations, let them run ther course, and until then focus on his politics first, and his personality second.
Firefly Guitar
Firefly Guitar - 2 months ago
Well NOW there is certainly egg ALL over the faces of those who keep propping up corporate democrats like Hillary, Gillibrand etc.  
The whole Mueller thing, and the hysterical way that the mainstream media has been hyping it, is just a carrot before the donkey. A distraction. A way to anaesthetise the pain most Americans feel living under the presidential embarrassment. Meanwhile Trump is great for the clickbait-addicted mainstream media (that is btw owned by his allies and friends), and he's great for the establishment and the wealthy donors. Sadly the majority have fallen for the trap. They've been sedated by the hope that Trump will inevitably be impeached. This is not going to happen, sadly.
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez - 2 months ago
Anyone seeing this on Monday Morning?!?!
SKRIMEO - 2 months ago
Alejandro Sanchez yup lol
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez - 2 months ago
TRUMP 2020!!!!
Trolls Bane
Trolls Bane - 2 months ago
Friedrich Wilhelm
Friedrich Wilhelm - 2 months ago
i cant wait till steven has to eat a slice of humble pie
marineforlife mclean
marineforlife mclean - 2 months ago
Yup, 2 yrs and 25 million dollars later, NO, but we're STILL gonna hear the dems say "Yeah, but..."
Snuffle Ufigus
Snuffle Ufigus - 2 months ago
Lol, how retroactively prophetic of you Colbert. Now all you have left are personal attacks and character assassination. which friend of yours was it that Donald Trump went after whom you used as an excuse to build a two year comedic theme park centered around Trump? You never did say?????? Was it Satan? I don't find you to be funny Colbert. John Oliver is funny, Stephen Colbert is just a sad boney man.
mesomelas - 2 months ago
Boy this aged badly.
joebstarsurfer - 2 months ago
Coup America has gone wrong somewhere.
Tharun Dhanaraj
Tharun Dhanaraj - 2 months ago
And this is why I listen to Jimmy Dore.
joseph Traff
joseph Traff - 2 months ago
Child star Stephenie Colbert reacts to Muller report conclusions.... 😲 😨 😭 😵 😱 😖
Life In Review
Life In Review - 2 months ago
These comments are so entertaining guys are sheep
alvallac21 - 2 months ago
@Yeti *it's (not possessive)
Antler of Amtgard
Antler of Amtgard - 2 months ago
Life In Review I see I'm not the only one rubber necking these liberal train wrecks.
Yeti - 2 months ago
They were so eager. Now its crashed in their face
NYEH!!! - 2 months ago
baaaah-baaaaah!! collusion colluuuuuuussion!
mextorez - 2 months ago
What??? No new clips after the report release??? Ya NO COLLISION, NO OBSTRUCTION, NO INDICTMENTS, ....AND NO IMPEACHMENT 😂😂😂 FN AWESOME!!
SKRIMEO - 2 months ago
Michael avanatti arrested😆
Ihr seid Charlie
Ihr seid Charlie - 2 months ago
came here for the same reason :D
Nauzet 1387
Nauzet 1387 - 2 months ago
LOL after 2 years with every fucking day making the same joke, let´s see what you are going to say today...
Sunny B Sunny
Sunny B Sunny - 2 months ago
I know, all I could think of was the late great Berry White's song. (Pratice what you preach. )You keep telling me and telling me that,you say once I been with you,I"ll never go back.
I had my share of lovers some of them dam good. I been waiting for you to show me what you got.
Dam, I know, I know. All that Muller tension, All that heat building up! Oooh baby,I dont think I can stand much more of this teasing! Come on you are driving me to the point of I almost don't give a fuck anymore. Were you mushroom teasing us Robert? Really! Really! What the Fuck!
I feel so bad for you Steven,
Sunny B Sunny
Sunny B Sunny - 2 months ago
I know
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