The Most Luxurious Business Phone

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - 27 days ago
حسين ابراهيم
Woo nice
WWE TOY MANIA - 8 days ago
Pye Ltd.
Pye Ltd. - 8 days ago
this phone is based on the Nokia 6301
Michael Filippi
Michael Filippi - 10 days ago
Capitalist skumbag
Smurf -Mobile Legends
Smurf -Mobile Legends - 3 hours ago
A luxery phone with a very unmodern camera
KD Power
KD Power - 3 hours ago
Its called bullcrap ..
DAN THE MAN-75 - 5 hours ago
so stupid..smh
Chad - 6 hours ago
Yeah, but 1 charge lasts 3 days!!! Business, business, business.
FGO - 7 hours ago
That's disgusting
Mike Natividad
Mike Natividad - 21 hour ago
Apple in a nutshell
Bugz Buggy
Bugz Buggy - Day ago
stupid phone
Keong Teoh
Keong Teoh - Day ago
Ru serious Caviar? Trump on as ur edition? I prefer nanny naked edition rather than your
Нови Сад Србија
Arabs are online
Jose Onii-Chan
Jose Onii-Chan - Day ago
this is what i imagined a real life power rangers morpher would b(e)
reddragoncel - 2 days ago
Hey man I know you probably dont take requests but theres a product that doesn't have much about it and its 300 it's on Amazon it's a loud speaker with saposid 50+ hrs of battery it's called turtlebox you should review it man!
BoTi - 2 days ago
Fucking apple products
vivek gupta
vivek gupta - 2 days ago
Most idiotic mobile I have seen in my life
Internot - 2 days ago
Dobis: Doing Business
Ben PH
Ben PH - 2 days ago
How much is it? i want to buy nokia.
Vinh - 2 days ago
Rich kid’s version of emergency cellphone
Bark Blaster
Bark Blaster - 2 days ago
My phone will astonish everyone.
It is a

Nokia 1100
gordon zhang
gordon zhang - 2 days ago
Shuai Zhang
Shuai Zhang - 3 days ago
absolutely trash
Rodier Ratafakus
Rodier Ratafakus - 3 days ago
Most luxury is Iphone XS MAX Grand Complications Edition - 25K USD GRAND COMPLICATIONS SKELETON DIAMOND EDITION
Rodier Ratafakus
Rodier Ratafakus - 3 days ago
zcreto - 4 days ago
business hahahaha
Harmonious Bachelorette
Why do i find the phone funny? Lol 😂😂 that's literally a 3310 covered in gold. You ain't fooling no one 😆
DIVRAA 666 - 4 days ago
4:03 like if you were born in 2008
Dean 163
Dean 163 - 4 days ago
That's a phone for supervillians
Y&S FOOD! - 5 days ago
Awesome video footage! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we love to uncover this amazing content. We make Travel & Food shows as well, world wide, and so we are frequently seeking inspirations and perhaps concepts. Thank You.
Selma Bette
Selma Bette - 5 days ago
*The phone is just nokia. But only covered in Gold lmaoo*
Exactly! LMAO
Kritarth Garg
Kritarth Garg - 6 days ago
Give it a drop test
ET XENO - 6 days ago
*Wtf is the point of this?*
Sallu Bhi
Sallu Bhi - 6 days ago
You are YouTube king
The Yohanders
The Yohanders - 6 days ago
Only dumb Arabs buy this shit.
Typical Bryan
Typical Bryan - 7 days ago
artiearboleda01 - 7 days ago
1 gramm of Gold? That's nothing :D
Richard L.
Richard L. - 8 days ago
the only phone the government can’t track
DARINBOMZY21 - 8 days ago
Ugly who would use that
Pye Ltd.
Pye Ltd. - 8 days ago
this phone is based on the Nokia 6301
Msn Bm77
Msn Bm77 - 9 days ago
This shit is not selling
coutopraze - 9 days ago
Absolute shite.
Peter Otieno
Peter Otieno - 9 days ago
hehehehe! nokia 2008........."we dont have time"...."whats android.."..."we doing so much business......." hahahahaha! hahahaaha!
Michael Filippi
Michael Filippi - 10 days ago
Capitalist skumbag
Tortellini 775
Tortellini 775 - 10 days ago
In Germany it's written BaRon not BaRRon
Ahma Nin-nin
Ahma Nin-nin - 10 days ago
they could have at least made it a flip phone
Aj - 10 days ago
I really hate this phone
9editz club
9editz club - 11 days ago
Simply its a waste of money
FalconSanchez117 - 12 days ago
BlackBerry passport
Mikkel Andersen
Mikkel Andersen - 12 days ago
i dont get it?? its not even a smartphone...? Freakin 5.000?!?.. no way...
Mikkel Andersen
Mikkel Andersen - 5 days ago
+Jay Ruiz so you work your ass out your pants, and then you decide its a good idea to spend 5.000 on a phone that cant do anything but takin phonecalls?? thats not business... thats just arrogant AF! xd
Jay Ruiz
Jay Ruiz - 5 days ago
Filipe Wieland
Filipe Wieland - 12 days ago
that phone is simply stupid for the price...
Gabriel Ekman
Gabriel Ekman - 12 days ago
This feels so fake.. WHY DO YOU MAKE A TRASH PHONE WITH A GOLDEN COVER?? Only for show in a bulletproof-glass show-shelf??
carpii - 13 days ago
i like to think that even if I was a billionaire, Id look at that phone and think ‘what a tasteless piece of shit’
ashok pandey
ashok pandey - 13 days ago
Phone made for Drug Dealers
907 Viking
907 Viking - 13 days ago
Ultra unbreakable
Lev Brovchenkov
Lev Brovchenkov - 13 days ago
русский интерфейс, лол
the interface in russian, lol
w wyborn
w wyborn - 13 days ago
يا خروف
twisted One
twisted One - 13 days ago
The GUI interface on the phone is from a Nokia 6120, I recognized it instantly!
Rener Abano
Rener Abano - 8 days ago
Back to symbian os
ITX Official
ITX Official - 13 days ago
The phone market as a whole is a downright joke nowadays. Gone are the glorious days when Nokia made ultra robust business phones with a serious, understated design and batteries lasting for weeks. Gone is Vertu and their impressive line-up of highly luxurious, handcrafted phones. Gone are all the experimental devices with weird form factors and unique designs. Every phone pretty much looks the same now. The so-called "innovations" are marginal at best. Way to go...
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer - 13 days ago
Did I ever tell you that you looked pretty similar to Tyler on dude perfect
Kaleb Worsnop
Kaleb Worsnop - 14 days ago
Most expensive burner phone in the world
Vi - 14 days ago
I always wanted to buy some new smartphones, but I don't like that
Uranga Wasanthi
Uranga Wasanthi - 14 days ago
So trump using phone made in Russia?
Mike Jaques
Mike Jaques - 14 days ago
I'm Russian and I wanna say that this phone is a pice of Sh*t !
Kratos Dgo
Kratos Dgo - 14 days ago
P.S. Nokia luxury phone. lol
Elder 987419
Elder 987419 - 14 days ago
Aliens are laughing at us lol
The Skeletal rebeL
The Skeletal rebeL - 14 days ago
The existence of that thing makes me lose some faith in humanity
WolfgangAmadeusfuk - 14 days ago
"Some times, things that are expensive, are worse." Jason Greene
DarknoorX - 14 days ago
This episode is so much fun AND IT'S 5mins HEAR THAT LEW?
Nick Levesque
Nick Levesque - 15 days ago
That’s the drug kingpins phone right there. Like when he black mails the cops he calls them on that bad Larry
awdrifter3 - 15 days ago
This is like digging up a 10 year old piece of sushi from the trash and putting Caviar on it.
Thomas Tom
Thomas Tom - 14 days ago
perfect....... you win!
xd CosmicNova
xd CosmicNova - 15 days ago
The best part of this channel is that it doesn't clickbait
cwuzii - 15 days ago
That’s gold plated, pretty shit.
Zakarya Siddiqui
Zakarya Siddiqui - 15 days ago
Fox ki khaal mai bakri
松井Matsui - 15 days ago
What a fuck phone 😂👏🏽 Nice Caviar! 🤣
B MC - 16 days ago
Some dumbass millionaire has an outdated Nokia and is playing Snake. 🙄
GTI8855 - 16 days ago
I love that phone. It's so BAD!
Colin Lampert
Colin Lampert - 16 days ago
Caviar iphone xs is better
Dire _
Dire _ - 16 days ago
Vladmir putin
iulian ispas
iulian ispas - 16 days ago
Looks like a Arabic oriented trash
I won't pay 50$ for it (same thing as iPhone manics )
prudhvi chitturi
prudhvi chitturi - 16 days ago
What is the smartwatch you wore in this video????
Carlo Mejico
Carlo Mejico - 16 days ago
It makes expensive because of the gold shit. But the literal phone is stupid.
Legend Drago
Legend Drago - 16 days ago
My nanny once had this Nokia phone
GhostJC777 - 16 days ago
This epitomizes the stupidity of the rich. Nothing against being rich but like wtf? What a waste.
Vnitro - 16 days ago
They should make there own system not just slapping some gold on an old phone🙄
Amal Manoj
Amal Manoj - 16 days ago
This is total bullshit
Kevin Gill
Kevin Gill - 16 days ago
Old is gold
Clarencee Dsilva
Clarencee Dsilva - 16 days ago
Dad : which phone do you want kid

Kid : ahhh nothing just a little Nokia
Yossi Azoulay
Yossi Azoulay - 17 days ago
When you get a phone to review but can't say directly one bad word about it!
Jasmine Moody
Jasmine Moody - 17 days ago
Cvdf wwwf👌🦈👌🐺🤢😗🌎🌎👌👌👌👌👌👌😡😃😚🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭👌👌👌👌🤯🤯👌👌👌🌸🖕🖕
Jesse Van Den Broek
Jesse Van Den Broek - 17 days ago
By far the worst product I have seen yet. I can only see some stupidly rich old person who knows LITERALLY nothing about technology buying this.
fayçal faycal
fayçal faycal - 10 days ago
if i was stupid rich and had alot of buisness calls i'd buy this phone it looks rich and also have a huge battery use it only for buisness i'ill also have another smart phone for or things
VeryNinjaLike - 17 days ago
i was expecting custom hardware and software..... they just goldplated a nokia.
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee - 17 days ago
Sasindu Kesh
Sasindu Kesh - 17 days ago
It's an old nokia phone from 2005 fitted with gold...
Farzad Inam
Farzad Inam - 17 days ago
I feel for the rich morons that buy this excuse of a box
Savage KingX
Savage KingX - 17 days ago
If only it was a smartphone, i wouldve definitely bought it
Sagarjit Adhikari
Sagarjit Adhikari - 17 days ago
You took 2 pictures already with this phone the business !!!!
eXDINO_zTv - 17 days ago
I think its from dubai
freakalishess - 17 days ago
Looks like a harmonica
Sushma Aithal
Sushma Aithal - 17 days ago
According to me the phone is shit!! I mean they put a 5000$ phone case on a used Nokia phone.
mlgpro LIVERPOOL NO1 - 18 days ago
This is John Wick's phone 😂😂
Tyler Howard
Tyler Howard - 18 days ago
DT - 18 days ago
So...Vertu 2.0?
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