Nursery Makeover Part 2! | OMG We're Having A Baby

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Mr. Kate
Mr. Kate - Month ago
I think we can all agree this must be our most meaningful rug cuddle ever??? And guess what, our Name Reveal video will be up next week! AHHHHHHHHH Can't wait for you Creative Weirdos to be in the know!
cimorelli fan226
cimorelli fan226 - Day ago
you should have done a space them
Emalee Marcinko
Emalee Marcinko - 5 days ago
Mr. Kate Congrats
breakay326 MDS
breakay326 MDS - 13 days ago
Alana Williams omg
Latai Lousiale
Latai Lousiale - 14 days ago
Please come do our makeover I need ideas badly
Alana Williams
Alana Williams - 16 days ago
Watching this vid after I just finished the name reveal and realized at 2:15 Joey totally said the name 😂😂
Sal Robbins
Sal Robbins - 8 hours ago
Oh you're so cute together, congratulations
Juliana Moutinho
Juliana Moutinho - Day ago
Hey guys! Can you guys please make a house tour? I would love to take a look!
tyler macneill
tyler macneill - Day ago
Guys she said him and he that means it will be a boy
laney mcdougall
laney mcdougall - Day ago
whens the due date
xxmusic._.lovexx Official
When he said baby moon i got rly confused i was like whattt?? U dont know yet....Then i realised they didnt mean the name l 😂
jordyn montpellier
jordyn montpellier - 2 days ago
I can't wait for rug cuddles with Moon!
Cool J
Cool J - 3 days ago
your baby is fo’ sure gunna have the best nursery eva! ❤️❤️😍
Olivia McCall
Olivia McCall - 4 days ago
Ahhh I’m sooo excited for the baby to come!!!
Camilla Kelliher
Camilla Kelliher - 4 days ago
i love your videos you`ll be great parents
Jamie Sorensen
Jamie Sorensen - 4 days ago
How do you send a video to her love you so much I am sub.
iiTumbling Sisters
iiTumbling Sisters - 4 days ago
Are you guys still gonna be interior designers in 13 years when I’m 24 so when I adopt a kid u can do my nursery
Trynidyy - 4 days ago
Love that I got an ad for plan b on this video
Rhianna. - 4 days ago
Pregnancy looks so good on you your stunninggggg
Little Hogwarts Potato
Little Hogwarts Potato - 4 days ago
Yo Yo
Yo Yo - 4 days ago
When a pregnant woman can pull of a crop top better than me 😂😭💜
Poppy rose Bray
Poppy rose Bray - 4 days ago
I’m a creative weirdo 1 like = another creative weirdo
Julia Limbrick
Julia Limbrick - 5 days ago
What a fun sweet episode. Can't wait to see what the room looks like when it's done. Congratulations on your soon coming little one.
Murree and Eternitees Life
Omg look at the belly 😍😇 congratulations
Mayya . Artist
Mayya . Artist - 5 days ago
I really love your relationship guys it’s a Target for any couples...
God bless you and protect your love forever ❤️
Daniela _0814
Daniela _0814 - 5 days ago
C Cheshire
C Cheshire - 5 days ago
Subscribe to Mr. Kate and here’s how many of you agree with me
Amra Abouschmiess
Amra Abouschmiess - 5 days ago
How many weeks are you
Kaila Walker
Kaila Walker - 5 days ago
I’ve been I creative weirdo for a whole year! Love you guys! Regret nothin with subscribing!
Stephen Roberts
Stephen Roberts - 5 days ago
I love you guys and your my favourite youtuber
mel k
mel k - 5 days ago
*kate looks like a minion and no, im not complaining*
Rose Foster
Rose Foster - 5 days ago
I love you both can’t wait to see mr baby !!!
Abby Walden
Abby Walden - 6 days ago
The child through his whole life will have amazing rooms
JnaekoA - 6 days ago
I so wish y’all could take a trip to Colorado to help me out with my home! 🙏
Lainey Peveto
Lainey Peveto - 6 days ago
This shows that you guys can make ANY room look like its straight up from a magazine!!!
Ryan Sara
Ryan Sara - 6 days ago
i’m lovin’ kate’s outfit in this video!!!!
Jason Woods
Jason Woods - 6 days ago
No Joey he has my brain yours is not enough creative weirdo to share!
Jason Woods
Jason Woods - 6 days ago
How many months old???
McKenzie Larkin
McKenzie Larkin - 6 days ago
Kate sorry I have to say this with the shirt and pants ur wearing it looks like a minion
Bea C.
Bea C. - 6 days ago
Joey: We cand do BABY MOON🌙 STUFF and (doesnt even realized thet he said the name before the reveal) 😂
Nasir Ali Year 8
Nasir Ali Year 8 - 6 days ago
I bet the name will be moon
Adriana Farias
Adriana Farias - 6 days ago
Omg just realized Joey revealed moon’s name in the intro lmao
Ashley Hartz Books OLD CHANNEL
Talliah Graver
Talliah Graver - 7 days ago
Katelyn Totten
Katelyn Totten - 7 days ago
I love the cats face in the beginning
cool guy
cool guy - 7 days ago
wait did they just say the babies name at 2:15
Isabel Urias
Isabel Urias - 7 days ago
did anyone notice at 2:16ish joey said WE DID BABY MOON STUFF!!! hint hint name of baby

I noticed after they released the babys name. Cant i never noticed that before because ive watched this video like 20 times
Desiree Uvalle
Desiree Uvalle - 8 days ago
I'm wine drunk and the ending of this video made me cry
ITZ MANA_YT - 8 days ago
I think a name for the baby boy or girl
Jessica creasor
Jessica creasor - 8 days ago
They said his name before the name reveal
Everything Mrs Regis
Everything Mrs Regis - 8 days ago
How far along is she?
NaturaLeighMade Media
NaturaLeighMade Media - 9 days ago
Well hiddie ho neighbors!
Carrie Bignar
Carrie Bignar - 9 days ago
How many months is she? Btw I love her hair!
Life as Lauren
Life as Lauren - 9 days ago
*When a baby that’s not even born yet has a bigger room than you* 😂
Life as Lauren
Life as Lauren - 9 days ago
itz tatyanaladashia ikr 😂
itz tatyanaladashia
itz tatyanaladashia - 9 days ago
Life as Lauren mood
- PINK-LEMONADE - - 9 days ago
How many months in is she?
Princess Luka
Princess Luka - 9 days ago
Aww my one dream is for these 2 to collab with Rosanna Pansino annnd The Ace Family
Black Wolf
Black Wolf - 10 days ago
Rosanna Pansino's sister had a baby boy Coleen had a baby boy and now Mr.Kate is having a baby boy?!
Marlynda Matthews
Marlynda Matthews - 10 days ago
I have to say..kate you have always looked beautiful and now with that pregnancy glow you are even more stunning. Its fun to see how this has softened both of you into the cutest love birds. Dont forget a set of lovebirds in the forrest mural!
Gaganpreet Kaur
Gaganpreet Kaur - 10 days ago
Oh... So adorable moment.. Is cute... #BABY 🎑 Moon # is so lucky having such creative and loving parents...!!!!!!!! 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩
Melinda Das
Melinda Das - 10 days ago
2:15 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG HE JUST REVEALED THE NAME WHAT HOW DID YALL NOT CATCH THIS OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
itz tatyanaladashia
itz tatyanaladashia - 9 days ago
chloee phillips
chloee phillips - 10 days ago
Where’s Roxanne??? 😩
Piper 2005
Piper 2005 - 10 days ago
Baby Moon.......??? Hmmmmmmmm
Megan L'Abbe
Megan L'Abbe - 11 days ago
Baby Moon! 🌙
Megan L'Abbe
Megan L'Abbe - 11 days ago
Just noticed that joey dropped baby moons name in the intro! I’m surprised nobody caught that!
Cdog07 Dog lover2.0
Cdog07 Dog lover2.0 - 11 days ago
Who else heard them say his name before the name reveal
Cdog07 Dog lover2.0
Cdog07 Dog lover2.0 - 9 days ago
Cdog07 Dog lover2.0
Cdog07 Dog lover2.0 - 9 days ago
Cary Antonio
Cary Antonio - 9 days ago
Cdog07 Dog lover2.0 what is it?
claire posmer
claire posmer - 11 days ago
When he gets older maybe you should do a space theme because of his name
Mia Knight
Mia Knight - 11 days ago
Early in the video there was a slight spoiler with the name. “Baby moon stuff”
Lee Marsden
Lee Marsden - 11 days ago
Moom hate it
Abix - 11 days ago
I would love to see a baby proofing the video on the rest of the house 💕
and i- oop
and i- oop - 11 days ago
you’re rocking this pregnancy💗 you’re so far along and still able to do so much.
Aylesha Graham
Aylesha Graham - 12 days ago
Not to put a damper on this amazing mood but what if moon is allergic to cats????
Andrea Diaz
Andrea Diaz - 13 days ago
The glossy wall will come handy when the baby starts drawing on the walls when he grows up
Cheyenne Poole
Cheyenne Poole - 13 days ago
I’m sorry but I don’t think a baby should have a door that leads outside in their room bc they could get kidnapped but then again I don’t know anything ily guys‼️‼️‼️
Hope Green
Hope Green - 13 days ago
1:31 she sounds like lerenzside for a second
Cora and Madi
Cora and Madi - 14 days ago
How many more weeks? Can’t wait to see him❤️
Anna Golovsky
Anna Golovsky - 14 days ago
the rug cuddle had to be most meaningful
ItsKorrieGirl - 14 days ago
I would love to see a tutorial on Kate's everyday makeup one day. The rosey tones are SO PRETTY and I have the same skin tone, I would love to see what you do!!! xoxxx
Brooke Avery
Brooke Avery - 14 days ago
I love you guys so much. Omg you guys are so strong!!!!!
Latai Lousiale
Latai Lousiale - 14 days ago
Hi Mr.Kate can you please come out to Vegas and do our office makeover
It’s_Me_Sara _
It’s_Me_Sara _ - 15 days ago
Threesome with your kid... ok
the sisters
the sisters - 15 days ago
Dose it cost money to join the extra group
Amazing Gracie Bea
Amazing Gracie Bea - 15 days ago
I really want you to come over and decorate my bedroom! But I’m English and I live in England 😔xx
Betzaida Delgadillo
Betzaida Delgadillo - 15 days ago
I can imagine baby boy in the middle of their rug cuddle.😊
Lisa -
Lisa - - 15 days ago
btw, who did the collour correction? you almost ook like oompa loompas in some Lowe's shots
Itzfazejacob - 16 days ago
Plz like my comment 😌
iiAlexaPlayzii - 16 days ago
Im gonna be honest (moon is so cute) and also at one point at my life i was little and i asked my parent when i first saw your videos i said "DAD WE NEED To FIND MR.KATE IM DYING I NEED HER PLEEEEAAAASEEE" and my dad said "sorry no" and then i said and did "screams" "really dad shes the best person ever"
Snowy_cute_bunny Hi
Snowy_cute_bunny Hi - 16 days ago
Wanna do my room I’m moving soon and it’s going to be boring
Jody Titus
Jody Titus - 17 days ago
Joey is already Mr. Baby’s best friend
Jody Titus
Jody Titus - 17 days ago
Am I allowed to like Mr.Kate videos before I watch them? 🤣
Larry and Shelby Vlogs
Larry and Shelby Vlogs - 17 days ago
You are the cutest pregnant mommy!!!!
Cousin Squad
Cousin Squad - 17 days ago
I love the intro and the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alex5872 alex5872
alex5872 alex5872 - 17 days ago
You guys should post videos more
Miriam Sanchez
Miriam Sanchez - 17 days ago
D Ishappywithlife
D Ishappywithlife - 17 days ago
Uhhhh-amazing!! 💕💕
momahl114 - 17 days ago
Joey said “babymoon” NOT “baby Moon.” A babymoon is similar to a honeymoon, where the couple goes on vacation before the baby is born. I know y’all think he revealed the name here but you’re reaching. The editor, Kate, Joey, and everyone who works on this would have obviously edited it out if he said “our baby, Moon” I’m actually shocked how many people don’t realize what a babymoon is.
Mythical aj101
Mythical aj101 - 17 days ago
Who else agrees that joey and kate are a real SHIP!!! I ship it all the way
Aysha Al-Dhaheri
Aysha Al-Dhaheri - 17 days ago
Your design is super amazing and you are sooooooooooooooooooooo good looking❤️❤️ i love your style mr kate💃🏻💋👶🏼😻
Gzgsgag Bagafdgwh
Gzgsgag Bagafdgwh - 17 days ago
I love how she has a tattoo that says “a tattoo” on it ❤️🖤😂
Halle Swenson
Halle Swenson - 18 days ago
But... I wanna be Winston
My dog is bebop
My dog is bebop - 18 days ago
I’m predicting Joey will call their son squirt
Allie Nicole
Allie Nicole - 18 days ago
When is she due to have the baby?
Kelly Axen
Kelly Axen - 18 days ago
I love this and want to recreate this one day for our nursery!
Ilana Barnwell
Ilana Barnwell - 18 days ago
2:16 they said the baby’s 👶 name!!!
Molly Biddulph
Molly Biddulph - 18 days ago
joey says his name in this vid!!
itz tatyanaladashia
itz tatyanaladashia - 9 days ago
momahl114 yes it was so stfu up
momahl114 - 17 days ago
Molly Biddulph he said “we did babymoon stuff.” A babymoon is a mix of “baby” and “honeymoon” where the couple goes on vacation before their baby is born. I know his name is Moon but it wasn’t a slip.
Thechip 224
Thechip 224 - 18 days ago
Joey looks like he is getting the dad bod
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