Shia LaBeouf & Kristen Stewart - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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anorexickitten - 4 hours ago
Loved. Ty!
fake fake
fake fake - 6 hours ago
They sure gave up quickly in avoiding the F-bombs didn't they?
Joyce Wadzinski
Joyce Wadzinski - 6 hours ago
It’s amazing to see, but after several minutes Kristen’s energy calms down bc of Shia. What a power he has!
fake fake
fake fake - 7 hours ago
1:15 ... "I feel weird doing an interview with another actor." ... Because they'll know if your answers are shallow or ungenuine. No choice but to be real.
Matt Simmons
Matt Simmons - 9 hours ago
What the fuck are they talking about?
Chat Chit
Chat Chit - 10 hours ago
Damn hopefully Stewart didn’t slip Shia anything to make him relapse
Daniel Grisales
Daniel Grisales - 12 hours ago
Return Shia LaBeouf :)
Onix Junes
Onix Junes - 14 hours ago
Why don’t they just go to “school”? That will take care of whatever acting insecurity they have.
More Love
More Love - 14 hours ago
Thomas Nøhr
Thomas Nøhr - 15 hours ago
They have their emotions on their skin - both are very warm, open and vulnerable. I like them both enormously.
cledesma135 - 15 hours ago
Shia turned Kirsten straight in this.
Ramseysnow - 17 hours ago
Maria Mail
Maria Mail - 20 hours ago
What are they talking about , what does this references to .
Aslınur Bayal
Aslınur Bayal - 22 hours ago
Dear Lord, please help them to realize how beautiful they are together. pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
Robert Kilar
Robert Kilar - Day ago
I'm looking for this information since 2007. Who is the moustache guy in the Elephant Gun music video. Alma Har'el directed it.
Bobby D
Bobby D - Day ago
I love Kristen Stewart’s brain. And her face. She beautiful.
Btw- They have their own language these two, it’s wild!
Kinje Snow
Kinje Snow - Day ago
wtf is her hair rn ...??
Leah and Harley's Great Adventures
Kristen Stewart acts like she's a serial killer that's being interrogated for her crimes. Couldn't watch the entire thing.
Arthur Alves
Arthur Alves - Day ago
Amazing. I hope full for the caracters. [@]
Nicole Quinones
Nicole Quinones - Day ago
I hate her hair. No. No. No.
Mark Mc Mullan
Mark Mc Mullan - Day ago
So fun yeh sweet yeh cool for sure . I wonder what DeNiro or Hardy thinks about watching these two.
Eliseo Almache
Eliseo Almache - Day ago
Kristen Stewart: your jumping right into it
Shia LaBeouf: look how I'm FUCKING serious with these hands right now 😂😂😂 0:14
77 77
77 77 - Day ago
shia is a beautiful, vulnerable soul.
Antonio Asencio
Antonio Asencio - Day ago
Is Shia preparing a Russell Crowe´s actual version role?
Anthony John
Anthony John - Day ago
This man is so depressed .
Scottish Locke
Scottish Locke - Day ago
Shia and Sean Evans are proof that Kristen isn’t a “moody star”, it’s just the interviewers are shit.
She just doesn’t like bullshit and doesn’t wanna be a puppet or an object.
Gimcrack - 2 days ago
Shia should be a talk show host
Derek White
Derek White - 2 days ago
Amazing that Shia feels insecure around professionally trained actors. I think he's one of the most intuitively gifted actors I've ever seen, and clearly simply has a passion for the art. He's a genius.
ligairi - 2 days ago
Uh, she should do all of her interviews with Shia, or at least other actors. It's the first time I've EVER found her interesting in an interview and she was really compelling, here.
José Guillermo de Luna
Kristen must have the world record for longest question ever
Tyree White
Tyree White - 2 days ago
Funny thing is shia was in Charlie's angels
h7opolo - 2 days ago
Hands and actors: 3:40 and Alex Borstein here :
PATEK BAE - 2 days ago
Moona A
Moona A - 2 days ago
Bethany Lauren Beiro
Bethany Lauren Beiro - 2 days ago
Phrase for 2020; “I don’t give a rats winkle-doodle.”
Bethany Lauren Beiro
Bethany Lauren Beiro - 2 days ago
Full disclosure, I love this. Like I’m about to unashamedly watch it over again because I love the way Shia sees people for who they are and tries to open them up and shake out what’s inside. You can see Kristen Stewart open up over time with her body language, but Shias body language doesn’t really ever change. This is an amazing display of humanity.
boonehouston - 2 days ago
She refers to herself as "ks". Thats almost as weird as her need to dress that way. Acting for too long at a young age is dangerous.
Danny Borba
Danny Borba - 2 days ago
This conversation is sooooo confusing if you aren’t an actor. But they definitely y’all about things that is important in the entertainment business.
April Sunid
April Sunid - 2 days ago
the most perfect pairing for actors on actors
Corey Lawrence
Corey Lawrence - 2 days ago
Such a great interview. Anyone know what shoes Shia is wearing?
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