Priyanka Chopra, Rebel Wilson & Adam Devine Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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I don’t like me C:
I don’t like me C: - 30 minutes ago
Adam honestly looks 22 or 23
ToutCQJM - 18 hours ago
Is Priyanka Chopra famous? I’ve never seen her on anything besides married to the Jonas guy.
Mickaela Thorne
Mickaela Thorne - Day ago
I am asthmatic too I keep my inhaler with me all the time and my mom is hindu too
i can be needy
i can be needy - 2 days ago
Is just me or rebel seemed a bit off ?
Keila Romero T. M.
Keila Romero T. M. - 3 days ago
6:29 ajajjaja she is the best!!! I love the way she gave the response 😂😂😍😍
Seerat kaur dhaliwal
Seerat kaur dhaliwal - 6 days ago
Who's gonna tell her that Chopra isn't like smith 😩
Jason Jennings
Jason Jennings - 7 days ago
Adam Devine is 100% fuckable.
Bri Dively
Bri Dively - 8 days ago
They all seem super down to earth. Good group
mary 19
mary 19 - 9 days ago
they are sooo fun to watch 🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️
Elleanna L.
Elleanna L. - 10 days ago
I love Priyanka’s lipstick shade!
the art kart
the art kart - 10 days ago
Adam Devine is hilarious 😂
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield - 11 days ago
Priyanka should be trained to rip papers
Bhagyavishekk Sharma
Bhagyavishekk Sharma - 12 days ago
How can priyanka chopran be famous..let alone a role model.. 😫😫😫😫
tanvi nagwekar
tanvi nagwekar - 14 days ago
The rolls Royce thing is a show off. Sleeping around can get you that
nanna0100 0
nanna0100 0 - 14 days ago
Black Flame D Gamer
Black Flame D Gamer - 15 days ago
Priyanka ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️... Only for her
Ashamed ash
Ashamed ash - 15 days ago
I never had kids that I know of
Mel Zúñiga
Mel Zúñiga - 15 days ago
Amy and Adam look so tired of Priyanka and her marrige
Roland Music
Roland Music - 16 days ago
Rebel Wilson said we are fools
ace24680 - 17 days ago
are you kidding me they actually put why did adam eat the apple who checks the cards
D 3
D 3 - 18 days ago
Rebel: I'm at times TOO nice
Also Rebel: No you fools I'm Australian!!
Federal Bureau of Investigation
4:00 Ummm wouldn't that make them good at using Google or at least not bad (since they're actually using it to find answers to their questions).
Romeo Nicholas
Romeo Nicholas - 19 days ago
6:53 srry guys wh are seeing this this is where i left f and by the way i cant type 0's so yeah (fix the puzzle)
Just Beyond The Corner Productions
If anyone is a fan of Lindsay Ellis, just know this movie used her image without her permission
Trish McLey
Trish McLey - 19 days ago
Bumper and Fat Amy ❤️ but i love priyanka chopra just as much 💕😂
Matthew Vanek
Matthew Vanek - 19 days ago
I know rebel is funny and sweet but she looks like the blonde oswald cobblepot to me lol
Aastha Dubey
Aastha Dubey - 20 days ago
Omg she is blushing about her marriage question 🤩🤩😎
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart - 20 days ago
Rebel Wilson looks like a live action Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
tradmin - 20 days ago
jim carey + channing tatum = adam devine 😁
The monkey experience
The monkey experience - 20 days ago
What a fake personality Priyanka Chopra
Do you ever stop acting or is it just imbibed in you now?
lex snow
lex snow - 21 day ago
Rebel Wilson is awesome
Ritika Singh Rajput
Ritika Singh Rajput - 21 day ago
Priyanka Chopra is a singer.. she sang 'Dil Dhadakne Do' (which is a Bollywood film)
Ghost Betting Tips
Ghost Betting Tips - 21 day ago
10 yrs and proud about it shame on you
Osama BeenLagging
Osama BeenLagging - 21 day ago
Absolutely Nobody:
Priyanka Chopra : ahahAHaHAhaHAha
Ashraf Anam
Ashraf Anam - 17 days ago
I call it the "the Great Indian fake laugh"
Niraj kumar
Niraj kumar - 21 day ago
Who came only for priyanka???
Laura - 21 day ago
never had kids that i know of 😂
Ciinsational Mii
Ciinsational Mii - 24 days ago
Priyanka is so lovely to listen to ❤️
Liam Thornton
Liam Thornton - 26 days ago
Left her hanging 😂😂😂
DavidFiggs - 26 days ago
Priyanka Chopra makes facial gestures exactly like Drew Barrymore. Watch Santa Clarita Diet then watch this again.
Woman Fide Master Rita
Woman Fide Master Rita - 27 days ago
is adam devine warren buffet?? really internet??
Lauren - 28 days ago
''what's up Chloe''
hahahah you gotta love him
The Lovable Muffin 209
The Lovable Muffin 209 - 28 days ago
“Is Rebel Wilson nice?”
*iS tHAt a pErsONAL aTTaCk or SoMeTHing?*
Claudina Lewis
Claudina Lewis - 29 days ago
bella louise
bella louise - Month ago
i was so scared i thought he was literally 58
Katie Lathrop
Katie Lathrop - Month ago
As if Rebel!!! The song you sang in this movie was absolutely remarkable!!!!!!! How you hit them notes... Lord have mercy!!!! Amazing.. Fantastic..
Alice Maleksatian
Alice Maleksatian - Month ago
the "why did adam eat that apple" i laughed so hard like bruh wtf
Rose Veatupu
Rose Veatupu - Month ago
Priyanka doesn't even realise that Adam's girlfriend Chloe was Nick's onscreen girlfriend on camp rock 2 haha
Royan Dugu
Royan Dugu - Month ago
Well not lying Priyanka does have fake accents....
6:58 she tried to do british accent right?
Naomi Akerman
Naomi Akerman - Month ago
"Does Priyanka Chopra have a kid: not yet" Nick and Priyanka have the TALK... if you know what I mean
Imari Van Der Walt
Imari Van Der Walt - Month ago
You should do youtuberz
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person - Month ago
Priyanka looks very youthful that I didn't even notice the age gap xD
Ansley Brundidge
Ansley Brundidge - Month ago
For the longest time I thought rebel Wilson and Adam Devine we’re dating until now
Edit: also they’ve been in so many movies together in a romantic way that u think they were dating.
So I’m kinda bummed about that
Yaroslav - Month ago
Somebody give her butter chicken
anusha sridhar
anusha sridhar - Month ago
Nah, she's clearly the embodiment of the language XD
Tea Alert
Tea Alert - Month ago
Rebel Wilson’s uncle was my tennis coach
“He taught at my school in the mornings he hated me”
Jennifer Carroll-Lambert
I saw you guys on isn't it romantic💗💗💗
Chloe Baker
Chloe Baker - Month ago
“...girlfriend of 4 years. What up Chloe”
I’m good bby 😘
tenkoto - Month ago
4:13 I thought that was a joke....................
A girl who likes BTS anime kpop
Rebel is cute
Anika Vetcha
Anika Vetcha - Month ago
Ok can we just mention that Rebel Wilson went to my high school but she left cause she was bullied I go there now
Anika Vetcha
Anika Vetcha - Month ago
@Deepika Padukone yh
Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone - Month ago
Enas Eno
Enas Eno - Month ago
He looks a bit like Jack lemmon
Vaishnavi Bharathi
Vaishnavi Bharathi - Month ago
Adam was so surprised to know Priyanka owns a Rolls Royce 😅😅
Izzy Watson
Izzy Watson - Month ago
that’s a question everyones asking
Nancy Shi
Nancy Shi - Month ago
ew priyanka
Pol Jefferson
Pol Jefferson - Month ago
Priyanka should have been princess jasmine
William Klaassen
William Klaassen - Month ago
Adam's reaction on Priyanka being older than Nick😂😂
HITARTH chandra
HITARTH chandra - Month ago
Priyanka tore it in Indian style.Wow thats amazing
Allegra - Month ago
Arya A
Arya A - Month ago
Chopra needs a reality check and needs to get over herself
Luna Lily Liu
Luna Lily Liu - Month ago
This reminds me of Pitch Perfect
Andrew McLane
Andrew McLane - Month ago
this is so cool LMAO
jennie is my girl
jennie is my girl - Month ago
I watched isn’t it romantic on Netflix and it’s really good recommend 100%
Brian Crawford
Brian Crawford - Month ago
Priyanka makes me want to visit India
Ill Saliva
Ill Saliva - Month ago
You’re not very good at using google, this is very searchable!
Ummm yeah they are using google to search for the answer to this.
You’re not very good at life my friend. Without that lucky break You got you’d be asking me if I wanted fries with that 🤐
Jing Asis
Jing Asis - Month ago
I've watched some of same kind of videos, but these 3 are boring. Sorry, I thought they are the some hilarious people, seems to me like very sensitive and serious.
EdoAnimations - Month ago
I clicked because I thought it said Adam Levine. I'm going to bed now
D. Patel
D. Patel - Month ago
No Offense, but I don not find her attractive in any way shape or form
whats so ever....
I would not want to be around her when she wake up in morning...
FAKE personality...
She can fools other fools in U.S.A and in L.A and a lot of them seems to
admire this person, that tells a lot about present day society.
kens lup
kens lup - 21 day ago
Shut up mr. Nobody 😂😂😂 She definitely wouldn't want to stay around you either 😜
Pragati Singh
Pragati Singh - 2 months ago
Mason Perry
Mason Perry - 2 months ago
Priyanka's answer to 3:55 should have been 1:55
Johnny Angel
Johnny Angel - 2 months ago
If WIRED does an interview with me in this format we'd be done in 30 seconds cos nobody Googles me.
Nessie - 2 months ago
Is it just me or at 0:00 does Adam look like he’s about to sneeze🤧😹
The Emperor
The Emperor - 2 months ago
Rebel would look gorgeous if she could lose 100 lbs. I guess, that's never gonna happen though.
Nadine Duran
Nadine Duran - 2 months ago
When he said he was 58 as a joke, I actually believed it... Oops😬
johnny miller
johnny miller - 2 months ago
Priyanka chopra is so cringeworthy just like rest of the currymen
Kuddy Durojaiye
Kuddy Durojaiye - 24 days ago
johnny miller stupid racist
The Emperor
The Emperor - 2 months ago
You haven't met any then.
John Mahoney
John Mahoney - 2 months ago
Hmm synchronicity.
Luna Lover From Animals
Luna Lover From Animals - 2 months ago
Pitch perfect
Natalie Zayas-Bazan
Natalie Zayas-Bazan - 2 months ago
It’s so funny to see so many people
Say adam looks younger than 35. I’m 33 and all the guys my age/30’s look like him, whereas I still get carded. 😂
Naomi Akerman
Naomi Akerman - 2 months ago
I KNEW IT! I knew Priyanka would mention Nick Jonas! O YEA!!!! I WAS RIGHT! (it's the reason why I watched this video)
Naomi Akerman
Naomi Akerman - 20 days ago
kens lup
kens lup - 21 day ago
She didn't mention him, she was asked about him.
J Lincoln
J Lincoln - 2 months ago
9:05 pri had such shade 😂
John Callas' music
John Callas' music - 2 months ago
peyton stover
peyton stover - 2 months ago
This is s funy
Toth Esther
Toth Esther - 2 months ago
Rebel looks so cute
cottonn sweater
cottonn sweater - 2 months ago
3:19 - 3:31 literally that's me when my friends ask the nonsense question and I answer the question with the annoyed way :)
Danielle Riley
Danielle Riley - 2 months ago
He’s 35 he still looks 20
Dd Jh
Dd Jh - 2 months ago
I priyankad and choprad Adam devine and rebeled against Wilson 😂😂
Aisyatul Ameera
Aisyatul Ameera - 2 months ago
Ugh his face so cute idk why😭
예이하드스내미꾸 - 2 months ago
who else skipped the pryanka chopra part because they don't know who she is???
Hesha Gordum
Hesha Gordum - 2 months ago
She is an indian actor, check her out she is a really nice person, married to nick jonas last year
sparklebutt111 - 2 months ago
Adam Devine sounds like Jack Black.
Subash Hamal
Subash Hamal - 2 months ago
4:10 got me
all those memes on the internet
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