Priyanka Chopra, Rebel Wilson & Adam Devine Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Natalie Zayas-Bazan
Natalie Zayas-Bazan - 4 hours ago
It’s so funny to see so many people
Say adam looks younger than 35. I’m 33 and all the guys my age/30’s look like him, whereas I still get carded. 😂
Naomi Akerman
Naomi Akerman - 5 days ago
I KNEW IT! I knew Priyanka would mention Nick Jonas! O YEA!!!! I WAS RIGHT! (it's the reason why I watched this video)
J Lincoln
J Lincoln - 6 days ago
9:05 pri had such shade 😂
John Callas' music
John Callas' music - 6 days ago
peyton stover
peyton stover - 7 days ago
This is s funy
Toth Esther
Toth Esther - 11 days ago
Rebel looks so cute
cottonn sweater
cottonn sweater - 12 days ago
3:19 - 3:31 literally that's me when my friends ask the nonsense question and I answer the question with the annoyed way :)
Danielle Riley
Danielle Riley - 12 days ago
He’s 35 he still looks 20
Dd Jh
Dd Jh - 14 days ago
I priyankad and choprad Adam devine and rebeled against Wilson 😂😂
Brave Ika
Brave Ika - 15 days ago
Ugh his face so cute idk why😭
예이하드스내미꾸 - 16 days ago
who else skipped the pryanka chopra part because they don't know who she is???
Hesha Gordum
Hesha Gordum - 15 days ago
She is an indian actor, check her out she is a really nice person, married to nick jonas last year
sparklebutt111 - 17 days ago
Adam Devine sounds like Jack Black.
Subash Hamal
Subash Hamal - 19 days ago
4:10 got me
all those memes on the internet
Jasey - 21 day ago
God I hate Adam , he's so cringey
Fariha Mozammel
Fariha Mozammel - 21 day ago
Fariha Mozammel
Fariha Mozammel - 21 day ago
Hey my favourite colour is purple just like Rebel Wilson just like me
Akshat bramhe
Akshat bramhe - 21 day ago
I like rebel wilson ...she is so cute :)
Blessing Okoi
Blessing Okoi - 22 days ago
I love you Rebel Wilson.... After watching isn't it romantic.... I had to google you.... You so natural you... Mwah 😘
Ariane Hannig
Ariane Hannig - 23 days ago
Why does Prianka feel the need to put her hair back in her face tf lol
Dope Unicorn
Dope Unicorn - 25 days ago
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy - 25 days ago
By Hindi maybe they meant Indian. She's not bright lol
Baka Iggy
Baka Iggy - 26 days ago
The irony of Adam calling Priyanka a cougar when he's dating a much younger woman than him
numita as karma lodo jhimpa
Wilson could improve her acting
Pratham Angre
Pratham Angre - 27 days ago
I'm here for miss world
Clarissa Gao
Clarissa Gao - 27 days ago
change my mind: adam devine is steven crowder
shrutinify - 28 days ago
Did he just call Priyanka cougar??
heydiddlediddle - 28 days ago
Princess Iris
Princess Iris - 29 days ago
Princess Iris
Princess Iris - 29 days ago
shristi Singh
shristi Singh - 29 days ago
Priyanka is Punjabi by the way ...
Imrose Alam
Imrose Alam - 29 days ago
pause at 0:18 frickin photoshoped
Auri Oswin
Auri Oswin - 29 days ago
i actually googled if priyanka was a princess maybe she was i mean she could
TAC - Month ago
Missy Blanchard
Missy Blanchard - Month ago
Aw I felt a bid sad for Rebel at 5:17! I hope she finds someone one day and has kids if she wants, she’d make a great hilarious mom 💕
Atik Russell
Atik Russell - Month ago
Look like fat
Maryan Vanzon
Maryan Vanzon - Month ago
just here for Adam
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - Month ago
Adams reaction when priyanka says that she own a Rolls Royce is epic 😂😂
midnightfable - Month ago
I’m so one of those people who googled “is Adam Devine single” lol 😆 ugh he’s so hot
Julia Wheeler
Julia Wheeler - Month ago
This is really boring 😒
Jose Edwin Enerio
Jose Edwin Enerio - Month ago
I'm in love with Priyanka
Darkness Silence
Darkness Silence - Month ago
I love Rebel
Prerana Nimbark
Prerana Nimbark - Month ago
Priyanka u r amazing 😍😍❤
Wings - Month ago
Tienes que ir al asilo
Olivia - Month ago
*_daddy's little girl_*
it can't be just me...
Melanie Brim
Melanie Brim - Month ago
I freakin love him❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I wanna marry him😍😍😍 I honestly was so sad to find out he is still taken 😭😭 but even tho he don’t know me, he’s my treasure❤️❤️❤️ do I have a problem???? Cuz I’m 15 and I’m literally in love with him( he my celebrity crush)❤️❤️❤️
Angie Nimo
Angie Nimo - Month ago
I always used to think Adam Devine was related to Josh Peck
Thea Radu
Thea Radu - Month ago
How the f is pryanka 36
Madyson Mahaney
Madyson Mahaney - Month ago
I am just now realizing that me and Rebel Wilson have a lot in common.EX: we are both left-handed,both blondes,and both have hazel eyes(I know this cuz I saw isn’t it romantic)
Luna Coleman
Luna Coleman - Month ago
Who else wanted the answer to the question “does Adam Devine have a girlfriend”to be rebel wilson...?
M Anne
M Anne - 24 days ago
It is incredibly sad to me that they aren't dating in real life but I guess I will take their friendship?
blablamarques - Month ago
OMG YES. i shipp them a lot
Lina La
Lina La - Month ago
Cassie Howatson
Cassie Howatson - Month ago
'never had kids.....that i know of'. hold up.
G . O . D
G . O . D - Month ago
Priyanka Chopra over acting
PureAloha78 - Month ago
Priyanka is is drop dead gorgeous!
stealthb0y1 - Month ago
i'd totally tap the blonde girl
nilesh padayachi
nilesh padayachi - Month ago
Leaving the the first both ,of them Priyanka answers were answered in more politely I feel that cool to be Indian who are Indians like me
Manthan Chourasia
Manthan Chourasia - Month ago
*Adam Devine looks like Ricky ponting*
Caroline Balkon
Caroline Balkon - Month ago
Pretty cool I liked it! Does Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom answer questions?
Mayz z
Mayz z - Month ago
Why can't she play Jasmine in Alladin.
E Ray
E Ray - Month ago
nick and priyanka are the couple everyone wants to be
Poesias Romances
Poesias Romances - Month ago
Good Place has an accent of Priyanka Chopra
Jenny M
Jenny M - Month ago
I liked that they really answered the questions even when they were dumb :)
Shivani Rajvansh
Shivani Rajvansh - Month ago
Was it just me or they all looked a bit tired ?
Axel - Month ago
Priyanka Chopra Jonas
Valeria Edith  Miranda Tarazon
"La la la Chloe Bridges..."
Me: Wait a second... yup, Introducing Me 😂... What a "coinquidence", lmao.
Valeria Edith  Miranda Tarazon
Jeez, I love Priyanka 😍
Tenzin Choeden
Tenzin Choeden - Month ago
Priyanka ripping the board lmao 🤦‍♂️
kanika nayan
kanika nayan - Month ago
Ab ye apna naam bhi accent mein bolti h
Anna Vel
Anna Vel - Month ago
wait but isn't her last name Priyanka Jonas now?
Victoria Davis
Victoria Davis - Month ago
Anna Vel that’s what I was thinking
Nana Fina
Nana Fina - Month ago
I love adam n rebel so much!!!
Taylor Dawn
Taylor Dawn - Month ago
I love these three! Isnt it romantic was such a great movie. Totally recommend it if you havent already seen it.
Jolie Patterson
Jolie Patterson - Month ago
you are so pretty and i love the video!! do you want to support eachother?💓
tahiyyah - Month ago
5:17 “that I know of”
Fiko - Month ago
Aren't miss world and miss universe the same things???
Rainbow Pearls
Rainbow Pearls - Month ago
NO! Miss Earth, Miss world, Miss Universe are all different Things.
Meagan Myers
Meagan Myers - Month ago
I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!!!
Ed Chez
Ed Chez - Month ago
The brown girl is ugly af
laura winchell
laura winchell - Month ago
Bruh Adam and jack black literally sound and look the same lol like he sounds exactly the same I cant even
XxNightmare BeautyxX
XxNightmare BeautyxX - Month ago
I feel like priyanka should of played jasmine in the live action Aladdin don’t come for me
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy - 25 days ago
First, she's not Arab and second, she's too old to play her.
Navneet Vohra
Navneet Vohra - Month ago
tasnim hussam
tasnim hussam - Month ago
thank god rebel is not British..... so glad and relieved.
Amy - 11 days ago
what's wrong with the British? ahahahha
Jocelyn Flores
Jocelyn Flores - Month ago
I did not know that Adam lived in Omaha, Nebraska. Just like Jack&Jack !!
Kathrine Møsiface
Kathrine Møsiface - Month ago
Sweet 😍
Cande Romero
Cande Romero - Month ago
I love adam🤣🤣
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider - Month ago
I just realise when Priyanka laugh her upper lip touch her nose, very rare never ever saw something like this
I love how Rebel makes it so funny and Adam is commenting on everything is a mood
Queen Of challenges
Queen Of challenges - Month ago
“Why did Adam eat the apple” 😂😂😂
Vinícius Henrique
Vinícius Henrique - Month ago
Love Rebel Wilson
26muel - Month ago
Sponsored Rolls Royce and Pepsi. Co
BenjaminLRD - Month ago
Is Priyanka Chopra older than Nick?
^^Best question^^
Now force them to divorce
A. Ohana
A. Ohana - Month ago
Priyanka: I wanted to say “no” in Italian and then realized it was “no”.
Rebel: Ciao, ciao. 😂❤️
Annie C
Annie C - Month ago
"daaaang... cou-gar" lol
Chill Zero
Chill Zero - Month ago
“No you fools.” 🤣🤣🤣
Frankie1980 Giannattasio
adam: love is in the air

Sheldon Cooper: WRONG Nitrogen, Oxegen, Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapour is in the air!!!
Zohar Sarig
Zohar Sarig - Month ago
I wish they’d have Eddie Redmayne do this interview!!!
Ella Roberts
Ella Roberts - Month ago
This is so nice.
Lee Marie
Lee Marie - Month ago
Rebel is 39, Adam is 35 and Priyanka is 36 😱 how do they all look so much younger than they are!
Brave Ika
Brave Ika - 15 days ago
It's Celebs Magic hun😎
Chicken Burger
Chicken Burger - 19 days ago
Makeup .... tons and plastic surgery
Dia Khan
Dia Khan - 22 days ago
💰 💰 💰
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy - 25 days ago
Cuz they're still very young.
S M - 29 days ago
Tyler Davidson i doubt rebel and adam got any surgeries. just good expensive skincare products and doctors
Hasan Habib
Hasan Habib - Month ago
Bud bud ding ding. Internet providings 😂😂😂
Rae Thompson
Rae Thompson - Month ago
Prianka rip the items off nicely my guy
MJ - Month ago
Millard South Alums ❤️
Himanshu Oswal
Himanshu Oswal - Month ago
8:22 wrong answer lol
Khanza Shafira D.
Khanza Shafira D. - Month ago
My baby rebel wilson should win the Oscar. No excuses
Khanza Shafira D.
Khanza Shafira D. - Month ago
you guys are so lovely🧡
the vicious attack on the city of auspicious utopia
Priyanka is ugly. Who even brought her to America? Be careful she will bomb the place
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