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TFIL - Month ago
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Rowan Niederst
Rowan Niederst - 3 days ago
Over night at a abandon lose aka a hard ware store
Melissa Zapata
Melissa Zapata - 4 days ago
a sanded Beach
Hannah Murray
Hannah Murray - 20 days ago
TFIL I love you guys so much can you guys do spend overnight in a haunted place in Scotland, Scotland is by England
Shark Puppet
Shark Puppet - 22 days ago
Joseph Bisesi jjnhj
Shark Puppet
Shark Puppet - 22 days ago
Montana Varner j
Karma Christiansen
Karma Christiansen - 4 hours ago
Elton has a better but then me😢😑
Alexis Thompson
Alexis Thompson - 11 hours ago
Tammy Curfman
Tammy Curfman - 13 hours ago
i want you to go to... the forest overnight
Indianna Herbert
Indianna Herbert - 17 hours ago
Really Elton
Haizlei Root
Haizlei Root - Day ago
When Elton said to be quite my parents were talking and I said shhh you have to be quite so we don’t get caught😐
Kim Tse
Kim Tse - Day ago
Cosby's such a dumbass going right through the motion sensor
Eric Loera
Eric Loera - 2 days ago
I know where they are at!!!
Mikayla Findley
Mikayla Findley - 2 days ago
•evelyn b•
•evelyn b• - 2 days ago
Elton: where should we stay over night next?
My first thought: *a hotel*
Jason Borysewicz
Jason Borysewicz - 2 days ago
stay at an abandint jail
Tommy H
Tommy H - 2 days ago
Elton are u trying to get arrested again after sam and Colby got arrested man u are a bad friend
Mattea Arroyo
Mattea Arroyo - 3 days ago
24:39 got me dead when I saw Corey just fall in the wheelchair🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Emily Plewniak
Emily Plewniak - 3 days ago
Dead leg. The new term for broken leg lol
Juliette Bear
Juliette Bear - 3 days ago
Here’s your water 🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰🚰
Maira Shahzad
Maira Shahzad - 4 days ago
I did not stop laughing 😂😂😰😂😂😂😆😉
Agropolygon - 4 days ago
camp in the forest next plz
Bianca Lovato
Bianca Lovato - 4 days ago
u should go to a abandoned school i do it all the time and there is one across the street from my house
lisa harris
lisa harris - 4 days ago
Do over night in Sam's club
FrostWolfGames43 - 4 days ago
Why was everyone so surprised when Colby had really good aim they know he’s a great shot right?
Stephanie Thongbangbay
Stephanie Thongbangbay - 4 days ago
I’m dead😂😂😂 “turning into master splinter”
Sean Cartee
Sean Cartee - 4 days ago
The mall
FrostWolfGames43 - 4 days ago
How easy Colby got on the wall
Jewel Trapmore
Jewel Trapmore - 4 days ago
I literally have the biggest crush on Colby he’s so cute
Dani Cooper
Dani Cooper - 4 days ago
I love vines thx for that made me laugh so much
haley mackenzie
haley mackenzie - 4 days ago
elton’s dance 🤣 i used to do that .
Johnny Willis
Johnny Willis - 4 days ago
Mojo dojo
Wolfa Sketch
Wolfa Sketch - 4 days ago
Celeste Castillo
Celeste Castillo - 5 days ago
break into area 51 lol
Cooper Bilskie
Cooper Bilskie - 5 days ago
Ur new videos are alot cringier
hope constance
hope constance - 5 days ago
You should stay overnight at like cedar point or sixflags
Lily The Equestrian
Lily The Equestrian - 5 days ago
I love being a girl too lol
jaemin love
jaemin love - 5 days ago
I must say Colby is a multi talented guy he s so good at everything
Sadie Kavenaugh
Sadie Kavenaugh - 5 days ago
The red button was on, 2/5 chances there is survalence on the promises recording most the time when it is abandoned
Larry Windsheimer
Larry Windsheimer - 6 days ago
The ware house where sam and Colby use to go in middle school
Kaylee Wolfe
Kaylee Wolfe - 7 days ago
i love watching u guys so much
Jocelyn Tejeda
Jocelyn Tejeda - 7 days ago
disney world lol
Julia Noelle
Julia Noelle - 7 days ago
I like how there was an ad for the queen Mary lmao
Kait Skilton
Kait Skilton - 7 days ago
Cory trying to jump in the wheelchair was hilarious.
why don't we limelight moonlight sun night
If you come to Australia you should try and do an overnight challenge at a waterpark called wet n wild with you Corey Sam and colby and Andrea.
Markeeya Reese
Markeeya Reese - 7 days ago
I think you all should stay overnight at a hotel
William Marty
William Marty - 8 days ago
Your soe stupid this a ghost
Skylar Burnam
Skylar Burnam - 8 days ago
Stay in McDonald’s playground
Tori Rice
Tori Rice - 8 days ago
the tiktok reference tho hahahaha
Lily - 8 days ago
Everyone jumping on their butts
Andrea walking by: lets popcorn each other 😂😂
Angel louise Black
Angel louise Black - 8 days ago
Here’s your water Corey 💧
Emily Blust
Emily Blust - 8 days ago
Colby at 27:14 combined with the music just makes me happy😜😝😝
oscar meraz
oscar meraz - 9 days ago
24 hours at the Movies 🎥❤️love everyone 🤘🏽
Star Lovato
Star Lovato - 9 days ago
Poor Corey. He’s just a dodgeball magnet
Crystal Gillett
Crystal Gillett - 9 days ago
DUDE you guys should go to the area 51 raid
Lauren Lauren’s daily vlogs
I know I’m late but Was Sam ok at the end?
wolf paws
wolf paws - 10 days ago
And that's when he realized he fucked up
Helen Robinson
Helen Robinson - 10 days ago
Ye Ye Ye
Lucy M
Lucy M - 10 days ago
*corey gets rabies*
Katelyn Winter
Katelyn Winter - 11 days ago
What Corey is a thirsty ho XD jk
It's yuh girl mikkeai8908
Now we all know if sam was to ever get hurt while the gang does exploring, corey definitely can carry him to safety.
Leila Gilbert
Leila Gilbert - 11 days ago
I love how sam is wearing two different shoes (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
awsome shooter
awsome shooter - 11 days ago
Ow they dropped us
Saucy Jae
Saucy Jae - 11 days ago
You guys should do an overnight challenge in Area 51
Rachel Alabama
Rachel Alabama - 11 days ago
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