ebraryigit - 7 days ago
Cok iyi ya yazik oluyo size byra
ebraryigit - 7 days ago
ebraryigit - 7 days ago
I love this song
ebraryigit - 7 days ago
Yeh yu
Anabel Petersson
Anabel Petersson - 9 days ago
Melissa Barranco
Melissa Barranco - 10 days ago
Thong song in girl version love it.😍😍😍
Lindy Lou
Lindy Lou - 10 days ago
Thong song
Katem Gaming
Katem Gaming - 10 days ago
Thong thong thong thong
Ifa Binoy
Ifa Binoy - 12 days ago
They don't deserve 11 million mixers they deserve 10000000000 mixers
Adiba Almas
Adiba Almas - 13 days ago
I know all mixer's love this song.
Erin Corr
Erin Corr - 15 days ago
Can never listen to this song the same way after realising they sampled ‘The Thong Song’ 😂😭
Arielle Suzana
Arielle Suzana - 16 days ago
❤️ us girls right
Bhavika Panchal
Bhavika Panchal - 16 days ago
Thong song...
melani.m - 17 days ago
Ti 543
Ti 543 - 18 days ago
Sisqo Thong Song sample.....
Chania Richardson
Chania Richardson - 19 days ago
Kind of sounds like “love don’t cost a thang” by j-lo
ILUDIDA MENDES - 19 days ago
VIDA LOCA💚💚💚💚🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Come with Ani into advintures
Love a girl right more like love Camila Cabello right
Maya Angel
Maya Angel - 19 days ago
Obviously thong song sample
Ana - 25 days ago
caralho eu amo demaissss
Leland Sofiak
Leland Sofiak - 26 days ago
Sisqo - Thong Song > Little Mix- love a girl right
María Garli
María Garli - Month ago
The 90's vibe of this song 😍😍
sam Lincoln
sam Lincoln - Month ago
Here are the lyrics
Oh, that boy so scandalous
Yeah he broke my girl's heart, and he was onto the next
He was cheating on the low in the club all night
Never seen my girl so messed up, yeah (yeah)
Out with his boys in the hip poppin' spot
She all alone wondering if he's coming home or not
For the whole damn year, I was wiping up and tears
He was livin' la vida loca
You know I'll be watchin' you
'Cause she the baddest thing to ever happen to ya
And that's the truth
Don't make me have to hurt ya
'Cause I know right now, we're cool
But if I ever hear you mess this up, I'm comin' after you
So don't you treat her wrong
Yeah, you better love a girl right, baby
'Cause you 'bout to lose her love
Said, I yeah, you better love a girl right (alright yeah)
'Cause you 'bout to lose her love, yeah
(Dun-du-dun, dun-dun)
(Dun-du-dun, dun-dun)
(Dun-du-dun, dun-dun)
You better love a girl right
I'll be there for my girl always
She mean the whole world to me
All she want is your love, yeah (no, no, no) (yeah)
She want better, she don't want a another-nother mistake
You better not risk it
'Cause in my eyes all I'm seeing is a queen
If you do it wrong, best believe
She'll be livin' la vida loca
You know I'll be watchin' you
'Cause she the baddest thing to ever happen to ya
And that's the truth
Don't make me have to hurt ya
'Cause I know right now, we're cool (right now, we're cool)
But if I ever hear you mess this up, I'm comin' after you
So don't you treat her wrong
Yeah, you better love a girl right, baby
'Cause you 'bout to lose her love
Said, I yeah, you better love a girl right (alright, yeah)
'Cause you 'bout to lose her love, yeah
Oh-oh, oh-oh, love her right
Oh-oh, oh-oh, she'll be gone tonight
Oh-oh, oh-oh, I don't wanna fight
One more chance, give me one more try
Hey yeah
(Dun-du-dun, dun-dun) No, oh woah
(Dun-du-dun, dun-dun) Eh, you, oh woah
So don't you treat her wrong
Yeah, you better love a girl right, baby (eh, eh)
'Cause you 'bout to lose her love
Said, I yeah, you better love a girl right (alright, yeah)
'Cause you 'bout to lose her love, yeah
You better love her (Dun-du-dun, dun-dun)
You better love her (Dun-du-dun, dun-dun)
Better love her right (Dun-du-dun, dun-dun)
No, no, no
Emily Rose
Emily Rose - Month ago
Talk about girl power 😍😍
I suddenly feel like this would be my wedding song in the future (>v
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson - Month ago
Yes “Thong Song” melody!!
Thandar Bo
Thandar Bo - Month ago
how you get the girl - LM version ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Saskia Parker
Saskia Parker - Month ago
Reminds me of that “Thong” Song
Buse Celik
Buse Celik - Month ago
anggi olga
anggi olga - Month ago
Upama Chamlings
Upama Chamlings - Month ago
m chillin ! damn
Jay Tern
Jay Tern - Month ago
Mica Olivera
Mica Olivera - Month ago
Las necesito en Sudamérica ❤️// I need you in south america ❤️
Kevin Goodall
Kevin Goodall - Month ago
love little mix
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko - Month ago
Perrie and Jade Slay.
Aadarsh Shrestha
Aadarsh Shrestha - Month ago
Let Me See That Thong!!
Emilylovescats - 2 months ago
my fav. song for sure!!
Maisa Gouveia
Maisa Gouveia - 2 months ago
aaaaaaa ela falou VIDA LOKA mds quase morri kkkk
It's Rivs
It's Rivs - Month ago
Na vdd foi em espanhol:livin la vida loca
M B - 2 months ago
BBC News at 22.00
We've just had breaking news that...
Astronauts in space right now have found 1,601,722 wigs in space and keep finding more!
The cause is the song 'Love a Girl Right' by Little Mix.
Well, I have to say it is an amazing song
[Breaks into singing Love a Girl Right]
[Entire studio joins in]
Alvinson Jony
Alvinson Jony - 2 months ago
1:14 she's ( Leigh-Anne) so incredibly sound like Rihanna
Liberty Eagle
Liberty Eagle - 2 months ago
This sounds similar to "Thong Song" by Sisqo, btw this is my jam
Alex Hallman
Alex Hallman - 2 months ago
Love you so much little mix
Rafa Tomazeti
Rafa Tomazeti - 2 months ago
O-M-G. I love this girls. Ops, better... I love this girls right. They should come to Brazil 🇧🇷 ❤️
FloMixer - 2 months ago
LM5 DEFINITELLY deserves a Grammy
tweety pie
tweety pie - 2 months ago
i. love. this.
HeyNiquee - 2 months ago
Am I the only one or does this sound like I'm the One by the cheetah girls? 😂 Still love it tho!
Lina - 2 months ago
You are the best singers in the world!!!!!
Pedro Mbi
Pedro Mbi - 2 months ago
Leigh-Anne killed it completely. Her Voice souds realy good!
Levi Gayapersad
Levi Gayapersad - 2 months ago
hmm not bad as original songs i know... your brilliant XD
African Baddie
African Baddie - 2 months ago
Getting cheetah girls vibes from dis song
david godson
david godson - 2 months ago
This is the album for the American market. Like if u agree...
gabcaake - 2 months ago
i taught it was Mr. Loverboy because of the intro 😂
monkiller ddlc
monkiller ddlc - 3 months ago
Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose - 3 months ago
2:10-2:20 best bit 😍😍
Leoné Nepgen
Leoné Nepgen - 3 months ago
Jesy your vioce is evrything
ProBoss Gamer
ProBoss Gamer - 3 months ago
Most of these songs are connected to one another
Its a story
elina 234
elina 234 - 3 months ago
Love it 🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤ #LM5
David Artis
David Artis - 3 months ago
Was listening to thong song upset I came over here for this shit
It's Rivs
It's Rivs - 2 months ago
Ok just because this song sampled Thong song u need to hate it
Ray - 3 months ago
Let me see that thoooonnngggg
Nino Brown
Nino Brown - 3 months ago
True version , song sensação já é sensação!!!kkkkk
nabila muse
nabila muse - 3 months ago
i really need girls like this who are not afraid to beat a boi up for me😂
Tjaša Petrovič
Tjaša Petrovič - 3 months ago
Woman Like Me is up for the 'best British video' awards. The voting is fan voted, so It's up to us if they win or not. You can vote using TWITTER by tweeting out: #BRITVIDLITTLEMIX
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Voting is open until the 15th of February, c'mon guys we're losing! The girls & Nicki really deserve this ♥️ Spread the messege, tell your family, friends, grandparents even your teachers idc! This would also be Nicki's first ever brit award.
Brayden Churchill
Brayden Churchill - 3 months ago
there are a lot of similarities between this song and "Thong Song" by Sisqo
Angel Dominguez
Angel Dominguez - 3 months ago
Best Friend Goals
Leslie Garciaa
Leslie Garciaa - 3 months ago
Tylisha Cherrie
Tylisha Cherrie - 3 months ago
Who's here from Sisqo The Thong Song
Angela Nguyen
Angela Nguyen - 3 months ago
MAJOR slalute album vibes and i fucking LOVE IIIIT
Ari Wieczorek
Ari Wieczorek - 3 months ago
I love the girls but i hate how this is a sample of the thong song and the guitar is from another song too 😓😓
Kylee Day
Kylee Day - 3 months ago
There's nothing wrong with sampling a song, and they even credited the original writers. Their label got all the legal things done, so there's nothing wrong with it. I'm glad they did this, because they turned a sexist song like The Thong Song and made a response to it.
Coco Channie
Coco Channie - 3 months ago
I need the music video!
Depression 0
Depression 0 - 3 months ago
Let's all wear white tops and not tell Perrie
Let's all wear blue jeans and not tell Jesy
ivan fernandez
ivan fernandez - 3 months ago
Gave me JLo “love don’t cost a thing” vibes ❤️
carpenterselenator carsonator
Me encanta
Cristina Correia
Cristina Correia - 3 months ago
La vida loca
Cristina Correia
Cristina Correia - 3 months ago
U know ill be watching u
Cristina Correia
Cristina Correia - 3 months ago
Josh Berman
Josh Berman - 3 months ago
Love Little Mix Right as well.
Josh Berman
Josh Berman - 3 months ago
Thank you Cristina. Have a good day and enjoy Sunday off while it's just beginning. ✌️& ❤️
Cristina Correia
Cristina Correia - 3 months ago
Adriane drikaa
Adriane drikaa - 3 months ago
Leigh Ane = vida loka
Fatima Anees
Fatima Anees - 3 months ago
Everyone talking about mr loverboy and cheetah girls while I'm here thinking the beginning sounds so similar to this is gospel by p!atd😅
carpenterselenator carsonator
carpenterselenator carsonator
wesso2315 - 3 months ago
Jees love a girl right
Thisisme - 3 months ago
2000 vibes 🤩
Mia Patrick
Mia Patrick - 3 months ago
the thong song
Ruth ester Sepulveda Millan
Las amo!!! Son sequisimas❤❤❤ con que hagan dos temas en español Latinoamérica está ganado para ustedes 😊😊 leigh Anne es mi fav😍
Fierra2000 - 4 months ago
*The next singles need to be either*
Think About Us
American Boy
*Love A Girl Right*
D F - 4 months ago
Came here after finding out jesy is dating Chris hughes.
Guadalupe Cuenya
Guadalupe Cuenya - 4 months ago
Now: 1M✅go for more mixers !!!
Star & Marinette
Star & Marinette - 4 months ago
I love weeee
Jade Brown
Jade Brown - 4 months ago
Spotted. A wig flying to the sun.
Ariya Shah
Ariya Shah - 4 months ago
This is giving me an early 2000s vibe
Too Swift
Too Swift - 4 months ago
Sisqo Much?😭
Fernanda Garcia Magaña
Fernanda Garcia Magaña - 4 months ago
Sungwan Punnaphon
Sungwan Punnaphon - 4 months ago
Raúl's Music Box
Raúl's Music Box - 4 months ago
Wild Thoughts vibes (Rihanna)
faithtrustandbacon - 4 months ago
So no one gonna say that this is the "Thong Song"?....okay.
Marcella Lohana
Marcella Lohana - 4 months ago
Que vontade de guardar a Leigh em um potinho de tão maravilhosa que ela é Jesus amado 🤩
Valeria Phang
Valeria Phang - 4 months ago
This gives me Destiny's Child vibes💞
xXRosieRoseXx - 4 months ago
Giuseppina Ferrara
Giuseppina Ferrara - 4 months ago
Living la vida loca ??? With??
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