Jorge Masvidal on Ben Askren "I Want to Break His Face" | Joe Rogan

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borky420 - 51 minute ago
I wish khabib and askren could meet at welterweight khabib hasnt really fought any top 10 fighters mcgregor was but he was a purple belt and not ready after being out so long he didnt even have a tune up fight which was crazy khabib vs diaz
borky420 - 57 minutes ago
I like the way mcgregor would shit talk in the beginning about beating people but not personal stuff that has nothing to do with fighting
Ajit Sebastian
Ajit Sebastian - 23 hours ago
Masvidal gets choked out cold
Flying Guitars
Flying Guitars - Day ago
He violated the Gym man code @ 1:40
Riley Minard
Riley Minard - Day ago
Dude doesnt know how to handle a nice guy who says the bare min. He hates that hes corny
Whit Miller
Whit Miller - 3 days ago
How high is Rogan in this video? 😂😂😂
Liam Lenagh
Liam Lenagh - 3 days ago
Masvidal is a gangster
Rovin hood
Rovin hood - 3 days ago
You better whoop him masvidal otherwise we're going to f*** you b****
Jason Bassett
Jason Bassett - 3 days ago
Looks like an English guy! I suppose he doesn't look like the majority of Americans, so big they need wheelchairs to get around with their 25 gallon cup of pepsi.
Evan Sanders
Evan Sanders - 3 days ago
This is going to be very interesting 👌
Robert Gawthorne
Robert Gawthorne - 3 days ago
I’ve never experienced something more gay then when Joe says “I know you do” in his queer boy voice, he might as well just said “I know you do honey”
joe foe
joe foe - 4 days ago
People dont realize how impressive Ben win was. Sure he got dropped on his hand but he got robbie to the ground and submitted within 1 round. Robbie has one of the best take down defense and ufc and Ben took him out quick. Ben gonna destory Jorge
Graham Barth
Graham Barth - 5 days ago
This guy is so mad. Damn.
Raymond Mack
Raymond Mack - 5 days ago
Simpleton? Purest? ... trash
Buckets - 5 days ago
The guy would get his ass kicked by askren, wow, he's good at talking... get the fuck outta here with that shit man. He want's validation? Thats about you, he's undefeated, thats validation... and yeah, I'd say that shit to your face, with no fear, talk ain't scary
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden - 5 days ago
jorge acts high.
Cage Edwards
Cage Edwards - 5 days ago
Joe is extremely homosexual idk how y’all don’t see it
Richard Hurts
Richard Hurts - 5 days ago
Fagsvidal is gonna get mauled and man handled by Funky Ben Askren.
slicer3889 - 5 days ago
Just like the Key and Peel skit.
Itachi †
Itachi † - 6 days ago
Jim Boyd
Jim Boyd - 6 days ago
How can he want to look this stupid....JorgE PorgE.....
Modesto Muniz
Modesto Muniz - 6 days ago
masvidal is the best brawler every, good counters, good takedown defense, ben gunna fold
SentientCentrist - 6 days ago
Jorge complains about people violating gym code....but it homies w Colby....
m c
m c - 7 days ago
This man is the MMA version of Aaron Hernandez
thaistomp - 4 days ago
m c lol yeah he’s a savage though
max creek
max creek - 7 days ago
masvidal is a bitch lol
Adaam Hidrey
Adaam Hidrey - 7 days ago
3:25-3:37 joe is straight up flirting with jorge
It is what it is
It is what it is - 6 days ago
he hit the bud way to hard lmao.
The inky Squid
The inky Squid - 7 days ago
I’m fully invested in Jorge at this point
Dan Huskey
Dan Huskey - 7 days ago
Love this matchup. Bens following is the wrestling crowd, he is probably worst striker in ufc but its gonna be tough keeping him at distance
Jennifer Remington
Jennifer Remington - 7 days ago
when Masvidal is motivated I think he could fight Khabib and go the distance. Reguardless of whether you like him or not, he is the real deal and a dangerous guy. Ive never seen Jorge Masvidal get beat up. Maybe lose a close fight via a close decision or something but not get beat up. This fight kind of reminds me of Bisping vs GSP alittle. Should be good. Im an Askren fan, but im worried.
David Paul
David Paul - 5 days ago
Khabib would pound Jorgie boy helpless! You don't know what you're saying. Askren has been champ in other mma leagues. An Olympic athlete. Jorgie has 13 LOSSES and no belt EVER. And has been choked UNCONSCIOUS. Do that math again.
Asim M kashmiri
Asim M kashmiri - 8 days ago
Yeah if you get a chance only one way to find out I think America is the only place on Earth we're people talk so much shit and then they get beat up how can you face the public after all the shit talking
Tim Boland
Tim Boland - 8 days ago
Joe rogan say i know u do in a girly voice
Joe rogan : "i know you do"
Mike hunt
Mike hunt - 8 days ago
Ben Askren,brains and Braun,so refreshing,Ireland loves Ben Askren♏
Mike hunt
Mike hunt - 8 days ago
Ben Askren rules👑
Jay Willis
Jay Willis - 8 days ago
Real dude!! But dont let em get in your head bro
Billy Doyle
Billy Doyle - 10 days ago
Jim Boyd
Jim Boyd - 10 days ago
He opens his mouth and lies come out. God, he's sick in the head.UFC will kick him out for something stupid within 1 yr
Richard Pinto
Richard Pinto - 10 days ago
Masvidal quick loss is certain not just because of the fact that Askren is altogether on a different level but because Masvidal has underestimated Askren! Masvidal will need to fuel his negative emotions with a sytematic battle plan if he wants to have any chance of even putting up a decent show!!!
Merc1f - 10 days ago
I know the guys not very smart, but i dont get the hate. I think hes funny af. Once you accept it you realize hes not taking himself too seriously
steven b
steven b - 10 days ago
Jorge thinks he's so hard lmao 🤣😂can't wait for this prick to get layed on and embarrassed gosh July can't come quicker 😂
Parker Tennery
Parker Tennery - 8 days ago
steven b he is hard... he grew up street fighting in Miami alongside Kimbo and his crew. Watch the videos. He’s no joke man
TrionBulldog - 11 days ago
5:05 dude was getting all hot and bothered thinking about Khabib... perhaps starting to see where some of this pent up frustration comes from. Just listen to him moan and growl while gyrating his lips.
Spread Love
Spread Love - 11 days ago
This fool will be helpless like all the rest while Ben pounds his face , just watch!
Marshall Mosley
Marshall Mosley - 11 days ago
Jorge is a racist piece of shit!
That simple.
Zac Miller
Zac Miller - 11 days ago
fuck man this dude would be running cartels if he wasnt in UFC
Jye McCartney
Jye McCartney - 12 days ago
no one likes askren joe. he has no honour.
dubgli - 12 days ago
i agree with masvidal. just want to see ben get his face smashed in.
Joe's sucking Ben's dick
Art Torres
Art Torres - 12 days ago
Misunderstood! Masvidal expects ALL to be real in his space. All other stay away. He will light you up! Good or different he backs it up.Win or lose he's a competitor and great fighter. Such a hood warrior!!!!!
Keefe Brown
Keefe Brown - 13 days ago
Ben wins.
pete asarisi
pete asarisi - 13 days ago
Can't wait for thos one.
John Orr
John Orr - 13 days ago
This cunts evil as fuck
Santino Rocco
Santino Rocco - 13 days ago
I like Jorge but man your levels below the top guys just because you beat a over hyped blown up cage rage delusion Till don’t make you top fighter.
Your coming of two fight loss prior to Till and preety much have lost all your big fights
Askren will pin you down unfortunately and I really hate this lay and pray style but you will not have a answer for that over 3 rounds or 5
dominion shadow
dominion shadow - 13 days ago
Love Jorge
George William
George William - 13 days ago
Jorges motivation and heart will get him the win 💯
Charles Cooper
Charles Cooper - 13 days ago
lol Jorge just learned what marketing is. idiot
Knifeshot98 - 15 days ago
I hope Jorge destroys asskisseran!! Guys is so one dimensional it’s pathetic. It’s mma not wrestling!!
lostInSpace 1
lostInSpace 1 - 15 days ago
Jorge is right ..with the man code..I think Ben is gonna look like a slow motioned slaughtered pig
Ali Bzour
Ali Bzour - 15 days ago
I actually thought he was English not American
Marcus Garcia
Marcus Garcia - 15 days ago
Jorge is mad because hes one of the dudes who has always been a brawler and got man handled by a wrestler and resents the feeling he had of being helpless against that skill set. Wrestling is an amazing base. No matter how much of a dick someone can be, when its just you and them, in that ring you gotta be able to stay on your feet or take it to the ground. Idk if masvidal has that take down defense or the ground control to hang.
Brian Crawford
Brian Crawford - 16 days ago
Funny people keep on saying oh Ben only has one skill set yet he keeps handling people. I don't think Ben is scared of u either Jorge lol. I love when people don't understand they're having games played with them or trolled. Jorge doesn't seem like the smartest guy
18 milla
18 milla - 16 days ago
Why is this only a three round fight? Stupid.
returnoftheredeye - 16 days ago
There must be something wrong with my laptop, or internet connection or something. For a minute there it sounded like Rogan wasn't flat-out agreeing with everything his guest was saying.
Under the Surface
Under the Surface - 16 days ago
Jorge's one of those types that gets all mad because of social media joking around posts = Loser in life
maz icon
maz icon - 17 days ago
Torture haha
mustafa chey
mustafa chey - 17 days ago
I hope askren dies in that fight.
mustafa chey
mustafa chey - 16 days ago
+#1 tricycle mechanic just joking bro hahahaha
#1 tricycle mechanic
#1 tricycle mechanic - 16 days ago
Haha y
Gordon Mcgregor
Gordon Mcgregor - 17 days ago
I'd love to see Masvidal put Askren in his place
Pedr Hiltbrand
Pedr Hiltbrand - 16 days ago
Your simply an idiot
JOSH CLADE - 17 days ago
thats mi nigz!!! estoy contigo jorge ...PARTELE LA CARA A ESE CABRON!!!!
Felipe Leon
Felipe Leon - 17 days ago
Masvidal 😎
Edan Taylor
Edan Taylor - 18 days ago
this cunt has some serious brain malfunctioning issues...
Raphael M
Raphael M - 18 days ago
Jorge’s talking mad shit.... his only chance is keeping a cool head..... I think he goes limp in the 1st round😵
Albin Rosengren
Albin Rosengren - 13 days ago
from a choke maybe NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO legit 0% chance he gets kod by a punch from ben fucking askren
Jay Myers
Jay Myers - 18 days ago
I love both fighters respect to both
Ray Garza
Ray Garza - 18 days ago
Jorge won’t last against Ben.
Vice - 19 days ago
3:57 - 4:07 play 0.25 speed
Alexis Gonzalez
Alexis Gonzalez - 19 days ago
I want that shirt he's rocking...3 piece with a soda that shits hot
Asi Ballers
Asi Ballers - 19 days ago
If askren Beat A Legendary Robbie lawler, Then askren can massacre This Rat
Marten Dekker
Marten Dekker - 20 days ago
Joe doesn't know that Ben looks like a Greek Statesman ?
Marten Dekker
Marten Dekker - 20 days ago
I didn't realize Jorge was such an emotional child. & now he says he's gonna wait to finish Ben...? So, Jorge is stooopid too.
I'm hopin Ben wins easily.
christian abarca carvajal
Askren payaso
_CH3F - 20 days ago
Jorge thinks joe is corny. No doubt.
Tomas Echevarria
Tomas Echevarria - 21 day ago
Rooting for Masvidal. Askren talks too much for not having any hands against Robbie Lawler.
Hector Martinez
Hector Martinez - 21 day ago
Joe is acting and laughing just like one of my friend . I star thinking that my friend is gay ....
Derek Marlowe
Derek Marlowe - 21 day ago
What a 'shit-talker'...
trevor pierce
trevor pierce - 21 day ago
Askren is already in this dude's head. Askren might get lucky and get him to over react in the ring and take advantage.
Marc Valdez
Marc Valdez - 21 day ago
Oooouuuuu this is gonna be a sickkkk fight man
Jess Clemens
Jess Clemens - 21 day ago
its over already. jeorge is a corn eater
toobakedtooplay - 22 days ago
rogan would suck a cock for free
Dave Dones
Dave Dones - 22 days ago
Askren = Cornball
themadmaddrummer - 22 days ago
Jorge acts like that guy who's high as fuck on Blow at that party you went to ............
neil pierce
neil pierce - 22 days ago
A lot of talk by Jorge but I predict he will not show up for this fight. He will probably fake an injury to get out it and then act like he is disappointed. Jorge knows if he shows up for this fight he's going to get held down and beaten without any ability to do anything to stop it. Personally I hope Jorge shows up for this fight but we all know he will not.
Matthew Molens
Matthew Molens - 22 days ago
I am going to put money on Masvidal pulling out before the fight...!!
Tiberiu Chiriac
Tiberiu Chiriac - 23 days ago
Rogan is fascinated by chimps, this is the closest he'll ever get talking to one.
weaponx808 - 11 days ago
Marten Dekker
Marten Dekker - 20 days ago
Tiberiu : That was hilarious & perfect. 👍
Marcus Marcus
Marcus Marcus - 21 day ago
Tiberiu Chiriac ?
syrup sandwich
syrup sandwich - 23 days ago
Damn Jorge funny asf best believe I'm paying to watch this torture go down
Jeff B
Jeff B - 23 days ago
Jorge the type of guy to jerk off to pictures of his own feet
Bumps in the night
Bumps in the night - 23 days ago
Masvidal is a thug idiot. Trash, sucker puncher. He is making big assumptions. I hope Ben chokes the shit out of him. Bens already in his head. Next he’ll have his thumb in his ass tossing him.
Jim Boyd
Jim Boyd - 23 days ago
Rogans gay....100%
JohnnyRebel 426
JohnnyRebel 426 - 23 days ago
I like Jorge. Hes a really good fighter, and hes very passionate and pure in his love of fighting. Cant wait to see him and Ben fight. I'm more an Askren fan than Jorge, but I hope it's a good fight.
Sam BA
Sam BA - 23 days ago
People loved Askren? His a asshat!
lando b
lando b - 23 days ago
He actually looked around the studio for Ben before saying if i see him now things would be different. This muthafucker is the realist unfiltered baddass I have see in a long time.
eugyero - 24 days ago
Watching him fight agains the pig eye'd brit, Jorge looked slow and will get his ass kicked. Also sounds fake, almost desperate to sound authentic.
OG Sinatra
OG Sinatra - 24 days ago
Askren destroys jorge an i like him...guarenteed
Octavio Vargas
Octavio Vargas - 24 days ago
Can we please stop saying that “so and so is living in someone’s head rent free” is getting corny. It was funny at first but now it is just annoying.
Europa Aura
Europa Aura - 24 days ago
If Robbie couldn't do it neither can Jorge lmfao
Gregory Retzepis
Gregory Retzepis - Day ago
+Europa Aura did you see how Jorge knocked out Till? Very brutal. Lets hope he does the same to Ben lol
Europa Aura
Europa Aura - Day ago
+Gregory Retzepis I agree it was one of the weirdest fights I've ever seen lol it reminds me of what just happened to rose
Gregory Retzepis
Gregory Retzepis - Day ago
+Europa Aura i wish Robbie would've finished him bro. I like Ben but that should've been Robbies fight.
Europa Aura
Europa Aura - Day ago
+Gregory Retzepis I meant the flip and ground n pound Robbie gave him
Gregory Retzepis
Gregory Retzepis - Day ago
Jorge has a better record than Robbie.
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