Jorge Masvidal on Ben Askren "I Want to Break His Face" | Joe Rogan

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gnar ghh2
gnar ghh2 - 8 days ago
I luh dat shih bruhh
Tareq Aihi
Tareq Aihi - 11 days ago
"I wanna hurt that dude" daaam Masvidal is funny af
DeadValley Beat6
DeadValley Beat6 - 13 days ago
Rogam laugh😭😂😂😂
MOPAR 401 - 16 days ago
Who's here after they just took a dump?
Monty Monty
Monty Monty - 27 days ago
"As you can see this particular comment didn't age too well" 0:34
Saqib Ansari
Saqib Ansari - 28 days ago
4:22. AHHAHAHAA. jorge is a fuking original
Zack Corley
Zack Corley - 28 days ago
This fool just finished GOT S8. Askren said bend the knee.
Almighty Fonics
Almighty Fonics - 29 days ago
And he basically did
Fazo land
Fazo land - 29 days ago
Okay masvidal is on Fire Rn but the he lose watch how fucking sad that shit will be lmao
bartek Bgraczyk
bartek Bgraczyk - 29 days ago
Love Ascren ???? It,s impossible
SirWalterSansRien - Month ago
"I don't like this dude, man. Before my alarm goes off, I'm already awake. I wanna break his fuckin' face man." that was so good lol
M3to M2
M3to M2 - Month ago
Askren was saying some seriously uncool, disrespectful verbiage to Masvidal. Askren got EXACTLY what he deserved with this. Dont talk never know when someone is going to knock your disrespectful showboat loud mouth ass out in 5 seconds with a flying knee. Props and much respect to Masvidal. He did what needed to be done.
code vtek
code vtek - Month ago
Joe "Ben Askren Stan" Rogan
michael Castle
michael Castle - Month ago
Joe: can he impose his will, can he get a hold of you?
Jorge: he's gonna get a hold of these fucking nuts, man.......
Joe Baez
Joe Baez - Month ago
Break Bens Face ☑️
cdcdcd6777 - Month ago
Jorge im your fan now. You are real!
Aristotle - Month ago
This guy is psychotic and a moron. No I wouldn't say that to his face because he'd literally kill me.
Harambe - Month ago
Masvidal: “I don’t wanna knock him out early”
Masvidal’s knee: “I’m about to end this mans whole career”
OJas BnB
OJas BnB - Month ago
Joe in your next podcast just be a man and admit that askren is better in talking than mma. 😂
m younis
m younis - Month ago
"I dont wanna knock him out early" F**k it, I'll knock him him out in 5 seconds, Let's throw that in there too
Aasir Raheemullah
Aasir Raheemullah - Month ago
3:40 LMAO at Jorge's response
sweetlittlerazor99 - Month ago
Joe "i know u do" Rogan.
LSB - Month ago
That comment about a late knockout aged like milk.
toshbarrio13 - Month ago
Dis guy is the shit!
sad flute
sad flute - Month ago
Thank you masvidal that was fucking beautiful hahahahaha
Sean Hanlins Daddy
Sean Hanlins Daddy - Month ago
Man I want to see another fight. It was the fastest knockout because it was pure lucky timing.
Sean Hanlins Daddy
Sean Hanlins Daddy - Month ago
Ezla Baker they all do. BJ Penn used to practice that all the time but didn't use it much. He did plan it I'll give him that, but 3 seconds with elite fighter won't happen in part 2
Ezla Baker
Ezla Baker - Month ago
I seen video of Jorge practicing that running knee so not pure luck but maybe a splash of it.
PhyZeik - Month ago
This fight made me realize the UFC is staged just like WWE .
Why would a world class Olympian take a half assed single leg towards an opponent that is reknown for knees.... Makes 0 sense...
David Flanagan
David Flanagan - Month ago
He’s a monster a true champ !!
André Queiroz
André Queiroz - Month ago
He is like a Lannister, always keeps his promises!
Suzi Star
Suzi Star - Month ago
Toe sittin with a real gangsta!
Eyitayo Adeoye
Eyitayo Adeoye - Month ago
Everybody knows that Ben Askren. Just wanna break his face. Jorge lived his dream.
Lu77Xiaojun - Month ago
Joe on Ben Askren: "Dude is durable as fuck"
Shervin Zangeneh
Shervin Zangeneh - Month ago
this cuban Gangster mane
Shervin Zangeneh
Shervin Zangeneh - Month ago
askren got doe's nuts
moedasilva - Month ago
Ben made him famous
Jimmy D
Jimmy D - Month ago
"I dont wanna knock him out early"
Jimmy D
Jimmy D - Month ago
"I dont wanna knock him out early"
Johnson Don
Johnson Don - Month ago
Joe; Jorge is for Real!Money Talks,and that's Money $😎!
Ronald Dump
Ronald Dump - Month ago
Jorge is a low IQ dickhead . Ben is a smart guy . Just saying .
'' he looks like an English guy ''
lunardestruction - Month ago
Can we stop giving Joe Rogan the authority to declare people smart.
YZA - 20 days ago
Jesus, nobody can win on the internet- you call people stupid and it’s a problem. You call people smart, it’s a problem.
Aristotle - Month ago
You are under no obligation to agree with his opinion.
Suzi Star
Suzi Star - Month ago
He’s a hell of a fighter and he caught Askren with a knee. We still don’t know how a fight absent one lucky strike would play out. It was skillful and lucky. I’d love to see a rematch. Askren was unbelievably careless and he was taught a lesson. Bet he doesn’t serve up his head on a platter again. Welcome to the UFC, Ben.
Rand W.
Rand W. - Month ago
Jorge has an asmr voice
AOL MWD LS7 - Month ago
Aidan Kydd
Aidan Kydd - Month ago
Yep all us english have curly hair.
James Crawford
James Crawford - Month ago
Dude didn't keep his word. He knows he cant go rounds.
James Crawford
James Crawford - Month ago
Ngannu vs masvidal....
Lets see that fight.
Dudes calling out people smaller than him.
Lawrence Gray
Lawrence Gray - Month ago
Dude, watch his kimbo fights back in the day...up against a giant
Fucking legend
Cory Cosby
Cory Cosby - Month ago
Jorge was serious the whole time and joe was getting geeked and Jorge was just looking at him like 😕
Dog Obi
Dog Obi - Month ago
When he said he didn’t want it to be fast was that karma
Dave Gibson
Dave Gibson - Month ago
Jorge my new man crush.
WisdomTooth - Month ago
Masvidals Raw Attitude at 5:00 reminds me of Tyson's psychology in his prime!
This is the realest and most deadliest mindset, perfect for fighting.
LV Panthers
LV Panthers - Month ago
Why do us Mexicans have so much hate. Damm. If someone looks at us wrong that person is the biggest asshole on earth and we want to bite their face off then stab them to death. I think it's the tortillas. They are putting a bad chemical in there.
Robert Northup
Robert Northup - Month ago
If I can torture him for 3 seconds I'm gonna do it.
TheRealFrankDaTank - Month ago
It really showed you don't like the dude Jorge lol GODAMN!!
Inspire Media
Inspire Media - Month ago
He reminds me of a young macho man randy savage: also, him and cowboy need to do a buddy/cop movie!
Gram - Month ago
Well, it looks like Ben will be tortured for life after that knockout
J d
J d - Month ago
Metatron's Cube
Metatron's Cube - Month ago
And he did.
KelBig17 - Month ago
This guy literally did the Shao Khan knee from Mortal Kombat on this dude damn
karim hari
karim hari - Month ago
Ross Knows
Ross Knows - Month ago
Guys great job posting the same comment over and over and over.....and over and over again.
Alan Shaw
Alan Shaw - Month ago
Pair of these are legends
dave blueballz
dave blueballz - Month ago
just in case you were wondering if his face got broken
S M dt
S M dt - Month ago
I predict a five second knockout
Ps : its an old comment
Check comment 6543😆
Rizla - Month ago
Joe take your mouth out or Askren’s ass. You represent the entire bald nation and you go play Devil’s advocate for a fake corny ugly peasant when you have Masvidal in front of you? Shameful display.
When Jorge tells you he’s fake, he’s fake. Stop using the word “purist”. Idiot.
Jofus Garjib
Jofus Garjib - Month ago
Strike 3 You're Out!
subtletiger - Month ago
"I dont want to knock him out early on."
Brian Hughes
Brian Hughes - Month ago
Iv seen this video like 5 times and it still makes me laugh my ass off. Picture you want a picture. 😂
Bigfoot and Beyond
Bigfoot and Beyond - Month ago
Kept his promise.
Michael Myers's Sis
Michael Myers's Sis - Month ago
Ben Askren tried to outgang Jorge Masvidal, a real life street brawler MMA fighter gangsta.
Christian Holz
Christian Holz - Month ago
I love dis dude, probs from Berlin
krome dome
krome dome - Month ago
Askren belongs in a 70s porn film not the UFC!!
rida brahim
rida brahim - Month ago
get hold of these fucking nutts 😂😂😂😂😂😂
John Mellan
John Mellan - Month ago
RUTHLESS!! I like it.
jadestoner - Month ago
he hurt that dude i less than 5 seconds hahahaaaaaaaaaa
Alexander Buzzo
Alexander Buzzo - Month ago
I like guys who back up their talk
Brendan and Amy Motocross channel
jenny gore
jenny gore - Month ago
He won fair fight he's a racist and so is the dick who got his ass kicked but the Hispanic will get a pass
jeremiah Jones
jeremiah Jones - Month ago
Omg u guys are goofs stop repeating shit u parrots pussies
Butcher.cs - Month ago
3:56 he sure did
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