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boi boi
boi boi - 2 hours ago
who cares about america only help in both world wars us Yankee Dooley boi beat the world best army in a game of cat and mouse
Tristan Villareal
Tristan Villareal - 2 hours ago
ethan is so annoyed cause ksi is just stepping on his off white shoes and he can't do anything about it hwahawhwahwahwahwa
Skipper Zulu
Skipper Zulu - 3 hours ago
Australia is actually the biggest island in the world
Jack Hendrix
Jack Hendrix - 4 hours ago
Wackhuntino - 5 hours ago
47:45 has me dead
Aaron - 6 hours ago
Harry kinda looks like a young Stephen Hawking
Eggy Boi
Eggy Boi - Hour ago
BradoO - 8 hours ago
I cried more during this video than when my dad left me
Hritik Dhaul
Hritik Dhaul - 8 hours ago
harry said alah Akbar
DarinWalker 1
DarinWalker 1 - 8 hours ago
3:28 who is that
The Goat
The Goat - 8 hours ago
19:19 yo bruh omg
Ledd _redd
Ledd _redd - 10 hours ago
Bring back baba tounday
Forever Anonymous
Forever Anonymous - 10 hours ago
Phil needs to join the sidemen seriously 😂😂
Callumtheone - 11 hours ago
18:13 😂😂
Aaron Emin
Aaron Emin - 12 hours ago
Oxfam when down hill
sillian secto-not
sillian secto-not - 12 hours ago
Why they bleep harry
George Randall
George Randall - 12 hours ago
He said Chinese n**** Simon repeats it
DMT 83
DMT 83 - 14 hours ago
What did harry say
balloon man
balloon man - 15 hours ago
16:12 what did he say
Brian Eminovski
Brian Eminovski - 16 hours ago
Dixon Balls
Dixon Balls - 17 hours ago
7:42 Tobi sounds like he is eating cooked meat from Minecraft 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
my dick is very small, but bro
For those wondering hardy said "chinese n***a" if u want proof skip to 16:22 u hear one of them repeat it
- D Y L -
- D Y L - - 5 hours ago
Lol yeh Simon repeats it 😂
Daniel Lec
Daniel Lec - 19 hours ago
matteo Robben
matteo Robben - 19 hours ago
2:03 bruh
Radox Alfie
Radox Alfie - 20 hours ago
So funny lmao
Zi1ent EkZ
Zi1ent EkZ - 20 hours ago
Everyone is wearing shoes while jj wear nothing 😂
T4DHG - 20 hours ago
Ethan does be acting like Joe Weller alot
Dory A
Dory A - 20 hours ago
Petition to have Stephen join the sidemen
👇one like is one signature
Isabel •
Isabel • - 15 hours ago
And Leave xo ?
Swoozy Boi myc
Swoozy Boi myc - 20 hours ago
Still nobody:
Not a soul:

Baba tunde: *I nEeD mOrE wAw-TaA*
Fortnite is gay
Fortnite is gay - 21 hour ago
Gang shiet
Reiley Satele
Reiley Satele - 21 hour ago
Josh tries too hard to be 😂
Epic - 22 hours ago
At 24:55 when harry farted in his mouth I lost it 💀💀
Martin Heywood
Martin Heywood - 22 hours ago
Harry definitely says Chinese somthing
Rufus Gill
Rufus Gill - 22 hours ago
22:08 OMG LOL
Waterbus 8
Waterbus 8 - 22 hours ago
JJ only broke character twice
Eclipse Paradox
Eclipse Paradox - Day ago
It was 4am when I watched this I laughed so much that I woke everyone in my house
Nicola McLennan
Nicola McLennan - Day ago
whos Steven
Gordon's Lamb Sauce
why isnt he my teacher??
JJ Playz
JJ Playz - Day ago
what did Harry say?
Kirklen Fulton
Kirklen Fulton - Day ago
What did harry say
Kalatiola Tai
Kalatiola Tai - Day ago
Did anyone else watch the ENTIRE video?
Cousin Dickhead
Cousin Dickhead - Day ago
What’s Phil’s channel
Lime Potato
Lime Potato - Day ago
0:11 sorry jj XDDDD
DD 13
DD 13 - Day ago
When did he throw the paper airplane
Shane Butler
Shane Butler - Day ago
A whole hour long 😪
Junior Despressed status
53:14 who says this?????
bob - Day ago
I want to know what is harrys favourite magic word
Bex Morgs
Bex Morgs - Day ago
I don’t find Phil funny at all - he tries too hard and gives me lowkey UKIP vibes
Sobanel - Day ago
12:40 is underated
Sobanel - Day ago
16:10 .. he said "Deji's sub count"
Matty Brawn
Matty Brawn - Day ago
Little do the sidemen know babatoundy gave them all ebola
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